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Campfire Family

It may seem weird for me to still be living at home at age twenty-six, but it works for my mom and me. She does the housework, and I help pay the bills. And, in truth, I've always been a bit of a momma's boy, so I like still being under her rules and control.

A few months ago she started dating Bill, and I like him a lot. But it's been a little uncomfortable for me though I didn't think I could ever tell my mom why. Luckily, Bill did it for me.

We were spending a week at the lake, like Mom and I always did in the early summer, and this time Bill came along. After a long day of fishing and hiking in the woods, we were enjoying a meal by the campfire when it happened. Bill sat up, glanced over at me, then turned to my mom and said "Cindy, there's something I think you should know." He shot another glance over at me, and my heart started pounding when I realized what he was about to say.

"I love you..." he continued...

" I have to be completely honest with you about something. I'm bisexual, and occasionally - in the past - have fooled round with guys. And.... Well... one of those guys was your son."

MY mom's eyes, went wide and she started to speak, but Bill stopped her by continuing.

"Chad and I haven't done anything since I started dating you, and I didn't realize he was your son until after we started dating. But... Chad has special needs, and I'm not sure it's a good idea for them not to be met within the family." I hung my head in shame, and looked away from them.

"What kind of special needs?" My mom asked nervously. Thankfully, Bill answered before she could ask me to.

"He needs to be controlled by a father-figure... and his mommy... and I'm afraid if he doesn't get what he needs from us he'll go looking for it somewhere else and get himself in a dangerous situation."

"I'm not having sex with my son if that's what you mean." My mom spat, and I almost laughed at the idea. But with a few short words I lost the urge to chuckle.

"No Cindy, but it'll probably be easier if I show you." Bill said. He stood up and began walking over to me. I shook my head no, too embarrassed to let him do this in front of my mom... but also too submissive to make him stop.

"Get up." He said to me in a stern voice, and I found myself obeying without any hesitation... like I always did.

"Take my belt off and hand it to me." Bill raised his arms, and I reached out and unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it free from the loops of his jeans. I folded it over one time and handed it to him. Bill put a hand on my shoulder and guided me to move forward until I was standing in front of my mother, who was looking concerned, but also seeming to accept the show that was being played out for her.

"So there's no confusion, tell you mother what I am about to do and why." Bill ordered.

I hesitated for a moment, my whole body shaking in fear, but finally drew up the courage to say "Daddy is going to whip me because he knows it's what I need." As soon as I said it Bill grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the picnic table. Without any further instruction I slipped my hands into my shorts and pushed them down to my knees, then did the same with my underwear. Still shaking, I bent myself over the end of the table and grabbed the sides to prepare myself for the harsh whipping I knew I was about to receive.


After my spanking, Bill picked a tree and had me press my nose against it for the wilderness version of the "corner time" that always followed my getting spanked. As I stood there, rubbing my burning backside, I could hear Bill and my mom talking. This worried me greatly, as I was now the only one who didn't know what her response to what Bill had just said and done would be.

I heard my name called and turned to find Mom standing in the doorway of our cabin, holding one of my bags. One I normally tired very hard to hide from her. As I walked over, she pulled out one of the disposable diapers I had brought from home and held it out for me to see. She didn't say anything when I reached the deck, just grabbed me as Bill had done and dragged me into the cabin. Roughly she pulled me back toward the only bed (which she usually slept in) and pushed me onto it.

"You've been a naughty boy, so it's bedtime for you!" Mom's stern words surprised me, frightened me, and delighted me all at the same time. With a mom's expertise she unfolded the diaper and slid it under my still sore backside. Pulling the diaper through my legs, she stuffed my penis into the center of the diaper, making sure it pointed downward like I always did. Bill must have told her that a grown boy's penis had to point down or the diaper would leak. She closed the diaper up and sealed it with the two tabs on each side.

"Go get in bed, and you stay there until morning!" I jumped off the bed and hurried over to the sofa bed where I always slept when we were at the cabin. I crawled under the sheets and buried my face in a pillow, still ashamed to have my mom learn of my special needs. But also feeling pretty good about her having just met one of them. I drifted quickly to sleep trying to imagine what the future would be like for me.


I awoke to the sound of creaking springs and turned to see Bill and my mom making love under their sheets. I turned away quickly, but not quick enough.

"You woke the baby." I heard my mom say. A minute later Bill was standing next to my bed, tucking me in. I opened my eyes just as he shoved a pacifier into my mouth and kissed me on the forehead.

"Go back to sleep baby." He whispered, and I closed my eyes again.

A few seconds later the creaking noise resumed, and I heard them both giggle and make comments about 'doing it with the baby in the room.' I rolled over and went back to bed, finding the creaking to be kind of soothing in a weird sort of way.


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