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Site Update for 10/23/2017

Well, hello there! My apologies for another exceedingly long break between updates. As I have mentioned in past updates, my step-father has been ill and in the hospital or rehab for the last two months. We're hopeful to be bringing him home tomorrow, so I have been busy setting up the equipment he will need, in addition to taking him to appointments, managing the home and all the day-to-day stuff I have to do normally.

It is my hope to get back on a more normal schedule now that he has gotten his diagnosis (emphysema) and will be back in the house, eliminating a lot of drive time running to the rehab and back. I would ask you to tolerate some delays for taking care of him and myself, but it should approve over time. Even when I can't carve out time for an update I try to be active on the forums every day, so come find me there if you get bored!

My thanks go out to our wonderful admin/mod team, for picking up my slack while I have been pre-occupied.

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