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Warning! is an adult only age-play website and thus stories here may contain content of a strictly adult nature. Certain stories may feature underage characters (although we do prohibit stories which feature children engaged in scenes of a sexual nature). Content here is for entertainment purposes only. All stories are purely works of fiction, regardless of any other statements to the contrary.


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Diaper School Story Collection - A school for adult girls who need discipline and diapers!

Sarah's Submissive Playtime Collection

  • PDF Chapter One - Sarah Finds Candy - A submissive diaper girl is taken in by a dominantclassmate.
  • PDF Chapter Two - Submission Unfolds - The girls pleasure each other before bedtime.
  • Chapter Three - Submission Lessons Begin- Shopping and a new friend!
  • Chapter Four - Punishing Candy
  • Chapter Five - Submissive Playtime

Angela's Story Collection:


PDFMiss Annabel

Annabel 1 Annabel 2 Annabel 3 Annabel 4 Annabel 5 Annabel 6 
Annabel 7 Annabel 8 Annabel 9  Annabel 10 Annabel 11 Annabel 12
Annabel 13 Annabel 14 Annabel 15 Annabel 16 Annabel 17 Annabel 18
Annabel 19 Annabel 20 Annabel 21 Annabel 22 Annabel 23 Annabel 24

Sue's Story Collection:

Auburn 2 Auburn 3 Auburn 4 Auburn 5 Auburn 6
Auburn 7 Auburn 8 Auburn 9 Auburn 10 Auburn 11
Auburn 12 Auburn 13 Auburn 14 Auburn 15 Auburn 16
Auburn 17 Auburn 18 Auburn 19 Auburn 20 Auburn 21
Auburn 22 Auburn 23 Auburn 24    





Cindy Marie's Illustrated Story: "House of Shame"

Upsey Daisy Story Collection:


DailyDiapers Original Stories

  • Agent Baby and the Bombmaker - A Boy aids the FBI, but pays a price for his gift. A wet price!
  • Agent Baby and the Missing Boy - A teen is missing, and Agent B know's why... but can he get him back before he regresses too far?
  • Alice's Diaper Punishment - Drunk and unruly, could diapers and discipline be the key to turning her around?
  • Auntie's Therapy - Feeling depressed? Auntie has the solution baby!
  • Baby Janet & Daddy Dave - Baby Janet has been naughty, but Daddy Dave knows just what she needs!
  • Baby Jim - Taking care of the baby after a long day at work can be fun... especially when you didn't realize you had a baby!
  • Baby Reborn
  • The Babysitting Baby -
  • Back to the Nursery -
  • Brian's Baby Bitch (gay themes) - My best friend has a place of his own with a room just for me ... but it'll cost me!
  • Campfire Family - Chad's Mom has a new boyfriend.... and he knows all of Chad's secrets.
  • Campfire Family 2 - Chad's secrets are out, and Mom seems to be playing along, but is this more than Chad can take?
  • Campfire Family 3 - Mommy and Daddy take control of Chad and begin meeting ALL of his needs!
  • Casey's Punishment - Casey's toilet training has not been going well, so her "Daddy" is forced to punish her....again!
  • Clean Change - A Diapered couple is a happy couple!
  • Caught In My Diaper Dream - A businessman's secret dreams becomes reality when female coworkers catch on to his fetish!
  • The Center - Being the teenage child of rich parents can be really nice, but when Mom and Dad go out of town, this teen winds up at a boarding house for rich kids. A boarding house that knows how to deal with a bedwetter.
  • The Community - Going home again after a failed attempt at manhood is tough, especially if you live here where you are welcomed with a paddle and thick diaper!
  • Creamed Nappy - By Les Lea
  • Diaper Punishment - Big girls don't lie... but babies do!
  • Diaper Restaurant - Wear a diaper to work? Sounds like an easy dare... but not if you work in a restaurant where the skirts are short and the patrons are as fresh as the catch of the day!
  • Diapered Momma - It's not just the babies that wear diapers in this house!
  • Drugstore Baby - Working in a pharmacy gives you plenty of chances to get your favorite baby things. But when your Aunt owns the store you may end up paying more for them than you expected too!
  • Drugstore Baby 2 - Auntie has him well trained now, but is he ready for a Mommy his own age?
  • Feeding The Baby - Three-way diaper sex story.
  • First Date - Mom always knows best. Butis Billy ready when his Mom sends him to meet the woman he's always dreamed of?
  • Friday Night Dom - A first-time sub meets a demanding Dommy Mommy!
  • Growing up with Diaper Domination - A boy is raised in diapers to help control and dominate him.
  • I'm the Babysitter - I told my sister I liked to baby men.... So she sent me a present.
  • Janice Slips Away - From powerful modern woman, to care free baby.
  • Jesse’s Aunt Has a Secret -
  • Katie Goes to College (By Elfy and DD)  - Katie expects freedom at college, but her Mommy has made sure she'll get the attention and discipline she needs!
  • Kevin and Susie - First Date - How will Kevin react when his date shows him her diapers?
  • Little Sissy - My mom caught me in an embarrassing situation that got out of control quick. She saved me, but not from being a diapered sissy boy!
  • Mommy's Cute Bundle of Joy - Cherry gets tired of her lazy husband and decides to treat him how he acts... like a baby!
  • Mr Meat and Potatoes - If you let your wife go to a sex party, be warned that she might come home with some new ideas!
  • My Mother's Sissy - Part One
  • Neighbor Baby - I caught my beautiful next door neighbour wearing diapers... so how did I end up wearing them?
  • Nurse James - Getting pulled out of bedand arrested over an unpaid ticket is no picnic, but either is Nurse James's special program for men who need discipline!
  • Posing - A tale of a fancy dress party.
  • The Secret Room 1 - Some homes have a hidden panic room, this one had a hidden nursery.... and I should never have fooled around in it!
  • The Secret Room 2 - I should have panicked when I found the hidden nursery. But how was I to know it would become MY nursery?
  • She's A Naughty Girl - How do you write a story for diaper lovers if you don't understand the fetish? Time for Lauren to get some training!
  • Sissy Baby Bitch - Training a new sissy baby isn't easy, but it sure is fun.
  • Smooth Double Play - Johnny needs a baby sitter, but he has no children... he's the baby!
  • Suite Baby Girl - Living in a hotel suite is sweet, unless there's no bathroom!
  • Swipe and Wipe - Parts 1 and 2 - A submissive diaper boy gets way more than he bargained for when he uses a hook-up app!
  • Tears of Joy - Ronald had a bad accident and needs to be cared for like a baby... lucky him.
  • They Love Sex Games - David and Amanda like to play baby games with Amanda as the baby. But Amanda decided to get her friend Julie involved too, as another baby!
  • Toy Time - Dan has a fantastic idea forthe new fall catalog, and doing it would fulfill his own desires aswell.
  • Trick or Treat - Teen twins dress as babies for Halloween, but maybe 'baby' fits them to well?
  • When Sally Met Kathy -
  • Woodland Domination (Gay) - The tents are up and it's a beautiful day...  but Dave's coming toward me with a diaper, rope and an evil grin! Original Stories:


Member Submitted Stories:

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