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Introduction - Home Again The marriage lasted just seven months. My mom had warned me, and now I had to face the music as, at age nineteen, I carried boxes of my belongings back into her home and up to my childhood room. I took my time putting my things away to avoid her

"I told you so" looks for as long as possible. When I finally came downstairs, mom was serving plates of pasta at the kitchen table. We ate in relative silence, which surprised me as it was not like her to let such a big thing go without a argument about how irresponsible I was. After dinner we watched TV for a while and then I excused myself to go to bed.

Chapter One - Same Ole...

"Wake up!" My mom yelled, startling me. Before I could move she began pulling at my flannel lounge pants which I quickly realized were soaked with urine. This wasn't a surprise to me, but I hadn't expected my Mom's reaction. She tore the pants off my legs leaving me naked from the waist down.

"Roll over!" she demanded as I watched her reach for the oak paddle that had hung by my dresser since I was a toddler.

"Now!" She barked as I tried to argue. I felt myself turning over without thinking, and was surprised at how quickly my submissive role with my mom had returned. I only had a moment to ponder this thought before my mom brought the paddle down hard on my backside. I grabbed my pillow and buried my face in it to cover my yelps and cries as she beat my backside with the thick wood paddle. As she beat me, she also scolded me like I was a child still "How dare you! .... You think the old rules wouldn't apply? ... nineteen year old sissy boy, that's what you are!" She continued the beating for several minutes until I was a blubbering mess, shaking and crying. When she finally stopped she ordered me to get in the bathtub, and I quickly ran off in the direction of the bathroom. After I bathed I returned to my room, and stood naked in the doorway - which I knew would be expected of me. I watched as my mom finished tucking in the top sheet of a dry set of bedclothes. My wet sheets and lounge pants sat in a sodden pile on the floor. When she was done Mom looked over at me and pointed at the bed. Obediently I padded over and laid down. As I did, mom went over to my dresser and removed one of my old cloth diapers and a pair of pink nursery print plastic pants she had bought online. The pink pants were my "punishment pants" that mom used when I had been especially naughty.

"I gave you a chance to be responsible, and what did you do? You ran off and got married. Then when your skank of a wife left you, you come back here and wet your bed knowing full well you are supposed to wear diapers on this house? Well, it's going to be a while before you get another chance at responsibility!"

"I laid still, trying not to cry as my mom laid the thick cloth between my legs and folded the middle, creating an extra thick hourglass shape.

"Lift up." she said, softer now, and slid the diaper under me. Pinning it on tightly, she warned me against trying to remove the diaper, an un-needed warning as I knew the punishment pants - which she then handed to me to put on - meant that I wouldn't be allowed to use the toilet or change myself.

"Put on the matching clothes and come down to breakfast."

"Yes Ma'am" I replied as she left the room. I wiped a tear from my cheek and went to my dresser where I found the pink t-shirt and slipper socks that completed my punishment outfit. I put them o, then looked at myself in the mirror. I had worn this outfit often, but never looked as pathetic and girly as I did then. I was a sissy baby again, and somehow it fit me. I waddled down the stairs, trying to get used to the thick diaper I hadn't worn in the 18 months I had been out on my own. In the kitchen I took my place at the table and mom served me my usual breakfast, a bowl of oatmeal and a sippy cup of juice. While I was eating, my mom sat down and gave me my chores for the day.

"I want you to straighten up your room, sweep out the garage and then mow Ms. Johnston's lawn for her. I cringed at the mention of an outdoor chore as my current clothing is all I would be allowed. Fortunately most of my time would be spent in Ms. Johnston's back yard... not that it mattered, everyone in our gated community had seen me "dressed up" at some point in history.

"Yes Ma'am." I answered without looking up.

"And you understand what will happen if your chores are not done?" My mom asked sternly.

"I'll get another spanking, Ma'am" I replied, as required.

"Good boy." Was all she said, then left me. I ate slowly, then headed outside. It's not that I was looking forward to the trip down the lane to Ms. Johnston's place, but it was shaping up to be a hot day, so I wanted to get the mowing done in the cooler morning hours. Without shame - since I had no modesty left in this neighborhood - I walked down the sidewalk to Ms. Johnston's house at the end of the short road that served out gated community of ten homes. I didn't mind helping Ms. Johnston out as she was a very nice lady and needed the help since her husband had died a few years before. I rang the bell on her front door and waited.

"Hey there! Your mom said you were coming home, but I didn't expect you to be... uh... back in your old uniform." To my surprise and horror Ms. Johnston didn't answer the door, but instead her grand-daughter Julie did. I had always had a crush on Julie, and felt myself getting hard inside my diaper.

"Yeah, some things don't change" I said lightly, trying to act as though I wasn't bothered by my outfit. We talked for a minute and I got the feeling that Julie was as happy to see me as I was to see her. Before I could explore that theory further she cut the conversation short by saying "Well, I better let you get to work, I know your mom keeps you on a tight leash and I don't want to be the reason you get punished!" Since we were BOTH in diapers we had been playmates, so Julie had seen enough of my punishment and training to know how things went.

"We'll talk more later!" She promised as she handed me the keys to the shed where the lawnmower was kept.

Chapter Two - The Woodshed

I stood in the corner of my room, my nose to the wall while my mother inspected my room.

"Very good, and Julie tells me you did an excellent job on her Nana's lawn and even trimmed the hedges. And the garage floor is spotless.

" I stood silently as my mom counted off my good deeds. This was the process. If I did all my chores well I would be free for the rest of the day. If I missed something I would stay in the corner until mom was ready to deliver my punishment.

"Glad to see you haven't completely forgotten how to behave." Mom said, which about as good a "praise" as I was going to get.

"However..." She continued, and I began to tense up in fear, "... I still think a little re-training is in order since you did choose to wet the bed last night, and I suspect that means you didn't wear your diapers the whole time you were away from home." I felt tears welling up in me, not from fear, but from shame as I suddenly felt terrible about my attempts at freedom. Something inside me told me that I belonged at home, and that my mothers training and discipline was exactly what I needed.


" she continued, "I think a visit to the woodshed is in order." I shook my head 'no' but didn't dare speak.

"Yes. I think so. Why don't you head there now." Without a word of protest I turned, walked past my mom and headed downstairs and out of the house. Some of you may know the woodshed as a place you go to get a spanking from your dad, but around here it's much worse! The Woodshed started for me when I was still a boy. Mr. Wright ran the woodshed, which was actually a large barn behind his house. All of the children of the gated community had spent some time there, some more than others. I had rarely gone more than a week or two without a visit. For each errant child the visit was different, and Mr. Wright kept a book that documented the way each mother felt her children should be disciplined. I was shaking by the time I reached Mr. Wright's property line. Knowing my mom would have called him by now, I went past the house, and headed straight to the barn.

"Come in Boy!" Mr. Wright said sternly as I entered the barn. I closed the barn door behind me, and locked the latch. Much like Vegas, what happened in The Woodshed, stayed in the woodshed.

"Take a seat." He instructed, and I sat in the oversized wood chair. I sat there nervously, urine leaking out of me and into the diaper from fear as Mr. Wright pulled a large lather-bound book from a desk in the corner.

"I hardly need to look you've been here so often" He commented as he flipped through the worn pages, looking for his notes on me.

"But it has been a while, so I'll read over things for a minute." Neither of us said a word as he read page after page that I knew counted off all the ways I had been punished, and everything I had done to deserve it. Finally, he put the book down.

"Your mother tells me this is a general training session, a reminder of sorts for you?"

"Yes Sir." I replied meekly.

"Very well, though I won't go easy on you. You've been here more than any child in the community. And at your age - when you should be a man - well, it makes me think you will be coming here for years to come. What do you think?"

"Probably Sir." I answered honestly, still feeling that I was "home" again, despite all the embarrassment that came with my home.

"I thought so, come over here." I got up from the chair, and walked over to him. He took my t-shirt off, and I shifted and moved to make things easier for him as he pushed my plastic pant down and unpinned my diaper, which by this time was very wet. Mr. Wright put one of his large hands on the back of my neck, leading me to the back corner of the barn. He bent me over a wooden table and buckled restraints around my ankles and wrists.

"One hour." Mr. Wright declared when he was sure I was tightly bound to the table.

"An hour?" I asked in shock.

"But that's like a hundred licks!"

"180 actually, and that's what you are getting." Mr. Wright said sternly as he set a timer on "The Woodshedder" then turned and left the barn without another word. I had three minutes, I knew, before The Woodshedder would start. It was a brilliant machine actually, even though I hated it. Mr. Wright had designed and built it himself. Every twenty seconds the machine would deliver a stinging slap from a paddle, then slowly the paddle would be drawn back to ready itself for the next slap. This way, Mr. Wright had explained, he didn't have to listen to the crying. He would just set the machine for how ever many minutes he felt was needed, and would leave The Woodshedder to do it's job. In the past I had gotten as much as twenty minutes, but this was three times that much! I knew I would be very sore by the end, especially considering the paddling my mother had already given me. As the seconds passed I waited, knowing the first slap was coming, and that it would only be the beginning.


Mr. Wright returned several hours later. By then I had gotten my 180 licks and had cried for a long time afterwards. I was calm, though my backside still stung, as he unbuckled me and let me get up.

"Take a minute to stretch and steady yourself, " Mr. Wright instructed, "Then we'll go upstairs." My eyes went wide at the mention of going upstairs, with the whipping The Woodshedder had given me, I thought that I would be done. But still, I tried to stay calm and walked around loosening my sore arms and legs which were stiff from being tied down so long.

"Okay Sir." I said, announcing that I was ready to continue.

"Good Boy!" Mr. Wright said with a smile, "I appreciate your willingness to take your discipline." He added as he led me up a set of stairs to the loft. No other community child had been upstairs, it was a special place added just for me and my "special" training that Mr. Wright and my mom felt I required. Pulling a key ring from his pocket, Mr. Wright unlocked a deadbolt and opened the door that kept others from discovering the padded room that had been built just for me. I was not allowed to speak when upstairs, and Mr. Wright stayed silent too as he unlocked a cabinet and started removing things. I laid on the cold, padded floor and waited. Mr. Wright knelt down in front of me and unfolded three thick diapers like the one I had been wearing all morning. He pinned them on with the same expertise of my mother and followed them with a heavy rubber pant that he pulled up my legs and over the super-thick diapers. Freshly diapered I stood up and faced away from Mr. Wright. I didn't fight as he threaded the arms of the straight jacket onto me, and buckled the back of the jacket tightly. He pulled my arms across my chest and buckled them tightly as well. Tightly bound in the jacket, I turned to face him and opened my mouth. Mr. Wright placed two pills on my tongue and then fed me a cup of water to wash them down. A diuretic and a fast acting laxative, I knew from past experiences. Next he fed me three cans of ensure, one after another, meant to make sure I had enough nutrition to handle the pills I had been given. Mr. Wright helped me to sit on the floor, against a padded wall, then wished me a "Good Night" On his way out, he locked the deadbolt on the door.

Chapter Three - Morning

After a long and messy night I woke up to Mr. Wright opening the door. He helped me get to my feet and slowly removed the straight jacket. He gave me another can of the formula drink and left the room. A few minutes later Mrs. Wright led me downstairs into a shower area and helped me clean up. She hurriedly dressed me in my pink outfit, which had been washed overnight, and sent me on my way, explaining that she - who handled the discipline of errant girls in the community - had someone coming for a session so she needed me out. I walked down the path beside their house heading for the sidewalk where I found Julie walking my way. I said hi, and she said hi too but said she couldn't talk. To my surprise she walked past me and headed down the path to the barn. I was shocked to discover that Julie was still a member of "the Woodshed Club" as she was nineteen too. I walked home feeling a little better about things! "I trust Mr. Wright took care of you?" My mom asked as I stood before her in the living room.

"Yes Ma'am" I answered shyly.

"Good. Gather up all the trash and take it out for the garbage pick-up; then clean the swimming pool area." I did my chores as instructed, then stood in the corner of my room waiting for my mother's approval of my work. My room was already clean since I hadn't spent the night at home, so it didn't take her long to check the pool area then release me from the corner.

"Are you wet?" Mom asked when I stepped out of the corner. I told her I was, so she had me pull the pink plastic pant off, so she could unpin the wet diaper I had on. I cleaned myself up with some baby wipes then laid on my bed to be re-diapered. I was pleased to see my mom selected a disposable diaper this time - signaling the end of my 'pink punishment' and after she taped the diaper on me I was allowed to put on a clear plastic pant and normal clothes.

"One more thing, " My mom said as I pulled on a red t-shirt, "I've got new diapers coming for you today, so box up all your cloth diapers and pants and take them over to Ms Johnston's." I didn't dare ask why, and jumped at the chance to to get rid of those dreaded pink plastic pants with the duckies and bunnies on them. When the box was stuffed to capacity I took them down the street and rang Ms Johnston's bell. Julie answered the door again, only this time SHE was wearing a punishment outfit. Here's was a clearly thick cloth diaper covered with a frilly plastic panty, and a matching pink tee that said "Sissy Girl" on the front.

"I'm sorry." I said softly as I handed her the box. She smiled weakly and said it was okay. I left quickly, trying to minimize her embarrassment, secretly wondering what she had done to end up in the state I usually found myself in. I went home and enjoyed the rest of the day free of chores and punishments. Mom and I enjoyed her meatloaf for dinner, and light conversation that was free of judgments or complaints. Knowing how things worked in her home I knew that my marriage, divorce and time away from home had been forgiven, forgotten and were never to be spoken of again. I was feeling pretty good about things until, as she was gathering the dishes, she said "Now, you're needed over at The Woodshed." As usual, I didn't ask, just accepted my orders and headed over to Mr. Wright's. I went into the barn, closed and latched the door and sat in the chair. Mr. Wright came in from a side door and closed it behind him.

"Good evening Boy." He greeted me sincerely, and pulled a chair up to sit in front of me.

"Your mother and I have been talking and we've come to some decisions.

" He paused for a minute, allowing me to soak in his words.

"By our conversation yesterday we both know that you need continuing care and discipline." I nodded in agreement.

"So..." he continued, "Until your mother and I say otherwise you will be treated, trained and disciplined as if you were still a child. Obviously you know you've been treated that way since you came home, but we wanted to make it clear that this is a long term plan for you. You clearly are not able to grow up and be a man, so you will have to stay a child. Understood?" I nodded yes again.

"Good, come over here." I got up and walked over to him, feeling as if a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulder. All I had to do for now on was behave and I would be taken care of. I hardly noticed at all as Mr. Wright unbuttoned my pants and pushed them down. I didn't care at all as he removed my wet disposable, and paid no mind as he pulled me down over his lap. He spanked me hard with his large hand, and I obediently took every smack he delivered.

"Fetch me the hairbrush." Mr. Wright instructed, when he took a break from slapping my backside with his hand. I got off his lap and went straight to the pegboard that held all the spanking implements he used on the children of the community. There were two hairbrushes on hooks, and I selected the larger, heavier one and presented to him. I figured my obedience was being tested since I had done no wrong, and I did not want to disappoint him. He pulled me back over his lap and began to spank me with the paddle. I yelped from time to time, but did not try to pull away.

"Fetch me the ping-pong paddle." Again I rose, this time taking the hairbrush from Mr. Wright, and returned it to it's hook, then removed the ping pong paddle and presented it to Mr. Wright. He pulled me back over his knee and spanked me again.

"Fetch me the larger paddle."

"Fetch me the leather paddle."

"Fetch me the stinger - the paddle with the holes in it." We moved through each of the instruments that could be applied in the over the knee position, each delivering a sharper whack than the last. I did not cry, did not argue and did not fight it. At some point during the spanking there was a knock at the door, and Mrs Wright came in.

"I need to do a quick follow-up Dear" She said to her husband and he nodded thoughtfully.

"Go stand in the corner Boy and do not turn around until you are told to." I padded off to the back corner and stood silently.

"Come in Julie." I head Mrs. Wright say a few minutes later. I wanted to look, but didn't. I stayed right where I was, not moving, or speaking as I listened to Mrs. Wright scolding Julie for "doing dirty things to herself." Julie got spanked by Mrs. Wright for about five minutes... not nearly as much or as loud as I got for a MILD spanking. A few minutes later Julie was gone again. Mr. Wright called me back over to him and turned me over to Mrs. Wright who gave me a few hard slaps on the backside, then put another disposable diaper on me.

"Get dressed and go home now Boy, you did good." Mr. Wright said, and despite my burning backside I felt really good. Back at home I was sent straight to bed though it was only eight-thirty. I was back on my childhood bedtime. Worn out from a busy day I fell asleep quickly and slept soundly.

Chapter Four - Room Renovations

My mom was really nice to me the next morning. She woke me up around six and changed me into a dry diaper. I had my oatmeal breakfast and we talked for a bit about the weather and other things. Eventually, we got around to my chores.

"Just one today. Go to The Woodshed and clean it up. Sweep the floors, dust the shelves and all of that." I finished my oatmeal and headed right over to do my job.

"Good Morning Boy" Mrs. Wright greeted me when I entered the barn.

"Mr. Wright is running some errands." She explained seeing my surprise at his absence.

"I'm here to clean" I informed her, wanting to be sure she knew I hadn't been sent there for being naughty.

"Yes, I know. Put these on so you don't get your clothes dirty.

" She said, handing me a pair of coveralls. I put them on and let her button me up. Then she pulled a pacifier from her apron and popped it into my mouth. Without hesitation I started sucking on it.

"I'll be back to check on you later." She said, then left. I went about my work, first dusting the shelves, spanking implements and special furniture, then I washed the windows and swept the floors. When I was done I stood in the corner as I would do at home and waited for Mrs. Wright to approve my work. When she returned to praised me for doing such a good time, and announced that it was time for my nap. I started to head for the door, when she stopped me. No, no, this way." She said sweetly, and lead me up the stairs to the padded room. It wasn't locked this time, so we walked right in and to my surprise the room had been filled with furniture. On one wall was a large crib and on the opposite wall stood a changing table with shelved underneath that were stocked with diapers and pants of various kinds. Mrs. Wright removed my coverall, and then my pants and had me hop up on the changing table. She changed my disposable diaper and helped me off the table and into the crib. Raising the rail she told me she'd be back in an hour. I wasn't overly tired, but laid back on soft pillows and relaxed. When Mrs Wright returned she asked me if I liked the new room. I told her I did and she explained that there were no young children left in the community, so they could now cater to Julie and I's "special needs" more effectively.

"All the other boys and girls grew up into mature adults... but you too are clearly meant to stay dependant on others." She didn't say it in a mean way, but it still stung a little as if I had somehow failed to reach the maturity of the the other kids. We went back downstairs and did a little more straightening until Mr. Wright came back. I helped him bring the shopping bags in from his errands, then enjoyed some warm cookies Mrs. Wright had made while I was napping. Afterwards Mr. Wright led me back into the barn. We sat down in our usual spots and after a moment of silence he asked me "Do you need a spanking today?"

"Huh?" I replied, dumbfounded by the question.

"You're smart enough to know when you need a little reminder, do you need one today?"

"No Sir." I answered after thinking about it.

"Well, I want you to know you can ask for what you need, I'd rather put you over my knee for a minute, than have to really punish you later for being bad."

"Okay, I'll tell you if I need one." I said.

"Good, why don't you go stand in the corner and think about that for a while, then you can head home." I went home after spending a half hour in the corner. Mom greeted me at the door and took me straight to my room to show me that my bedroom had been redecorated with an identical crib and a new set of shelves stocked with my diapers, pants and other clothing. She checked my diaper, and finding it still dry sent me to play in the back yard. When I got out back I saw Julie laying on one of the deck chairs by the pool. She was still dressed in her frilly pink outfit. I took the chair next to her and we laid in silence for a few minutes, relaxing in the sunshine. Finally, I asked her "Did you get a crib too?" She laughed, "A Crib? No. They put you in one? Mrs. Wright told me you were on a stricter program than me. I just got a spanking and I have to wear diapers for now on so I can't touch myself." I looked over and saw her blush as she admitted to having been caught masturbating.

"I can wear normal clothes again tomorrow, just diapers underneath." I told her how I was put back on a toddler's schedule, and would be sleeping in a crib for now on.

"I still have to do chores and stuff, and can still hang out during the day, so I think it's just a way for them to keep me on a strict schedule.

" I told her. I thought for a minute, then added, "I kind of feel better with things this way."

"What do you mean?" She asked in a surprised tone.

"I don't know, " I replied, "I just feel like I actually need all this discipline and stuff. I feel more normal."

Chapter Five - First Date

I woke up in my new crib, and waited for my mom to come and release me. I was a little anxious as I had something on my mind I needed to take care of. When mom finally did come in she lowered the railing and immediately started to change my diaper.

"I need to go over to The Woodshed." I informed her when she had removed the wet diaper and was cleaning me with baby wipes. She looked at me with pride and asked "Should I diaper you, or do you expect to be naked for a while?" I told her she probably shouldn't bother to diaper me right now, so she told me to throw some seats on and head over. Then she went to call Mr. Wright and tell him to expect me. Five minutes later I was sitting across from Mr. Wright again.

"I think I need a spanking." I told him without hesitation.

"Well, I'm glad you came over right away. What do you need it for?"

"I really like Julie and I was naughty in bed last night while thinking about her." I felt my cheeks get hot with embarrassment, but I had to get help to be good.

"I didn't take my diaper off, but I kind of..." He stopped me then with a raised hand.

"It's okay that you like Julie, but you are right that you shouldn't do naughty things to yourself. That's not what a good boy does. I think you do need a spanking to clear your head. Why don't you fetch me the hairbrush." I started to head for the peg board, then stopped.

"I don't think that will do it Sir." I reluctantly admitted and looked over at the Woodshedder.

"Okay then." He said evenly, and led me over to the table. I took my sweats off and bent over the table. He didn't bother to restrain me, just turned on the machine and set the timer.

"Twenty minutes?" he asked me and I nodded in agreement.

"Good Boy" he said with a pat to my back, and then left me to take my punishment. I was standing in the corner when Mrs. Wright came in the barn and told me to come upstairs with her. She had me lay on the changing table as she selected one of the thick cloth diapers from the shelves beneath.

"Just a little extra padding up front." She said gently.

"Not a punishment." she assured me as she pinned the sides. To show me it wasn't a punishment she let me select my own diaper cover, so I picked a soft blue pair and pulled them on over the diaper.

"Your mom has your breakfast ready at home." she informed me as I was putting my sweats back on. Mom didn't ask me why I had needed a spanking, she just served me my oatmeal and sippy cup and acted as if it was a normal morning.

"Clean up your room and mow the lawn." I did my room first, then headed out to work on the yard. It was such a hot day I decided to take my pants and shirt off and mow in just my diapers since I was used to doing it that way anyway. My mom saw me and came rushing out. I thought I was in trouble, but she just handed me a bottle of sunscreen and went back inside, so I put the protection on and went back to my work. Julie came by while I was working, and as promised was back in normal clothes. She brought me a glass of lemonade to cool me off, and watched me work for a while. When I was done we sat on the front porch and talked about anything and nothing until my mom came and told me it was nap time. Julie and I said "see you later" to each other and I went to my room to get my diaper changed and have my nap... like a good boy. After my nap Julie came back over and announced that our parents had agreed to let us go see a movie together since we had been being good. We saw some comedy, and ate popcorn and drank giant sodas. After the movie both our diapers were soaked so we headed home. As we walked I told Julie about my naughty thoughts of her and said I was surprised that we were allowed to go on our little date since we were both being naughty in that way. Julie laughed and leaned over to whisper in my ear (My mom put a chastity belt on me under my diaper... we couldn't do THAT if we wanted too." That made me feel more comfortable as I did want to, but wanted to be good too. I walked Julie to her house, gave her a kiss on the cheek and headed home to get a dry diaper!

Chapter Six - Sunday's

I had managed to go two days without a visit to The Woodshed, so I was not surprised as mom informed me on the way home from church that I was to go directly to the woodshed. The fact that she didn't tell me to change out of my good Sunday clothes told me I wouldn't be wearing them long. When we pulled into our driveway I kissed my mom and walked down the street and up the path to the barn.

"Sunday is a good day to remind one's self to behave and do your best to be a good person." Mr. Wright explained when we were in our usual seats across from each other.

"So, you'll get a training session each Sunday. Between church, and being put over my knee I am sure you will get the lessons you need." When the lecture was over I carefully removed and folded my church clothes and set them on my chair. I then removed my wet disposable and rolled it into a ball and placed it in the trash. I stood naked in front of Mr. Wright and waited.

"Fetch me the hairbrush." After an hour-long spanking session from Mr. Wright, his wife took me upstairs to my nursery and diapered me for my nap. I laid in my crib and relaxed for another hour or so before she returned. During my nap time I had wet my diaper again, so Mrs. Wright had me get right up on the changing table, telling me that she had planned for me to be there anyway.

"In my home, " She explained, while tossing out the wet diaper, "Sunday is also a day for home health care. And since you have kept the role of a child who needs to be cared for, I will see to that home health care each Sunday." As she spoke, I watched her reach for a can of shaving cream and a razor. I had never really grown any facial hair - another sign of my immaturity I suppose - so I knew she was aiming lower on my body. As I figured, she smeared the cold cream around my genitals and began to shave away all my pubic hair. She worked methodically, using one hand to stretch my skin flat, and the other to shave it clean.

"Man hair is not good for little diaper boys" she explained as she finished up. Following my shave, Mrs. Wright led me into the main house, leading me to her bathroom. A large bag of soapy water was hanging from the shower curtain, and having been constipated on occasional s a child I knew I was about to get an enema.

"A good enema on Sunday will keep you feeling well all week." Mrs. Wright assured me as she directed me to bend over the sink, and inserted the cold plug in me.

"Try to take it all and hold it in." she said, releasing the valve, causing the warm mixture to rush into me. As I felt myself getting fuller and fuller, Mrs. Wright rubbed my back and kept whispering "Good Boy, good boy." I managed to take the full load, and had to hold it in for several minutes before I was allowed to use the toilet. When my insides were clean, we went to work on my outside again as Mrs. Wright sat me in the bathtub and proceeded to wash me from head to toe.

"I know your mommy lets you shower during the week, but a supervised bath ensures your skin stays healthy so you don't get any nasty rashes." After my bath, Mrs. Wright dried me off, praising me for behaving so well, then sent me back out to the barn. Mr. Wright praised me on my clean smooth appearance then turned stern again.

"Fetch me the strap." Suddenly frightened I took the thick leather strap off it's hook on the peg board and presented it to him. He had never used this instrument on me, but I had heard horror stories from the boys who had earned the most severe of spankings. I was shaking as he lead me over to the table by The Woodshedder and bent me over it.

"You need to know how this feels Boy, " He explained as he readied himself. I took a deep breath and nodded, signaling I was ready and he swung the strap hard. I yelped and jumped up, but quickly repositioned myself for another. But it didn't come.

"That's just so you know what to expect if you ever get in real trouble." He told me, then had me return the strap to it's peg.

"Bring something back with you." he added before I turned away from the board. I surveyed the implement board carefully, not wanting to pick anything too rough, but nothing too easy that might lead to more punishments. Finally I decided on the leather paddle, a few steps up from the hairbrush, but a major step down from the strap. I presented the paddle to Mr. Wright and let him pull me over his lap again.

"Good choice." He said softly, then put one arm across my back to hold me down, and used his other hand to whip me good with the paddle. Mrs. Wright came back in the barn during my spanking session, took the larger hairbrush from the peg board and excused herself telling her husband that she was going to handle Julie's Sunday routine at her house since I required so much time in the barn.

"Good idea." Mr. Wright said thoughtfully, then went right back to whipping me. After a while the spanking slowed down considerably, to where I was getting a swat every twenty seconds or so.

"Sometimes the time spent bent over someone's knee is more important than the spanking itself." Mr. Wright confided when he figured I had realized the change in pace.

"I don't want to whip you too hard when you've been a good boy, but you need the reminder of your position. You see boy, this community is like a family. Your mother, Ms, Johnston, the Misses and I are the guardians, and - well, now that the others have moved on - you and Julie are the children. It's the job of the guardians to care for and train the children."

"And..." He continued, "Someday you two will be ready to grow up, and you'll have a family of your own. It is my hope that you'll learn enough to take over The Woodshed and keep this community going." After my spanking was over, I stood in the corner for a long while thinking about what Mr. Wright had said. When Mrs. Wright returned to take me upstairs to be diapered I asked her just how this community came to be. She smiled at me, and I climbed up on the changing table as she began to speak.

"Mr. Wright and I built this whole community ourselves on our old farmland. We put the gate around it so we could have a little area free of negative influences in the rest of the city. All the families who have lived here were carefully chosen to keep this place peaceful.

"Your mother asked to move here when you were four.

" She continued answering the question I was about to ask.

"She told us you were a handful of a toddler, and were still in diapers. We knew your family would be a perfect addition to our little family. You were indeed a handful little one, but we all - your mother, Mr. Wright and I - took care of that, didn't we?" I nodded yes.

"Well, everyone in the community helped everyone else raise their children right, minimizing the time spent outside the community... we wanted to control how our children were raised, but not so as to leave them unprepared for the real world. So, one by one all the children grew up and moved on. They are now doctors and lawyers, and even a senator. But you and Julie, you two are a different story." By this time I was diapered in thick cloth and stood up to pull on a pair of plastic pants.

"So what is going to happen to Julie and me?" I asked.

"You'll stay here until you both are ready, then you'll marry, have children and take over for Mr. Wright and I. You'll bring new families into the community and raise another generation of good men and women."

"What if I am never ready?" I asked, worried that I didn't have it in me. She just laughed and patted me on my diapered bum.

"You'll be ready in time boy, that's what this strict program you are on is all about. Julie is ready now, we're just keeping her ready until you catch up. We figure you've got five or ten more years of this before you're ready. And besides, even then Julie will continue your Sunday routine you have learned today. You're being trained to run the community, she's being trained to run you." The End.

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