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Alice's Diaper Punishment

Alice went wild after she turned eighteen even though she still lived at home with her parents. She still attended her classes at the college but she began to attend fraternity parties. The young petite blonde could not hold her liquor well and would get drunk very fast. She was caught driving drunk twice but she managed to persuade the officer to let her off with just a warning and a small fine. However, Alice's third time of being caught drunk behind the wheel meant a spending a night in the jail.

Naturally, she called her mother to bail her out and she swore that she would never drink and drive again. The young blonde's parents believed her and everything was fine for about a month. She started to drink at home while her parents went out to socialize. One night, her parents came home to find their eighteen year old daughter passed out in the bathroom. She had vomited into the toilet but she had also urinated all over the floor.

Alice's parents cleaned her up and sent her to bed. They knew that they had a problem on their hands and decided that if their daughter was going to act childish then they would treat her like one. Her mother, Mary, made a list of things that they would need during her punishment while her father went to an all-night store and bought the proper items.

They then rang some good friends Jan and Bill, who they knew could carry out the punishment for them.

The next morning, her parents' friends entered her room and woke her up. Her head was swimming and she could have vomited again if there was anything in her stomach to expel. Bill loudly announced that she was being punished as per her parent's wishes. Together, they walked her to the bathroom and took off her pajamas. Mary held her under the shower while Bill prepared her bedroom.

After her Jan dried her off, she was not allowed to dress. Instead, Alice was wrapped in a large fluffy towel. They went back to her bedroom where her Bill waited for them. Alice's mouth fell open when she saw the bag of adult diapers and a changing mat spread out on her bed. Draped across a chair in the corner was a proper schoolgirl uniform consisting of a white blouse and a black jacket with a matching knee-length skirt. A pair of black shoes and white knee-length socks were on the chair's seat.

"Your parents told us that you made a mess in the bathroom last night," Bill said.

"Since you insist on drinking like a spoiled brat and pissing your panties, they decided that your punishment is to wear diapers."

Jan pulled the towel off and told her climb onto the changing mat that was spread out on the bed. Both Jan and Bill admired Alice's petite frame. She had small breasts as opposed to Jan's large ones.

'Your father wanted to bend you over his knee and spank you until you couldn't sit for a month,' Jan said as she picked up a bottle of baby powder. 'We convinced him that this was less painful for them and you...'

Jan sprinkled baby powder onto her hand and began to spread it all over her Alice's pubic area. She tried not to giggle as her mother's hand rubbed her short blonde curly hairs. After her pubic mound area was completely covered with the baby powder, she was told to turn over. Jan spread her buttocks and covered her anus with the baby powder.

While watching the events taking place on the bed, Bill could not help himself from being aroused. He had never thought of his mate's daughter in a sexual manner. Nevertheless, blood was slowly filling his penis and making it bulge in his pants. Bill wanted to spank Alice's small firm butt and found himself even more aroused.

He handed Jan a diaper when she asked for one and watched her put it on Alice. Jan taped the diaper securely at the sides and patted Alice's flat tummy.

'As part of the diaper punishment,' Jan said. 'Your parents told us that you will also have to wear this uniform during the day. You are not to take the diaper or the uniform off even when you attend your classes. At night, you will be wearing a diaper under your pajamas. Your mother and I will change you three times a day. The first changing will be in the mornings, the second diaper change will be on your lunch break and the final time will be before you go to bed. Any questions?

Alice shook her head and was told to climb off the bed. Bill handed her the pair of white knee-length socks. She put them on before she was handed the skirt, blouse, shoes and jacket. Alice was soon dressed in the schoolgirl uniform and she felt like she was back in kindergarten.

'Now we can go down and have breakfast with your parents before you head off to your first class of the day,' Bill said. Once downstairs every sat round the table eating breakfast together. Alice's father broke the silence' 'Your mother will be driving you since you are now suspended from driving your car. Since you have mostly morning classes, I will be picking you up for lunch and then take you back for your afternoon class. Your mother will pick you up in the afternoon. You will spend the rest of the day studying. Do you understand?

Alice knew she was being punished far worse than she originally thought she was going to be. She silently swore to herself that if she lived through the ordeal that she would never drink so much again. The young petite eighteen year old knew that she was going to keep this promise and began eating breakfast' Alice did not eat much since her stomach was still feeling a bit unstable.

After breakfast, her father left for work and her mother drove her to the college. She went through her morning classes without daring to stop for a restroom break. The young petite blonde was never more happy to see her father at noon for her bladder was about to burst. They barely made it home in time and she went directly to the bathroom.

Her mother knocked on the door and asked her if she was alright. Alice responded that she was okay now that had relieved herself. After her daughter finished using the toilet, both mother escorted her to her bedroom where Jan and Bill were waiting for her too. Her mother changed her diaper and it was then that she saw a slight bulge in her Bill's pants.

Alice knew that the sight of her eighteen year old body was turning her Bill on. She suddenly blushed for she never thought of him sexually. After the diaper change, Alice ate lunch with her parents and her father drove her back to the college.

She felt better in the afternoon and she was picked up by her mother after her only class in the afternoon. The young eighteen year old was actually enjoying the attention that she was receiving from her parents and their friends. She studied after they arrived home and she enjoyed the dinner with her parents. They watched television that evening until it was time to change her diaper.

After being tucked into bed, both parents kissed her. They said good night and flipped the light switch off. She was half asleep when she heard moaning coming from her parents' bedroom. Alice smiled and thought that she might want the diaper punishment to last a lot longer than her parents intended it to be.

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