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The list of eBooks was getting too long for folks to easily see new titles, so I have decided to split the pages. Here you will find the latest titles added in our most recent updates. Then click on "Past Titles" above to view the full list of previously featured ABDL books on Amazon!


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Latest ABDL and Age-Play Titles:

  • Featured: First Timers - Many adults choose to wear diapers, and some even act like babies! Here we present seventeen true stories about how such adults first got reintroduced to diapers and wetting.
  • Featured: CRIB VI: Lolly Gagged - I signed my commitment papers. In retrospect, I deserved to be committed: I never read the fine print. I read right through the whole section about diapers, regression, feminizing, discipline, and degradation. -- not to mention the cutting-edge therapies like submersion in a rubber suit.
  • Bad Moon - Lucas is a pretty, shy, and sweet young man. An ATV accident left him in a wheelchair. He finds solace in creating beautiful, delicate dolls and indulging in his ABDL side. His heart aches with loneliness, and he's certain no one would want him.
  • Becoming Little Randy - When Randy has an icky accident in front of Brianna, she's quick to reassure him and get him tidied up. She's sweet and caring, and opens up an entire new world of Bigs and littles for Randy. She'll guide him and take care of him, in the ways he's only dreamed of.
  • Mr Wonderful: Daddy Understood Everything - Before Donny can fully commit himself to marry Des, he decides to tell the love of his life all about his playful and lovable infantile fetish and his ambition and desire to wear nappies full-time.
  • My Time with Jen - When Mike begins wetting his bed, Jen insists that he wear disposable adult diapers at night. It is just the first step in a long regression into adult infancy for Mike, who can't help but go along with each of Jen's demands.


Previous Update:

  • Cheers and Tears - I am a red-blooded, all-American male.I’m only wearing diapers because they make my buttocks and hips rounder. I look more feminine. Yes, it says SISSY on my uniform.And yes, I’m wearing a women’s leotard and a very short skirt.But I can explain.
  • The Naughty Trip - Melissa takes her naughty girlfriend Daphne on a road trip.
  • The Regression Service - Too many men act like brats, spoiled and confident they can never be held accountable, which is why Ava offers a very special service to certain women. Whenever a boyfriend or husband gets out of place, Ava steps in and teaches him a lesson in obedience—it’s the kind of lesson he’ll never forget.
  • Safe and Helpless - Diapers are just the start because Lilly has to learn how to behave like a good, sweet girl. She needs to do as she’s told. This can include sucking pacifiers or drinking from her baby bottle. If she tries to argue or fight, then she’ll need to be spanked. A red bottom will make sure she behaves, especially because she just might learn to love her teacher’s firm hand.
  • Taught To Obey - Darla hasn't been a good submissive, in fact she's barely been one at all lately, but when Aaron invites her to a week away at a lakeside cabin, things seem like they're going her way. That is, until the ringing of a bell and a sudden new set of rules. Aaron's had enough of her bratty behavior and he means to teach her what it is to be his.


Previous Update:

  • A Normal Life for Maggie - We find Maggie, on the verge of leaving the hospital, as she starts her journey to having a normal life. Still in diapers, she will have challenges. Setbacks are to be expected but some seem insurmountable. Will she find happiness? Might she even find love?
  • Rules For Teddy - The story of Teddy and Madeleine picks right up from where Babysitting Teddy left off. Madeleine asks a big gesture of Teddy and isn't sure how he'll take it. Madeleine's possessive nature is only a problem if he doesn't like the sentiment.
  • Sweet Little - Jason's an Alpha Werewolf without a Little. Like most wolves, he wants someone to love, he wants someone he can baby. So, he goes to one of those facilities where they regress humans into Littles and adopt a sweet, eighteen-year-old human for himself.
  • Summer Days - Matt moved in with his long term boyfriend John a few weeks ago and ever since they have been age-playing ABDL full time. John had a room in his house converted to Matt's bedroom/playroom and has bought the boy a custom crib, changing table, and high chair, along with an entire wardrobe of little boy styled clothes. It's the beginning of summer and John takes his baby to get a summer haircut and some new clothes, but Matt isn't on his best behavior.
  • Talking It Out - Taylor seduces her husband at a hotel. He’s so horny that he doesn’t even notice the duffel bag filled with extra equipment. Pretty soon, she has him naked and tied to the bed. He thinks he’s about to get lucky when he’s really about to…get diapered. Since he’s helpless in those snug straps, she teases him, and just when he thinks everything is going to be perfect, she takes out a diaper and holds it up in front of him. She puts it on him, she gags him, and then she explains how his lover will show up very, very soon.


Previous Update:

  • Cute Punishments - As a part of their deal, she arrives at his house, and he takes her into a special room. It's a nursery. That's right. It's a fully equipped nursery sized perfectly for a girl like Penny. There’s a changing table, a crib, a closet full of little girl clothes and everything he'll need to regress her.
  • Daddy’s Naughty Gangster - A salacious DDLG and ABDL themed love story for the age play fetishist.
  • Nancy and the Panty Thief - I surrendered willingly to this humiliating subjugation -- the thick diapers, the plastic panties, the baby bib, and the baby bonnet – and to kneeling on this painful bed of dried peas.
    I deserve punishment. I like it.
  • Summer Days - John had a room in his house converted to Matt's bedroom/playroom and has bought the boy a custom crib, changing table, and high chair, along with an entire wardrobe of little boy styled clothes.
  • Talking It Out - Taylor seduces her husband at a hotel. He’s so horny that he doesn’t even notice the duffel bag filled with extra equipment. Pretty soon, she has him naked and tied to the bed. He thinks he’s about to get lucky when he’s really about to…get diapered.


Previous Update

  • Cute Mistakes - As she wanders their neighborhood, she goes to a local park and finds something: a strange bottle. When she touches it, a bizarre entity appears. It offers her three wishes, just like a genie might…
  • Her Virtual Reality ABDL Mommy - Shy office worker Livia has never had the courage to explore her adult baby fantasies with anybody in real life - but now with a new state-of-the-art virtual reality headset, babygirl Livvy can have the Mommy of her dreams even if she's not flesh and blood. Intelligent AI Glinda knows everything about Livia, turning the bashful girl into a blushing, whimpering mess as she wets, snuggles, and climaxes in her diapers for her new Mommy.
  • A Tight White Dress - Sadie finds herself in a crib and tied down “for her safety”. When she looks around, she sees her new nursery. This room is equipped with a changing table, swing set, and a closet full of clothes, all styled for an adorable toddler but sized for a girl like Cindy.


Previous Update:

  • Caretaker - She's a human in a world owned by Werewolves and it's impossible for her to fit in unless she embraces the lifestyle that werewolves have deemed suitable for fragile humans such as herself. There are a group of werewolves who think of her as precious, as something to be treasured and taken care of, bundled up in swaddles and fed from bottles. Werewolves who wants to take her and fill her, use her body in every way imaginable.
  • Just Regression - They don’t know about Dr. Sabrina Ross. This beautiful woman is working on the team that developed the rejuvenation serum Darren is about to test. That’s why it’s easy for her to see the results right away. Darren thought he was going to get younger by a couple of years. That’s why he’s so surprised when he wakes up in the body of a toddler. At barely only two or three, he can barely walk and talk.
  • Mama's Sleepy Baby - Includes: ageplay, spanking, lesbians, consensual-nonconsent, hurt/comfort, dominant/submissive, d/s, dominatrix, submissive, submission, sadism, sadistic, masochistic, masochism, vulnerable adult littles in onesies
  • The Rehab Regression - He finds himself transformed into a young child, a toddler living at a daycare center, with no memory of how they did it, or how to return to his adult life. As he struggles to keep his mind from sliding into early childhood along with his body, Toby discovers something surprising. Life in diapers isn’t all that bad. He makes new friends, and discovers he is surrounded by people who actually care about him – something denied him during his first pass through life.
  • Two Red Cheeks like my Heart - When Baby misbehaves, she puts her hairbrush on the end of Mommy's bed. Then Mommy takes care of her.


Previous Update:


  • Cradled and Coddled - Between stern Nanny Susan and strict Mrs. Paezel, eighteen year-old Polly's foray into Regression Therapy has been a baptism by fire. She has proven far too disobedient for any of their tried-and-true punishments to be effective. When Nanny Susan comes up with the inspired idea to bring their misbehaving charge along to a cocktail party hosted by her benefactors, neither she nor Mrs. Paezel know what they have in store for little Polly.
  • Daddy’s Naughty Baby - This story contains heavy sexually explicit content, Age Play and ABDL themes. It features diaper changes (wet), spanking, Dominants and a submissive. The characters in this book are consenting adults engaged in a variety of kinky, fun activities and this novel is intended for adult readers only.
  • Diaper Punished by the Sadistic Nanny: Part II - When Anna gets busted at the wildest party of the year, her punishment is to spend her spring break living with Nanny Rose. And Nanny Rose is a very special type of disciplinarian… In Book One, Anna, Lindsey and Brad discovered Nanny Rose’s unique brand of discipline first hand, which included… Spanking. Humiliation. And Diapers! Now, in Book Two, their week only gets a whole lot more humiliating, wet and messy under Nanny Rose’s domination.
  • Diaper Store Intern - High-strung business student Summer is poised to begin her new internship at Agefree, a company specializing in incontinence products for adults. She admires the strong and confident women who work there, and wonders just what their secret is. For starters, they all use their own product to “better understand their customers”. Summer is mortified and surprised by the idea, but willingly participates so she can learn more about the business.
  • Failing Adulthood - He might need to spank her and give her a special kind of medicine, but that’s okay. When she’s crawling around in a wet diaper, Alexa might finally give up on trying to be an adult. It’ll be better once she cuddles up to her teddy bear in her crib because that’s where she really belongs.
  • Just Regression - They don’t know about Dr. Sabrina Ross. This beautiful woman is working on the team that developed the rejuvenation serum Darren is about to test. That’s why it’s easy for her to see the results right away. Darren thought he was going to get younger by a couple of years. That’s why he’s so surprised when he wakes up in the body of a toddler. At barely only two or three, he can barely walk and talk.
  • Mama's Sleepy Baby - Mama knows it when she sees it.
  • Night Locked - Although he gave her permission to hang out with her friends, Britney came home late. Worse, she didn’t call or text to let him know. She says she just lost track of time, but that’s not acceptable, not when her Daddy loves her and worries about her. So now she needs to be punished, but this won’t be a simple spanking.
  • Oh Gracie - When Grace returns home from her wild child, gold digging friend's bachelorette party disheveled and late, Marcus decided to help her learn her lesson the way her parents should have. Little does she know, their adventure into the world of ABDL is a drop in the pond compared to what the former-dominatrix, adult nanny, Mrs. Valgren, has in store for her.
  • The Prince's Bride - When eighteen-year old American Rose Beaumont, daughter of internationally infamous business magnate Edward George Beaumont, is promised to a older prince who's said to be a favorite of Queen Victoria, she has no idea that their wedding night is going to land her in London's Reformatory School for Girls.
  • Training Pants - Connor doesn’t know it yet, but he’s about to become her office toddler. With training pants locked between his legs and forced to wear a tight dress with lots of frills and lace, he’ll learn to crawl around the office so everyone can see what happens to people who confront Grace Fields.


Previous Update:

  • Babysitting Teddy - Thirty year old Teddy has his own ways to deal with stress. It's been hard to keep a serious girlfriend who didn't judge him for sleeping with a stuffed bear or turn her nose up at his coloring habit.
  • Diaper Punished by the Sadistic Nanny - It’s packed full of diaper discipline, corporal punishment, intense humiliation, BDSM, femdom, and of course some very soggy diapers! For mature readers only!
  • Dominated by My Best Friend's Dad - I arrive at his house but his dad answers the door. Mr. Collins, the man of the house, is the only one home. He invites me in, we make small talk, and then make eye contact that lasts a few seconds too long. Soon Mr. Collins has me bent over his couch with my pants down. He's smacking my ass so hard it's leaving a mark.
  • Helping Stephanie - Darren strips Stephanie down to her bra and panties, but she isn’t even allowed to keep those big girl garments for long. Soon he has her in a diaper, crawling around and waddling helplessly just like a toddler.
  • Oh My - When Marcus comes home to see Mrs. Valgren dominating Gracie rather than babysitting her like the adult nanny he hired her to be, he's furious. Rather than firing her, he realizes he could learn a thing or two about her craft - roleplay, discipline and punishment - from her before she leaves.
  • Overexcited and Overexposed - When Polly proves to be beyond Nanny Susan's tried-and-true training - punishment, submission and public humiliation - Nanny Susan has to get creative. Little does Polly know that she has been invited to a very unique type of cocktail party and it's Nanny Susan's turn to provide the entertainment...
  • Regressed and Diapered by My Therapist - Jay’s therapist knows that only by making Jay regressed, diapered, and under her complete control, that she can successfully cure him of his ailment.


Previous Update:

  • Alana’s Sweet Baby - A tantalizing lesbian MDLG and ABDL themed love story for the age play fetishist.
  • Babysitting Teddy - No stranger to BDSM, Madeleine offers to babysit Teddy to relieve give him a chance to relieve all that work tension. She likes Teddy too and wants to learn more about being a caregiver to a submissive little boy.
  • Diapered Model - Bridget doesn’t know it yet, but she’s fallen into a trap. Pretty soon, she’s going to put on a diaper and a locking onesie. Once she does that, she’ll never be an adult again, not when her new owner trains her as his private, diapered model ready to crawl, beg, suck, and get on her back right where she belongs.
  • Discharged Into Diapers - 19yo Lucas was in the army and snap inspections were always a risk. One day, his stash of plastic pants were discovered and he was referred to the base Psychiatrist for evaluation. Ironically, it was his lucky day. Colonel Kate Heybridge was about to retire and when Lucas was given a medical discharge for being an adult baby, she decided to take his case on as a private doctor.
  • Done Adulting - Eric decides his best chance at happiness is to leave the dimension, adopting himself out as a Little. But while he wants to leave, does he really want to go to the other dimension and give up his adulthood?
  • Regressed and Diapered by My Therapist - Jay has no idea that his therapist has a very special type of ‘therapy’ planned for him… Diaper regression therapy. That’s because Jay’s therapist knows that only by making Jay regressed, diapered, and under her complete control, that she can successfully cure him of his ailment.
  • Ryan's New Role - Ryan's new boss has taken a liking to the young man and when she decides that she doesn't want him to work as a trainee anymore she creates a new humiliating role for the young man.
  • The Undiapered Bedwetter - This remarkable book is the story of a long-term adult bedwetter, Richard, who rents a room from Alice. But Alice is not anti-bedwetting at all! In fact, for reasons yet to be discovered, she encourages his bedwetting and has a seemingly inexhaustible tolerance for wet sheets and clothing.


Previous Update:

  • The Adult Baby Identity Collection - These books lay a great psychological foundation on the issues of Adult Regression and a worthy read for anyone interested in the topic, either as an observer or as a participant.
  • By Court Order - Grace was arrested again! She'd be back on the street before morning, turning tricks once she was able to call her lawyer. Only this time she wasn't. She was going to prison unless she agreed to a new and unique sentencing diversionary program.
  • Daddy Protect Me - Why does Sarah have so much power over him? He needs to protect Sarah, to fix her, to take away the pain. But he’s hiding a deep dark secret that could unmake them. Will they be able to find love?


Previous Update:

  • Back In Diapers - Sam decides to go back to his kindergarten reunion in order to face his demons. But will he enjoy being there any better the second time around?
  • By Court Order - Follow along as Grace and eleven other girls spend a year in diapers. They will change diapers but will diapers change them?
  • Diapered at Home - Jordan Airesdale has been given twelve months home detention for breaking and entering. His angry - and concerned - mother and sister have bought a new bigger home in the country where her wayward child would rediscover discipline and parenting in a new way - wearing diapers.
  • Dominated By My Wife - When Tara finds out her husband Brandon betrayed her at a wild Vegas bachelor party, she decides to finally lay down some discipline in her marriage… Diaper Discipline.
  • Hannah's New Home - Hannah is a good little girl, and she helps unlock Beth's maternal side. And amazingly, Beth finds caring for Hannah turns her on at the same time....
  • The Snoop - When you are a carpenter installing a new kitchen for a wealthy client, you shouldn't go snooping around their house. And when you find that she makes and sells adult baby clothing you should not touch it or try any of it on.


Previous Update:

  • Home Detention - Jordan Airesdale has been given twelve months home detention for breaking and entering. His angry - and concerned - mother and sister have bought a new bigger home in the country where her wayward child would rediscover discipline and parenting in a new way - wearing nappies.
  • Little Therapy - Nessie is eighteen-years old. She shouldn't have to go to a daycare when her parents are too busy to take care of her. But she's just a weak little human in a world of werewolves and vampires and she’s too sweet and innocent to be able to make it on her own without protection.
  • Lloyd's Regression - When his sexy teacher suggests some extra-curricular studies, after hours, he can't think of anything worse. Soon though, Lloyd will learn exactly what it's like to be looked after, and why it can be extremely rewarding.
  • MILF's Little One - Miss Williams comes in. Literally. And she came in to catch me doing something very naughty. Something I only did because I thought I’d be alone.
  • Mistaken Boys - One mistake. That’s all it takes for Shawn to mess up in front of one of the university’s most important alumni, Elizabeth Moore. He doesn’t know it yet, but she is powerful, rich, and very well-connected. So when he makes an inappropriate comment to this beautiful woman, she decides to punish him.
  • A Mother's Love - Her son is about to strike out on his own and he is woefully unprepared. He is small for his age, immature and ignorant of the dangers outside his home. And so she takes on the challenge of turning Daniel back into a baby. And she has one obvious entry point. Daniel had wet his bed until only a few years prior. It would be easy to start that process again and then, the solution was obvious. Nappies and Plastic pants. The rest would follow on.
  • Office Pampering - Suddenly, I'm hyper-aware of how much I need to relieve myself. If I don't do something very soon, I'll burst within seconds. There's no way I can make it to the gentlemen's in time. Lucky for me, my boss keeps a stash of diapers in the office exactly for these kinds of accidents. What started as a boring office meeting is about to become something much more interesting…
  • Regressing Rosie - Rosie is a very special little woman. On her eighteenth birthday, she arrives at a den of ill repute which offers a very specific, taboo kink to its customers. But before Rosie can accept paying clients, she must be fully regressed by the lord of the manor.
  • The Results - Adam begins to realize Caitlin might need some extra incentives. Whether that means a blindfold and ball gag or handcuffs and a diaper, he hasn't decided yet—but he knows she needs to be taken care of. Of course, if she actually fails any of her courses, she'll be in more trouble than she can possibly imagine.
  • Sara: A Diaper Girl's Journey - Sara has a passion and a longing that she is helpless and unable to resist. She is home, alone, and studying, but something in her drawer is calling out to her...
  • Smaller and Cuter - Jennifer isn’t at the park anymore. Somehow, she’s in a pink room, surrounded by bars. She looks around, and she sees a nursery. When she checks out her arms and legs, they are so small, so pudgy and underdeveloped. When she begins to move, she quickly loses her balance and falls on the heavy padding squeezing her bottom. That’s right…she’s wearing a diaper…
  • Trained for Plastic - Tara and Johnny are happy, but he knows that there’s something deep inside of her which has remained unsatisfied. She doesn’t like to talk about it, but Tara needs to be treated like a little girl. She needs to be regressed. She should be diapered, taught to crawl, and shown how to obey. She needs this, whether she can admit it or not


Previous Update:

  • Baby Business - Mary is a cute nineteen year-old, and sick of being let down. She’s started a new job, making coffees for a team full of hot young advertising execs. Her favourite part of the place she works is the crèche. One day, after work hours, she takes a trip to the crèche to explore, only to get caught by her handsome older boss.
  • The Best Parking Spaces - Unfortunately, she'd been ticketed one too many times and the police towed her Porsche Boxster. That was inconvenient. Now she'd have to trek across town to get it back. To her dismay, it wasn't that simple. She was facing some real jail time if it were not for an alternative sentencing program. She was not prepared for the terms of the diversionary program.
  • Chosen - He was the only older child allowed to remain in the orphanage, a product of his very short stature and obvious immaturity - and occasional wet pants. But at the age of eighteen, Jamie had finally been told he was leaving. He had been.... CHOSEN. But by whom... and why?
  • High Score - Katie isn’t much of a gamer, but she’s an excellent computer scientist, and she can bring those skills into play. Hacking into his console to give her an advantage shouldn’t be too hard…And once she wins, she has a big plan for Alex. It involves diapers, locking plastic covers, and his complete and total humiliation. In fact, if everything goes according to plan, Katie won’t just be his friend. She will become his babysitter!
  • The House of the Future - The weekend before presenting their project to the founder and financier of the project, Terry uploads his rogue coding. With the success of the project hanging in the balance, Jake decides to investigate the problem. Now, Jake finds himself trapped inside the house with a robot nanny who insists on dressing Jake in dresses and diapers.
  • Learning My Place - Steve likes girls. A lot--but his high school bully is making life quite difficult. Go with Steve as he receives and learns to enjoy spankings, diapers, humiliating punishments and more.
  • Mona, Betty and George - Mona meets with her friend Betty to discuss her husband's future. Betty is quite convinced that being dominated and trained in diapers is precisely what he needs, and Mona is the one to help her. Betty seems to harbor a secret of her own though...
  • Padded Walks - A few weeks back, my dom came home from a business trip early and caught me wearing diapers. Now, he wants me to wear diapers 24/7. As much as it excites me, it also terrifies me whenever I’m out in public. Because there’s always the chance that someone will notice the added bulk in my pants.
  • Pampered Accommodation - Pampered Accommodation is an erotic short story with explicit scenes between two consenting men. All characters are 18+. Includes wet diapers, humiliation, and ddlb/abdl themes.
  • A Plastic Task - Karina pulls out a special bag, one filled with diapers, locking plastic pants, and heavily padded mittens to make his hands useless because he’s about to be demoted. She puts him in the mittens one at a time. This poor little boy will get another challenge. And this is going to be his last chance to prove he's really an adult who deserves respect. If he can stay dry, then he can be treated like a mature young man. But when his girlfriend decides to bottle feed him, his task becomes a whole lot harder.



  • The Babies And Bedwetters Of Baker St - Richard, the socially awkward chronic bedwetter and his landlady Alice. A new boarder – Bronwyn – is moving in. Bronwyn is also a chronic bedwetter, but brings with her diapers and a pacifier and even more problems.
  • A Baby for Felicity - Trapped by his own infantile desires, Felicity had indeed, partly turned Oliver into a baby, but how far would she go and how far would he let her? And what would her mother and two sisters say when they discovered that Felicity now had a baby - but not by traditional means?
  • Bad Boy - A wealthy politician runs a paradise for adult babies, a mansion in rolling hills. With his wife, their butler, and the maid, it feels like life can't get any better. The latest arrival, however, is about to turn things upside-down. No-one is quite ready to meet Bad Boy, the naughtiest resident yet!
  • The Duke's Little Sissy - 18-year-old Lance Bottomley is an attractive boy. So attractive, in fact, that the wealthy and commanding Duke of Birmingham is charmed by Lance's girlish looks, and finds him a special role at his enormous manor.
  • A Little Curvy - Curvaceous, cute Lara harbors a horny secret: she is desperate to live life as an ABDL. But will Lara ever feel comfortable about who she really is? Can she find the right 'Big' for her? Will Lara ever truly learn to be little?
  • Trapped in Diapers - After breaking into his vault, Natalia turns around just in time to be sedated. When she wakes up again, she’s locked in a crib with a secured top. He strips her down, double diapers her, and begins her training. This adorable thief doesn’t know it yet, but he’ll tap into something Natalia has always craved.


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