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Drugstore Baby

Chapter Five - A New Customer

By three that afternoon I had wet and messed my diaper again and was pacing around the room - as much as my restraint would allow m too - not wanting to lay in my own mess. I had assumed my Aunt would not return until five, the time when her day ended and mine began, so I was surprised when she entered my apartment shortly after three.

"Lay down on your tummy, we need to get you cleaned up." Auntie instructed, and I immediately complied glad to be getting out of my cold messy diaper. My Aunt went straight to her work, wiping me clean and powdering me, then hastily applying a fresh diaper. Then she unshackled my ankle.

"Get dressed and come down to the shop, right now!" She ordered and I hurried over to get my clothes as she left the room.

"I'm sure he'll be right down." I heard my Aunt say as I came through the backroom.

"Ah, there he is. Come over here Boy!" she said firmly in my direction. She was standing by the diapers, and I knew that wasn't good. Standing with her was a young woman about my age and an older lady who was clearly the younger girl's mother. Nervously I walked over to them.

"These good people need some diapers for a naughty bedwetting boy." My Aunt explained, "And they want to know about these diapers here." She pointed at a pack of diapers that I knew very well.

"Those are good." I shyly answered.

"Don't be embarrassed Boy," Auntie said sternly.

"Tell these folks why you choose this brand!"

"I... uh... well, this brand is more absorbent than the others we carry, and they fit more comfortably." I explained, feeling my face get hot.

"More comfortable how?" The younger woman asked.

"They, um... They are wider in the crotch so they fit guys better, and the material doesn't bunch up when you move around."

"Why don't you show them what you mean?" Auntie suggested, causing the girl and her mother to smile. I hesitated trying to decide if she was serious or not, but then she made it clear that she was.

"Do I need to fetch the paddle Boy?"

With trembling fingers I undid my built, unbuttoned my pants and lowered them down to my ankle. Auntie lifted my shirt up and ran her palm across the front as she spoke, "This diaper is cut perfectly for a young man's body. The waistline rides right below the belly button for full coverage; and as he said they fit snugly around the penis and testicles. Some of the cheaper brands aren't wide enough for boys so they end up leaking around the leg bands. They are also quite absorbent, this I can tell you as this boy here is a heavy wetter and they keep him dry."

With that, my Aunt allowed me to redress myself, bringing my torture to an end. The ladies decided to go with the recommended diapers which they purchased in a size that was definitely not for a child. I quietly worked on straightening the shelves as the ladies checked out at the register.

"Thank you for the demonstration." I heard the older woman say, "It's nice to live in a town where the pharmacist understands a young man's needs." She added.

"I could tell right away that your naughty boy had to be as old as mine. And THESE kind of boys need extra special attention."

Chapter Six - One Hundred

After the ladies left, my Aunt informed me that I wouldn't be working that night because my punishment wasn't over yet. She sent me back to my apartment with instructions not to try and use the toilet, because she could hear it if I flushed. I knew that to be true, and wouldn't dare defy her anyway.

"Last one" My Aunt announced as she entered my apartment holding the dreaded paddle. It was just after nine, so I knew she had just closed the store.

"After this you'll be forgiven for this diaper THING and will be allowed to act your age again.

Auntie took my diaper off, which I had only wet this time, and cleaned me up with some baby wipes. Then she rolled me onto my stomach and tied my wrists and ankles to the bed like she had done the first night. She rested the cool wood paddle on my naked backside, and I knew it wouldn't stay cool long.

"You need to remember this one, so let's see if you can count to a hundred."

She made it take an hour, and made the last ten licks some of the hardest I had ever felt. I stood in the corner for a half hour sobbing as Auntie straightened my room for me. Finally, she said I could get dressed, and that we were done. I felt a rush of relief, but it was quickly replaced by fear. I felt the words leave my lips but couldn't stop them.... and didn't really want to.

"But Auntie, what if I still want to wear diapers?"

"You're telling me even after the spankings and messy diapers you still want to be a naughty diaper boy?"

"Yes Ma'am."

The second my Aunt heard me admit I wanted to stay a naughty diaper boy she grabbed my arm and pulled me over to the bed. She sat and pulled me down over her lap and began to paddle my already sore backside as hard as she could. After twenty licks, she stopped.

"How about now? Do you still want to be naughty?"

Sobbing too hard to speak I nodded yes, and the spanking continued.

I took another two hundred licks, with only short breaks every so often where I would be made to say I was still a naughty boy. By the end, I was too worn out to fight, cry or do anything but take it. Finally, she let me up.

"Very well.

" was all she said. She got up silently, took a diaper from my dresser and pointed to the bed. I laid down and let her diaper me again. This time she didn't tie me up at all, just told me to go to bed and then she left.

I felt terrible. I knew she was disappointed in me, and worried she'd fire me, or make me move out of the apartment. Or worse, tell my mother what had been going on. I found myself crying, laying in bed in just a diaper, feeling more like a baby than a naughty boy. It took me a long time to fall asleep.

Chapter Seven - My New Mommy

"Good Morning Boy." At the sound of her voice I sat straight up in bed. It was the girl from the day before, the one my age who had come in with her mother.

"What are you doing here?" I asked, scrambling to cover myself with a sheet.

"Your Aunt called my Mom last night, told her that you were still a naughty boy and needed a Mommy to take care of you."

"But I thought your mom already diapers someone?" I asked, confused.

"Yeah, she totally dominates my step-father, it's quite funny.... But I don't think you understand, Your Aunt gave you to ME. I'm your new Mommy."

"I don't think..." I started to say.

" I don't care what you think BOY." She said rudely.

"I own you, and deep down you know that's EXACTLY what you want." I couldn't deny it. She ripped the sheet of me and grabbed the crotch of my diaper.

"You're dry." She said matter of factly.

"It's morning, you must need to pee." Nervously I admitted that I did.

"Good. Stand up, face me and do it." Shaking like crazy, I got out of bed and stood in front of her. She watched me for a minute, than stood up and slapped me across the face.

"I said I want you to piss in your diaper for me, right NOW!"

I stood there frozen with fear, knowing I had to find a way to do it. I closed my eyes and pleaded with my body to relax. After a few moments, I felt my bladder release and a slow warm stream filled my diaper.

"Keep going naughty boy." She complimented me, and stroked my now moist diaper bulge.

"Very naughty boy." When I finished she stroked my soaked diaper for a moment as she explained things to me...

"I'm going to make you a very happy boy, but you will also learn to do whatever Mommy tells you. I'm going to move in here with you so I can take care of you while allowing you to continue working for your Aunt. Both your Aunt and I can punish you at any time, and you WILL do exactly what either of us say. You will only pee in your diapers, but you may use the potty to make poo-poos unless you are being punished. Understand?"

"Yes Mommy." I whispered as my body tightened in the first stages of an orgasm from her continued massage of my diapered penis.

About a week later I was setting up a display in the store when a Mother came dragging behind her a boy of about twelve.

"Excuse me Sharon, " She said to my Aunt, "can you show this 'child' how naughty boys are handled around here." I started walking toward the counter, knowing full well what was coming.

"I certainly can." My Aunt answered looking down at the now frightened boy and then over at me.

"Come here Boy!" She snapped at me and I quickened my pace.

"You've been a naughty boy, haven't you?" She asked me. I nodded yes and looked down in shame.

"It's time to correct that."

'Correct' was a new code my Mommy had trained me with for the last week. So I immediately turned around, lowered my pants and diaper and bent over the counter. I heard the boy laugh and knew it was because I had wet the diaper earlier. My Aunt walked around the counter with the paddle in her hand, but walked past me and handed it to the boy.

"See how heavy it is. It hurts very much when used on a naughty bottom, and yet THIS Boy (she patted my back) has been so well trained that he is ready to take a spanking at any given moment. Do YOU need that kind of training from your Mom?"

"No!" The boy said worriedly.

"I hope not!" Auntie replied and took the paddle back.

"All Better!" Auntie said firmly, my cue to get up. I started to pull my diaper back up but she stopped me.

"You can't put a wet diaper back on Boy, go up and see your Mommy." I stepped out of the diaper and my pants and marched bare-bottomed through the store and into the backroom to the stairs.

The last thing I heard as I left was the boys mother saying "Where can I get one of those paddles Sharon?"

I went upstairs and presented the diaper and pants to Mommy, "Auntie told me to ask you to change me.

" I said obediently.

"Very good. Did she have to paddle you?" Mommy asked.

"No Mommy, she had to give another demonstration."

Mommy laughed as she reached for a fresh diaper and a tub of baby wipes.

"You are such a good boy sometimes."

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