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Baby Jim

I was working my way through a hard day at work when I got a call from my partner. We'd been living together for around fives years now so he knew every time I was having a good or bad day. Today was not so good and when he called I hadn't quite finished what I had been working on... but I didn't care.

It was Monday, the day after a weekend where I didn't want to get up and go to work and he knew I was pretty ticked off. I'm not good in the mornings...

As I spoke with him on the phone he told me not to worry about doing dinner tonight because everything was ready. So when I could, I was to come home sit down and relax and enjoy the moment of being able to dominate someone.

I wondered what the hell he meant by that but being as dinner was going to be ready, I wasn't too worried.

When I opened up the front door I could smell a glorious meal cooking and from the kitchen came the sound of a baby giggling. For a moment I wondered if I was in the right place. Had I walked in the wrong front door?

I looked around and found everything the way I had left if before heading to work that morning, except it was a lot cleaner and the cooking smells were driving me wild. Where the hell did Jim learn to cook like that?

Hey, wait a minute... Jim? Cook... yeah right!

I made my way out to the kitchen and peered through the door. Standing over the stove was a woman dressed in a French maid's outfit and Jim... Jim was in a high chair?

What the fuck was happening here?

I walked into the kitchen and stood in the middle room and looked at both of them. When the girl turned and saw me standing there, she explained that little baby Jim had dialed cooking and cleaning for a day service and she had come to fulfill my day of relaxation.

Baby Jim?

Jim looked at me with his big blue eyes and his deep red hair had been ruffled sometime during the day. It hadn't been brushed for some time I could see that...

"Goo, gaa, goo... baby Jim... that's me... will you be my mommy?"

"What? What the hell is going on here, Jim?"

Jim looked at the maid to me and back to the maid again.

"I believe he wants you to dominate him. His words to me ma'am on the phone was that he wanted to be submissive. He wanted to be treated like a baby and for him mommy, that's you to enjoy a few moments of pleasure from not having to cook and clean while you look after him."

I just looked at her. I really had no idea what to say...

"On that note ma'am... I have cooked dinner, all the cleaning is done and if you don't mind, I'd like to serve you and baby Jim before I finish for the evening."

Jim was already seated in his high chair so I pulled up a chair next to him and the moment seemed to be so surreal. It was almost like I had gone from a terrible working day into a dream but Jim was very real because the little baby was pulling my hair while the maid served dinner.

"No, Jimmy... no you are not allowed to pull mommy's hair... no Jim, if you keep doing that mommy will have to spank your botty!"

The maid was so good. She served Jim some soft mushy vegetables and some gravy while I dined on smoked salmon with garlic and rosemary baked vegetables.

Mouth watering... now if only Jim would let me eat it... He held his baby spoon in his hand and shoveled his vegetables and gravy into his mouth. I watched him, making sure he didn't choke while I savoured each mouthful of my meal.

How could I be angry with him especially after organizing this lovely maid to do the housework and cook this meal?

I was just savoring the last mouthful when I looked over at Jim and he had his bowl of food on his head and he was squirming in his chair.

Bath time looks good right about now.

I thanked the maid and let her go before taking the bowl from off Jim's head and helped him down out of his chair.

"It's time for you bath Jim..."

He took my hand in his slimy gravy covered hand and let me lead him to the big spa bath where I could bathe him properly.

"Well Jim... it looks like it is just you and I now, so you will have to do as you are told ok?"

"Gooo goooh, gaaahhh...."

I took that as a yes. He was being a very good submissive and to think he even sat still for so long while I wasn't there. He was really very good for the maid.

"Did the maid play with Jimmy?"

He nodded... and smiled...

"How, did the maid play with Jimmy?"

He let me take off his diaper for him and he reached down and pulled on his penis. I realised then that the maid had played with him. But from what he was doing to himself, that was all.

For some reason it turned me on... I asked him if she did it while she was putting on his diaper and he nodded his head. With the bath ready for him I helped him into the bath and climbed in with him so I could wash him all over.

He lay in my arms while I washed him with the baby washer. He cooed and gaaaed and lay back letting me touch him all over. I wrapped the washer around his penis and played with him too. But I pretended I was washing him as I stroked his cock.

It didn't take long. Perhaps the moment of being submissive and wearing a diaper had an affect on him that I'd never dream possible. His cock went rock hard and he bucked in the water against my hand until he came. His hot juices flowed from his penis and he looked at me with his big blue eyes and smiled at me.

I was feeling horny now, but today I was not going to take advantage of my baby Jim. Instead I managed to get him out of the bath, lay him down on a nice soft mat on the floor and dried him off. I quickly covered him in light sprinkles of baby powder before reaching for the diaper that had been left for him.

I slid it under his bottom and pulled the flaps up and around to cover him up. Once the tabs were secured, I slipped a singlet over his head and with his hand in mine he crawled into our bedroom.

Up onto the bed and I joined him. I held him so his head was against my breast and for some reason it felt right to remove my top and let him suckle on my breasts as he went off to sleep like the good submissive baby Jim that he was.

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