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 The Add Chap-2


I sat there in the stroller. I couldn’t believe what was happening. Mommy had just asked a stranger if she minded me having my poopy diaper changed in front of her, right out in the middle of the park.

“Actually, I’d like to see that.” The lady smiled. 

As if she had been doing this all the time mommy undid the snaps on the crotch of my outfit pulled down the plastic pants and opened my diaper.

“I think you like making poopy diapers for mommy. Yuchh. Hims is such a smelly baby.”

Mommy took out the wipes and kept cleaning me with them slowly talking loudly enough so that people would laugh. One woman asked mommy if she could tell her how to get her husband back in diapers. Mommy kept slowly cleaning me with baby wipes making all sorts of comments she would make to a baby as she changed him. She slipped a clean diaper under my butt and answered. All the while powdering and putting on the clean diaper.

“Doesn’t it feel better now. Here is your baba. He asked for it I didn’t make him do it he wanted to be a baby.”

“I treat him just like the 3-month old twins I have at home. If I could get away with it I would nurse him right here. Do you want to feed him a baba of formula?”

“I would love to!”

“Let’s put the blanket out, get him out of the stroller and you can feed him his formula.”

“How did you get him to agree to this? It’s so much fun.”

“It was his fantasy. I know he can sell his company and retire. If He does I’ll keep him this way 24-7-365. Here feed him his bottle.”

This strange woman held the bottle to my lips and the women continued the conversation as if I was an infant, and couldn’t understand. I finished the bottle.

“Turn him over, pat his back, and burp him.”

The woman patted my back until I let out two loud belches.

“Just like a baby. If you ever need a babysitter, I would be happy to sit for this big baby.”

“What about the other 2 little babies?”

“It’s just that this one is so much fun.”  

“With his diet, he toilets like an infant. After his bottle, he should mess his diaper in about 15 minutes. I can wait here, and you can change his poopy diaper if you want.”

 “Give me your phone number. Maybe we can get together and spend the day with me and my three babies.”

“OK Mikey time to go to the pediatrician.” (giggle)

Oh, she really was going to do it. Well I did ask for the complete baby treatment.

Mommy began to push the stroller down the avenue and stopped for a minute. She took of my shorts and left the diaper showing. She knelt and put a pacifier in my mouth, attaching it to a pacifier holder that she clipped on to my shirt. Mommy then whispered.

“It’s a warm day you don’t need anything over your diaper. Babies often go out in just their diaper. After all you are just like any other baby.”

Shortly thereafter we arrived at the Pediatricians office. Mommy took me in and sat me on her lap undid her blouse and started to nurse me as we waited to be called. Uh oh, I had to poop a total liquid diet did that. Mommy wrinkled her nose as I began to fill the diaper.

“The doctor is ready for Mikey.”

“I think he just messed his diaper. Do you want me to change him before I bring him in?”

“No, the nurses will do it.”

Mommy wheeled me into the examination room, and helped the nurse get me on the exam table. She sniffed the air and waved her hand in front of her face.

She grinned at mommy and began to prattle to me.
“Uh-oh hims has a messy didee. Nursey is going to change him and take his temperature.”

She quickly pulled down the plastic pants and began to use my diaper to clean the mess then came baby wipes. She continued to talk to mommy as she put diaper rash ointment on me.

“He is so cute and so messy.”

“You are so lucky to have such a cute baby. But that is a bad diaper rash.”

“I know but he is just like any other infant. Feed him and he poops.”

Both women giggled. The nurse put a diaper on the table and rolled me onto it face down. She took an infant thermometer dipped it in some Vaseline and inserted it in my butt I was held there for a few minutes, then the thermometer was removed.


The doctor came in and examined me. She gave me a shot, stuck my finger and took some blood.

“Nurse diaper and dress the baby while I talk to mommy. Tell the secretary to make another appointment for his 4- month checkup in about a month.”

Mommy came out of the office and started to push the stroller. As we left the office she began to talk.

“The shot the doctor gave you will make you urinary and bowel incontinent for the next month. At the end of the month if you still want to be a baby you will be given another shot. Once you are given the shot you are trapped in diapers for the next month. If you decide to go back to work and not sell your business, I will hire your secretary as your baby sitter and you will be fed bottle fed and changed by her. I have told her that I expected this to be done in front of your staff but not customers. The only way out is for you to sell your business and be my baby full time.”

I thought about this. This woman had been willing to be my mistress, now she was my mommy. With that I flooded my diaper. I didn’t even feel it coming. By the time we reached the drugstore, I knew that I had screwed up big time. I was going to be a helpless baby for a long time. Mommy picked up my prescriptions for baby vitamins, diaper rash ointment and some other additives for my formula.

When we got home my secretary was there.

“Sally! So nice of you to come. I just wanted to give you the heads up. If Mikey continues to work he will need his secretary to be his babysitter, change him and feed him. I don’t want to replace you, so I am offering you the job of being his nanny at work.”

“You are joking. Is this some sort of prank?”

Mommy removed my pants and showed her the diaper underneath it She pull the leg opening away from my this and showed her the poopy diaper.

“Does that look like a joke? Does it smell like one?”


“If you want to keep your job you will have to change and feed him if he comes back to work. You will push him in a stroller, he is not allowed to walk. For now, he gets only formula and breast milk. I know you aren’t lactating so from you just formula. Do you want the job?”


My wife handed Sally the diaper bag. “Then change him! Just like you would a baby. Baby talk and all.”

My total infantilization had begun. Mommy stuck a pacifier in my mouth. Sally began to undo my messy diaper.

“What a smelly little boy you are. Yuchh! What a mess. Go ahead suck your BOBO you know somebody will always change a messy baby.”

It was a slow humiliating diaper change.






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