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Why Us?

Daily Diapers is a great place to advertise your AB/DL, age-play or other fetish products and services. We are one of the largest Adult Baby and Diaper Lover sites on the internet and offer more free to the end-user services than any other ABDL site. DailyDiapers has been online and growing for over sixteen years, so you know we're not going anywhere.

As of March, 2022 we are serving up an average of 47 Million hits a month , with an average of 273,000 UNIQUE visitors each month. This makes us the best place to reach the most active adult diaper wearers on the internet.

A Note on Caching: We use a security/ DDOS Protection and Bandwidth Saving service to help DailyDiapers run smoothly, and reliably. Cached requests are actual page views, where a viewer is shown a saved copy of the page. Cached Requests as shown in our stats are real hits, and does not affect the presentation of ads.


Advertising on and other VTL DailyDi websites is inexpensive and has a proven track record. Our visitors are very loyal to our sponsors and routinely frequent sites which advertise here and which we recommend to them. Recently we have generated in excess of $1,200 in sales for a medical-supply site we have been recommending, and sent 119 new paid subscribers to an independent Adult Baby photo site. Below you will find our standard advertising packages, but we will happily work with you on any custom advertising options you may have in mind.

e-Mail: [email protected] to arrange your ad campaign!

New Mail Marketing Options:

E-Mail Blast - New and Always Available!


Send a one-time announcement to our mailing list of over 2,700 ABDL kinksters. Can be all text, an image, or a combination of both. Great for new site or product announcements. Spam-free double opt-in mailing list managed by Campaign Monitor.


Just $40 per announcement!

Social Media Blast - New and Always Available!


Send a one-time text or photo announcement through our various social media networks:


Platform: Price:
Facebook post to our 11,900 members $50.00
Twitter Post to our 18,600 followers $50.00
Official News post to our message board (53,100 members) $70.00
Mega-Blast to all of the above $120.00


Standard Advertising Packages

Although custom ad campaigns are available on request, we have a number of standard advertising packages. Below you will find our availability calendar for the most commonly requested ad spots on Home Page Ad Spots Content Page Ad Spots

Title Sponsor - Not Available

Your ad at the very top of the main page next to our logo. Best exposure!

$250 Per Month

Official Sponsor - Not Available

Your banner (up to 500 x 90 pixels) will be shown at the top of our main content page for all members to see.

$150 Per Month

Product Spotlight - Available Now!

Our product spotlight mixes graphics and text to highlight your product or service. This ad is seen by every visitor who enters our site! Located mid-way down our main content page, following the site updates.

Just $75 for 30 days

Right-Side Large Sponsor Buttons - Available Now!

120 x 240 sponsor button on our main content page.

Just $50 a month!

Banner Rotation - Available Now!

Get thousands of impressions of your banner on all the pages of DailyDiapers, plus Diaper Mates, Diaper Gallery, Diaper Cuties and other partner sites. NOTE: Does not include the home page (see 'Title Sponsor' package). Options to fit every budget!

One Month Unlimited Views - $50.00

Three Months Unlimited Views - $125.00

Six Months Unlimited Views - $200.00

Premium Sponsor - Not Available

Your banner (up to 580 x 60 pixels) will be shown at the top of all our main content pages for all members to see. NOTE: Does not include the home page (see 'Official Sponsor' package).

$250 Per Month

Presenting Sponsor - SOLD (Not shown to the left)

Your 500 x 100 pixel banner on our age-gate entry page. The only ad on our entry page for maximum exposure! NOTE: adverts featuring content unsuitable for minors will not be approved for this slot

Just $100 per month!

Email Sponsor - Available Now! (Not shown to the left)

Sponsor our double opt-in mailing list and have your three line ad appear at the bottom of our update notice. Currently sent to 1,600+ members every 2-3 days.

Just $75 per month!

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