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Caught in My Diaper Dream

For many weeks now I had been experiencing some weird and wonderful dreams. They were really very odd. They were so odd that they would wake me from the deepest of sleeps, with a huge erection that wouldn't go away for hours. Every morning for weeks I would wake thinking about those dreams.

Writing this helps because if they hadn't been so weird I wouldn't have a story to tell.

I tried to be a psychologist for myself and went back over everything that had happened in the past and to what I had planned for the future. It was then that I realized that the only event that was worrying me was a gathering of many high flyers in Sydney Australia at the Convention Center. I would be meeting with several companies who donated hours of their time to help people with problems.

My boss had asked me to give a presentation of what the company could offer in services and it had me worried. I am not the one who usually gives these presentations but for some reason my boss told me I had to do it. She was very demanding and dominated me a lot in the office.

Once those dreams started for me, it leads me to where my life has me today. Standing in front of a room full of people trying to give my presentation and finding myself thinking about how many adults where diapers. Diapers... yes diapers. That is what my dreams were about.

I dreamt that I was in Sydney Australia after traveling from New York to give the presentation to these companies who donate to help people with various issues. There were many females present, they looked like normal ladies; none were as stuck up as the men that were in attendance. It was then that I realized when I was looking at them that they were looking directly at me.

I hoped that they were supportive of me and understood that I was very different from the other men that were at the presentation.

Knowing that alcohol was going to be served along with the food I organized it with the staff that they waited until after I had spoken. This would give everyone a chance to mingle and discuss business after the presentation rather than before. And most of the guys would remain sober and listen to what their kind donations have been used for.

Actually it was the thought of having the day go this way that suddenly found me facing a group of girls who were eyeing me up and making me feel a little nervous. A couple of the girls suddenly cornered me and asked me if I was ok. They mentioned that I looked a little out of it and asked if there was anything they could do.

I told them that I didn't think they could help me at all. There was no way I was going to disclose what my little problem was to these girls who I didn't know. One of the girls, Kelly I believe looked at me and decided that I was not being very truthful.

I believe they thought I was trying desperately to cover up something and I really tried to reassure them that I wasn't but they didn't believe me. Well it was then that I realized what they were hinting.

Kelly leant over and whispered so no one else in the room could hear that she knew I was wearing a diaper. When she moved away slightly from me and looked into my eyes... I felt like I had suddenly found a friend; A friend who would understand my need... my desire... my wanting to wear a diaper no matter where I went.

I found myself blushing in front of these women who were giggling like young adult babies. I suddenly realized that my little secret was out and in my mind I hoped to god that they wouldn't tell anyone.

It was interesting that I felt like the only person in a room full of people. I was in a corner and I couldn't get out of it... almost like a game where I was the young man in the middle of six ladies. Ladies who knew I wore something to cover myself with...

Sally, one of the other girls took me by the arm and whispered...

"You know, Markie... you shouldn't by embarrassed, we know you are wearing a diaper, it is ok..."

The look on my face must have said it all because when I looked across at Kelly and a few of the other girls they had lifted their skirts a little to show me that they too were wearing a diaper.

As I stood there with my drink in hand the circle seemed to grow a little smaller. It was almost as if the women were closing in on me. Kelly took my hand and led me outside into the dimly lit foyer. It was interesting because she knew her way around quite well and before I knew it, I found myself in a dark corner with her. She stood in front of me and I noticed several of the women had followed and were standing around us.

They were chattering and smiling amongst themselves as if nothing was happening. I felt Kelly's hand slip down inside my pants, massaging me through the diaper that I was wearing. The feeling was incredible. My moans were soft and I tried to control myself but it was a little difficult because all the women turned to face me.

They touched me all over, I felt weak at the knees... closing my eyes I enjoyed the wild sensations that Kelly was creating inside me. My cock throbbed and begged for some form of release but that wasn't about to happen. Not there anyway... not in the corner of the dark foyer.

Kelly continued to play with me, finding the head of my cock she squeezed it gently, rolling it around until I couldn't control myself any longer. I felt my balls tighten and my body shook as I came, spewing my hot cum into my diaper.

Suddenly my predicament hit me... I was standing here cornered by all these women and I had wet my diaper. I didn't bring a dry one with me; they were in my hotel room.

I felt myself glowing red with embarrassment. I was worried about having to walk around in a wet diaper all day. The thought of chafing didn't really appeal to me, but I'd done it now and I couldn't take back the wetness, even though I enjoyed it. Suddenly I felt like I needed my bottle to suck on too... or even my pacifier, but they were in my room also.

Kelly knew there was something wrong. She took my hand and led me out of the foyer and upstairs to a private room that had been made up for her. I was a little shocked when she opened the door. In fact with only a few rooms set up for visiting companies I certainly knew they would never have set a room up like this.

Kelly smiled at me and I realized that I had found someone and her friends that were into the same things I was. Adult babies are a rare breed. The room had been set up with cots, diapers, pacifiers, a small fridge that contained bottle filled with different fluids and a change table. I looked around the room and thought I was in another dream or another world.

In the back of my mind I knew how I was going to change one of the rooms in my own home. Kelly took my hand in hers again and led me over to the giant change table. She unzipped my pants and told me to climb up onto the table because it would be easier for her to change me.

My heart skipped a beat. Someone else wanted to change my diaper... I'd never dreamed of such a thing. Kelly didn't give me time to think twice about what she was doing. Knowing that our gathering was about to commence for the afternoon, she quickly undid the tabs on my diaper and lifted me up a little to pull it from under me.

Carefully she slid another one under me. Before she stuck the tabs down, she covered me in baby powder. The talc was so soft and so refreshing. Wild sensations were spreading through my body when I realized that Kelly was massaging the talc in and around my groin. The feelings were incredible; I knew that if she kept doing this she would have me wetting my diaper again if she were to cover me up.

Looking into my eyes, she took my cock in her hand and spoke to me in sweet baby talk. Her voice and her actions were too much for me. She stroked me hard and harder and when she leant over and brushed her lips lightly over mine, I climaxed again for the second time that afternoon.

I could feel my heart racing as I came, my hot juices spraying out of that little slit in my cock. Kelly had trouble catching all the drops of hot cum as it sprayed everywhere. Before I came down from those wondrous heights of pleasures unknown to some, Kelly pulled the flaps on my clean diaper up making sure I was covered and secured.

My balls continued to throb as we made our way back down the presentation room ready for the afternoon session. As I stood to give my second discussion for the day, I woke to find myself sitting up on the bed.

I felt my heart racing; I'd had a wet dream and decided I really needed a shower before starting the day at the Sydney Convention Center. As I stood under the shower the water revived me from that strange, yet erotic dream.

I made my way to the convention center and when I arrive there was a private message for me. I sat alone in the foyer and read the note...

Hi Markie, this is Kelly. I'd love it if you could join us this weekend for an adult babies diaper lovers' party. Please don't forget to bring a change of diapers and your own pacifier.

See you there... Kelly

I looked around the foyer and noticed a gorgeous babe walking into the convention room. She looked over at me and smiled. I knew then that it was Kelly and I'd be attending her party on the weekend.

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