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Drugstore Baby

Chapter One: Stocking

I first worked for my Aunt when I was 14. She owns a pharmacy, and ever since Uncle Norman ran off I had spent my summers helping her out. She paid me well, and was real easy to work for, so I didn't min giving up my play time to earn a little money and make things easier for her.

So when I graduated from High School it just made since for me to go to work for her full-time. She worked in the morning, and I took the evenings and late-night re-stocking and clean-up. Best of all, Auntie let me move into the apartment above the store, so at 18 I was set with a good job and a place of my own! Life was sweet.

But it was about to get a little strange

I had been wearing diapers for about a month. I don't know why, I just wanted too. Night after night I had re-stocked and straightened the "Incontinence" aisle, lining up the bags, and putting each size and brand in their own spot. The very first time I had held a squishy bag of disposables in my hands my dick had stiffened a little. Not really an erection, just like a quick nod to let me know it was happy, like a dog wagging it's tail. I had ignored it and denied it for weeks before I finally gave in one night.

My hands had shook as I tore open a package of Prevail diapers and yanked a soft plastic brief from the bag. I looked around the deserted, dark store, then stripped my pants and boxers off. My dick bolted to attention as I laid on the carpeted floor, the soft diaper underneath my butt. Clumsily I taped the brief on me, then quickly put my boxers and pants back on.

I worked for a few minutes, then started getting paranoid. Not about the crinkling noise that followed me as I moved, but of the open bag of diapers laying on the ground. I snatched the bag and went to the counter at the back of the store. I scanned the barcode and totaled the register, then put the $14 in the cash drawer. I took the diapers up to my apartment and hid them in my closet. Don't know why I hid them, I did live alone after all.

That night I had worn the diaper while I finished my work, and once back in my apartment had jerked off into it, and then fell asleep wearing it. It was four days before I wet one, and I liked that too. I didn't wear them while the store was open, but would change as soon as I locked the door. Before long I got to wear I would do the stocking and cleaning wearing just a diaper.

So we get to more recent times. After a month I had diapers, wipes, pacifiers and little toys, all bought from the store. I now wore diapers all the time, the sound muffled by a pair of rubber pants, an item I had "accidentally" ordered from our supplier and my Aunt thought I had sent it back, but instead I secretly paid the invoice for them. Things were going good for me. Then it happened.

Chapter Two: Auntie Knows

I was just about to lock-up when my Aunt came into the store, something she never did at night. She was carrying a paddle, one I knew too well, and I froze in fear as she locked the door and turned off the front lights, leaving me in the back of the store, unseen from the front windows.

"Hey Auntie" I managed weekly as she walked toward me tapping the paddle against her leg. The paddle was wood, stained a light oak color and had my name painted on one side, protected by layers of varnish. It was my Mom's 'spanking stick' which she had used on me whenever I had been naughty as a child. Without a word, my Aunt placed a hand on the back of my neck and led me around the counter to the "specials" table, which I noticed she had cleared at some point during the day shift. She directed me to the end of the table and put more pressure on my neck. Without debate or complaint, I bent over the table, which I knew was what was expected of me.

Finally, My Aunt started to speak, "Your Mother thinks you asked me to get this paddle for you, so you could keep it as a memento of your childhood. She found it strange that you'd want to remember getting spanked, but that's what I told her, and you'll hold that story to be true if she asks you." It wasn't a question, or even a suggestion, I would tell the lie if asked.

"I did inventory last week." She continued, putting her purse on the ground and laying the paddle beside me on the table.

"And I found something strange...." She said with a dramatic pause.

"Someone has been buying pampers in Youth size at three in the morning. And baby wipes. And powder, pacifiers, toys. All sorts of baby things, except for those Youth diapers which are for kids too old for pacifiers and plastic key rings.

" As she spoke, she walked around the table, and me, finally positioning herself behind me. Before I could say anything she grabbed both of my pant legs and ripped my pants down, exposing my rubber pantied backside.

"Do you have a medical condition that makes you wet yourself?" She asked as she carefully slid the rubber pants down to my ankles and had me step out of them.

"No Auntie." I admitted, now standing, bent over the table in just a shirt and a very wet diaper.

"I didn't think so.

" She said, as she started to remove the tape tabs on one side of the diaper.

"You are not incontinent, you are just a naughty little boy who still needs a mother's attention."

"No, don't tell my Mom, Please!" My mom had once whipped me for wearing a pair of panties I had gotten from a friend (In fact I had traded, she wanted my Coke boxers and I wanted her frilly panty.) so I knew she wouldn't understand my wanting to wear diapers.

"I'm not going to tell your Mother, she's too much of a Prude to understand a naughty boy's needs." My Aunt replied, mirroring my thoughts, "But as your Aunt, Employer and Landlord, I have a responsibility to see that your needs are met." She untapped the other side of the brief and let the heavily wet diaper drop to the floor with a thud.

"Let's see if you can count to fifty." My aunt announced taking the paddle in her hand.

Chapter Three

My ass was red and sore, and tears were still running down my face as I stood in the corner of the store, my nose touching where the two walls met. I had been there for almost an hour, but I knew better than to move without permission. My Aunt had gone up to my apartment after standing me in the corner. I didn't know what she was up to, but I knew it wasn't good.

"Come with me." My aunt spoke firmly. I hadn't heard her come in, so I knew she had done so silently hoping to catch me out of the corner. I followed her up the back stairs to my apartment and into my bedroom.

"On the bed" she instructed in that same I-mean-business tone.

I laid on my bed, seeing the hospital restraints that my Aunt had attached to the bed, but pretended not to notice. Without a word, my Aunt took a diaper from my dresser (Where there hadn't been diapers before!) and brought it over to the bed. She unfolded it carefully and placed it on the bed between my legs. I lifted my butt slightly, and she slid the brief under me and carefully taped it in place.

Neither of us said a word as she took my left arm and placed it in the restraints. She did the same with my right arm. And then bound my ankles to the bed as well. Out of no where she produced a baby bottle filled with formula and thrust the nipple between my lips.

"Drink it, every drop!" She sat on the bed next to me, holding the bottle as I sipped away at the thick mixture. When the bottle was empty she opened my nightstand and pulled out a leather gag.

"I'm sorry, but we carry restraints for our home care patients, the gag I had to get somewhere else." She said it with a smile, then slowly (so I could see it clearly) pushed the large penis-shaped gag into my my mouth, and buckled the lather strap behind my head.

She stood up and looked down at me diapered, bound and gagged, humiliated and scared. She leaned down and kissed me on the forehead.

"Good Night you naughty little boy!" She said, and then left, turning the lights out.

Chapter Four

I woke up with bright sunlight coming in my windows. I looked over at my clock, it was almost eleven. I knew I had been drugged. I fell asleep quick and stayed asleep all night and morning. Even worse I had woken up in a wet diaper and badly needing to poop. I Really didn't want to poop in my already wet diaper, but remembering how I had ended up in this position I understood that messing myself was expected of me. Reluctantly I let go and felt a warm mass push itself into the diaper, smearing across my backside. I started to cry.

An hour later, at exactly noon, my Aunt came into the room carrying the paddle and another bottle.

"Good Morning Naught Boy!" My Aunt said, as she released my arms and legs. She left the penis gag in place, which I felt bad about as my jaw was tired from being held open all this time.

"On your tummy." My aunt ordered, and I did as she commanded.

Much to my relief she peeled off my soiled diaper and carefully cleaned me with several baby wipes. She had me roll back on my back and gently cleaned my dick and balls, my penis quickly coming to attention, a situation she thankfully ignored. Back on my tummy again she ran one more wipe over my backside, making sure I was good and clean, then she took the gag out of my mouth and picked up the dreaded paddle again.

"Bend over the bed, let's see if you can count to twenty-five."

At one my Aunt had to go back down to the store. By that time I had been fed another bottle, put in a fresh diaper and had the penis gag back in my mouth. She didn't fully restrain me this time, but instead shackled one ankle to the bed, leaving me on a 10 foot lead, enough to allow me to move about my room, but not get to the kitchen, bathroom, or out of the apartment.

To Be Continued!

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