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First Date - By Daily Diapers

My mother was always trying to fix me up with the daughters of her friends, and I had always managed to weasel my way out of it. But this time, I didn't. I didn't even try. I hadn't been out with a woman in some months, and was finally desperate enough to take a blind date set up by my Mom.

"She's a sweet girl from a nice family." was all my mother told me about. So of course, I figured she had to be ugly, or fat, or retarded. That kind of vagueness was never good.

I arrived at her house just before seven in the evening, to pick her up for the planned dinner and a movie. Nervously I rung the door bell, and she answered it immediately as if she had been standing at the door.

"Are you Billy?" She asked sternly. I noticed right away that she was beautiful, with long brown hair, and emerald green eyes. And my favorite, big breasts!

"William, " I corrected her, knowing that my mother must have told her Billy, my childhood name she still called me.

"And you must be..."

Before I could finish the sentence, Amanda, as I had been told her name was, grabbed my wrist and yanked me into her living room, slamming the front door behind me.

"Whoa, what's the..." I started to stammer, but was silenced by a hard slap across my cheek.

"Shut up, Billy." she ordered as she grabbed at my belt, pulling it forcefully from my pant loops. She pushed me hard, causing me to fall over the back of her couch, and immediately she began whipping me with my own belt. It didn't hurt that much with my pants still on, but it shocked me enough to keep me from trying to fight back.

My mouth opened and closed, trying to form words, as she started pulling at my pants, taking them down below my knees. She went back to whipping me, now on my briefs, and it hurt considerably more.

"Wait, Stop.." I started yelling, but she didn't listen and ripped my underwear off me, then continued to whip me on my bare backside, causing me to howl in pain, and making me begin to cry.

She whipped me until I was a blubbering mess, then ordered me to stand up and face her. I did as told, rubbing my backside and starring at her with pleading eyes, wondering what I had done to deserve this.

"Strip." she demanded, with no further explanation. Stunned, my backside burning, I did as she ordered, and stepped out of my pants and ripped briefs, then took off my shirt and undershirt. I shook with fear and chill as I stood before her nude.

"Follow me, and if you do what I say, we'll still get to fuck tonight like you probably had planned.

" She said sternly, and walked down the hall to a door that lead to the basement. I followed her down into the cool, dimply lit room.

The basement had been finished to be one large room, with the laundry and utility areas on one side, and what I instantly understood as a home-made dungeon on the other end. Amanda walked me over to a wood table that had a thin layer of padding on it.

"Bend over the end there." She instructed with a finger point. Scared, I followed her command, and laid there, shivering with fear as she took my left hand and attached it to the far end of the table with a leather cuff. Then she did the same with my right hand, leaving my arms immobile, stretched out in front of me. Next she placed a ball-gag in my mouth and tied it around the back of my head. Finally my legs were chained to the table-legs, leaving me bent over, spread eagle, totally under her control.

I watched as she walked over to a dresser against the wall and opened the top drawer. She took something out of the top drawer, and I started to whimper and cry. It was a thick paddle, and I knew I was about to get spanked again.

She walked behind me and gave me a painfully hard slap with the heavy wood paddle.

"Billy, you are my sissy now.

" She explained, then gave me another lick that caused my whole body to jerk against the restraints.

"Your mother sent you to me because she knows what you need.

" She continued, at the same time administering more licks with the paddle.

"You see, she cleaned out your closet the other day..." I started to whimper again, knowing what my Mom must have found.

"And what do you think she found?" She asked with another, harder paddle slap. It was rhetorical of course, as I was gagged and couldn't speak.

"She found your diapers... including the wet ones... She found your dildo... your butt plug... your magazines... and your rubber panties." Each item was recited like a charge in a criminal case, and was punctuated with another lick.

"She knows you are a diaper wearing, panty pissing sissy boy. But you're too old for her to take care of. So that job falls to me.

" She explained. Then she stopped talking for a minute, and focused her attention on my spanking, as I cried, screaming into the gag, my backside on fire. Finally she stopped, setting the paddle down on the table.

"Tomorrow, you're moving in with me.

" She said in a tone that made it clear that it was a final decision, not an offer.

"You will quit your job and go back to college where you will study to be a doctor. And when you are not at school, you will come home to me. And you WILL do all your school work, and get good grades, for if you don't or you don't obey me, you'll wind up strapped to this table again.

"In return, I will take care of you, pay your bills, keep you diapered, and treat you the way you clearly need to be treated. In time, we may have a normal loving relationship, but for now, you are in training, and will live to please me only. To Be Continued

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