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Friday Night Dom ... A DailyDiapers Original Story!

It was my 19th birthday, and I was in a major slump. My fianc... had cheated on me three days previously, and I was feeling pretty shitty. I called up my buddy Dave, and lamented my woes over the phone for a few minutes, when he stopped me and said,

" Man quit complaining, and do something about it."

I sniffed.

"What am I supposed to do about it?" I asked

"If you want my advice," He said.

"I'll give it to you in 3-step form. Step one, go online. Step two, find a woman. And finally, step three, have sex with her."

I looked down to my feet, thinking about what he said. After a moment, I looked back up and said.

"Where am I supposed to look online to find a girl who would just come over and have sex with me?"

"Get a pen." He said, his voice smug.

I grabbed a pen from the desk next to me, and wrote down the three websites he rattled off to me. Then, thanking him, hung up the phone and sat down to my computer.

I set the paper in front of me, just above the keyboard, and typed in the first address.

"Sexxxy Singles" the page screamed. I signed up for a free profile, uploaded my photo, and typed up some information about myself.

"Okay," I thought.

"Let's see what happens." I clicked on the "search" button, and typed in "Kinky". I clicked search.

Suddenly dozens of responses popped up. Women of all shapes and sizes, willing to all sorts of things. I nodded to myself. This could be fun. I had scrolled through a dozen or so pages, clicking on a profile here, and a picture there, when one caught my eye.

"Bondage Babe 69" was her name, and according to the page, dominating was her game. I had never tried anything like it before, and even thinking of the idea made my cock start to rise.

"Okay then," I said, to no the empty room, "Let's do this."

I clicked on the send reply button, and typed in my message.

"I am a first-timer, looking to be dominated. Anything goes, as far as I'm concerned." It stated. I looked at the message for a moment, then added.

"Let's meet up tonight."

After a few minutes of refreshing the page, I noticed the "New Message" icon pop up. I clicked it. One hand was on the mouse, the other softly rubbing my dick through my jeans.

"Sounds great," The message said. I could almost hear the purr in her voice, in the back of my head.

"Send me directions from downtown, and I'll be on my way shortly."

I typed in my address, and directions from the downtown park. Downtown was only six, or seven miles away. She would be here soon. I turned off the moniter and sat in my chair squeezing my throbbing cock.

Finally, after what seemed to be forever, I heard a knock on the door.

A voice screamed in my head.

"Alright, this is it!" I opened the door, and there she was. She was every bit as beautiful as her profile depicted. Long red hair flowing over her shoulders, and down over her breasts. And her breasts; full, large, perky nipples that I just wanted to roll my tongue over, and squeeze between my fingers and teeth, ever so gently. She had a thin torso, with legs from the ground up. All this was wrapped ever-so tightly in black leather.

My prick was so hard now that I thought it was going to explode. She walked in, closed the door, and before I had time to say a word had set the bag down and walked over to me.

She rubbed her hands seductively on my chest, arousing my nipples. Suddenly she seized one between her fingers and gave it a hard twist.

"Take your clothes off." She ordered.

I was shocked speechless.

"Take them off." She said again, louder and with more authority.

I immediately stripped down, my boner sticking out like a plump sausage.

"Did I tell you that you could get a boner, pervert? I think you're going to have to be punished."

She walked up behind me, grabbed me by the hair and whispered something in my ear and then shoved my head away.

"I've got something here that will make you think twice about getting a boner without my permission." She said, her voice just above a whisper. Her hands were rubbing softly against the tight leather covering her tits. I could feel my cock throbbing in spite of myself. She stopped rubbing her titties, and reached into her bag. After searching for a second, she pulled out a pair of Depends brand adult diapers.

"Put these on you dirty boy!" She yelled.

"Yes mistress." I replied, taking the diaper from her.

As I pulled on the diaper, she began rubbing her clit through the thong-style bottom of the outfit.

"Mmmm that feels good," She said.

"Come here and rub my pussy."

She slowly stripped out of her leather encasing, breasts heaving with each breath she took, and lay down on my couch.

"Get on your hands and knees, and crawl over to me." She ordered.

I did what she said. Her pussy lips were small, covering a tight hole that even my finger felt tight going into. I grabbed her clitoris between my fingers and began massaging it gently. She moaned softly as i circled my finger around, and over her throbbing clit.

"Does this please you?" I asked.

"Not as much as it could." She said.

"I want you to fuck my pussy with your tongue." She grabbed her pussy lips between her first two fingers and spread it open. She had the sweetest smelling pussy I had ever came across.

I ran my tongue across her tight lips, and began flicking it across her dripping clitoris. Then, in one quick movement, rammed it into her gaping hole, and began massaging her clit with my fingers.

She came almost immediately. Hard and fast. Her screams rang in my ear as she dug her nails into the flesh on my back.

"Yes, yes!" she moaned.

"Fuck me, as hard as you can." She said, her eyes fierce.

"If it will please you." I replied.

I stood her up and bent her over the back of the couch, my cock pressing against the front of the diaper so hard that it hurt. I slipped the diaper down around my feet, and tossed it to the floor.

I guided my cock expertly inside her hot, wet, cunt and began slamming it into her, over and over. I felt her twitch as she came again, gushing hot spurts of sticky liquid onto my couch. She screamed again, louder than the first time.

It was too much for me, I could feel myself close to coming. I slammed my penis into her a couple more times, and began to moan. She stood up and turned around, and grabbed my cock with both of her hands and shoved it into her mouth.

I watched in pure ecstasy as she rammed it deep into her throat again and again, harder each time, until I exploded in her mouth, moaning loudly as I came.

We lay there for a second, and then she got up. She put on her clothes, and grabbed her bag. I stood there not quite knowing what to say. She looked at me, kissed me on the cheek, and walked out never looking back.

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