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My fantasy consists of a mommy and a daddy. I want to be disciplined and diapered and scolded and treated like a naughty little girl.

On my first day with my mommy and daddy, as soon as I walk into their apartment, their door is locked behind me and mommy comes and tells me how adorable I am - but then says in a disapproving tone that I look too much like a grown up.

"You're just a widdle girlie girl!" she says. she holds my hand and I pull away; she laughs at first, "we have to get you into proper clothes!" I protest again, "my clothes are fine."

She gasps, "now little missy, don't ever talk to me like that! And you end your sentences with mommy or daddy! Now don't be silly, your clothes are no good. Come now." She reaches for my hand once more, and I pull away again. She sighs, tells daddy to please come carry me to my room. He throws me over his shoulder and when I struggle he delivers a firm smack on my butt and tells me to be quiet.

We reach my room, and Daddy puts me down on a bed. He sits in front of me, "now abby, you listen here. You are our baby girl now. That means you will listen to everything mommy and daddy say, or you'll get your little self over my knee and your tushi spanked. Now I'm gonna leave the room and mommy is gonna get you dressed; I don't want u giving her a hard time, okay?"



"Yes ... daddy"

"Good little girl" he kisses my head, and I blush He leaves the room, and mommy says "arms in the air!" And starts to undress me. Every time I try to struggle or cover up she gives me a warning glance and I give In; I had never been spanked before and feared going over Daddy's knee.

She takes off my knickers and my bra, then slips on a short dress on me. She has me stand up and tells me what a pretty girl I am, and does my hair in pigtails. Then she has me lie down on the bed again and removes all of my pubic hair, tells me I'm looking the way a little girl should. Finally she pulls out a pair of girly cotton knickers and slips them on me.

She takes me by the hand and we go to Daddy, who loves my new look. He has me sit on his lap and he begins to tell me the rules.

"Abby sweety, I want u to be a good little girl. So because I want u to be a good little girl, me and Mommy will punish you when you are naughty. If it's something small, me or Mommy will give you ten quick spanks over your dress or your pants. If by the end of it u give us attitude, we pull down your pants and spank you over your panties. And if we still think you haven't had enough, we'll spank you bare-bottom. However, if you've been a very bad girl, we will give you thirty firm spanks on your bare bottom. Your spankings will depend on how naughty you have been. If you were given a bare-bottom spanking, it's immediately followed by a diaper. You will be diapered until we think you are behaving like a big girl. Also, you should know that spankings with wet diapers are painful and I don't mind giving them and neither does Mommy. When you are diapered, you are given an enema before dinner every night, and a maintenance spanking before you are diapered for bedtime. You are spanked until you cry, and then you are put to bed with a sucker in your mouth and mittens on your hands. In the morning you have your temperature taken rectally before being put into your new diaper. If you struggle when Mommy is diapering you, Daddy comes and holds your legs up in the air while mommy gives you a spanking in the diaper position until you behave. Also, there's no reason for you to talk like a grown up. Talk like a little girl, or don't talk. If you talk like a grown up you will be spanked. Any questions?"


He immediately turns me over his knee and gives me 10 spankings over my dress, "you are a bad girl, you weren't listening to Mommy! You always say mommy and daddy! Is that clear, you naughty girl?"

"Yes daddy"

"Good girl. I don't like spanking you but if you're a bad little girl I have to treat you like one."

Mommy brings a bag full of toys and guides me to a playpin; she empties the bag and leaves me in the playpin, tells me to be a good girl and play and not to think of wandering off.

"Now what's little abby gonna do?"

I hesitate

"Abby." She warns me.

"What are u going to do now?"

"Play with the toys..."


"And not run away, mommy."

"Good girl"

She goes and watches TV with Daddy, and I eventually get bored of playing. My freshly shaved vagina is itchy so I reach my hand into my little girl panties and scratch that area. Mommy then looks over and gasps, rushes to me and pulls me out of the pen and to a chair where she sits down and pulls me over her lap. She flips over my dress, then reaches for my panties, and I beg her not to, "please I'm not a baby don't pull down my--" she delivers a firm smack and tells me to be quiet, and once I am, she starts to scold me with my bottom exposed and my panties around my knees.

"You heard what Daddy said. If you're a very bad little girl you get spanked on your bare tushi. Good girls don't reach into their panties!" She says the last sentence and immediately the smacks start raining on my bottom, and I try to struggle but her hold on me is strong. 30 smacks later Daddy picks me up off of Mommy's lap and lays me on the bed in my bedroom, attaches my hands and feet to some kind of cuffs at the corners of the bed, then lifts up my dress so my pussy is exposed. He tells Mommy, "if this bad little girl wants to touch her peepee, she'll have it done. Give her ten peepee spankings, then don't forget to diaper her, and call me if there's any trouble."

I start to beg and cry, but my pleas fall on deaf ears, and Mommy spanks my pussy sharply. Once I've been uncuffed, I'm in tears and don't have the energy to put up a fight. Then she brings a bag of diapers and I start begging again but she warns me and I stay quiet and cry. She calls Daddy, who holds my legs up while Mommy powders my butt and pussy, then when I feel the diaper material being slipped under my bottom I start begging again, "please I'm not a baby please don't make me wear a diaper" and when they ignore me I start to struggle, and it's difficult for Mommy to put it on me when I'm moving. She gives me 5 spanks in that diaper position, and by then I've given up. She slips the diaper under my bottom and tapes up the sides tightly. Daddy says he thinks I should be double-diapered. Mommy agrees but only for bed time.

Daddy carries me off the bed and walks to the living room, where he puts me on the floor. I sit there quietly and hear him fiddle with the drawers and pull out a bottle of pills. Mommy is back with Vaseline. These are put aside and I start to worry about what is in store for me.

"It's time for your enema."

Daddy grabs me before I try to run, and puts me over his knee.

"Don't try to fight; you're a little girl, you don't have any upper body strength and I'm holding you down very strongly. This is a health measure, be a good girl."

As he pulls up my dress and pulls down my diaper, mommy is holding the enema. It is a small enema but it still frightens me. Daddy spreads my buttcheeks and slowly inserts a finger; I try to draw away, but a smack on my bottom brings me right back. He takes the enema from Mommy and I feel the nozzle's liquid go into me. I start to cry and they comfort me like a little child. When it's over Daddy pulls my diaper back up and pats my bottom, says it's dinner time.

Later it's dinner time, and I'm put in a high chair. Because I'm wearing a dress, my diaper is very obvious. Mommy gives me a bottle of juice and tells me to drink it all up by the end of dinner. I try not to, but she told me the alternative would be another spanking. So I drink it with a heavy heart, and then my bladder is full - exactly her intention.

Once we've returned to the living room, I tell them I need to use the bathroom. They laugh at me, tell me I'm wearing it, and that I was going to go peepee and poopoo in my diapers just like a little baby.

Mommy comes over and squeezes my crotch; "still dry".

I try my hardest to control it, but about half an hour later I start to let go, and I felt warm liquid fill my diaper.

"Awww look at her peepee face! Little abby looks embarrassed."

I'm close to tears at this point, and try to take off my diaper.

"Uh uh uh!" Daddy warns me, then grabs a pair of mittens and puts them on me. I start to cry then. Mommy tells me not to cry, because Mommy will change my wet didi before bedtime.

Bedtime comes earlier than I thought and I am carried to the bedroom.

Mommy makes all kinds of embarrassing remarks about how proud she is that I went peepee in my didi; then she tests me, "what did my little angel do?"

"Peepee in my didi" I say in a low voice.

"Good girl"

This time, before she's cleaned me and powdered me, she lays me over her lap and pulls down my wet diaper. I gasp, "I didn't do anything!"

"You heard the rules. Maintenance spanking every night when you're in a diaper. I will spank you until you cry; you will sleep well."

She spanks me long and hard, and as hard as I try not to, I cry. She scolds me the whole time, tells me this is what happens to bad little girls, their tushies are spanked over mommy and daddy's knee and then put in a diaper and forced to go peepee and poopoo in it, and after both punishments they cry like little babies, like I am right now.

She gives me a few more even after I've started crying, then stops. Because my butt was still covered with pee, the spanking stung.

Finally she cleans me up, powders me, then puts me over her knee once more and I'm surprised to feel her spread my buttcheeks - I gasp and pull away, but she warns me and I stop. She dips a pill in Vaseline then I feel it invade my butthole. She pats my bottom then moves on to double-diapering me. My legs feel weak and it's hard for me to put up a fight; I'm still trying to stop crying.

She pulls out a pair of footed jammies and puts them on me, tells me I look adorable. Mommy dips a sucker in warm milk and sticks it in my mouth then ties it around my head and puts me to bed.

When the lights are off and she's left, I try to get up but my legs are almost numb. I start to feel the effect of the enema kicking in and I worry about messing my diapers and how embarrassing that would be. I fall asleep quickly because I am exhausted.

I wake up inhaling a bad smell. I had messed my diapers. I cry, and try to take off my jammies to reach my diaper, but the zipper is from the back and I am wearing mittens.

Mommy comes in and carries me to the living room. Daddy kisses me good morning, then says it smells like someone went poopoo in their didi. I can't respond because the sucker is still in my mouth.

Mommy then takes me to the bathroom and takes off all my clothes then bathes me. Daddy comes in and says he wants to handle me this morning. I blush as he dries me with a towel then carries me to the changing table, and turns me over face down. He spreads my buttcheeks and rubs his finger over my butthole with Vaseline; then a thermometer is put into me.

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