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Campfire Family

Part Two

I woke up just before dawn, as sunlight was just starting to peak out from the horizon, casting an orange glow into the cabin's windows. I needed to pee, as I always had to in the morning, so I quietly tiptoed out of the cabin and went to the outhouse. As I was emptying my bladder, the door swung open and my Mom grabbed my arm.

"There you are baby, I thought I told you to stay in bed!" She pulled me roughly, yanking me out of the outhouse, my diaper still around my knees. She dragged me back into the cabin until I was standing in front of the bed, looking down at Bill, urine still dribbling from my penis.

"The baby wandered off outside on his own." Mom informed him and Bill crossed his arms angrily.

"Bad boy!" he scolded me, and got out of bed, completely naked.

"He must need to use the potty, I'll take him Honey" He said, then led me back out to the outhouse. He stood me in front of the 'potty' which was just a hole in the middle of a wood bench in the outhouse. Reaching down with his hand, he guided my penis toward the center of the hole and told me to 'make pee pee' I started to get hard under his touch, but managed to finish peeing.

"Shake, shake." Bill said as he shook the last drops from my shaft, then turned to more of a stroking motion. I got instantly hard as he masturbated me, slowly at first, but quickly increasing in pace.

"Come on now boy, let it out." He teased as I started to tense up, nearing orgasm. Bill bent me over so that my penis was right above the hole, and the smell of stale urine (and more) was in my face. I shuddered as he milked the sperm out of me, making sure to get every drop. He wiped me clean with some toilet paper, then led me back into the cabin.

Bill laid me on their bed to put a fresh diaper on me, then helped me get dressed in some shorts and a short-sleeve t-shirt. When I was dressed, my mom called me over to the dining table.

"Chad, I don't understand why you need to be treated this way... but I think Bill is right that it needs to be handled within the family. I don't like the idea of you hooking up with strange men to get this. I'll play along, but I'm going to let Bill handle most of your care as I'm just not comfortable with doing it myself to my grown son." She reached out and patted my hand sympathetically.

"I'm sorry you need to feel abused to feel loved, but I love you enough to let it be that way for you." She smiled then, and I knew we'd never have any secrets from each other again.

"Now, why don't you and Bill go down and play in the lake while I straighten this place up a bit."


"Leave that diaper alone!" Bill said, and slapped my hand away from the tapes as we were wading into the cool water.

"You leave that on." I left the diaper alone and walked further into the water, feeling the diaper quickly swell up with lake water, bulging around my crotch. It felt kind of weird, but not bad, so I ignored it and swam and splashed around in the water with my 'daddy.'

"That's enough, the sun is getting hot and I don't want you to get burned." Bill announced after a while, so he led me back up to the cabin.

"Stand still" he ordered when we were near the door, and he removed my soggy, leaking diaper and tossed it in a garbage can.

"Don't want mommy to throw a fit by bringing the lake into the house, do we?" I shook my head no. Bill dried me from head to toe with a beach towel, then did the same to himself. Wrapping the towel around himself, he led me - still naked - into the cabin.

On the couch I saw that Mom had laid out a pull-up style pant from my bag, along with a dry pair of pants and shirt. Daddy Bill helped me put these things on, then went to dress himself. Mom came over and announced we needed to head to town to buy a few things, so we all put socks and shoes on and headed out.

We ate lunch at a small diner. I had a burger which mom cut up into bite size pieces for me, much to my embarrassment as everyone in the place stared at me when she fed me the first bite before handing me the fork.

"Mommm, not in public!" I whispered with a little agitation, which only led to more stares when Bill loudly said "Don't speak to your mother that way, young man." To the outside world I was not a 'young man' in the way bill meant it, they saw a twenty-six year old being spoon fed and scolded like a baby.

After lunch we went to the store to stock up on groceries. Mom loaded a bag of diapers and a bag of the pull-up pants into the cart when we were in the pharmacy section.

"I don't wear them all the time!" I told her, but she gave me a hard slap on the seat of my pants.

"You do now boy!" The slap didn't hurt since I had the padding of a pull-up to protect me, but it made me feel naughty to get it.

"You're getting a real spanking when we get back to the cabin." Bill informed me with a stern expression on his face.

"So you better stop misbehaving!"

I followed them around the store silently for the rest of the trip, never straying away from the cart.


When the last of the shopping bags were inside, Bill asked Mom to "excuse us for a while." then marched me out of the cabin. He led me up a trail into the woods, taking his belt off as we walked.

"There" he announced, pointing at an old well sticking up out of the ground.

I walked up to the well - which had been capped with a smooth stone - lowered my pants and disposable underpant and bent over, ready to take another whipping.


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