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Sissy Baby Bitch ...

Part One

I removed my bra slowly, letting the straps fall off my shoulders, then finally revealing my breasts. The boy stood before me, as ordered, and stared. I looked down to see a bulge forming in his pants. Maybe he is a virgin - I thought to myself - most of my boys are not so fast to respond. I let the lace bra fall to the floor, then made a motion toward my nipple. He didn't react... clearly a virgin. I snickered a little at how innocent this boy really was and decided verbal cues would be necessary.

"Come drink from Mommy." His eyes lit up and he dove for my breast as if it was home plate and he was the winning run.

"Slower, and no teeth." I directed as he moaned with surprise, tasting the first few drops of my milk on his tongue. I let him suckle for a minute, then pushed him away.

"That's just a sample of the type of rewards I give to good boys. But you haven't proven yourself to be a good boy yet." His smile faded and was replaced with a sad face. Good, I thought, it would be so easy to control this one who wants so bad to please me. Time for the first test.

"Stand still." He froze at my command. Reaching down I unbuckled his leather belt and pulled it free from his pants. Next I unbuttoned his pants and slid them down to his ankles. A pair of boring boxer shorts came down next, leaving him exposed and errect. I removed his shirt and ordered him to step out of the clothes that surrounded his ankles. He was completely naked now, and throbbing. From the back pocket of my jeans I pulled a small, slim paddle that looked like a tiny cutting board. His eyes went wide, but his body was too slow to react before I swung the paddle overhand and brought it down hard on his dick. He squealed in pain and grabbed himself with his hands.

"STAND STILL BITCH!" I demanded, and he fought to regain control of himself.

"I will decide when you can be excited, understand?" He nodded and whimpered something I couldn't make out. I took a hold of his ear and dragged him across the room to my special stool. It was a wood stool, sixteen inches tall, but with a very special addition. Attached directly in the center was a large, stiff, rubber dildo shaped like a penis.

"No!" He complained as he stared at it.

"I don't like that sort..." I slapped him hard across the face, stopping his complaint cold.

"I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU LIKE YOU SISSY BITCH!" He started to shake with fear as I applied a liberal mount of lubricant to the rubber dick.

"Sit Down!" I commanded and gave him another slap when he hesitated.

"SIT!" I watched with delight as he positioned himself over the stool and slowly lowered himself. He stopped as soon as the dildo touched his puckered ass. I was mad with pleasure as he suffered, pushing down a little, then backing off again. When I was sure he was completely distracted by his task I snuck around him until I was standing right behind. With no warning I grabbed his shoulder and thrust downward with all my strength, causing him to slam down onto the stool. He screamed with pain as the dildo forced its way inside him.

"Stay on it!" I ordered when he started to get up, and he obeyed, as I knew he would. I went back around him and found tears streaming from his eyes as his lips trembled. His eyes followed me as I knelt down in front of him and spread his legs as wide as they would go. His comically small dick was limp now, the invasion of his backside draining all excitement from him. But remember, "I" decide when he will be excited. With one hand I cupped his balls, and with the other began to stroke his limp cock. Within seconds he was hard again, and I looked up to find the tears gone from his eyes as he began to enjoy the sensation of my hand job combined with the throbbing of his ass against the rubber dick inside him. His breathing quickened and I knew he was getting close to climax. Normally I would deny a boy that pleasure, but this one needed a little reward for obeying me so easily. His whole body tensed and his legs bucked as he shot his load onto my chest. I squeezed every last drop from his softening member, then stood up and leaned over the boy.

"Lick your cum off me you nasty little faggot!" Without hesitation - to my surprise) he stuck his tongue out and lapped the seamen from my chest.

"Okay, get up now." I held the stool down with my foot as the boy slowly raised up off the rubber dildo.

Our first lesson completed I lead the still naked boy down the hall and into my bathroom. Reaching for a tub of baby wipes I ordered the boy to bend over and put his hands on the side of the tub. He complied immediately and I wiped the lubricant and mess out of his crack.

"You hesitated to take my dildo." I reminded him in a tone of scolding. Before he could give any excuses I began slapping his backside with the palm of my hand. He groaned as I alternated from cheek to cheek, each slap sharp and stinging my hand.

"You'll have to be punished for that. Stand up and face me." As he watched I opened the linen closet and pulled out a thick pull-on diaper pant. It was large and bulky, perfect for making sure a boy knows he's wearing a diaper.

"Put it on." He took the pant from me and pulled it up his slender legs.

"Now this." I held out a pair of pink plastic pant with five rows of lace across the seat, and lace around the waist and leg holes.

"Perfect for a sissy bitch like you." He opened his mouth to protest, but caught himself. He put the panty on.

"Time for bed." The boy's eyes went as wide as I'd seen so far when I marched him into the nursery. I directed him over to the crib which was made only with a rubber sheet, and I ordered him to lay down. As soon as his legs hit the sheet I reached for the leather straps and fastened them to his ankles. I applied a second strap across his chest, right below his armpits, then another across his belly. I left his hands free.

"I want you to fill that diaper with piss and cum by morning." He started to cry as I slid the bars up, a useless gesture since he was tied down, but emotionally damaging enough to be fin for me. I went straight to my room, stripped off all my clothes and got into bed. With the tap of a remote button my new baby came to life on my television screen. I watched as he pulled as his restraints for a minute. He could easily get up if he wanted to, since I left his hands free to unbuckle himself. But he didn't. He played with the buckle for a minute, then stopped. A minute later his right hand slipped down into his diaper and I soon saw the rhythmic rise and fall of the plastic panty that told me he was hard at work in fulfilling my order to fill his diaper with cum. As I watched him masturbate, I slipped a dildo inside my wet pussy and tried to time my thrusts to his hand motions. We would both cum many times before we fell asleep in our separate beds.

Part Two

The boy was still asleep when I came for him in the morning. This was a good sign. Even with the abuses I had subjected him to he felt comfortable enough to get a good night's sleep. This, clearly, was where he belonged. Very gently I pulled down his diaper pants and played with his sticky dick, damp from a night's worth of piss and cum. He groaned awake, and tried to get up before he remembered the restraints. He was hard now, so Istoked him to a slow orgasm, yanking the diaper back up at the last moment to catch his load. I watched as he thrust his hips upward enjoying the orgasm and pushing his semen out into the sodden diaper. When he was still again I pulled the diaper pant down to his knees. Before I could take the soaked diaper off him I had to untie his ankles, which were still buckled to the leather strap at the end of the bed. With his diaper off I wiped him clean with a handful of baby wipes, and then used a dry wipe to absorb the extra moisture. After a liberal sprinkling of baby powder I unfolded an extra-thick disposable diaper (Abri-Form X-Plus) and layed two thick booster pads in the middle. I laid the brief between hislegs, then removed the wait and chest straps so the boy ouldlift himself up. He did so without any instruction, and I slid the thick diaper under him. I pulled the diaper tight before applying the tapes securing it in place. As he watched I went to the closet and rifled through the rack of outfits, looking for the "right" clothesfor him. Finally decided on a classic schoolgirl's outfit I brought the items over to the crib. I layed the navy-blue skirt and white blouse on the mattress beside him. Next I opened the top drawer of the stand by the crib and produced for him a pacifierwith a penis-shaped nipple, which I stuck into his mouth.

"Put these on and come downstairs."

"Kneal there on that matt." I instructed pointing at the spot where the boy was to report.

"And keep quiet." He watched me curiously as I motioned to the man in the other room.

"Come here you!" I called, and the man shuffled over to me obiediently. I turned back to the boy.

"This sissy bitch here was one of my first boys, I've allowed him to grow up, but he still reports to me once a week... as you will if I decide to continue your training." The boy nodded, but also trembled a bit, we hadn't discussed any long term plans, and he didn't yet know what news the day would bring. But that would have to wait, I turned my attention back to the older boy in the business suit that he and I both knew wasn't his real self.

"Lower your pants!" He did so, and revealed to me the pink panties that I had introduced him to years before.

"Good Boy" take that man's jacket off, drop those panties and bend over. The new boy's eyes followed me as I walked to a table and picked up a 24" paddle with holes drilled in it. He shook his head 'no' as if to beg me notto use it on him, but it wasn't intended for him anyway... not this time anyway. I held the paddle against the older boy's backside then drew it back dramatically. The first slap was slow, mainly for the younger boy's benefit, but then I went to work on the man's backside, firing hard and fast as he cried out in pain. I looked back to see the younger boy was crying too, and knew I would have to make him feel the paddle for himself very soon. After I had delivered fifty good licks I let the man rise. He rubbed his backside and looked over at the new boy. It wasn't that long ago that he had been knealing in that very spot, and as his hand went down to stroke his dick to attention I knew that he remembered his first sessions here. I went over and pulled the pacifier from the new boy's mouth.

"It's time for you to suck his cock, a reward for him - for taking his spanking so well." The boy shook his head no and stuttered "but... I'm not gay." I smiled and took his chin in my hands.

"No, you're not. To be gay you have to make the choice to suck a dick... I'm not giving you a choice. Either suck his dick, or leave." The boy closed his eyes, nodded slightly and opened his mouth. I had two guests that morning, and as my new boy learned to drain a cock I fetched my other guest from the back room and showed her in. She was shocked, of course, to see this young man in a schoolgrl outfit sucking the dick of another man, but she remained quiet and watched.

"Drink it all, drink it!" The older man shouted, alerting us that he was cumming in the boy's mouth.

"Very good." I said, and clapped in sarcastic approval.

"You can leave now" The man looked over at me and my guest, and quickly decided to dress and leave. The new boy looked up then and jumped to his feet.


Part Three

"Get in here and sit down!" I yelled. The boy had been hiding in the bathroom for twenty minutes, and that was long enough. With much shame the boy opened the door and sulked past me and into the livingroom. Nervously, he sat down on the couch next to his mother. I sat across from them, and lead the conversation.

"I have several sissy boys who serve me, so I have no need to be at a singles bar. We did not meet by coincidence. Your mother asked me to meet with you.

"What?" The boy asked angrily. It was his mother who answered.

"Remember when you asked me to take your compuer in for repairs? Well, the man found all of your bondage porn, and your web history and chat logs. And he showed them to me. I decided that if you are a sissy baby that it would be best that I place you with a 'Mommy' I can trust, rather than let you continue to meet strangers online." The boy stared at the floor and said nothing. I spoke next.

"You were right, he is VERY submissive and in need of someone to control him. In just a few hours I had him completely in my control, whether violating his ass, or tieing him to a bed."

"Then I think it best that I give him to you, if you will have him."

"Wait, I'm nineteen you can't GIVE me to anyone!" The boy spat out loudly.

"You may be nineteen..." His mother countered with confidence.

"But you're wearing a diaper and askirt, and just sucked a dick just because you were told too. It's a little late to act like YOU have any control over the situation." His mother handled it well, but not well enough for me. I jumped up, grabbed the boy by his ear and pulled him over to my chair, and over my knees. Before he could react I pushed his skirt up and yanked his diaper down. I slapped his ass hard, over and over while lecturing him about not raising his voice, not talking back, and NEVER seaking to his mother like that.

"I WILL take him." I announced, after sending the boy to stand in the corner. His mother and I talked for a while about his allergy medication and his tendency to wet the bed. I assured her that bedwetting was not something we'd have to worry about since I had already decided he was a diaper sissy, not a panty sissy. After a while I showed the boy's mother out, and returned to the livingroom. I picked up my trusty paddle and called the boy over.

"Now that 'Mommy' is gone, it's time for your REAL spanking.

"I'm a little shaky.." The boy moaned, "...may I lay down to take my spanking Miss?" His politeness - and willingness to take the paddle - made me smile. I took his hand and led him upstairs to his nursery.

To Be Continued?

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