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Sharing a Moment

It was a long day at the technology conference he had to attend for his job working for the state and all he wanted to do was relax.    He didn't enjoy crowds at all so he went to the bar, got a drink and went out on the quiet patio where he could enjoy the sounds of distant traffic and voices.


He was a reflective man who had just turned 50, (it still sounded strange to say that he was 50) but that was the reality of things.


As he nursed his drink, he thought about how nice it was to be away from everything, even though he was still working, it was quieter for him here than it was at home with the yelling and unappreciation.


He heard someone walking by, detected a faint scent of his favorite perfume obsession, and awkwardly said "hi, it's a nice night out".


She said Hi back and he asked her if she'd  like to have a drink with him.  She agreed, and they sat talking about their lives, interests and anything else that came to mind.


After a while there was a long pause in the conversation and he felt her lightly touch his hand.  He hadn't been touched in years by his wife and the only cuddling he got was the occasional hug from his children.  A spark of passion and longing made its way to the surface as he asked if he could take her hand?  She said yes and they sat there quietly, reflectively for a few moments, lightly bonded in the solitude of the night.


"You play piano." she remarked, I play a little and there's one in the lobby.  Will you play for me?" she asked sincerely.


They walked through the bar, arm in arm now, made their way to the upright in the lobby which was empty except for the two of them and he sat down and nervously started playing one of the many songs he had composed. He wasn't used to playing for other people and would often use his shyness as a reason not to entertain anyone directly like he had just done.


He sensed her presence very close to him, she had moved from the couch to sit beside him on the piano bench.  "let's play together, she had said."

She started playing a chord progression that was very familiar and he started improvising and after the song was over, he felt her arms around him as they embraced in a long hug.  He wanted to kiss her lips but felt it was too soon but she said "come with me, let's share a moment"


As they rode up to the top floor where her room was, they gave each other another long embrace and he noticed how big and firm her breasts were and she could feel the hardness of his cock.  His hands slid down her back and as they got lower, she abruptly pulled away which left him a little confused. "What's wrong?" he asked softly, gently taking her hand.


'I want to share a moment with you, I need to…" her voice trailed off.

"But you're married/" he had asked.

"Yes, but that's not it". He could hear her voice slightly quiver and he knew she was close to tears.


The elevator stopped and they got off and stood in the hall.


"If this is really uncomfortable for you, It's okay". he said reassuringly. "We can just enjoy each other's conversation like we've been doing or if you'd like to say good night…" Suddenly, her lips were there, interrupting his words and replacing them with a tender sweetness he hadn't felt in years.


"Come on" she said after the kiss, "this way'.  They walked to her room and when they were settled, she offered him a big glass of water to drink while they continued to talk about nothing in particular, just getting more and more comfortable with each other.


After some time had passed, he didn't know how much, he told her that he needed to use the bathroom.  Instead of showing him where it was, she walked over to him, took his hand, guided him to the bed and simply asked "Pleas lay with me? I need to be cuddled".


She started to undress him as it would be more comfortable for him, she had said and when he went to help her out of her clothes, she playfully slapped his hands away as if he were a toddler getting into something he shouldn't.  That was the second time he was a bit puzzled by her behavior.


They climbed into the soft sheets and cuddled for a while, no talking, just enjoying the silence and then, she shifted position and moved his head towards her breast.  'I need to be nursed"> she whispered.  He thought she meant it in a generic way but it was literal and as he suckled on her nipple, he felt warm milk slowly flow into his mouth.  He had tasted breastmilk once before but it was after his wife had expressed a little into a bottle and it wasn't the same as this experience.


after nursing for a few minutes, she switched him to her other breast and just as he was getting into a rhythm, he felt the sensation of his full bladder again and started to get up to go to the bathroom.  She held him saying "Wait right here".


If he didn't get up soon, she'd have a wet bed to deal with and he didn't want that to be any part of the memories they would share on this night.


She came back with something that had a crinkling sound and having children, he knew what that was.  She was going to diaper him.


Out of all the women in the world he could have run into, he found one who would breastfeed and diaper him, two fetishes that he hadn't indulged in, either for a very long time or, in the case of breastfeeding, ever.


She softly told him to lift up and she put the diaper under his bottom, and though she wanted to play with his cock, she tucked it in and finished the job of diapering him tenderly like he'd never been diapered before.


She slid back under the covers with him and once again, brought his head to her breasts which were still quite full.  She ran her hands lovingly through his hair as he nursed and in a couple of minutes, he was contentedly wetting his diaper in front of a strange woman.  She could tell that he had wet and so she took his hand and put it on her bottom and he felt a very wet diaper on her as well.  He thought he had heard a soft crinkle sound when they were walking in the hallway but he couldn't be sure.  that would explain why she pulled away from him in the elevator.


After he was done nursing and she had wet again in her diaper, she pulled his diaper aside and engulfed his cock into her mouth, sucking him to an erection.  Then she slid aside her diaper, squatted over him and mounted his cock and they made love in the wet diapers, Cumming together in passion that neither of them had felt in years.

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