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There's this website online and from the day I found it by accident looking for sites on submissive men and women. Now all I keep doing is fantasizing about what it would be like to appear on or in one of those sites.

All the men and women get around in something nothing more than a diaper. It really intrigued me and finally after searching for many hours I found costume place in the next town that could help me. I rang the owner Jo and asked if I could come and check out the diapers that she sold.

She was more than helpful. Jo had different color diapers for me to choose from, different sizes from extra small adult to extra, extra, extra, extra large and then some. She assured me I'd need a medium for a little extra bum room.

"I always keep a few extra diapers spare if you would like to try one on... to make sure it is the right size..."

I looked at Jo. It was almost as if she knew what I was thinking. Her smile was so warming and I couldn't find it in myself to say no. Instead I asked her which way I had to go to get to the change room. I felt like I was in a trance as I followed her down the long hall to the private rooms.

Jo really did have a good set up and I tried to make chit chat as I followed her...

"Do many people ask about diapers...?"

"Well yeah sweetie, they do. I'm always stocking up on them because most men and women love to dress up as adult babies for their fancy dress parties that are held every week."

"Every week? Wow..."

Gee I was man of many words that afternoon. I now had fancy dress parties on my mind.



"How do I plan a fancy dress party and is there a way that I can film it or have someone take lots of photos?"

I had so many ideas running around in my mind all because I was eager to send off some photos to this website to see if they could use them.

"Well, first up you need to have permission from everyone that will be at your party before you go around filming them, secondly, I can help you organise that party if you want one and third... if you are that keen on having photos done, I can send my partner around and he can do some photos of you and your partner before the actual party starts."

I looked at her with my eyebrow cocked high...

"Now that is an idea..."

"It sure is sweetie. Why don't you try that diaper on and I'll go and work out a few ideas for you while you do!"

I waited till I heard Jo walk down the long hall back to her desk at the front of the shop. I stripped out of my jeans and wondered if I should remove my boxers and decided it would be easier to put the diaper on if I had nothing on under it.

So there I was standing naked in the change room. I had a huge mirror in front of me and with diaper in hand I held the back of it against my bottom and pulled the flap that came around the front up between my legs. I made a mental note that laying down flat on the bed at home would be much easier than this.

I already knew Sally would be interested in a fancy dress party, but I couldn't wait to tell her what sort of party it would be. Once I had the flaps in place and the tabs pulled around so they were stuck really well, I stood with my hands on my hips in front of the mirror.

Looking around to my left, I could see behind me in another mirror. I had to admit that I looked pretty good in those blue diapers. Now I had them on I didn't want to take them off so I slipped my boxers over the top followed by my jeans and walked back down to the front of the store where Jo was waiting for me.

Jo looked at me funny when she saw me. She knew that I had the diaper on underneath my clothes but she never said a word. I picked out the items I needed to play with and Jo asked me if the weekend was too soon for a party.

By the time I walked out the door, her partner Greg had been organized to take photos before the party, I had ordered enough diapers to last a lifetime, some pacifiers for Sally and I and the guests and baby bottles that we could fill with our favorite drinks. Jo did warn that the party might get a little sexual if it went well so I was to be prepared for that also. She said she'd through in a few adult sex games also being as we were spending up big.

Finally Saturday arrived and Sally and I were both as nervous as each other. At first she was a little skeptical about the idea of dressing as adult babies wearing diapers but she soon got used to the idea. I can't get her out of them now...

She had her hair tied back in little pigtails, she wore a pink diaper and I wore blue and we were already enjoying our favorite juice mixed with a little vodka to help us through the night. All the food had been prepared before hand for babies of course and now we were waiting for Greg to arrive.

During the week I had shown Sally the website I had seen and she had really gotten turned on just from looking at it. Our sexual relationship really became heated the last couple of days especially when we talk about our fantasies surrounding our diaper wearing.

At 5:30pm the doorbell went. Sally was a little nervous and I was both. Excited and nervous at the same time...

We both answered the door and showed Greg inside. He was like Jo... he got us into position and talked us into various poses for the camera. It was going beautifully.

He clicked away as we sucked on our bottles, hitting each other with our pacifiers, both of us crawling around the floor on our hands and knees, wiggling our little diaper covered bottoms and of course he caught us sitting together sucking on our pacifiers.

Together we sat holding hands, taking in the moment. Greg moved us a round a little until we were sitting in a pose that may one day make the front page or tour of the site. We sucked on those pacifiers while we sat patiently as he walked around, snapping shots as he went.

Greg told us there was no need for this small photo session to be sexual or anything like that because adult baby diaper lovers can have a lot of fun just from the dressing up side of it. He even went as far as telling us about a party that he and Jo will be hosting in a few weeks time where most of the guests will be dressed in diapers while the others will be there as their mommies and daddies.

As several of the guests started to arrive, Greg suggested he leave so we could enjoy. Our guests looked awesome, dressed to the nines in their baby gear and diapers. We saw Greg out and we invited the guests inside. Sally handed out the pacifiers to each adult baby and I filled their bottles with their favorite drink.

The party was a huge success and by the time Monday rolled around we were all hooked. Greg sent the photos over on a disc for us to send off to the website and our Invitation to attend Jo and Greg's party arrived.

We were invited to a party... where we could pose again for photos for their own personal adult baby diaper lovers' website. The same one that we had sent our photos to.

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