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Neighbor Baby ...

I was sitting on the porch enjoying the cool spring morning when I saw my next door neighber slinking down the walk to get her morning paper. She bent over, causing her gown to ride up enough for me to see her underwear. It was thick, and shiny... plastic almost. It took me a few more seconds to figure out it was a diaper. I made the connection just as she spun around and stared directly at me.

"Why don't you just come over here and change me if you're so interested?" She sneered sarcastically.

"Can I really?" I asked with an evil grin. She put her hands on her hips, again making her gown ride up, but she didn't seem to care. She stared me down for a few seconds, then finally said.

"Whatever, come on over if you want to." She started back up the walk, and I was off my porch in an instant. I caught up to her as she reached her door, and she shook her head in the way that girls do when they think boys are acting like boys. But she motioned for me to follow her. We walked quietly down the hall to her bedroom, where she immediately took off her gown. She was standing in front of me in just a soggy disposable diaper. She was older than I, maybe twenty-two at the most, and her tits were small but firm and perky. Her long brown hair flowed over her shoulders, half cascading down over her breasts, the rest reaching down her back. She turned a little red when she realized I was admiring her body... and that only made me want her more.

Finally she turned away from me, and pulled a bed pad from the shelf under her nightstand drawer. She placed it on the bed, and then laid down with her bum centered on the pad. A changing pad, I realized as I stood over her, looking down into her green eyes.

"Do you know what you're doing?" She asked with a smile. I nodded that I did and pulled over a tub of baby wipes that were on her nightstand.

"Then get to it, I don't want to get a rash." My hands started to shake with excitement as I pulled at the tab closest to me, opening the left side of her diaper. There were two tapes on each side, so I slowly removed each one, then pulled down the front of the diaper, revealing her perfectly smooth shaved skin, glistening from the wetness of the diaper she had been wearing. Using two baby wipes, I carefully cleaned her front, and down toward her backside. She lifted her bottom, so I wiped further back, then pulled the diaper out from under her, set the used wipes inside and rolled it up into a ball.

"Where are the fresh diapers?" I asked. She pointed to her closet, so I opened the door and immediately saw the bag of Attends diapers. I took one from the bag and brought it over to her. I felt weird doing it, but something compelled me to unfold the diaper and take a big sniff of the inside. It was sweet smelling in a way, and I liked it. I laid the diaper under her and diapered her, though I hated to cover up such a beautiful crotch as hers.

"Good job Daddy." She smiled as I fixed the last tape tab, making sure the diaper was good and snug around her hips.

"Your turn!" She announced, and pulled me onto the bed with her. She got up, practically holding me down as she yanked my pants and boxer shorts off.

"very nice" she said, seeing my throbbing erecting I had been trying to hide since first seeing her naked body.

Within five minutes I was diapered just like her, only she was now the mommy, I realized as she guided my head toward her breast. I felt a firm nipple brush against my lips, and opened up to accept her gift. I sucked gently on the nipple, and though no milk came out, it still felt great. I felt her hand on my diaper, rubbing me through the plastic and padding. I reached out and massaged her other nipple as I sucked on the one.

"You like that baby?" She asked, and I mumbled "um hum" and kept sucking and licking her nipple.

"Why don't you come by tonight, and I'll show you my special room for babies like you." Nancy suggested as I pulled my pants back on, over a second disposable diaper. She had changed me out of the first diaper, which I had peed and came in. She was dressing for work, buttoning a white blouse over her own diaper.

"Yes Mommy" I said with a big smile.

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