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Switching Roles Chapter 7

Nicole couldn't believe what she was seeing for the second time that evening.

Kim and Scott were in her bed making mad passionate love, there was breast milk on the carpet a couple of feet from her bed, and Scott's very wet diaper was lying in the empty crib.

She snapped on the light which startled the two babies and they knew they were in serious trouble.

To add to Nicole's mounting fury, she noticed the vibrator covered with Kim's juices laying on the floor along with the breast milk.

"what the hell is going on in here"! she screamed, ready to administer the most brutal punishment she could think of to the both of them for so willfully misbehaving.

"I told you before!, her voice boomed, since Kim was on top and her diapered bottom was already exposed, Nicole shouted "Babies don't have sex:! delivering very severe slaps with her bare hand to Kim's diapered bottom, one hard hit for every word.

She then picked up the sex toy from the floor, pulled Scott's hair, shoved the toy into his mouth and screamed "Suck her juices off that vibrator"! "You two are unbelievable!" she yelled. "Wait here and don't you dare move an inch, either of you!"

She stomped out of the room and slammed the door so hard that it rattled the windows.

Scott, though not scared, was quite surprised by what just happened and when he had sucked all of Kim's juices, which included her urine, from the vibrator, he defiantly threw the toy against the opposite wall of the room.

Kim was sobbing hysterically, not only because the spanking hurt but because she was beginning to feel betrayed by this woman, who, just hours ago, nursed on her breasts empathetically and had been instrumental in bringing her and Scot back together. She instinctively knew that Scott had texted her that message on her phone earlier, after all, she understood that he needed comforting after what had happened between the two of them earlier that day.

Scott tried to comfort her as best as he could but he knew they were both going to be in some serious trouble. They could hear Nicole stomping around the house, slamming drawers, rummaging through cabinets, looking for something, they just didn't know what.

She was gone for quite a while and Scott could feel Kim's body begin to tremble. "Scott, you don't know this" she said with mounting fear in her voice, "but I'm into bondage and have quite a big collection of whips, handcuffs and blindfolds. Nicole's been gone long enough that she probably found all that gear I kept in a closet". she said with trepidation. Kim wasn't the one who was tied up, she tied other people up, at least the ones who she knew liked it.

Nicole heard what sounded like metal hitting a wall nearby. She knew one of them had thrown something in the bedroom, probably the vibrator that she had used on Kim. This strengthened her resolve to punish them good for being so defiant so she went on the hunt all over the house to find anything she could use to deliver severe disciplinary action.

She found a small closet in an otherwise unoccupied room and she smiled broadly. This was perfect for her plan so she gathered the items she would need from the closet and, feeling a little calmer, she quietly walked back into the bedroom where the two babies were lying still in Kim's piss soaked bed.

"Well, I see you two haven't moved but one of you threw my new vibrator against the wall. How very naughty after you already disobeyed me". She said calmly, too calm they both noted as she continued pacing around the room.

"Kim, did you throw the vibrator"? Nicole asked.

"No mommy" she whimpered.

"Alright Scott, get out of that pissy bed and get over here now!" Nicole's voice rose with each word until she was yelling again.

When Scott stood up, Nicole swept him off his feet with a tackle that sent him to the floor on his stomach.

He was surprised and though he thought he could have easily overtaken her, he decided not to tempt fate because he really didn't know what she would do after being on such an emotional high for so long.

Nicole towered over the crumpled man, lifted her hand which brandished a paddle and slammed it down repeatedly on Scott's bottom yelling "You don't ever ever ever throw my vibrator against any wall ever again! do I make myself clear"! She screamed almost insanely, or so he thought.

He was sobbing loudly imploring her to please stop and that he understood and would be good from now on.

Kim desperately wanted to jump to his defense but like Scott, she intuitively understood the unpredictability of the emotionally charged condition so decided to just lay there in her bed, diaper half off, leaking piss and cum from her pussy in a bed flooded with urine.

After Nicole had spanked him severely enough, she left him lying on the floor in a heap while she walked over to where Kim was lying.

She took a pair of handcuffs and tied her arms to the head of the bed, took off her disposable diaper and rubbed the pee soaked garment in her g-cup breasts.

Satisfied with her work, she sharply commanded that Scott get into his crib.

When he was on the mattress, she blindfolded him and tied his legs to the bottom of the crib, then locked him in, threw the diapers away and said "enjoy yourselves, good night".

She quietly shut the door leaving the two babies separate and naked in their own urine soaked beds which were sure to be even more flooded than they were already were by morning.

Nicole, secure in the reality that her two new charges wouldn't be moving from their beds, decided to sleep on the couch in the living room. Taking off all her clothes, she sprawled out on the luxurious sofa and, putting a vibrator in her pussy, she brought herself to several orgasms before falling to sleep. In her mind, she knew that she had been excessively harsh with Scott and Kim for their misdeeds. She dreamed of rivers of milk flowing around her body and into her mouth as a towering statuesque figure loomed over her with enormous breasts. She awoke to the feel of her tits leaking milk all over her breasts and puddling in small pools on either side of her body.

Since Nicole's breasts were still full, she softly walked into the room where Scott and Kim were sleeping and quietly waking Kim, she untied her arms from the bed and drawing her head to her full breast, she had Kim nurse from her right tit, saving the other one for Scott. Kim latched on and felt Nicole's sweet milk flow into her mouth and down her throat as she nursed hungrily from the nipple. If she weren't still so angry at Nicole, she would have enjoyed the breast feeding experience much more then she currently did.

After Nicole's right breast was empty, and noticing that Kim's breasts were quite swollen, she softly said, "I'll nurse from you in a minute. I have to feed Scott first".

After she was done breastfeeding Scott, and she untied his legs, she went over to Kim and tenderly nursed from her tits as she had done a day before.

"Now that everyone is fed, it's time to get you two cleaned up. My, My, you have really flooded your beds haven't you? come on, let's get you in the bathtub and then put something on those rashes you have". she said to both of them.

Nicole led Kim and Scott to the bath which was already full of water, bubbles and toys for them to play with. She tenderly washed each of them in turn, paying special attention to their diaper regions, making sure that everything was extra clean.

When the bath was finished, she toweled them off, put diaper rash cream on them and got them dressed to go out. "We're going to Olive Garden for lunch!" she said excitedly.

For Scott, Nicole chose a thick disposable diaper and an onzie. For Kim, she was also thickly diapered and put into a top that covered her nipples but did nothing to hide how huge her breasts were or that she was wearing a diaper.

She buckled the two into the back seat of her car and they went off for lunch.

When they arrived, the restaurant was already filling up for business and everyone looked at the man wearing an onzie and the woman with huge tits who was wearing a diaper. Since Nicole often brought her babies here, the staff understood about her unusual clientele but even this situation was a bit more than they were used to.

Still, the waitress lead the three to their table and took their orders.

Nicole ordered soup and salad for all three of them and after they finished that, she got pizza for herself Scott and Kim.

They had baby bottles of mountain dew which Nicole knew would make them wet more because of the amount of caffeine, that and the breast milk were already making both babies wet profusely.

Kim was still furious at Nicole for treating the two of them the way she had the night before but she desperately needed a change as well as to poop, something that she did not want to do in her diaper in public like this. She asked Nicole very nicely if she could get a change because she was very wet. Nicole put her finger in the front of the diaper and said "you're not that wet Kim, wait until we're done with lunch". So after the waitress brought over their pizzas, Kim said very loudly "me no want pizza"! and she took a piece and threw it on the floor followed by a second slice. Nicole, seeing this defiance, said loudly "Kim, you pick up that pizza right now!" Nicole's sudden shouting startled Scott who dropped his baby bottle in his lap, and landing nipple down, soda leaked all over his onzie.

Kim just sat there not moving and when Nicole saw the look of determination on her face, she knew what was happening.

Kim, despite not wanting to poop in a diaper in public, had decided "to hell with it" and proceeded to mess purely out of defiance and extreme anger at her newly found sitter. She lifted her bottom off the chair a little to make room for the huge mess that would inevitably follow and she was hoping it would be big, just to piss off Nicole more.

Kim's diaper filled up rapidly with her hot mess. Instantly Nicole knew what had happened and was red with embarrassment and anger. She stood up and dragged Kim to the bathroom, Kim waddled quickly behind. Nicole put her on the changing table in the bathroom with an audible warm squish. "What the hell is wrong with you messing your diaper in public because I told you no!" Nicole said angrily cleaning up her messy diaper and throwing it away. After cleaning her up she took out her diaper bag and supplies as other women walked by gawking at the grown woman with massive breasts getting changed out of a messy diaper into a clean one. Nicole powdered her ass and pussy and taped on to Kim's surprise not a double but a triple set of disposable diapers. Nicole helped Kim get off the changing table and took her by the hand and led her out of the bathroom. Kim even with Nicole's help couldn't walk in her extra thick diapers. "Well just crawl then yah big baby." Nicole said shortly. Kim humiliated and seriously questioning her judgement got on all fours. She crawled behind Nicole slowly her very padded diapered butt sticking up. Her breasts were so big that dangling without a bra they nearly touched the floor and she couldn't keep them in her half shirt. Giving up she kept crawling until she got back to the high chair where Nicole had to put her back in. Scott was shocked to see Kim crawling and had to admit it turned him on. The huge puffy diapers certainly didnt help him from getting a massive erection so much so his diaper tapes popped off, breaking the seal of his very wet diaper causing him to leak all over the floor. Scott blushed as his onesie turned a darker color from the saturation. Nicole sank her head to the table in frustration. Nicole couldn't take it anymore she paid the check taped Scott's soaking diaper back on and carried him to the car, Kim crawling like an infant behind her. They got in the car and Nicole put them in the adult size car seats. Nicole got in the drivers seat gave them each an adult size pacifier.
"You two are on my last nerve, as punishment for your continued misbehavior Kim you are only allowed to breast feed Scott a little each day. And Scott you won't be having sex with Kim any time soon with the locking plastic pants you are going to be wearing."
"But mommy! If you do that my breasts are gonna swell and be sore." Kim whined. Scott knew better than to say anything by now.

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