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Chapter 4

The first thing Scott felt was Kim's nipple in his mouth as he felt the sensation of breast milk going down his throat. He instinctively cuddled in closer and began suckling harder to get more of her milk.

"mmm" Kim said mommy loves her baby nursing at her breast. She moaned quietly so as not to wake him anymore than she needed to. She was in ecstasy as she felt her breast empty into his mouth and her bladder empty again into her overflowing diaper.

All the sensations made her quiver and her body trembled with the rush of a quiet orgasm as he finished nursing and she finished peeing.

She felt him wet his diaper again which was also overflowing. She had never had her bed so flooded with piss but she loved it and as much as she wanted to revel in the feeling of all that warm delicious wetness and all the associated feelings, she knew she had to get cleaned up.

She reluctantly untangled herself from Scott's sleeping form, got out of bed as quietly as possible, waddled to the bathroom, took off her sopping diaper, which felt like it was about to explode because it was so wet, put it in the trash and got into the shower.

After she was done, she went about cleaning the house as she usually did, naked.

The last room to clean was the first one she had left, her bedroom where Scot was still sleeping soundly. "He must have drank a lot of breast milk" she thought to herself as she picked up the clothes that were strewn about.

She didn't notice the piece of paper fall out of his shirt pocket right away but after carefully folding Scott's clothes, she saw something on the floor that wasn't there before.

She picked it up and saw that it was a business card with a picture of a pretty woman on it and the words "for sitting services, call Nicole" and a phone number.

Scott slipped back into the full and enveloping shadow of slumber as he felt her quietly get out of bed. He was so content, so happy with this woman that was easily able to be both his mommy and his baby, almost all at once it seemed.
He started to feel unsettled as the dream went on. He and Kim were fighting about something and he was trying to talk but a hard quick slap to the face stunned him and he couldn't do anything but listen to her crying. She had started to say something but the words became jumbled sobbing tones that crescendo into a loud wailing howling. The wailing turned into a scream and then he heard glass shattering as if fine china was being flung about the kitchen in a great fury.

Kim stared at the card for a moment shaking her head in disbelief.
She remembered where she saw that woman, it was at the theater yesterday. He must have gotten her card when he went out to get the water.
Suddenly, there was a dark hole developing in her heart and she felt like she was losing the one person who she thought would make her complete.

She started to quietly cry next to her bed where he was still sound asleep. She quietly cried "I'm never good enough, something always goes wrong". and she started to lose control and shake violently as sobs started to escape from her trembling form.

Still...she didn't want to disturb him, not quite yet, so she left the room and went into the kitchen.

The first thing she saw was the empty chair and urine on the floor which reminded her of the climax of one of the best days of her life. She couldn't take it anymore and started sobbing loudly, uncontrollably.

"why aren't I enough for you?" she yelled at the empty chair in an exercise of futility. Right now she didn't care why, she was pissed, and then she felt it. She was peeing on the floor, but she didn't care anymore.

She was getting angrier and angrier at the betrayal, the secrecy, the explicit withholding of information that, had she known about it, she would have been okay having a third person involved. She was very open and had even fantasized about a threesome in diapers or a watersports orgy.

But now, her love was turning into hate, her hate into fury and she strode over to the cabinet, grabbed two glasses and listened with glee as she heard the shattering sound reverberate around the spacious kitchen.

She loved the sound of shattering glass. It was so cathartic.

Scott felt confined as if he were in a coffin, he wasn't able to move his arms or legs and he was gasping for air as if the oxygen was running out in the box that would soon become the vehicle for his passage into the afterlife.

He realized that he was no longer sleeping but that Kim was on top of him, pinning his arms and legs to the bed and her breasts were in his face. Under normal conditions of consent, he'd love to have this massive pair of tits in this way but he was having a hard time breathing and he could feel breast milk leaking all over the place.

"Suck my tits!" he heard the sharp command as pressure lifted and he obediently latched on and sucked.
"As angry as I am with you right now, I'd still rather have a human suckling me than the mechanical apparatus of a breast pump but this is the last time you're drinking my milk!" she almost screamed.

Was it possible to have the eroticism of breastfeeding so entangled with the rage he felt from her so intertwined? He couldn't believe what was happening. It almost seemed like some warped dementedly erotic edition of the Twilight Zone.

After he was finished feeding, more out of necessity and fear than anything else, and she got off the bed, he asked, feeling still quite disoriented "Kim, what happened?"?

"You don't know"? she started to say and then began crying again.

He reached out to take her hand but she slapped it sharply and said "How could you...? Wasn't I enough for you"?

"What are you talking about, of course you are. I don't want..."

"Shut up!" she screamed. "I know about Nicole, your other sitter. Does she change diapers better than me? Is she a better lover, do you get a bigger thrill out of fucking her?"

He couldn't believe the words, they slammed into him, sending his mind reeling from the shock of them. Then it hit him. The card...she must have found it when she folded his clothes. And the wasn't a dream at all. She could see that she had been crying.

"Kim!" he almost yelled for no other reason than to put her off guard for a second so he could try to explain. "I've never seen her before yesterday. She's the one who gave me her card when I went out to get some water during the movie. Okay, I'll admit that I should have told you about it last night but..."

"Stop!" she yelled. I don't want to hear it. "Get out of my bed and get into my car wearing just your diaper." "I'm taking you home."

As she pulled him down the hallway like a disobedient toddler, they passed by the kitchen and he noticed the new puddle of urine and the broken glass on the floor. He had the momentary thought that he wished it was the both of them who could have made that puddle but he was snapped back to reality when she pulled on his arm harder saying "come on! Get moving"!

Kim drove through the town, almost speeding towards Scott's apartment complex. As they drove, she continued to cry and he tried again to explain that it was her who had said "call me if you need a diaper change" and "You might have an accident in the theater." but she wasn't listening.

She skidded to a stop in front of his building and she said "Get out."

"Kim, Please, I'm just wearing a diaper." he was almost pleading. In his wildest fantasies, having people see him on public display like this wasn't at the top of his list but it seemed like he didn't have a choice.

"I wish i had never responded to your email." Kim said with no emotion at all in her voice.

The only thing Scott could do was say "Kim, you know that's not true."

He got out of the car and closed the door and walked what seemed like a very long distance to his apartment, wearing only a diaper. She still had his clothes and he thought it lucky that no one saw or paid him any attention. "She at least had the presence of mind to give me my keys so she wasn't completely cruel." he thought, "not completely but almost completely" he mumbled as the door closed behind him and he was greeted by empty walls.

Chapter 5

After Scott got out of Kim's car, she tore out of the parking lot in an angry rage, speeding through the streets of town, running a red light or two and nearly causing a couple of accidents. Her rage and fury wouldn't be satiated until she went to see the most violent explosive movie she could find playing at the theater. Unlike Scott who enjoyed comedies, Kim enjoyed the thrill of living a vicariously dangerous life through the villains and scenes she took in during whatever high intensity action flick she could find.

She ended up at the theater her and Scott were in yesterday and this quieted her intensity a little because it brought the tender part of herself back and the memories, that, though only experienced recently, seemed like something a universe away after what had occurred in her home that morning.

She was about to purchase her ticket for the movie when she saw someone familiar crossing the parking lot. It was Nicole. She had that picture seared in her mind from the card that she had torn up in her rage earlier. She had a change of plans and decided to confront Nicole. "no, not out here in public: she thought to herself, 'I need to be more subtle than that". And it wasn't really a confrontation, she just wanted the truth about what Scott had told her, to determine if what he had said was really so.

Still...she had this fantasy of taking Nicole on in a dommy mommy versus dommy babysitter scenario, "I must be really losing it to have these thoughts about a stranger" she thought as Nicole approached the door to the theater to begin her job at the concession stand.

Wasn't Scott a stranger and their encounter had been just as intense, though in a different way? "No" she rationalized to herself, "he wasn't really a stranger, not totally like Nicole is".

The truth of the matter was, the violent temperamental part was losing the argument against the softer rational side and sometimes she hated that. Why couldn't she, just once, be completely uninhibited, act on her aggression and impulses, consequences be damned? Because she was human and even though she had a fierce fury inside that shown itself, like it had this morning, when something she loved dearly and desperately was existentially threatened, she knew that she couldn't allow that side of her to win, ever because then, she would lose her humanity and become something unimaginable, something beyond words and comprehension. She had always had these issues of almost unmanageable anger for as long as she could remember and she couldn't quite pin down why it was this way.

She was snapped out of her momentary contemplative condition by a voice asking "who's there"? She had followed Nicole into the restroom and hadn't even realized it.

"Hi, my name is Kim. Are you Nicole"? Kim asked as gently as she could.
"Yes, what can I..." her words trailed off as she noticed the biggest breasts she had ever seen on a woman.
Nicole was amazed at seeing such a huge pair of tits but there was something odd about the site. Then she heard a familiar splashing sound and her eyes were drawn down past the huge breasts.
Kim was wetting herself again and the diaper she was wearing couldn't take anymore and urine ran down her legs to puddle on the floor at her feet.
"You need a diaper change." Nicole said taking Kim's arm and trying to guide her to an area of the bathroom where Nicole could change her.
"Please, Kim cried, I need relief. "My breasts are full of milk and I don't have a breast pump anymore. Will you please help me first before changing me, please, it hurts:. She started to cry.
She moved her hands to her massive tits and Nicole's eyes followed and then she saw what she was talking about. Milk was leaking out of her tits, making her bra and shirt wet.
This woman needed someone to nurse from her that was abundantly clear.

Though Nicole was strictly an adult babysitter and having an erotic encounter with one of her charges never entered her mind, those g-cup breasts lead her to consider the possibility at a level that she wasn't yet aware of.

seeing Kim's obvious distress, Nicole, having sympathy for the stranger, allowed herself to be brought to the breast of this woman who had followed her from the theater lobby into the bathroom. She'd take over after nursing and get Kim into a dry diaper.

Scott felt as empty as his apartment had looked. It was all he could do to get out of the sodden diaper and get himself cleaned up and put into a more comfortable cloth diaper and rubber pants. He sat on his bed, still reeling from the unexpected encounter. She seemed so perfect for him, how could she turn so violent and almost psychotic over a name and number?

He had a natural empathy for people's painful dispositions and he knew that she knew that what she had said to him with no emotion at all wasn't true. He just had to convince her that she really felt that way, because he knew that she did. It was just covered up by a heightened sense of anger and rage that, if roles had been reversed, he'd feel angry and betrayed too.

Still...he felt like he was about to lose someone precious, someone dear to his heart, someone who could make him complete, more than anyone had ever had before. His body trembled as he sobbed uncontrollably at the overwhelming possibilities of such emptiness and loss. even flooding his diaper didn't give him any pleasure, not in this profound moment.

He needed someone to touch him, someone to hold him, someone to change him, not in a sexual way but in a motherly way, like Kim had been. Then he remembered Nicole and her number.

He got his cel phone and tapped out a text message. "Hi Nicole. Are you available for a diaper change? I need one".

Nicole had not tasted breast milk before and as she suckled on the distended nipple on this huge tit, and as the warm milk slid down her throat, she felt warm and comforted even as the abundant overflow trickled down her chin. For a moment, it was her turn to give into surrender, to not be in control and she found that she liked it. Kim stroked her hair as Nicole nursed from her and she remembered Scott and how he had so tenderly nursed from her breast that very morning when he was still half asleep. The flood gates opened and she began crying and though she didn't think it possible, she peed a little more.

After Nicole had finished nursing, Kim cleaned her up, wiping the excess breast milk from around her mouth and chin. She then laid down on the floor and let Nicole change her.
Nicole, noticing that Kim was still crying, even after being nursed, asked tenderly "Kim what's wrong?.

Kim explained through bouts of tears that she had found Nicole's card in her new boyfriend's shirt pocket after an unforgettable erotic night. She didn't mention Scott's name or that he wore diapers too.

"Could it be"? she wondered to herself, was it the same person in the theater yesterday? She saw so many people and had a number of adult babies who she gave her card to so she couldn't be sure if this new person was the one or not.

After Kim finished her story, Nicole assured her that what the boyfriend had said about having been just given the card was indeed true and maybe she had overreacted a little.

"Kim, I don't know your whole situation but maybe he was trying to tell you the truth. Think about that while I put you into a fresh diaper. These diapers are thicker than the one you just soaked".

Nicole told Kim to lift up after untaping the diaper. "my, my, you really wet this one good didn't you"? You definitely need thicker diapers that's for sure". she said as she powdered Kim's pussy and slid the diaper under her bottom. "Maybe I did overreact" she said softly to Nicole, feeling emotional again.

While Nicole was diapering Kim, she heard her message alert, and told her to wait just a minute while she took care of this and read the text. She continued the diapering and when she was done, she patted her bottom, just like a mother would to a toddler who had been put into a new diaper.

"Kim dear, go out and see your movie and have some snacks, it's my treat. Oh and be sure you drink lots of water. After all that urination and crying, you're dehydrated". Nicole said with a motherly tone. Kim thought to herself "Scott would say the same thing to me if I was still his baby".

"Thank you for nursing from me and for diapering me mommy". she instinctively said.

That caught Nicole a little off guard but she recovered and said "You're welcome. Now get going, you don't want to miss the beginning of the show".

Kim waddled out of the bathroom and that gave Nicole the opportunity she needed. She sent a message back replying to the text saying "I'll Be there shortly, tell me where you live.". She almost wrote "your girlfriend is at the movies" but didn't want to give away that she had ran into Kim just yet.

As Nicole drove her car to his address, she thought back to how she had become a sitter. Her own mother had abandoned her and her father when she was an infant so she had no recollection of a female figure in her life. The mother wouldn't even breastfeed Nicole and would only hold and change her under the most stressful of situations. Being a sitter to others was her way to give nurturing she herself didn't receive, and even though it seemed like it shouldn't work out that way, for her, it had. She received much fulfillment out of changing other women's diapers, breastfeeding them if the opportunity arose and, yes, even disciplining them. every baby needed that.
But now, two very unusual things were happening. She had nursed from another woman, and even though she did it out of a sense of sympathy and empathetic reaction, it stirred a longing that she had hidden from her conscious mind for years, the very real need to, herself, be the baby and have the mother she never knew or had the chance to unconditionally love.
The second event that was going to happen any minute was that she was going to change a man's diaper. This was new and her plan was more altruistic, yes, she was going to change his diaper and provide the needs that he had in the moment, but the deeper desire was for her to see these two people whom she had just encountered, reunite with each other because she could tell just by interacting with Kim that there was a void in her life and she knew that Scott was the one to fill that void. She remembered how they walked up to the concession stand, hand in hand, the looks in their eyes, the happiness and contentment on their faces, if even for a moment, it was the bigger reason she was going to go to this address that she had in her phone now.

When Scott opened the door Nicole could see the sagging cloth diaper and rubber pants. She had never changed a cloth diaper but she'd figure it out. Not trying to look surprised she said "You are a very wet baby aren't you? You really do need a diaper change. Show me the way to where your supplies are and I'll take care of you". she said, hiding her excitement about encountering her second baby of the day.

Scott was a bit surprised, he thought she'd be a little less clinical and more tender.

He led her to his bedroom and pointed out the dresser with the diapers and rubber pants. She told him to lay on the bed and she'd get everything ready.

After she went through the drawers and picked out the items she would need, she climbed into bed with him and told him "My breasts are full of milk and I need you to nurse from me. I don't want to be in pain". she said, taking a cue from Kim. She knew that breastfeeding would lower his defenses enough to lead him to confide in her about the situation with Kim.

Scott latched on and started suckling and just like with Kim, the memories of the night before came back for him. After he had gotten cleaned up, he tried to do something else to get his mind off her but he knew it wasn't really working. Now that he was drinking another woman's milk he couldn't contain the emotions much longer and after he finished feeding, he broke down which was what Nicole wanted.

"Scott, what's wrong"? she asked maternally.

He told her the story of how Kim had discovered her card in his shirt pocket this morning, leaving out that she wore diapers, but Nicole already knew that.
"Why didn't you tell her about the card"? she asked with authentic interest. She wanted to know so she could figure out her next move.

"I meant to but after losing the bet that we made, she was so distraught about losing control in the theater and she was crying...My only thought was to comfort her and after that, things just progressed into the most memorable night I thought either of us had ever had". he said.

"Scott, sweety" she said softly, putting her arms around him, she knew he needed a motherly hug, "do you think she feels betrayed and hurt that you didn't share this information with her"? she asked, ending the hug and adopting a more stern look.

"wow, what is it with these women who can switch roles almost immediately"? he asked himself.

"of course" he said.

"Now," Nicole said authoritatively, after your spanking and diaper change, I want you to send her a text message apologizing for the oversight and do it before I leave, do you understand"?

He understood and Nicole put him over her knee, pulled down his diaper and rubber pants, and gave 5 sharp spanks to each cheek, not enough to hurt but something that he'd remember as an object lesson.

After the spanking, she told him to lay on the bed and she changed him into a new diaper.

"These two babies sure do wet a lot" she thought to herself, "They won't need the pill I give to babies for wetting, they've got that down"

Kim was enjoying her movie when she felt her phone vibrate. She took it out and saw a text message from Scott. "Kim, my love, I'm so sorry about what happened earlier. I should have let you know about the card. I'm sorry, can you find it in yourself to forgive a foolish mistake? I love you".

She texted back "yes I can and I love you too. I need you".

She went back to her movie and after another 15 or 20 minutes, she felt a hand on her arm. It was Nicole.

"She said softly, "Kim, come with me, I need to talk to you".

The movie wasn't that good anyway so she got up to walk out with her and as they left the theater, she felt herself peeing uncontrollably into her diaper again.

When they got out to the lobby, which was empty, Kim heard a voice behind her.

"Your diaper is leaking, let's get you changed".

Chapter 6

Kim turned towards the voice and saw him. Scott embraced her warmly and said "I've missed you".
"I missed you too" Kim said starting to get emotional.
After a moment or so, Nicole said "Why don't you two babies go back to Kim's house and get changed and I'll be over after my shift to take care of you. You've had a stressful day and deserve some pampering". All three of them laughed at the joke. "That sounds good to me: Kim said, give me your number and I'll text you my address." she said to Nicole.

Scott and Kim walked out to her car and when Kim got in, her diaper squished on the car seat, leaving a small puddle. "she really is wet" scott thought to himself as they started driving back to her house.

When they got inside, Scott noticed that Kim's tits were leaking a little and he offered to relieve the pressure before changing her.

They went to her bed and she nursed him tenderly like she had done that morning. While Scott was suckling, he rubbed her pussy through her soaked disposable diaper and while breast milk was flowing into his mouth and down his chin, he could feel her diaper get warm again as a torrent of piss flooded the bed under her bottom. That diaper was thick but it couldn't take more pee but neither of them cared. He made her cum in her diaper again and she loved it more and more each time it happened.

After Kim regained her composure, and Scott was finished feeding, he told her that he was desperate for a pee and was about to wet his diaper. She had other naughty ideas, and pulling the diaper away from his crotch but still leaving his bottom on it, she covered the exposed area where the diaper used to be with her big g-cup breasts and told him to pee on her tits.

The pressure of her body on his midsection made him lose all control and before he knew what was happening, he was flooding her tits, the diaper and the bed with a huge torrent of piss that seemed to go on for a long time. after he was finished pissing, and she took off her diaper, she sucked him to an erection again, not caring that she had a pissy cock in her mouth, and when he was fully hard, she straddled his cock and he sank into her wet pussy while her piss covered tits bounced up and down in his face. He licked and sucked those tits as she rode him to another orgasm and just before he came, she let loose of another strong stream of urine, soaking his cock and the bed and making him cum harder than he'd ever came before.

Nicole walked through Kim's unlocked door to a sight that startled her. She had come over to baby sit Scott an Kim but she walked in on Kim bouncing up and down riding Scott's cock. Nicole didn't think while she was baby sitting her adult baby's should be having sex let alone diaper less. Kim moaned and peed as she orgasmed on top of Scott. Scott came seconds after, Kim's breast milk dripping on Scott's face from her breasts bouncing up and down. Nicole dropped her diaper bag by the changing mat at the door. "What the hell is going on here!" Nicole shouted grabbing the two babies by the ear and dragging them to the bathroom. She gave them each a quick cold shower. Kim was first and she had to sit there cold wet and naked while she waited for Scott to be done. After they both were dry Nicole took them both to the changing mat for fresh diapers. Scott was first and by the time his powder was on and his diaper was half taped he heard a moan. He turned to see Kim crossing her legs to hold back the flood of pee coming from between her legs and pooling on the changing mat. Nicole sighed at her heavy wetter and cleaned up the mess and got both her babies dry and in fresh disposable diapers. She took them to Scott's room and put Scott in his bed and locked Kim into Scott's crib. Nicole took a small vibrator from her pocket and slipped it inside of Kim. The setting was on high enough for Scott to hear the buzzing. Kim gasped and was soon feeling intense pleasure. Nicole put a pacifier in each of their mouths and turned the lights on low. "Babies stay in their cribs and out of each others diapers now your punishment is no dinner goodnight." Nicole said closing the door behind her.
"I'm starving." Scott said after a deafening silence only broken by the hum in Kim's diaper, the crinkle of plastic and the sound of suckling on pacifiers.
"I'm not hungry really but my breasts are so sore from all this milk." Kim said standing on her knees looking at Scott. He sat up and Kim could see his erection through his diaper. Kim already being stimulated was very wet and not just from her accident. Kim began massaging the outside of her diapers and gave herself a soft spank. Scott was enthralled by the show. Kim slid her hands into her soaking diaper and turned up the vibrator setting. Kim's knees buckled and she fell on her wet diaper with a squish. The push from the fall and the warmth of her diaper were too much, as she slid her hands up her body over her massive breasts she came and grasped her tits. The pressure caused two jets of milk to erupt from her nipples and land on the floor as she came. Scott couldn't take it anymore his erection caused his diaper tapes to pop. He stood up and his diaper fell away from his hips and unlocking the crib, he jumped in and started nursing on Kim's breasts. After a few minutes he switched from nursing to fucking. He pushed her diaper aside, pulled out the vibrator taking his rock hard cock and thrusting it in her soaking wet pussy. Kim gasped from the stimulation and after only a few seconds of passionate love making, the door swung open and Nicole was standing over them.

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