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I'm the Babysitter ...

I wasn't expecting any company, so when the doorbell rang I was quite surprised. I looked through the peep-hole to see a young man in his late teens standing on the front porch. Feeling no threat from the small-framed man-boy I opened the door.


"Hello Miss. Are you the babysitter?" The boy asked in a shy voice that was higher than you would expect from someone his age.

"No, I think you have the wrong house." I explained, and started to close the door. He held out a piece of paper, stopping me.

"What is this?" I asked. When he didn't answer I gave an impatient sigh and tool the paper from him. It was a note, which I read to myself.


Cindy, You sounded down on the phone today, so I sent you a baby to take care of. I know you like that.

Your sis, Janice


Never tell your sister a secret, I thought to myself. It wasn't my fault, I was drunk and she asked me something about fetishes and my liquor-loosened lips spat out that I liked to treat men like the babies they are. I looked back at the boy before me, who stood there silently. It was only then that I noticed his khaki slacks were wet, starting at the crotch and running down his legs. He saw me looking at his wet pants and smiled, "I had an accident Miss."

"Well, you better come in then baby." I said, feeling a sudden warmth and desire fill my soul.

"Are you the babysitter?" He asked again, not moving from his spot.

"Yes, yes I am." I reached out my hand. He took it with his hand and followed me into the house.

"Better get you changed." I suggested, leading the young man toward what was once the guest bedroom. To my surprise the boy didn't flinch - or run away - when I unlocked and pushed open the guest room door, revealing the nursery I had created for my special guests. Taking my time, I walked him around the large room, past the twin-bed-sized crib, and the playpen on the floor, and stood him in front of the large dresser, which was topped with a soft pad... my changing table.

"You should be wearing a diaper, so you don't pee your pants." I said in a slightly scolding tone.

"Yes Miss, I need diapers." The boy replied obediently.

"Fine, we'll take care of that my baby boy." I reached out and unbuttoned his wet pants, and he shivered slightly.

"You want to be here, don't you?" I asked. This was the first time I hadn't chosen my own baby boy. He nodded yes.

"How old are you anyway?" I asked next, before things got too serious. He told me he was eighteen. His size and voice left me unsure. Feeling his pants pockets I located his wallet, took it out and read his drivers license... he had turned eighteen just a few weeks ago. Without another word, I put his wallet back, and unzipped the zipper of his pants. Pushing his soaked pants down to his ankles I was surprised to find he was wearing a pair of thick underwear, which were also soaked. Training pants. I pushed them down to meet his pants, and the boy stepped out of the wet garments, leaving him naked from the waist down.

"Give me your shirt." I instructed and the boy peeled his pocket-Tee off and handed it to me.

"I'll put these in the wash later" I assured him, setting his clothes aside for now. Sizing him up, and deciding I could, I placed one arm behind his back, and another behind his knees. Scooping him up in my arms I placed him on the changing table. He stared up at me in surprise, and I returned his gaze with a look that said 'Yes, I am strong enough to control you.' From a shelf above the table I reached into a tub of wipes, and pulled a handful of the wet cloths out. Laying the wipes over his privates, I pressed my palm against then and began to rub back and forth, cleansing his penis, balls, and the surrounding area. His dick started to stiffen immediately, so I stroked him gently through the disposable wipes, letting him enjoy the pleasures I could give him. In just minutes he came with a great shudder, but the wipes were there to catch his cum. I cleaned him again with a fresh wipe, and stalled for a minute, letting the throbbing subside as his penis shrank back to his normal size, which was an inch or two shorter than the average.

"Okay, diaper time." I announced when his penis had gone limp. He watched with seeming fasination as I selected the right diaper from the stacks above the table. I choose the thickest disposable I had, along with a booster pad. It was late, and this would likely be his overnight diaper. I unfolded the diaper between his legs, and placed the booster pad down the middle, then pushed the diaper toward him. He lifted himself up slightly, allowing me to slip the extra-thick diaper under him. As he lowered himself back down, I saw he shook his hips a little, enjoying the feeling of the thick diaper padding. This wasn't his first time, I realized then. Following a generous sprinkling of baby powder, I closed the diaper snugly around his body, encasing his penis in absorbent material just as it started to harden again.

"Stand up please." I asked sweetly, and the boy got to a sitting position then hoped off the table and stood before me. I moved him to the side, and opened a drawer in the dresser he had just been laying on. The drawer was loaded with pink and frilly garments. I looked up at him. He didn't speak, but his eyes told me everything. I closed the drawer, and opened the one below it. Blue boys garments were enclosed within, and I saw relief wash over him. Selecting a bright blue diaper cover and matching tee, I closed the drawer. The boy took the tee from my hand and pulled it over his head happily. I stretched the waist of the diaper cover, and held it out for him - he stepped into the leg holes obediently and I pulled the cover up, using my fingers to fit the waist and leg bands comfortably around the thick diaper. He looked down at himself, and smiled. Inside, I smiled too, though I kept a stern "in charge" expression on my face. I liked how quiet this boy was, and how he submitted immediately to my commands, even unspoken ones.

"That's better. That's how a baby boy should be dressed!" I took his hand again, and led him out of the nursery and back to the living room.

"See that mat there?" I asked, pointing to a thick pad in am empty corner of the room. He nodded.

"I want you to kneel there and face the corner. You should have been wearing a diaper and not peed in your pants, so you must be punished." A look of genuine sadness and shame filled the boys eyes, but he nodded and waddled over to the corner. He dropped to his knees and pressed his nose close to the corner. Not his first time-out either, I thought to myself.


"You can get up now!" I announced an hour later. I watched as he slowly rose and stood on shaky knees. He hadn't made a sound or issued any complaints... Just took his punishment. I liked that. He turned to face in my direction, and found me standing in the kitchen across the room from him. His eyes lit up as he saw the large high-chair that stood next to me.

"Yes, it's snack time." Was all the words it took from me before he ran over and stood by the chair. I picked him up by his armpits and sat him on the padded chair, then attached the waist and crotch belt that would keep baby from falling out. Next I slid the wooden tray into place until it clicked. Walking around to the back of the chair, I tied a cartoon bib around the boys neck, then set a plate of cookies and sippy cup of milk on his tray.

"Eat up and I'll be back in a minute." His plate was empty, and sippy-cup dry when I returned a few minutes later.

"All full?" I asked, and he nodded, smiling like he didn't have a care in the world.

"Good boy" I praised him. Removing the tray, I removed his bib and seatbelt and set him back on his feet. Leading him back to the nursery, I had him kneel in front of his crib-bed and say his prayers, whick to my pleasure included a prayer for his babysitter.

"Bedtime." I said when he was done, and lifted him up and placed him on the soft mattress. I kissed him on the forehead, then on his lips. He kissed me back and I felt his tongue swipe at my lips, so I parted my lips and let his tongue meet mine. As we kissed I slipped a hand down the front of his diaper and rubbed his penis which was stiff, but also soft-feeling from the baby powder. We continued like this until he came again, and then I wiped my hands clean with a baby wipe, then checked that his diaper and cover were still properly fitted. He looked lovingly at me as I pulled a soft comforter up and tucked him in. I kissed him again, just on the forehead this time, then raised the crib railing, hearing the bars lock into place with a click.

"Good night baby boy."


"Morning Miss" the boy greeted me groggily as I lowered the railing of the crib. It was early, and I hadn't meant to wake him just yet.

"Sshhhhh, close your eyes." I whispered, and waited for him to comply. Sometime during the night he had kicked the covers off him, so his bright blue diaper cover was easily accessible. I pulled the pants down as gently as I could, exposing a very wet diaper... as I expected. I slowly peeled back the tape tabs of the diaper, and pulled the well-wet brief out from under him. After cleaning him carefully with baby wipes, I slid a new diaper under him, powdered his penis and balls, and fastened the new diaper into place. I decided against trying to put the diaper cover back on, instead pulling his tee shirt down over the top of the diaper, then replacing the covers over him. As I slid the bars back into place I heard soft snores... he was sound asleep again like a good baby.

To Be continued

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