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Auntie's Therapy

My parents had to go away for the weekend, and although I'm an adult now they didn't like the idea of me staying home alone. I couldn't blame them as I had been pretty depressed recently. So I wasn't surprised when they insisted that I stay with my aunt. I wasn't upset either. Aunt Jane lives right across the street so I figured I would have still have access to all my stuff and some privacy if I wanted it, but I would also have some company the rest of the time. I packed an overnight bag and said my good-bye's to my parents, then headed over to my Aunt's house. Aunt Jane greeted me with a great hug, and took my bag.

"Why don't you go play with the boys?" She suggested. I made my way to the playroom where my cousins were playing with matchbox cars ... an activity I still enjoyed, but only indulged in when visiting them.

"Hi Johnny!" The boys yelled as I took a spot on the carpet and joined in their play. They were good, sweet boys, so I liked spending time with them, and they liked when I came to visit too. Chris, the younger of the two, was building what looked like a fire station out of lego bricks. He was five, and not quite fully trained yet, so he was wearing a pull-up pant and a T-shirt as he crawled around grabbing for all the red bricks he could find. TJ, the nine year old, was crashing cars together and making exploding noises. He was still in his pajamas even though it was late afternoon. But then, he was usually in pajamas. They were the only kind of clothes he was willing to keep on his body most days. We played until Aunt Jane called out to us, informing us that it was dinner time. The three of us hurried to the kitchen and found plates of chicken nuggets and mac & cheese waiting for us. We ate and laughed as Aunt Jane watched on approvingly. She was eating a steak, and I found it slightly odd that she lumped me in with the kids' meal-wise, but I didn't really care or say anything.

"Okay bath-time!" Aunt Jane announced after dinner, and she grabbed Chris' hand before he could get away and dragged him toward the bathroom. You're next mister!" She said with a look toward TJ who rolled his eyes and then padded off to prepare for his bath. I went and watched TV, getting the days news from CNN before the kids returned and demanded to watch cartoons. After twenty minutes Chris appeared at my side, now dressed in a night shirt, with an obvious diaper bulge around his middle. This did not surprise me as I knew both boys were bedwetters and wore cloth diapers and rubber pants to bed. Chris plopped down on the ouch and made several exaggerated yawns before I gave in and flipped the channel over to the cartoon network. Satisfied, he laid back triumphantly and watched three cartoon boys with the same first name get into some kind of scheme. A half-hour passed and another cartoon had come on by the time TJ appeared in front of me, dressed in an outfit identical to his brother.

"Mom says it's your turn." he announced with an evil grin and pointed toward the bathroom.

"I don't need to take..."

"Don't give me that!" Aunt Jane called out, interrupting me, "In this house all boys take a bath before bed!" I didn't much like being compared to Chris and TJ, but I decided not to make any trouble. I figured she was just trying to set an example for the boys by having me follow the same bath rule. I found Aunt Jane kneeling in front of the tub, re-filling it with hot soapy water. She had prepared me a bubble bath! She turned the water off and stood up.

"Good, I was just starting to think I'd have to drag you in here!" She said it lightly, but with just a touch of seriousness that confused me.

"Take a nice bath, then we'll get you ready for bed." Part Two Okay, I admit it, my hot soapy bath was very nice! I stayed in the tub long after I was clean, enjoying the soothing warm water until there was a knock at the door. Before I could answer Aunt Jane opened the door and came in carrying a stack of clothes.

"You're going to shrivel up like a prune if you stay in there any longer! Pull the drain and get up." She said as she unfolded a large bath towel and stretched it out to receive me.

"Um, can I have some privacy please?" I asked, covering myself with a washcloth.

"Sshhhh, stop being silly. Stand up and let me get you dried off!" Her words were said in a firm but motherly tone and though I continued to protest I found myself standing up.

"I can do this myself, this is... weird." I said as she wrapped the giant towel around me and began to pat and rub me dry.

"Hush now. Tonight you are just another of my boys and you'll follow there routine!" Aunt Jane scolded me as she moved the towel around me, drying me all over.

"What's going on Aunt Jane?" I finally asked as she was drying my hair.

"You've never treated me like this before!"

"Okay, I'll be honest with you Johnny." Aunt Jane said, putting the towel down and looking me in the eyes.

"Your parents are worried about you, and they asked me to give you a little of my therapy program." I knew Aunt Jane was a child psychologist and often used regression therapy to help her clients, but I hadn't thought she would ever try it with me, "You've been so depressed lately and we all think you need this stress-free weekend to help you feel better."

"So...what? You're going to treat me as one of your kids for the weekend?" I asked nervously.

"Well, we'll see how long we're going to do it, but yes, for now you are going to be treated like a little boy with no adult worries."

"What if I refuse?" I asked.

"Remember those papers you signed when you came to my office last month to get something to help you sleep?" I nodded that I remembered.

"Well, those papers give me the right to send you away for a real rest if you don't want to go along with my program."

"You mean you can have me committed?"

"Yes honey. But I hope it won't come to that, so just give this a chance, Okay?" I thought about it for a minute, but didn't see where I had much of a choice. I nodded slowly, and looked down at the floor, feeling suddenly embarrassed as I accepted my fate.

"Good boy, now let's get you dressed for bed." Jane lead me, still naked, down the hall and into Chris's nursery. Seeing my expression Aunt Jane explained: "Chris moved to a big boy bed in the guest room, so you're going to have to sleep in here. It wouldn't be fair to put him back in the nursery now." As we entered the room I saw the crib had been made up and a changing pad was laid on the center of the mattress.

"Hop up there and let's get you diapered."

"Do you want a spanking before you get diapered?" Aunt Jane asked when I hesitated, and I quickly said "no" and got up on the mattress. I watched as she ripped the plastic off a bundle of brand new cloth diapers, bigger than the ones the boys wore, and then on another package that held rubber pants. Jane layered two of the thick diaper together then laid them between my legs and pushed them back toward my crotch.

"Raise up" She asked, then slid the diapers under me when I complied. She carefully folded the sides of the diaper in, then brought the thick padding up between my legs and over my privates. Next she carefully tucked and adjusted the cloth between my legs and gripped my penis through the diaper material and pointed it down between my legs. With great expertise she pulled the sides tight around me and pinned the diaper in place. I tried to bring my legs together, but the thick diapers kept them from closing all the way.

"You'll get used to the bulk." Aunt Jane assured me, as she saw me wiggle and move about, testing the fit of my new undergarments. Jane shook out one of the diaper covers - a light pink rubber pant that she dusted with baby powder before threading them over my feet. With some difficulty, she tugged the pants up my legs and over my bulky diaper. It was then I knew that this was her first time diapering a boy my age and size.

"There, that should keep you dry!" She announced as she examined her work, and tucked a few loose spots of cloth into the waist band of the rubber pants.

"Normally the boys get to stay up for another hour after getting diapered, but since you've been having trouble sleeping I think you should go ahead and get some rest." I nodded in agreement. I was tired, but more importantly I wasn't ready to face my young cousins and have them see me in a larger version of the diapers and pants they wore.

"Sit up for a second and take these." Aunt Jane requested, handing me several pills and a glass of water.

"What are they?" I asked, not recognizing them as anything I normally take.

"The white one is a sleeping pill, a little stronger than the one you normally take. The gold gel one is a stool softener and the blue one is a muscle relaxant. Thos two combined will help you you sleep be letting you use your diaper without waking up if you need too."

"Do I have to take..." Aunt Jane nodded yes before I could finish the question, so I surrendered and swallowed the pills. Not trusting me fully, she checked my mouth before praising me for being a good boy. Then she had me lay back and began to tuck me in.

"I'm going to lock the crib, and the door, I want you to stay in bed. If you don't, you will be punished. Understood?" I nodded.


"Here mommy!" TJ said, and I looked over and saw him handing Aunt Jane two baby bottles filled with a milky formula.

"In case you get thirsty" She explained and set the bottles on the night stand within my reach from the crib.

"Nite baby Johnny!" TJ said with a big grin, then planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Stay dry and sleep well!" He added, mimicking what I figured his mom says to him at bedtime. I curled up under the blanket and closed my eyes, embarrassment making my face hot.

"Nite TJ" I whispered.

"Nite nite Johnny" Aunt Jane whispered and gave me a kiss of her own, before they both left the room. I heard the 'click' of the doorknob being locked, then watched the shadows move as they walked away from the door. I was in bed for the night now.

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