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My Diaper Night

It was sometime in October of 2006 I believe when I was living in San Antonio and I decided that night to wear a diaper to bed since my wife was out of town.

She doesn't like sleeping on the plastic sheet so I have my diaper moments when she's not around. Not that she has a problem with them but it's just something she doesn't get into herself.

So I put a disposable diaper on my bottom after I've made up the bed for wetting. I simply love the feel of the plastic and the crinkle it makes when I either walk or move around in bed.

Having a pretty full bladder, I turn over on my tummy and copiously soak the front of the diaper with a giser of warm piss.

Feeling the plastic on the diaper get all warm as I wet is another favorite thing to do and feeling that I've wet the front enough for the masturbatory activity that will follow, I turn over and with my cock pointing in the downward position, I empty the rest of my bladder and feel a torrent of warm yummy piss wet my bottom.

I slip my hand inside the diaper and feeling all that yummy wet, I grab my cock and start stroking it. Feeling it get harder and harder in my hand I stroke faster and faster thinking about suckling on the breasts of a woman who is lactating. As I stroke myself harder, I take my other hand and squeeze my balls through the plastic of the soaked diaper hearing the voice of my mommy saying things like "baby wants to cum in his diaper for mommy" and "baby loves to wet his diaper for his mommy".

After a while of this, I feel the orgasm starting and I explode violently in the warm wet diaper, feeling so naughty, loving every minute of it.

After I have a most explosive orgasm, I lay there in a diaper full of cum and piss and doze off for a while.

When I awake, I feel the need to piss again and since the diaper I'm wearing is so full and flooded, anything more I have will simply leak out so I take the diaper off, sit up in the bed with my cock pressed between my bent knees, and just piss myself. I love hearing the sound of piss hitting the plastic sheet and there's a puddle of pee that I play in for a bit, splashing it around.

When I'm finished, I lay back in the new puddle, pull the sheet over my head so I can take in the aroma of all that delicious piss, and I masturbate again cumming all over the sheets.

I once again fall to sleep in all the liquids of my insatiable lusts and when I awake in the morning with another full bladder, I wet the bed again and give myself one final orgasm before starting the day.

And that's how my diaper night went as best as I can remember it.

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