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Casey's Punishment

I was tired when I got home from work and not in the mood for Casey's antics. She was twenty years younger than me and insisted on moving in with me a few weeks after we started dating.

The petite blonde had small breasts that were barely noticeable even though she was twenty-four and she stood, just under five feet tall. Strangers often mistook her for my daughter and Casey loved playing on that fact. In fact we both loved the role playing that was all part of the excitement.

I really wasn't surprised that she greeted me wearing a large t-shirt that barely covered her diaper. The petite blonde had taken to wearing diapers one night just for kicks. I had to admit that I was turned on also at that time but I wasn't in the mood for it that evening when I got home.

"Is daddy not feeling well?" Casey asked in her child-like voice.

"It was a long day at work," I replied as I closed the door behind me.

"I just want a beer and relax for a few moments."

I walked into the kitchen and opened the refrigerator. I pulled out a bottle of beer and opened it before closing the refrigerator. I took a long swallow of the cold amber liquid and slowly started feeling much better. I walked backed into the living room and sat down in my favorite chair.

I looked for the remote control, found it and used it to turn on the television set. Casey had followed me and she stood next to the chair with a sad look.

"I hate it when daddy's sick," she said with a pouty voice.

"Then climb on my lap and make me feel better."

"I don't think I should..."

"Why not?"

My nostrils finally registered the smell of urine radiating from the petite blonde. She had pissed in her diaper and needed to have it changed.

"You're a bad girl, Casey," I said before taking another swallow of beer.

She put her index finger to her mouth and nodded at me. I placed my bottle of beer on the small table next to my chair. I was no longer as tired as I was thanks to the couple swallows of beer. I stood up and took Casey's free hand.

"You know that bad girls need to be punished for pissing in their diapers," I said as I started walking towards the bedroom.

The petite blonde nodded and allowed me to pull her along with me. I opened the bedroom door and flipped the light switch. I let go of the petite blonde's hand and found the diaper bag. I pulled out a fresh diaper and a bottle of baby powder. I placed the items on the bed before turning towards Casey.

I helped her climb on the bed and she laid down before me. I took off the old diaper and shook my head at the piss that was absorbed by it. Her vagina was still smooth but it smelled like piss.

"I work very hard to provide for you and all you can do is piss your diapers," I said as I took the used diaper over to the wastebasket in the corner of the bedroom.

"Turn over so I can check if you need to poop too."

Casey turned over and I returned to my spot at the edge of the bed. I spread her legs wide before spreading her buttocks wide as well. I wetted my index finger with my saliva and probed her small anus. I found no signs of poop and told her so.

"That's good isn't it daddy?" she asked.

"Yes," I replied.

"But you still need to be punished for pissing in your diaper."

I lightly slapped her right buttock with the flat of my hand. She let out a small cry as I hit her. I slapped her again and she started to squirm. I slapped her harder the third time and watched her pale skin turn lightly red.

"I'm sorry, daddy," she said as I slapped her ass hard for a fourth time.

"I'll never pee in my diaper again."

"You need to learn to use the toilet," I said as I continued to spank her.

"Daddy doesn't like hurting his little girl like this."

I stopped spanking Casey after ten slaps. Her right buttock was a bright red and she was lightly sobbing... I grabbed the bottle of baby powder and sprinkled some on my hand. I spread her butt cheeks wide and wiped my hand on her little ass. I kissed her red buttock before telling her to turn over. Casey did so with tears running down her cheeks.

I sprinkled more powder onto my hand and patted down her smooth vagina. Now her hairless young pussy smelled like baby powder instead of urine. I put the bottle down and picked up the diaper. I placed it on her and gave her a big smile.

"Now don't let me have to punish you again," I said.

"I won't daddy," Casey said as she wiped the tears away.

I leaned over and kissed her on the forehead. The petite blonde smiled and wrapped her arms around me. She kissed my neck and I felt my manhood grow hard. At forty-four, I had no kids of my own even though I was married for ten years in my late twenties and early thirties. I hardly dated after the divorce and was glad that I courted Casey.

Her young at heart personality sparked something inside me and life was never dull with her around.

The twenty-four year old petite blonde rolled me over on the bed and was sitting on my thighs. She smiled mischievously at me while her blue eyes were filled with hunger.

"I want a lollipop, daddy," Casey said in her child-like voice.

"You know where I hide my special one," I replied.

She unfastened my belt and my trousers before pulling my throbbing manhood out into the open. My uncircumcised penis grew harder as she began stroking it. She soon jumped off me and began licking my purple crown. I moaned as she wrapped her moist mouth around the tip of my penis. Her fingers played with my hairless balls. She sucked my penis as if it was a fleshy lollipop.

My penis grew to its full length of seven inches inside her mouth. Casey wasn't able to take all of it into her mouth but she made a good attempt at trying to do so. She soon positioned her body so her diaper was above my face. I removed the diaper as Casey sucked my penis harder. I began licking the hairless lips of her young vagina like a wild man.

She started moaning as I wrapped my mouth around her hard clit. I sucked her little bundle of nerves while she continued to suck my penis. I was already to the point of exploding and my balls ached for release. Casey climaxed soon from my sucking of her hard clit. I then released my semen into her mouth.

We swallowed each other's love juices and kissed afterward. I feel asleep while the petite blonde fixed supper. She woke me up when the meal was over and we ate in the kitchen. Casey wore her pajama bottoms over her diaper. We both knew that I would change her diaper one more time before bedtime. That was when she would receive a big treat instead of a punishment.

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