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The list of eBooks was getting too long for folks to easily see new titles, so I have decided to split the pages. Here you will find the latest titles added in our most recent updates. Then click on "Past Titles" above to view the full list of previously featured ABDL books on Amazon!


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Latest ABDL and Age-Play Titles:

  • Featured: First Timers - Many adults choose to wear diapers, and some even act like babies! Here we present seventeen true stories about how such adults first got reintroduced to diapers and wetting.
  • Featured: CRIB VI: Lolly Gagged - I signed my commitment papers. In retrospect, I deserved to be committed: I never read the fine print. I read right through the whole section about diapers, regression, feminizing, discipline, and degradation. -- not to mention the cutting-edge therapies like submersion in a rubber suit.
  • Home Detention - Jordan Airesdale has been given twelve months home detention for breaking and entering. His angry - and concerned - mother and sister have bought a new bigger home in the country where her wayward child would rediscover discipline and parenting in a new way - wearing nappies.
  • Little Therapy - Nessie is eighteen-years old. She shouldn't have to go to a daycare when her parents are too busy to take care of her. But she's just a weak little human in a world of werewolves and vampires and she’s too sweet and innocent to be able to make it on her own without protection.
  • Lloyd's Regression - When his sexy teacher suggests some extra-curricular studies, after hours, he can't think of anything worse. Soon though, Lloyd will learn exactly what it's like to be looked after, and why it can be extremely rewarding.
  • MILF's Little One - Miss Williams comes in. Literally. And she came in to catch me doing something very naughty. Something I only did because I thought I’d be alone.
  • Mistaken Boys - One mistake. That’s all it takes for Shawn to mess up in front of one of the university’s most important alumni, Elizabeth Moore. He doesn’t know it yet, but she is powerful, rich, and very well-connected. So when he makes an inappropriate comment to this beautiful woman, she decides to punish him.
  • A Mother's Love - Her son is about to strike out on his own and he is woefully unprepared. He is small for his age, immature and ignorant of the dangers outside his home. And so she takes on the challenge of turning Daniel back into a baby. And she has one obvious entry point. Daniel had wet his bed until only a few years prior. It would be easy to start that process again and then, the solution was obvious. Nappies and Plastic pants. The rest would follow on.
  • Office Pampering - Suddenly, I'm hyper-aware of how much I need to relieve myself. If I don't do something very soon, I'll burst within seconds. There's no way I can make it to the gentlemen's in time. Lucky for me, my boss keeps a stash of diapers in the office exactly for these kinds of accidents. What started as a boring office meeting is about to become something much more interesting…
  • Regressing Rosie - Rosie is a very special little woman. On her eighteenth birthday, she arrives at a den of ill repute which offers a very specific, taboo kink to its customers. But before Rosie can accept paying clients, she must be fully regressed by the lord of the manor.
  • The Results - Adam begins to realize Caitlin might need some extra incentives. Whether that means a blindfold and ball gag or handcuffs and a diaper, he hasn't decided yet—but he knows she needs to be taken care of. Of course, if she actually fails any of her courses, she'll be in more trouble than she can possibly imagine.
  • Sara: A Diaper Girl's Journey - Sara has a passion and a longing that she is helpless and unable to resist. She is home, alone, and studying, but something in her drawer is calling out to her...
  • Smaller and Cuter - Jennifer isn’t at the park anymore. Somehow, she’s in a pink room, surrounded by bars. She looks around, and she sees a nursery. When she checks out her arms and legs, they are so small, so pudgy and underdeveloped. When she begins to move, she quickly loses her balance and falls on the heavy padding squeezing her bottom. That’s right…she’s wearing a diaper…
  • Trained for Plastic - Tara and Johnny are happy, but he knows that there’s something deep inside of her which has remained unsatisfied. She doesn’t like to talk about it, but Tara needs to be treated like a little girl. She needs to be regressed. She should be diapered, taught to crawl, and shown how to obey. She needs this, whether she can admit it or not


Previous Update:

  • Baby Business - Mary is a cute nineteen year-old, and sick of being let down. She’s started a new job, making coffees for a team full of hot young advertising execs. Her favourite part of the place she works is the crèche. One day, after work hours, she takes a trip to the crèche to explore, only to get caught by her handsome older boss.
  • The Best Parking Spaces - Unfortunately, she'd been ticketed one too many times and the police towed her Porsche Boxster. That was inconvenient. Now she'd have to trek across town to get it back. To her dismay, it wasn't that simple. She was facing some real jail time if it were not for an alternative sentencing program. She was not prepared for the terms of the diversionary program.
  • Chosen - He was the only older child allowed to remain in the orphanage, a product of his very short stature and obvious immaturity - and occasional wet pants. But at the age of eighteen, Jamie had finally been told he was leaving. He had been.... CHOSEN. But by whom... and why?
  • High Score - Katie isn’t much of a gamer, but she’s an excellent computer scientist, and she can bring those skills into play. Hacking into his console to give her an advantage shouldn’t be too hard…And once she wins, she has a big plan for Alex. It involves diapers, locking plastic covers, and his complete and total humiliation. In fact, if everything goes according to plan, Katie won’t just be his friend. She will become his babysitter!
  • The House of the Future - The weekend before presenting their project to the founder and financier of the project, Terry uploads his rogue coding. With the success of the project hanging in the balance, Jake decides to investigate the problem. Now, Jake finds himself trapped inside the house with a robot nanny who insists on dressing Jake in dresses and diapers.
  • Learning My Place - Steve likes girls. A lot--but his high school bully is making life quite difficult. Go with Steve as he receives and learns to enjoy spankings, diapers, humiliating punishments and more.
  • Mona, Betty and George - Mona meets with her friend Betty to discuss her husband's future. Betty is quite convinced that being dominated and trained in diapers is precisely what he needs, and Mona is the one to help her. Betty seems to harbor a secret of her own though...
  • Padded Walks - A few weeks back, my dom came home from a business trip early and caught me wearing diapers. Now, he wants me to wear diapers 24/7. As much as it excites me, it also terrifies me whenever I’m out in public. Because there’s always the chance that someone will notice the added bulk in my pants.
  • Pampered Accommodation - Pampered Accommodation is an erotic short story with explicit scenes between two consenting men. All characters are 18+. Includes wet diapers, humiliation, and ddlb/abdl themes.
  • A Plastic Task - Karina pulls out a special bag, one filled with diapers, locking plastic pants, and heavily padded mittens to make his hands useless because he’s about to be demoted. She puts him in the mittens one at a time. This poor little boy will get another challenge. And this is going to be his last chance to prove he's really an adult who deserves respect. If he can stay dry, then he can be treated like a mature young man. But when his girlfriend decides to bottle feed him, his task becomes a whole lot harder.



  • The Babies And Bedwetters Of Baker St - Richard, the socially awkward chronic bedwetter and his landlady Alice. A new boarder – Bronwyn – is moving in. Bronwyn is also a chronic bedwetter, but brings with her diapers and a pacifier and even more problems.
  • A Baby for Felicity - Trapped by his own infantile desires, Felicity had indeed, partly turned Oliver into a baby, but how far would she go and how far would he let her? And what would her mother and two sisters say when they discovered that Felicity now had a baby - but not by traditional means?
  • Bad Boy - A wealthy politician runs a paradise for adult babies, a mansion in rolling hills. With his wife, their butler, and the maid, it feels like life can't get any better. The latest arrival, however, is about to turn things upside-down. No-one is quite ready to meet Bad Boy, the naughtiest resident yet!
  • The Duke's Little Sissy - 18-year-old Lance Bottomley is an attractive boy. So attractive, in fact, that the wealthy and commanding Duke of Birmingham is charmed by Lance's girlish looks, and finds him a special role at his enormous manor.
  • A Little Curvy - Curvaceous, cute Lara harbors a horny secret: she is desperate to live life as an ABDL. But will Lara ever feel comfortable about who she really is? Can she find the right 'Big' for her? Will Lara ever truly learn to be little?
  • Trapped in Diapers - After breaking into his vault, Natalia turns around just in time to be sedated. When she wakes up again, she’s locked in a crib with a secured top. He strips her down, double diapers her, and begins her training. This adorable thief doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll tap into something Natalia has always craved.


Previous Update:

  • The Diaper Dungeon - Dr. Katherine Olivia is head of the brand new Experimental Behavior Corrections Wing of her hospital, and she has a very special method of discipline she plans to met out… Diaper Discipline.
  • Firmly Regressed - I wasn't always like this; I wasn't always a sorority baby. Before the administration at my college decided that they should try this new "experiment," men and women were treated pretty much the same. Sure, the girls were always in the majority, but it wasn't that big a deal. Then some professor decided that it would be cool to see what would happen if boys were treated as second-class citizens. This meant if a girl got a collar around your neck, she effectively owned you.
  • Little Ava's New Home - After Ava’s relationship ends, she moves 3000 miles away to start a new life. Her new roommate Belinda seems nice--older, generous, kind. But then Ava has a smelly accident and she’s not sure how Belinda will react. Fortunately, Belinda has always dreamed about having someone to take care of. Someone just like Ava.
  • My Baby, Callum - Many years earlier, Rebecca found a book that talked about a group of people she had previously known nothing about – Adult Babies. The information stunned and intrigued her and she wanted to be involved. However, Rebecca didn’t want to be an Adult Baby herself. She wanted to HAVE an adult baby as her real-life, full-time baby. She didn’t want a man and she didn’t want to give birth to a baby. An Adult Baby was the perfect solution and so she hunted for one that she could call her own and be the infant she so desperately wanted.
  • Plastic Captivity - Their relationship is simple: Darren owns Melody. As her Master, Darren keeps poor Melody in diapers, a collar, and on a leash. He tells her how to behave, and she always obeys. She knows that if she defies her owner, she’ll be punished. It's as simple as that.
  • Stephen becomes Stephanie - Hello my little cuties. Philipa, Clare and myself, we have big news. Recently we were approached by a kindly gentleman called Stephen. He also has an interest in nappies and baby dressing. He was so keen to tell me all about it all I insisted that he too put his adventures into bite sized stories. Here is the very first of them. I think it's very funny. I hope you enjoy it as much as we did.


Previous Update:

  • CRIB VII: Babying Claire - Claire had pretty much everything a young executive could want. Except for a playmate. She had never found a man who could appreciate and spoil the little girl inside her.
    It was just one of her kinks. She liked diapers, bondage, spankings, and the whole notion of surrendering and servicing the man of her dreams. Then along he came.
  • Helpless Girl - Hey there, helpless girl. It’s okay if you wake up and you’re strapped down. It’s okay if you don’t know how you ended up tied to a changing table. I’m going to take care of you from now on. You can wiggle and squirm as much as you want, but you aren’t getting away.
  • A Little Break - Lynn never told anyone that she wanted to be treated like a child, but her husband Clark tried to understand. When his friends found out, it started an avalanche of problems for Lynn, and this time her husband couldn't be their for her. She turned to me, a friend from college who she knew wouldn't judge her. And maybe my skill with hypnosis could be just what she needs to set her inner child free, and live the life she wants until the two of them could come to a compromise.
  • Vanessa's Regression - While she’s asleep, Patrick strips, diapers, and even manages to tie his girlfriend down. After Vanessa wakes up, she’s spread out, helpless and ready to be humiliated.


Previous Update:

  • The Adult Baby Identity - Knowing who we are as individuals is the most important journey in our lives and for many, it is the most difficult one. Even for people we call ‘vanilla’, with no apparent kinks and oddities, it is a herculean task. But when you are an Adult Baby, it is a vastly more complex mission. Add being sissy to the mix and we are already pushing up hill and failing miserably.
  • Adult Brief Stories - This is a collection of short stories from many years ago. I've cleaned them up and spent hours adding details. I didn't feel any one of them was long enough to warrant a book of their own and bundled this into a collection I think you will find entertaining.
  • Me, Myself, Christine - Andrew Stephens takes us on the journey of his life from confused childhood to traumatic teens and on to the years of adulthood – all of them while wanting to wear diapers and to be a baby girl. We join with him as he discovers his inner infant, his inner girl and his inner identity, as he struggles to make life work for him, while his turmoil within causes tension and frustration. We also meet Emily, the sissy baby just like him as they share part of the journey together.
  • Susie’s Reverse Potty Training - Madame Lola seemed incredibly sweet at the start. But soon she started to demonstrate that she had some pretty strict expectations regarding ‘proper manners’ under her roof. For example, forcing me to wear a humiliating, girly pink dress.
  • When a girl loves a girl - Have you ever tried puppy play? Well if you haven't then we insist you do. It's such fun. Everybody loves a beautiful girl who acts just as she should whilst wearing a big bushy tail.


Previous Update:

  • Adopting Nellie - On her eighteenth birthday, he gives her a special present that she must wear for him, while the strong hand of his corporal discipline teaches her what it will be like to take her new place in the Duke's manor: no longer as his humble servant, but now as his obedient possession.
  • Beauty's Little Accident - A sweet age play, ABDL fairytale with only gentle dealings. Beauty this. Beauty that. All Ella ever wanted was to be looked at like her magically beautiful sister. The day of her sister’s birthday she meets a godmother that says it’s really her birthday. She is confused until a mysterious stranger wishes to marry the purest heart. Because of an accident Ella gets what she always wanted unconditional love.
  • Diapers And Doctors - It's Christina's first day at work. She's never heard of this strange hospital before, and she doesn't know what to expect. One thing's for sure: never, in her wildest dreams could she be prepared for what awaits her at the Smith Memorial Hospital. Something so strange that it will open her eyes to a whole new way of life. Soon, she'll be bursting to go back.
  • Oh, Daddy! Outta My House! - Tracy is used to punishment. She's used to being scolded, grounded, and even spanked by the man of the house. But this time, she's gone too far. This time, a simple spanking won't do her any good. Tired of her playful ways and with little other options, he now wants Tracy out of his house for good.
  • Pamper-ed and Paraded - Eighteen year-old Paulina had no idea what her babysitter, the determined and unflappable Mrs. Paezel, had in store for her when she first introduced the idea of helping her regress in order to correct her bad behavior. Now, there's little she wouldn't do to go back to such a blissfully ignorant state.


Previous Update:

  • The Baron's Little Sissy - The Baron humiliates Charles, now called Charlotte, making him dress up like a little girl, and treating him like a little sissy. But the most shocking thing of all is that Charles actually begins to rather like it. He likes it so much, in fact, that he lets himself succumb to the Baron's darkest desires... hard and without protection.
  • Enema Punished Wife - Tamara loses a bet and with it she has to wear diapers bought for her by her husband. When she tries to lie and get out of it, he takes her punishment to a brand new level. Ever heard of figging? Because Tamara is about to get down and dirty with with a ginger root in a very special place.
  • Mommy Loves You - Come and spend the week with Mommy, pretty baby.... Settle into a MDLG ABDL dynamic with Mommy as I give you all the lovies you deserve for being such a precious little baby girl. For babies who need Mommy, here I am with my loving arms open.
  • Permanently Regressed - 300 years in the future, adult babygirls and boys are commonplace, and men and women regularly volunteer to undergo mental regression into diaper-wearing ABDLs for loving Mommy and Daddy doms. Tina Hausmann spent her entire life dreaming of the day she could be permanently regressed and adopted, living out the rest of her life filling her diapers and pleasing her Daddy.
  • Pull-Ups and a Babysitter for the Bed Wetter - Your understanding but condescending girlfriend explains to you how she's going out with her friends and won't be back until late. She's hired you a babysitter because she doesn't want any pathetic late night calls from you this time. Oh and one more thing - since you've been wetting the bed lately, you're gonna put on your Pampers before she gets here. You've agreed that it isn't fair she should wake up in a puddle of pee just because you keep peeing your pants at night.
  • Sarah's Age Play Regression - The day I turned eighteen, I got a card in my mailbox. I was expecting it to be a birthday card, but when I opened it up I was surprised to see it was something quite different. It was an invitation to a reunion..... at kindergarten.
  • Such a Dirty, Dirty Boy - My buddy warned me about the amount of Kung Pao chicken I was eating at the buffet, but did I listen? Hell no. It was just too good to stop. Now I’m in deep trouble...of the gut variety. Things turn nuclear and the only person who can help me is my best buddy, who happens to be gay. It’s truly weird how one thing leads to another but I’m happy as a clam with how things turn out. Oh, yeah, Daddy….
  • Victoria's Baby Girl - Ava spent her youth running from Police Officers. However, there was just one Officer who could ever catch her, Victoria. Now that Ava is all grown up, a chance encounter has her being chased again, but this time for a different reason. Can Victoria bring Ava into her world, or will Ava’s past come back to destroy her before she has a chance to get out?


Previous Update:

  • Baby Bunny Blackmail - Candace doses her boss with a powerful sedative and brings Elizabeth back to her house. Once there, she strips her, traps her in a straitjacket, and diapers her. Yes, her boss will be diapered because that’s the best way to start blackmailing her. Sure, Elizabeth will be able to crawl, but she won’t be able to get away.
  • Discipline & Expensive Coffee - The story contains AB/DL & ageplay themes (diapers, wetting, and spanking) with a consensual DD/LG relationship. Explicit scenes between adults and HFN/HEA endings are guaranteed!
  • Educating Cody - Cody Meadows (aged 22), a meek, shy and geeky lad is the unexpected culprit. Mr Tibbets who has always taken a fancy to Cody, quickly uses this information on Cody to entice him into becoming his new Adult Baby Boy beyond graduation day…
  • HORIZONS: ABDL Chronicles - Through amazing encounters, and experiences as whimsical as they are disturbing, Nat, a young little from the ABDL community, sets out in search of the perfect daddy. From the sunny beaches of the seaside city of Horizon, through a fascinating ABDL nightclub, and a monastery hosting a mystical brotherhood of angels fallen from the sky...the young man sets out to discover the most regressive and sulphurous secrets hidden by the infantilists and fetishists of his community. But isn't the search for the other, above all the search for oneself?
  • The Letter - This is a letter from a submissive husband to his dominant wife. At her command, he must explain and probe what makes him subservient and how she can train him. Here he explores the fantasies that drive him and the punishments that can shape him.
  • Overlapping Stains - Richard has many problems and issues stemming from the early death of his mother and his lack of friends. He was struggling with many things and now, his bedwetting was open and significant. Would Alice help him cope? Would he discover more about himself? And would he ever stop wetting his bed every night?Read on to find out!
  • Taryn's First Punishment - Taryn is a bratty, disobedient 19-year-old on summer break from college. When she starts getting mouthy and back talking the woman of the house, she finds herself receiving her first spanking. She suddenly finds herself wearing a diaper and being treated like the naughty brat she is. Learning obedience isn't easy, but with a few spankings and a mouth soaping, Taryn is about to learn a lesson she'll never forget.
  • Turning Men into Boys - This novel features five erotic stories all surrounding ageplay. In each story, the woman takes on the role of the caregiver while the male characters are the taking on the role of little boy. It’s a diverse collection showing different sides of this BDSM dynamic and this relationship style. The stories are about love and intimacy, about people that learn to make a connection with one another and about connecting with your own sexuality.


Previous Update:

  • The Adult Baby Identity - This new book by Dylan Lewis – the third in the series – explores the issue of early childhood, where are memories do not reach, but the effects are still felt today. For Adult Babies, there is an element of difficulty or trauma that was most likely trivial to everyone else, but ‘wounding’ to ABs.
  • A Brother For Samantha - Mrs King has a daughter - Samantha - with some deep developmental issues who at age 21, still lives in the world of a five year old. Can Edward be of any help and if so, how? This wonderful AB/DL story is full of fun and enjoyment as Edward discovers who he really is inside as he becomes a 'brother for Samantha
  • The Diaper Experiment - Shelley has a secret. She's always dreamed of wearing diapers and being made to regress by someone who cares about her. The trouble is, her husband treats her like he's not interested in her. Soon, she decides to take matters into her own hands!
  • Learning To Be Little - Chloe is desperate to live life as an AB. This novella follows her slow entry into a new world of self-discovery and regression.
  • Megan's New Life - Megan might not like it, but she’s about to be regressed. She goes to sleep one night, only to wake up in a crib. Diapered and dressed in adorable onesie that keeps her arms trapped over her chest, she’s going to learn what it means to be completely helpless.
  • Mummy's Diary - Rachael is a mother. But not just any mother. She is the parent to a happy, bubbly, adult baby boy called Phillip. Getting to where she and her baby are now was quite a journey and through Rachel's diary, we can see what transpired, the successes and failures and the eventual wonder of a satisfying adult baby relationship.
  • Mommy Loves You - Settle into a MDLG ABDL dynamic with Mommy, as I give you all the lovies you deserve for being such a precious little baby girl. For babies who need Mommy, here I am with my loving arms open.
  • Nappied and Nannied - At eighteen years old, Paulina is the perfect daughter, but her parents only have eyes for their deadbeat son. So when she stays out well past curfew on prom night, her parents decide their only choice is to hire a babysitter who specializes in a very niche variety of Regression Therapy to take care of her while the rest of the family is away for the weekend.
  • The President's In Diapers - When the Vice President suggests an incredible, outrageous solution to the President's stress problem, he decides to try it. And pretty soon, the President is as happy as a baby.
  • The Taboo Word: Bottles & Pacifiers - Elizabeth starts to dig deeper as she learns more of the world of ABDL and BDSM and begins to figure out herself as Chandler dives in deeper with Natasha, unsure where his true feelings lie. Will the two of them come together or will this be the end of their bubbling romance?


Previous Update:

  • Dirty Girl - Rick has a house full of Babies. But his collection is not complete until he adopts Hannah, a beautiful girl with no inhibitions. When it's time for Hannah's diaper to get changed, Rick is delighted by just how much fun dirty girls can be...
  • I Hated Diapers: Born to wear Diapers - Forced to wear a diaper due to an infection, Peter decides he needs to continue to wear them after the all clear from the doctor. He joins a chat line for diaper wearers to find a girlfriend who will not worry about him wearing a diaper and meets Debbie.
  • Jamie's Jammies - Michael approaches her best friend, Kate. He wants her opinion, and he expects her to tell him that Jamie could never be regressed. And yet, Kate has other ideas. She thinks it would work. She believes Jamie needs to be put back in diapers, bundled up, and held tight. They’re worried about her, so they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that Jamie is happy.
  • Men to Boys - It’s Daniel’s birthday, so he isn’t surprised when his girlfriend decides they should play some games. For this couple, that means diapers, baby bottles, and time with his babysitter. Brittany loves her little boy, so she takes very good care of him. She bundles him up, putting him in mittens, a onesie, and even a toddler harness. It’s all for “his own good”.
  • Private Diaper Diaries - This brief diary documents the diapered tale of a post-college millennial who enjoys gay kink diaper fun. It is a private look into the thoughts of a gay diapered kinkster who runs away from America to Germany for three months to mostly piss in diapers and record himself doing public diaper activities.
  • Public Playtime - She has never done something so naughty. It's making her nervous, but she really wants to do it too! She is going to go out in public with her Daddy in a diaper.


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