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Baby Janet & Daddy Dave

Janet's backside was sore and on fire. She rubbed her cheeks with her hands as she pushed herself off the table and stood straight up.

"You pissed yourself, and soiled my carpet" David scolded Janet as she turned to face him.

"Even when you're getting a spanking you act like a naughty little girl."

"Sorry Sir, you hit me harder than I expected." Janet said with a genuine sob.

"A punishment only works if it is more than the naughty child expects." David reminded her.

"Bend over the table again." He demanded.

"Please Sir," Janet begged, "No more spankings tonight, please." She cried. David thought for a minute, then shook his head in disgust.

"Twenty-eight years old and you still cry and beg not to get spankings you earn... and still having 'accidents'" He complained.

"Fine, no spanking, but you will be treated like you act." David decided David led Janet down the hall to the punishment room. Janet knew that room well, as she had spent many nights in there. Usually she was spanked in there as well, but David had decided on this night that she should strip and take a whipping the very moment she walked through the front door. Now here she was, still naked, standing in the middle of a room that never meant anything good. She watched as David opened the punishment-wear cabinet and removed a thick, white disposable diaper and frilly plastic panties.

"Lay down on the bed" David ordered, and Janet immediately obeyed, not wanting to get in any more trouble. David slowly unfolded the diaper and laid it gently between her legs.

"lift up." David barked with a hard slap to Janet's thigh. She let out a yelp, but obliged, and David slid the plastic backed brief under her still red cheeks. He then brought the front of the diaper up over her genitals and expertly taped the sides to the front, nice and snug. Next, he shook out the frilly panties and sensually slid them up Janet's smooth legs and covered her diaper with them. Standing up to admire his work, and the diapered beauty that lay before him, David ordered her to lay there and walked out of the room, closing and locking the door behind him. Janet laid there for what seemed like an hour, shivering slightly, but not knowing if she was allowed to get under the blankets. So she waited. When David finally returned he produced a baby bottle of milk and had Janet sit-up on the edge of the bed. He placed the nipple between her painted lips and allowed her to suckle from the rubber teat.

"Get down on your knees." David ordered, moving the bottle away from the bed. She obeyed, and when David held the baby bottle in front of his crotch, she returned to her milk-sucking. Holding the bottle with one hand, David undid his belt with the other, then unbuttoned his jeans and let them slide to the floor. He pushed his boxers down next, freeing his penis which stood erect next to the bottle. He let Janet feed for another minute, then pulled the bottle away and moved himself forward so that the head of his penis brushed against her lips. Without question she opened her mouth wide and took his throbbing member and returned to sucking.

"Good Girl," David whispered as she moved up and down his shaft.

"Very good girl." When the last of David's "Milk" had been sucked from his body, he ordered Janet back to bed, this time turning down the sheets for her. He tucked her in gently and kissed her goodnight.

"You can not leave this room tonight, you are to stay in bed. If your diaper is wet in the morning, you'll get another diaper and will spend another day in diapers." Janet closed her eyes, and headed off to sleep. She needed to get to bed early, if she was going to wake up in time to make sure she wet her diapers before David came in. She wasn't about to pass up the chance to be diapered again by her favorite Dom Daddy.

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