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The Secret Room

Chapter One

"This bookcase moves!" I said, surprised. We had just moved into a new home a few weeks earlier and we were still getting settled in. I had been removing old books from a full length bookcase when one book turned out to be a lever that released a section of shelves from the wall.

"Really? Let me see." My mom said, coming over. I pulled on the book again and slowly pulled the shelves away from the wall. It swung open like a door, revealing the secret room hidden behind it.

"What the fuck?" I spat out with shock as we stepped into a room that seemed to be a combination of a nursery and an S/M dungeon.

"What your mouth!" My mom scolded as she too surveyed the room.

"Very interesting..." she added as we walked around the large room admiring the dusty furnishings which included a crib, a high chair and a changing table - all sized for a grown person rather than a baby. Three quarters of the room were clearly designed to be a nursery for a large baby. There were still stacks of diapers and plastic panties on shelves; and powders and creams by the changing table. A nearby closet held more diapers, panties, dresses and other baby clothes.

The fourth corner was much scarier. Chains hung from the wall beside a rack that held paddles, whips and other painful-looking instruments. I looked at an odd wooden bench which my mom explained was for administering spankings. I wondered how she knew, but quickly forgot about it as I tugged on the heavy leather restrains that I was sure no naughty baby would be able to escape.

"There were definitely some interesting people living here before us." My mom joked as we left the room and shut the hidden doorway.

"We'll just stay out of there for now... and someday we'll turn it into an office or something.

"A creepy, windowless office...." I said, nodding in agreement. Secretly, I knew I would return later - on my own - to explore it some more.

Chapter Two

It took me two weeks to make it back to the secret room. Mom had finally gone back to work so I figured after school would be my best chance to get a few hours in the nursery before she got home from work. I ran home from the bus stop, tossing my backpack aside and ran up to the bookcase and yanked on the special book. Excitedly I slipped into the room and closed the doorway behind me for extra privacy.

To me surprise the room had been cleaned from top to bottom. The dust and cobwebs were gone, the wood furniture polished, and the crib dressed in clean sheets and a freshly washed comforter. My mom must have worked on it at night when I was asleep. I wasn't too surprised - my mom was a bit a neat freak, and the idea of a filth room would drive her crazy!

I went over to the closet and selected one of the thickest-looking disposable diapers and a pair of stretch rubber diaper cover. With trembling hands I took the garments over to the crib, lowered the railing and placed them on the fresh linens. As quick as I could I stripped down to just my socks and climbed onto the high mattress. I picked up the diaper and examined it. It was soft, and cool and felt kind of nice, so I unfolded it and laid it under me. I had some difficulty getting the tape tabs attached, but in the end managed to get the diaper on nice and snug. I pulled the stretchy rubbers over my toes, my feet, up my legs and over the bulky diaper. Pulling at the waistband of the rubber pant, I looked at the smooth plastic diaper, then let the rubber pant go with a comforting snap against my waist.

Anticipating this moment, I had avoiding urinating at school so I really had to go. Resting my head on a soft pillow I tried to relax. In truth I felt a little silly laying there in a diaper and rubber underwear - but it also felt warm and secure having the soft padding surround my most sensitive parts. After a few minutes I was finally able to relax enough for a few drops of urine to flow out before my potty-training kicked in and my muscles clamed tight, stopping my bladder from emptying. Softly I repeated "I want to wet myself, I am TRYING to wet myself..." over and over, trying to convince my body to obey. Finally it did and a heavy stream of urine filled the diaper, making it even more warm and squishy. I laid there - weirdly proud of myself - and enjoyed the feel of a wet diaper... and then another urge hit me. I needed to poop!

I wasn't brave enough to mess my first diaper so I jumped up and hurried to the door to go to the bathroom. I reached for the door knob... but there wasn't one! I looked for a lever or button or some other way to open the doorway from the inside, but there just wasn't one! "Oh Shit!" I swore, and meant it in more than one way. Why hadn't I made sure there was w way to get out before closing the door? It was a hidden dungeon, I should have figured it would be designed to keep someone locked in!

I sat back on the crib mattress, scared of what U knew I was going to have to do. The pressure in my belly was getting worse and I knew I was going to have a real accident if I didn't get out of there! Reluctantly, I picked up my pants and fished my cell phone out of its pocket. With trembling fingers I dialed Mom's work number.

"I'm sorry; I can't leave early my first day back. You're just going to have to stay there until I get home!" Mom then asked why I was in there to begin with. I lied and said I was just checking it out again, but here tone made it clear that she knew I had been playing around in one way or another.

I checked my watch after hanging up the phone. It was only 3:45. Mom wouldn't be home for at least an hour and a half, and I knew I couldn't hold it that long. With the urge turning painful I decided it was pointless to fight it. I spread my legs, closed my eyes and pushed.

Chapter Three

I couldn't find any baby wipes or wash cloths or anything to clean up with, so I kept the wet and dirty diaper on but put my shirt and pants back on before Mom got there. I was crying with embarrassment and discomfort when the door finally opened and Mom walked in carrying a couple of shopping bags.

"Get up on the changing table, now!" Mom ordered, and I immediately obeyed, laying down uncomfortably in my own mess.

"I didn't think you'd be able to hold it; and the stench in here tells me I was right. I hope you were at least smart enough to have a diaper on when you shit your pants!" I nodded and softly said "yes" between sobs.

"Well, that's something I guess." Mom said in a disappointed tone, setting the bags down at the bottom of the mattress.

"Don't try to help - you'll only make more of a mess - and don't argue with me, Understood?" I nodded again. From one of the bags she removed a tub of baby wipes and set them down beside me.

Mom unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down my legs; then she pulled the rubber underwear down and dropped them on top of my pants on the floor. With experienced hands she untapped the badly soiled diaper.

"Lift your legs all the way up." Mom instructed. I did so and she held my legs up with one hand, while sliding the diaper out from under me with the other - scraping as much of the mess off me as she could along the way. Setting the diaper aside she grabbed a handful of wipes and carefully cleaned my backside. She had me lower my legs, then cleaned my front as thoroughly as she had my bottom. When I was clean she put all the wipes inside the dirty diaper, rolled the diaper up and deposited it in the bag the baby wipes had come in - which she then tied shut. I watched as she then went over to the diaper closet, I wanted to protest, but knew better than to press my luck - even as she removed a stack of white cloth diapers and a pink, frilly plastic panty.

I laid there sobbing as she folded three cloth diapers together and laid them under me. She pulled the front up through my legs and over my penis; and pinned it all together tightly around my waist. She threaded the lacy plastic panties over my feet, then pulled them up my legs and over the thick diapers. She ran her finger around the waist and legs, tucking in the cloth for a tight seal. Handing me the other bag she raised the railing of the crib. I looked in the bag and found a kids meal from one of those big chain hamburger places. Also in the bag were several juice boxes. I looked up at her just as the railing clicked into place, locking me in.

"But Mom..." I started to complain, but she cut me off.

"Good Night Baby." She said sternly.

"Sleep tight." She added as she eft the room closing the door behind her. I sat there in shock for a few minutes, then - understanding my fate - enjoyed the burger and fries.. and the warmth of my super-thick sissy-baby diapers.

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