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Mommy's Cute Bundle of Joy

Cherry was getting a little fed up of having to wait hand and foot on her husband Pete. He was forever dropping his clothes on the floor, not wiping his feet when he entered after being outside in the snow or the mud. He was generally just plain lazy and she ended up having to baby him every day.

Since he was such a suck up and a baby at heart and needed everything done for him she decided to treat him like the true baby he was.

She had organised having a sexy lingerie party and after asking him to make arrangements with his mates to go to the game or something he never bothered. This infuriated her and it was the last straw. Cherry decided it was time to teach him a lesson he would remember for a very long time.

Cherry looked around the door over her glasses at him. He was sitting there playing with his car models and generally making a mess which she would no doubt have to clean up later. She knew he had a modelling meeting to go to at the end of the week but with her friends coming over she decided enough was enough.


"Hmm... yes dear!"

"Pete, since I have to wait on you hand and foot every day... actually it's day in day out, I am going to start treating you like the baby I have always wanted. I'm going to be your mommy... ok!"

Pete had no idea about what she was talking about really. She often nagged him, but never ever complained about picking up after him until now.

"I'm going to be your mommy... and I'm going to change your diaper for you and feed you and if you don't behave for me I will spank your little bottom."

Pete thought she had gone absolutely crazy but he wasn't game enough to argue with her. He knew that she would never take no for an answer... so he went along with her... what did he have to lose, he loved being waited on. Besides her friends thought he was cute too and he always went out of his way to help them out when they came to visit.

It was all part of the game he played with her. What the hell, wearing a nappy wasn't so bad and besides who would know?

Before he had a chance to say anything else about the matter, Cherry took him by the hand and made him crawl with her into the lounge. She immediately found a blue pacifier for him and pushed it into his mouth...

"Now little Pete... you are now my baby, you can't speak like an adult... you can only goo and gahhh when you need to say something... ok?"

"Goo.... Goo... Gaa!"

That was all Pete was game enough to say. He knew now she was quite serious and he had let himself liking this moment more and more.

Cherry convinced him to sit on the blanket in the middle of the lounge room floor. She joined him and began stripping him out of all his clothes. With a warm baby bath of water next to them she washed him down from head to foot before sprinkling baby talc all over him. It was then that he saw the diaper. She wrapped it around his bottom and groin and secured before dressing him in a little sailors outfit that she had one of her friends make for her.

The clothes were large enough for a grown man but they were definitely baby clothes. With him all fluffed up he began to get the hang of being her baby boy. He started making baby noises for his mommy... so Cherry talked back to him in baby talk and told him that he was a good little baby and she did love him. She truly did.

Pete was glowing and Cherry could see that. It was almost as if the inner glow from his childhood was coming back to him along with the attention she had given him since they were married. He snuggled up to her almost and it was almost like he was experiencing a love that was very special between him and Cherry, his mommy. Something that was a very moving and unconditional and his baby talk came from within...

Both of them were caught of guard because he was able to revert back to his baby days and how it came back to him so easily. Cherry loved him dearly and was prepared to treat him well as mommy and wife and to help him accept his new role as her baby and she would do everything she could to be a loving mommy. She would do everything for him, exactly as she had been doing for so long... but this time it would be different.

Having her baby's attention 24 hours a day was working wonders for Cherry. She was more accepting of him and doing everything for him. She enjoyed bathing him, changing his nappy and even spanking his bottom when he was a very naughty boy.

Cherry loved her baby dearly...

The lingerie party was going to be a huge success. With every acceptance she told the women that her new baby Pete would be there too. She told them that he was such a good boy and she wanted to show him off.

When the ladies arrived ready... he was sitting very quiet watching them all arrive. Dressed in a new outfit that Cherry had picked up for him he was looking very smart and he loved the attention he was getting. Because he was such a good baby and was sitting up looking around, Cherry gave him some crayons and paper to play with.

Well he was such a good boy that he decided while the ladies were all looking at the sexy lingerie that he would decorate the walls.

The ladies were all giggling but when Cherry looked over she saw how naughty her good little baby was being... She wondered why his gooing and gahhhing had stopped. Cherry told him that he was a naughty little boy.

She took Pete by the hand and led him to the lounge where she had been sitting before she caught him drawing on everything. Pete knew what was going to happen to him and he sucked and sucked on his pacifier, faster and faster because he knew that his mommy was going to spank him for being a very naughty baby.

His mommy undid his diaper so all her friends could see what she was doing. He was getting really embarrassed and shy because when the diaper dropped his little willie was on display for all to see. He tried to cover it up but she kept pulling his hands away as she positioned him so he was bent over her knee.

Cherry spanked her baby on the bottom, gently at first and then a little harder so the ladies giggled as they watched Pete squirming around on his mommy's knee.

"Goo, ga, ga, ga, goo, gaaaaa", Pete cried...

He was sobbing and gahhhing at the same time.

Cherry told Pete to crawl off her knee so she could put his diaper back on. She managed to put his diaper back on without any trouble at all, but no sooner did she have in place that he began cooing and caaaing and the spell of urine was in the air.

"Ohhh baby... you are playing with me... aren't you?"

Pete smiled sweetly up at her because he knew that she'd have to change him again and he could be on show for all the lovely ladies who were watching her and him.

Cherry undid the tabs and pulled the diaper from his body. She wiped him down with a baby cloth before sprinkling talc all over him. He grabbed his willie and played with it, much to the delight of the women watching.

He was showing off like the baby he was and he knew that his mommy would not be impressed. Cherry pushed his hands away and managed to get his diaper in place, before leaving him on the floor with the playpen around him.

Pete watched the ladies trying on the sexy lingerie and as he did so he rubbed his willie up and down in the diaper and over the rug. He knew that if he kept watching them and rubbing his body up and down the way he was, he'd have to have his diaper changed again soon.

He was trying so hard to wet his diaper so his mommy could change him in front of all these nice ladies.

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