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ABKingdom -

Le rendez-vous branché pour toutes celles et ceux qui aiment porter des couches!
RUPadded -

It's an age old question. Well maybe not age old. But if your answer is YES!, we want to invite you to join us. Profiles are free, chat is free you only need to fill out a complete profile. Come join us in our little place on the net, but it's absolutely a BYOB (Bring your own Baba) and your own diapers for that matter. Tell everyone you know; all are accepted. Hope to see you there. RUPadded? - We are
BL-BOY AB/DL/Wetter Community -

DL-BOY is a community for guys who like to wear diapers, wet themselves or to play babies. More than 65,000 unique photos from other members impossible to find elsewhere on the Internet.
  My ABDL Life -
Here can you find lots of babyfur arts, Adult diapers, Product review, Videos from Youtube and DPRTube and other ABDL related stuff.

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