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She's a Naughty Girl

Lauren worked for a firm that wrote erotic stories for many people around the world. Last Friday she was asked to write an adult baby diaper story and for someone who can usually adapt herself to most niches, she just couldn't get her head around this one.

Her boss, frustrated at her reluctance to try something knew rang one of her friends who she knew was heavily into role playing. Getting Lauren involved with her role playing friends would perhaps give her an idea of what this niche was all about.

After making a few phone calls Joni, Lauren's boss managed to make some arrangements which would allow Lauren to learn a little about adult babies wearing diapers. Joni suggested to Lauren that she'd appreciate it if a story was written about her encounter with Samuel.

Samuel had agreed to teach her everything she needed to know about adults wearing diapers and her lesson he told Joni would begin the moment she rang the door bell. Joni smiled to herself and suddenly had the urge to dress up in her best little girl's outfit and have her diaper changed. But she didn't. She couldn't let Lauren know how close she works to someone who enjoys the feel of a diaper against her skin and when she can to play with other adult babies...

The moment Samuel opened the door to Lauren she was invited into a world of playtime. All through the lounge and the hall were cots of various sizes and men and women sitting around either feeding their adult babies dressed in nothing but diapers and singlets or the babies were dozing with a bottle of fluid that resembled milk or juice.

Samuel put his finger to his lips and told her to whisper as some of the babies were sleeping. Looking around the room she saw a gorgeous blonde kneeling over a man and she was sprinkling powder over his groin. He happened to look over at Lauren and quickly covered his cock, much to the disgust of the woman changing his diaper.

He managed to fluff the talc all over her. His giggles echoed around the room before the blonde had time to hush him, before he woke the other babies. She kept looking at him and watching her as she treated him like a baby. The thought of wearing a diaper herself suddenly didn't sound so unrealistic.

Lauren was thinking about her stories that she had been asked to write and when she looked at Samuel, she realised he was leading her into a room away from the lounge.

Not a word was spoken until they entered that room. She looked around and found shelves stacked with diapers in all different colors and sizes, pacifiers, empty baby bottles, talc and singlets big enough for adults.

"Lauren, you have been invited here so you can understand why some men and women like to become adult babies. The need to wear a diaper is one of choice and need because we do not want to have these babies wetting themselves and everything around them."

Samuel handed her a bag...

"Slip into that room..." he pointed to another room off the one they had just entered.

"Your clothes to wear are inside that bag along with other goodies that will help you understand them. I'll meet you in the lounge."

That was it. He didn't tell her what was in that bag, but she had a fair idea. With a beating heart she entered the other room. It was white, pure white and smelt like a babies changing room. It was so clean and so fresh....

She looked down at the bag and noticed she was shaking. Lauren also wondered what the hell she was doing there... but opened the bag anyway. She up ended it on the fairly large change table and found a pink diaper, a soft pink singlet, a pacifier with her name on it and a note in a small envelope with her name on it also.

The words, do no open until you are changed stood out in front of her. Lauren looked around and decided that she really had no option but to change into the baby clothes that Samuel had given her. Just thinking about it for some reason turned her on even more and she couldn't understand why she felt like that.

Hearing footsteps coming towards the door she quickly pulled her top off over her head and removed her bra. In their place she pulled the pink singlet down over her head and looked at her self in the mirror. Already she remembered looking at herself in the mirror in exactly the same way when she was a young baby.

She took a deep breath and tucked her thumbs into the band of her skirt and slipped it down over hips until she was able to step out of it. Lauren was suddenly aware that to put that diaper on she would have to remove her panties.

As she did so, there was a knock at the door. Lauren stood there with diaper in hand covering her smooth mound and asked the person to enter. It was the other blonde that she had seen earlier changing that male baby in the lounge.

"Samuel told me you were in here and I thought perhaps you could do with a hand... Now hop up on the table for me and lay back and let me put the diaper in place for you."

Lauren looked at her...

"Come on little Lauren, don't be a naughty girl... do as you're told and climb up and let me put your diaper on you before you wet yourself...."

Lauren felt her bottom lip trembling as she shyly handed the diaper over to the blonde babe...

"Little Lauren, you are so cute but you have to do as you are told. You are not allowed to be a naughty girl... Aunty Susan will look after you while you stay and play!"

Susan gooed and gaahhhed, as she slid the diaper under Lauren's bottom before covering her in talc and pulling the front up to cover Lauren's mound. Susan gave her hand to Lauren and helped her up off the table.

Lauren automatically got down onto the floor and crawled like a baby out into the lounge with Susan. She was made to sit quietly in the playpen with Joshua the male baby Susan was also babysitting.

Lauren looked around and watched some babies in their pink and blue diapers sleeping. She saw some with white ones and wondered why they were so special they could have white. She felt herself whimpering but didn't know why and a small tear dripped down her cheek.

Joshua was sitting there looking at her... He reached over and began to pull her hair lightly at first but when she would cry out he pulled even harder. Lauren pulled her pacifier from her mouth and tossed it, hitting him square on the nose.

A howl rang out around the lounge. She tried to sit there looking sweet and innocent but everyone knew that she had been a naughty girl and had hurt Joshua the sook. Susan was quick to rush over and sooth him but when she looked at Lauren, she instantly started crying too.

How could she tell anyone that he had pulled her hair when they were comforting him like he was a big baby or something? Wait... he was a big baby and he had pulled her hair and she was the one being treated like the naughty girl that they thought she was.

She suddenly felt arms lifting her up and Samuel was there behind her. He helped her out of the play pen and told her to follow him out to the back room where she would get a little more one on one treatment. Lauren wondered what he meant, but she soon found out.

He talked to her like she was a baby in her pink diaper. He wondered if she would like a drink of his special whipped cream. She looked at him and knew what he meant. This was her chance to back out of baby diaper playtime but she didn't.

Lauren nodded and waited like the good girl that she was. She let her hand brush firmly against her diaper cover mound and shivered in delight at the wild feelings she was generating just by doing that to herself. Samuel watched as Lauren played with herself, he was delighted that she now realised how some people feel dressed in diapers.

Sure it wasn't for everyone but some loved it as much as he did. Although he didn't crawl around on hands and knees like some of the adult babies he was still wearing a diaper. He made sure Lauren was watching as he pulled his penis pecker from his pants and began stroking it. He watched Lauren watching him, he loved the way he licked her lips while still sucking on her pacifier...

Samuel showed her the special bottle that his whipped cream came in and she crawled over to him. She pulled the pacifier from her mouth and slipped it down inside panties until it was rubbing against her wet vagina.

She opened her mouth like a little bird waiting to be fed. She sucked on that penis like it was a pacifier and a bottle all rolled into one. Lauren could hear Samuel moaning above her and she knew she was whipping his cream really well.

When she heard him cry out above him, and tasted the first taste of hot cream she knew she had gotten her reward. She sucked on his special bottle, drinking down the hot tasty fluids until there was no more left.

Lauren pulled away from him and looked up as he slipped his special penis pecker bottle back into his pants and patted her on the head. She smiled up at Samuel and retrieved her pacifier from inside her diaper. Her eyes lit up when she slipped it back into her mouth. Her sweet juices coated the pacifier...

Lauren thought back to the work that Joni had set for her. Writing stories about adult babies wearing diapers and she knew now that she could write about this niche quite comfortably. Not only that but she accepted Samuel's invitation to spend the entire weekend at the adult baby play station where she could play with other baby adults dressed only in diaper and singlet.

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