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Nurse James

Part One

My mom warned me about paying the ticket, but I just forgot about it. Now here I was in handcuffs being marched into the county jail. They had showed up at the house early in the morning and took me straight from my bed and into custody. I was still in my pajamas, and under them a wet diaper, which was about to be exposed as one of the officers ordered me to strip so I could be searched. I was crying and shaking as I took my top off, then pushed my bottoms to the ground. I started to pull at one of the tabs holding my diaper on when the officer said to stop.

"Leave that on for now." he said evenly, as if a normal occurrence.

"Turn around and face the wall." He said and proceeded to search everywhere except in my diaper, though he did pat and squeeze the area to be sure I had no solid objects hidden within.

"Come with me, " The officer instructed after he stuffed my pajamas in a bin that he wrote my name on.

We walked down a long hallway past several glass-walled cell blocks where the inmates laughed and called out to me, saying things like "Come in here baby, I'll take care of you." I was getting very scared, but the officer put a hand on my shoulder and gently said "Don't worry, you're not going in with those kinds of people." He led me to a door marked "clinic" and knocked. A young woman in blue jeans and a sweatshirt opened the door and looked right at me, then down to my diaper, then up at the officer.

"Intake?" She asked.

"Yes Ma'am, " the officer replied, "I assume you'll want him on the medical block?" The woman nodded then put a hand on my shoulder and led me inside, closing the door behind us.

"I'm sorry to have to do this, but it's policy when I am alone with an inmate." She said when I laid on the exam table and she handcuffed my hands to the sides of the table.

"My name is Nurse James, I'm here to help." She said in a reassuring voice.

"And, according to your paperwork, your name is William Cotter." She added with a smile when I didn't answer right away. I was still crying as she took my temperature and blood pressure, though she kept trying to tell me everything was going to be fine. She began to poke and prod my body, giving me a full physical, then she started to un-tape my soaking wet diaper.

"How long have you been in diapers?" She asked. I told her I had been wearing them for just a few months, and prayed she didn't ask me why since I had no actual need for them.

"Do you wear them around the clock?" She asked, and I nodded shyly. With my diaper completely off she rolled it into a ball and threw it out, than went over to a cabinet and took out a washcloth, which she soaked in warm water. Nurse James came back over and proceeded to thoroughly wipe down my diaper area, having me push up with my legs so she could get my backside as well. She set the washcloth aside then returned to her exam, pushing on my abdomen, then lower and examing my penis and testicles.

"A little red, you need to take better care of your skin." She suggested, making notes on a clipboard.

"Try to calm down sweetheart, I'll help you dress in a minute." Nurse James went over to her desk, then made some more notes on my chart. Picking up the phone, she dialed two numbers, and I listened carefully as she spoke.

"This is Ms. James, I'm going to assign Cotter to J1 instead of the medical block.... Yes I realize he is 18, but the juvenile block is empty right now, and I think the quiet block and one-on-one attention would do him good." She talked for another minute, then got up from her desk and opened another cabinet.

"Medium?" She asked, picking up a disposable diaper that was much thicker than the cheap store-brand one I was wearing. I nodded yes, and she smiled, bringing the diaper over to me.

"I'm putting you in our one-on-one center, it's usually for juveniles, but it's empty and I'm sure you'd rather be away from the others." I nodded. As she spoke, she laid the diaper under me and taped it on snugly, carefully tucking the leg gathers around my thighs. Removing my handcuffs ("J-blockers don't need these."), she helped me sit up and then stand. She went back to the cabinet and removed a pair of blue pajamas that had a strangely juvenile animal print on them.

"Put these on." Nurse James commanded then went over to her desk. She pulled back a set of curtains, exposing a window that looked in on a small cellblock with two beds and a sitting area with a TV and various toys on shelves.

"I was able to convince the sheriff that delinquent juveniles really needed a quiet place to be held until the courts decide how best to help or punish them." She explained seeing the confused look on my face. She unlocked a door and pushed it all the way open. I followed her into the large room and she led me over to one of the beds. I sat down, at her insistence, and immediately recognized the crinkle of a plastic covered mattress.

"We don't lock that door, ever..." She explained, pointing at the door we had just come though.

"... but you are expected to stay in here unless called into the clinic, or you require immediate attention. And of course the other clinic door remains locked, so you won't be able to leave, just get yourself in trouble, if you try to go that way. You'll be changed regularly by myself or the night nurse, and we'll bring you your food and meet any other needs you may have. Do you have any questions?"

"How long will I be here?" I asked, still sobbing slightly.

"Until tomorrow at least, when you will go to court to see the judge. He'll then decide how you should be punished for not paying your fines."

"Is he a nice judge?" I asked nervously.

"Friendly, yes. But also strict. Most young men who don't pay their finds get thirty days to think about it." She said as gently as she could "... but, he tends to look favorably on boys who accept responsibility for their actions and who he feels has been punished appropriately already."

"I know I should have paid the fine, but how do I get punished before then?" I asked, starting to cry harder again.

"That's why I had you moved here, we're going to take care of that for you." She said, a little more sternly.

"For now, lay down and get some rest. I have to go do your paperwork." I didn't think I'd be able to sleep, but getting woken so early I was still tired and quickly drifted off.

Part Two

I felt my pants being pulled down and awoke with a start.

"Just checking" Nurse James said, giving my diaper a pinch, and finding it still dry.

"Lunch is on the way, and I didn't want you eating while stinking of pee." She explained, pulling my pajama pants back up. Then she leaned over and whispered into my right ear "If the officers find out you don't need diapers you'll be moved to a regular cellblock. Make sure you're not dry when the night nurse checks you." She winked at me, then went back to her office. As soon as she had her back turned, I relaxed my bladder, soaking my diaper. I wondered how she knew I didn't need them, but decided just to play along since she seemed to be trying to help me.

Lunch wasn't very good, but Nurse James had told me to clean my plate, so I ate it all obediently.

"Good boy!" She said with a smile when she took my tray away.

"I assume you need to be changed this time?" She asked accusingly when she returned. I nodded, and she led me back into the clinic and onto the table. She took off my pajama bottoms and wet diaper, and washed me down again, but did not redress me. Instead she opened a draw under the exam table and produced a a wooden paddle that was the size and shape of a ping-pong paddle, but without the rubber pad.

"This way son." She said and I followed her back into J-block. She laid a pillow in the center of my bed.

"Lay down." I was starting to shake, but tried to remind myself that she was trying to help me, so I laid on the bed with the pillow placed in such a way as to raise my bum up.

"It's okay to cry" Nurse James said sweetly, then brought the paddle down hard on my left cheek. My whole body jerked and I yelped from pain and surprise. The next whack went to my right cheek, and then back to the left, and so on. She was clearly experienced with paddling and delivered a severe spanking that left my crying like a baby.

"Stand in the corner please." She said putting the paddle down. She followed me over and acted as if positioning me, but again whispered into my ear "I'm going to have to let one of the officers whip you, it's going to hurt, but they need to know you've been punished and the night nurse needs to see a welt or two. I'm very sorry." She went back to the clinic and I heard her on the phone. My backside was already sore and I knew it was going to get worse, and that scared me so much that what little urine had been produced since I had wet my diaper now trickled down my legs, forming a small puddle by my feet. I cringed when I heard the knock at the door, and heard the voice of the officer who had arrested me talking to Nurse James.

"Good, I was hoping it would be you." the nurse said and made a 'whew' sound.

"He's a good kid, just forgot to pay a ticket. Can you help me out?"

"Come here and bend over boy." I turned around, covering myself with my hands, and walked slowly over to the bed.

"It's okay Billy, " Nurse James said, "Officer Bradly is a friend, he's going to help us out." I relaxed a little, but still feared the wide leather belt he held in his hand. I hesitated a moment, then bent over and placed my hands on my bed.

"I can whip you lightly for a long time, or I can give you too hard licks sure to leave marks, and be done with it." Officer Bradly explained. I asked for the second option and clenched my teeth as I felt him brush the belt against me, setting his aim. I screamed loudly after the first strike and jumped up from the intense pain. Officer Bradly let me hop up and down for a minute, recovering from the below, then said "Let's get this over with." and pushed me back into position. The second lick hit lower on my backside and I screamed and jumped again. Nurse James rushed right over and took me into her arms, hugging me as a cried harder than I ever had.

"Sorry son, but I assure you it's better than a month in the general lockup." the officer said, then left me alone with the nurse. She held me for several minutes, letting me cry it out.

"Okay, I have to get a photo for your file. Go stand in the corner for me again." She said, then went to her desk and removed an instant camera. I stood in the corner and waited. After a minute or two I saw a flash go off, and then another and heard the whir of photos being spit out by the camera.

"Lean on the table" Nurse James said after she let me leave the corner. We were back in the clinic, standing in front of the exam table.

"Please, no more." I cried thinking I was going to be beaten more, but she promised this would feel better, and I reluctantly bent over.

"This is going to feel cold." The cold cream on my red hot backside shocked me, but I tried not to jump as she spread the cream over my backside.

"For diaper rash technically, but it'll cool your bottom too." She said as I felt the fire going away, leaving only the stinging pain from the two welts Officer Bradly had given me.

"Turn around." She instructed. I did and she applied more of the cream to my front side, covering my penis and balls in the white spread.

"You really do need to take better care of yourself if you're going to wear diapers. Shower everyday and use this cream to protect your skin." She diapered me where I stood, thankfully not making me lay down, then sent me back to my bed. I laid on my stomach and cried into my pillow as the stinging and burning continued.

After dinner Nurse James called me back into the clinic. My diaper was wet, so she took it off, washed me down and applied more cream to my front and back.

"Mrs. Jade is the night nurse, if she asks you anything the correct response is 'Yes Nurse' or 'No Nurse' you don't want to get on her bad side. She likes to use the belt herself if you give her a reason too." As she told me this, she put another diaper on me.

"Take these." She said handing me some pills.

"The blue one will make you need to poop, the pink & yellow ones will make you sleepy so you'll mess your diaper in your sleep. If you mess yourself in your sleep Nurse Jade won't question your need for diapers.

I took the pills and then put on a clean pajama bottom. Nurse James walked me back into the block and tucked me into bed. She turned off the lights and told me she'd be in the clinic if I needed anything. The pills and the workout my backside has gotten seemed to work together and I found myself falling asleep rather quickly.

Part Three

"An eighteen year old baby!" Nurse Jade sneered. She was an older woman who looked as mean as she acted.

"Unbelievable." She added as she wiped feces off my backside.

"Second time you've crapped your pants! They don't pay me enough for this." When she said that, I knew the pills had worked and a stinky diaper had awaited her when she had checked on me in the night. I bit my tongue to keep from crying.

"At least it looks like you got a good whipping!" She squealed with much delight as she slapped my clean but still tender cheeks. She reached into the drawer and took the paddle out and started slapping my ass with it. I started crying immediately, and that only seemed to make her hit me harder.

"Naughty little sissy boy gets himself arrested, and I have to change his shitty diapers!" she moved in circles around my backside, leaving no part unsmacked as the pain grew and I cried louder.

"If you mother had whipped you some more maybe you wouldn't be here."

"That's enough Mrs. Jade." Officer Bradly said from the doorway. Between her smacks and my cries neither of us had heard the door open.

"Cotter has already gotten punished by me, so I HOPE you're not abusing him for being unable to keep his pants dry." Nurse Jade put the paddle down and quickly diapered me while Officer Bradly watched.

"The boy obviously needs discipline." She snapped at Bradly as she attached the last tape.

"Get in your bed!" She snarled at me, and I jumped down with a quick "Yes Nurse" and ran into the other room, throwing myself into bed and pulled the covers over my head. I heard Officer Bradly lecture Mrs. Jade about what was and wasn't her job.

"If I catch you abusing any inmate again you'll be out of a job. Nurse James and I are allowed to administer reasonable discipline through a special court program. YOU can't be trusted with such a sensitive task." Fearing what Nurse Jade would be like after her lecture I stayed under the blanket the rest of the morning.

"Hey, come out from under there." Nurse James said, patting my back. Glad to hear her voice I pulled the blanket back and smiled up at her.

"Morning Nurse James"

"Morning baby, we need to get you dressed, you have to be in court in a little while." She said, and started to remove my diaper right there in bed.

"Go through that door over there, and take a shower." When I returned from my shower, Nurse James led me back to the clinic and went through the process of diapering me again in her kind way, with plenty of cool cream before the soft diaper.

"Shouldn't I wear real clothes?" I asked when she handed me another set of pajamas.

"Nope." was all she said, so I put on the blue flannel pants and top just as Officer Bradly came to take me upstairs to the courtroom.

I stood as still as possible in my pajamas before the judge, though my knees shook a little and I felt like I might faint from fear at any moment.

"A blue boy?" The judge asked, pointing at my outfit.

"He's 18, you sure that's appropriate?"

"Yes Sir, and Nurse James obviously thought so too." Officer Bradly replied.

"Let me see his file." The judge requested and Bradly walked the folder up to the bench. I turned red with shame as the judge held a photo of what I assumed was my well-spanked backside.

"Little harsh don't you think?" He asked the cop, who quickly replied.

"His age sir, we thought he needed a little extra... well just extra." He said hitching his wide leather belt up dramatically.

"I see." The judge said thoughtfully. Then he looked down at me "Have you learned your lesson?"

"Yes Sir, I'm sorry I didn't pay my fine."

"Very well young man. But, I agree with Officer Bradly that a boy your age needs more than the juveniles we usually allow in the blue boy program. I think seven days in J-block would....

"Sir, if I may..." Officer Bradly spoke up, interrupting the judge.

"Nurse Jade has taken a dislike for Cotter here because of his medical problems." With that, he reached over and turned down the front of my pajamas, exposing my diaper to the Judge.

"It would not be in the boy's best interest for him to be in J-Block at night.

The Judge considered my diapered state for a moment, then announced.

"Very well. Young man, you will report to Nurse James' home each Saturday... Officer Bradly will give you the address.... and you'll receive your discipline from Nurse James in her home.

"For how many weeks Sir? I asked, not knowing how many Saturday's he considered equal to the seven days he was about to sentence me too. The judge smiled, as did officer Bradly...

"He said EVERY Saturday son." Officer Bradly said gently.

"Every Saturday" he repeated.

"Yes Sir" I said, accepting the judgment.

To Be Continued

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