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Part I

Johnny Arboles opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling from his bed in his new apartment. His first contented thoughts for the day were, his pacifier was in his mouth, he was wearing a diaper, and it was wet. His next thought, not so contended, was that he realized he would have to change it himself.

Johnny was an optimistic guy, and these thoughts were followed by this. He was comforted that he had left ...that city... up north and finally made his move to South Florida. He had dreamt about moving to Miami for many years, and now he had finally done it. Right now, he knew he could count on the weather making for great day, and that really was a positive thought to him.

Johnny had always wanted to move to Miami because its great weather, but even more so because he liked Latinos, and he especially liked Latin women. They just didn...t seem to generate as much BS as all the other women he had known in his life. Latin women knew what men wanted and what men needed, and they never made a big deal about it. Everything always seemed pleasant and natural with Latin women, and Johnny thought, ...I really do love Latinas.... That thought propelled him to get up and get going with his day.

It had been his first night in his new apartment, so this morning was the start of a new life for him. He had been very depressed after his divorce. But it was finally over. Naturally his ex-wife had gotten it all...the house, the car, and the kids, and Johnny had been forced to move out. Thus he concluded, ...What better time to make the move to a city that I love, than right now?...

He ended up with no physical assets or money, but he did have one thing he knew he could count on. He had his ...wits,... and they were substantial enough for him to survive. Right after the divorce though, even his wits couldn...t lift him out of his daily despair.

But now, finally, he was beginning to get himself back on track. He had started the process by thinking, ...Well, I...m just going to have to snap myself out of this funk and get on with my life....

Two thoughts, in particular, had calmed him down immediately. First, after 10 miserable years, he was a free man again. That was exhilarating in itself, but it still held lots of unknowns. Even more calming to Johnny though was the thought of work. ...That...s right, just getting on with my life, moving to Miami, and taking on all the work that goes with that, gives me a purpose in life again, and that feels good....

So Johnny took one last look at the ceiling above his bed and rolled over thinking, got a million damn things to do today. I need to get my ass up and get busy....

When he was at the side of the bed, he sat up. He looked down at his plastic pants and the wet diaper underneath. Several times in the past, he had tried to sleep only in a diaper, but whenever he would roll over on his side during the night, his diaper would inevitably leak and he would wet the bed. So now he always wore plastic pants too. Anyway, he liked the feel of it all, and they gave him security and comfort.

He still had his pacifier in his mouth. He removed it and put it on the night stand next to his bed. He lifted himself up slightly and slipped his plastic pants off, then she slipped off his diaper next. It landed with a plop on the floor. Just to be sure he didn...t acquire a diaper rash, he grabbed the bottle of Johnson & Johnson Baby Powder from his night stand, rolled back on the bed, lifted his legs above himself, and sprinkled the powder thoroughly all over his diaper area. This dried him immediately and made him feel soft ...down there.... And oh, the smell of the powder......ahhh,... he loved it.

Johnny picked up the wet diaper and his plastic pant and walked to the trash can in the kitchen. With a quick flip, the diaper he had worn last night was history. He held up his plastic panties for a close inspection. They were dry and smelled fine. He folded them and, back in his bedroom, put them into his chest of drawers with his other baby things. He would wash this particular pair after their next wearing.

He realized he was walking around completely naked and mentally checked how good that felt to walk when you were thoroughly powdered. He then proceeded to shower and get dressed. After his shower, more powder and ...time to get to work,... he thought.

But only after only a couple of hours of unpacking boxes in his apartment, he started to get ...that feeling.... After all the stress he had endured lately, he tired very easily these days. Right now, he just wanted to lie down on his bed, like a baby, and let a woman ...take care of him....

Right away, he thought about the two young women he had met at the nearby strip club two nights ago. ...Wow! Two women taking care of me at the same time! Now that...s what I really need.... He thought about how wonderful it would feel to be lying on the bed, in such close proximity to these two beautiful young women, that his vision would be completely encompassed by them. The thought of this actually made him feel weak in the knees.

It seemed to Johnny that he would always find himself at a strip club whenever he got lonely. He mentally blocked any negative feelings he had about going there, and decided he was going right back to the strip club tonight and tell the two girls about his ...special need....

Later that night, Johnny sat alone at one of the several bars in the ...Treasure Chest Lounge....

It wasn...t long before Jessica, the youngest and the prettiest of the two girls he had met earlier, spotted him and slid right up next to him at the bar. ...The nice thing,... he thought, ...was that both of these girls were stunning.... So he wasn...t worried about which one approached him first. He was warmed up for them both.

...Well, hi there.... Jessica said, as she snuggled up against his right side. ...How are you?...

...I...m good.... Johnny said, ...How about you?...

...So So.... Jessica responded with a tiny frown.

...What...s the matter?... He asked. ...And by the way, where is your sister?...

He was already thinking about being sandwiched between these two lovelies, even while just sitting here at the bar.

...She...s right over there, talking to some guy,... as she pointed to the other side of the club.

...Well what...s wrong?...

...Oh, it...s not a great big thing.... Jessica responded.

...Well, what then?...

...It...s just that business has been a little slow, and I need to raise an extra $100 to pay for my kid...s school supplies.... She said, and gently laid her head and soft hair on his shoulder.

He felt her hair. It was indescribably supple. He wanted to bury his face in it and find her mouth, but he restrained himself.

But, of course, he immediately he did the math. He could afford $100.

...Funny you should say that,... because I need something too.

...Really...that...s interesting... She said.

They both knew exactly where this was going, but continued to play the game. The only question in John...s mind was if he could get her sister to come too, all for the same $100 price.

...Well I would like both you and your sister to come by my apartment and help me with my little problem. Could you do that?...

...I...ll have to ask Julissa. When do you want to cum? I mean when do you want us to come?... She corrected herself with a cute smile.

...How about tomorrow, in the morning?...say about 11AM.... He said.

...That would probably be fine, because we work here at night of course. Let me see if Julissa is up for that,... and Jessica walked off to ask her sister.

A few moments later she returned, snuggled up to him again, and said, ...It...s fine with Julissa too. You understand, it...s $100 each?...

...No I didn...t understand that.... John responded. ...No, I can...t do that,... but he knew he would make a counter offer.

Just then Julissa snuggled up on his other side and said, ...Hi Sweety, how are you doing?... She pressed up against him firmly.

...Good.... He responded automatically, and continued the conversation with Julissa rather than Jessica. ...I can...t afford $200. How about $150?...

Juslissa thought about it for a second. She didn...t even discuss it. She just caught Jessica...s eye and nodded with a smile, very slightly.

...Ok,... she said.

The rest was just the formalities of exchanging phone numbers and the directions.

John left the club immediately after this conversation. He didn...t need to get any hornier than he was already watching the other girls dance. He just decided to leave right now and start focusing on tomorrow morning. He especially loved to be babied in the daytime.

Part II

From his upper apartment window at 11AM, Johnny watched the two women cross the parking lot and immediately wondered if the neighbors would notice. ...How could they not?... he thought. Short skirts, halter tops, and oh, those shapes underneath! He could hardly wait to hear the knock on his door. Jessica and Julissa made there way up to his rooftop apartment, and he let them in uneventfully. Uneventfully, except that he immediately felt a stirring in groin that said.... ...Oh yes, please do come in. And pretty faces too! Unbelievable!... He felt himself getting weak. He almost couldn...t speak and just mumbled a feeble, ...Come in.... Luckily the women were used to this kind of reaction and they entered easily and made themselves at home. They commented that they really liked Johnny...s apartment.

Johnny invited them to have a seat on the couch.

...God...young, magnificent, and soft skin visible everywhere!... He thought.

...Would you like a glass of wine?... He heard himself ask from a distance.

...No thanks, but maybe a coke or something?... Jessica smiled.

... Yes, that would be good,... agreed Julissa.

...Well why don...t you both just take a look in the fridge and help yourself,... he answered and watched them as they walked into the kitchen.

...My God, what beautiful figures,... he thought. He just wanted to put his hands on their cheeks, and he realized he could since he was paying them.

But he didn...t, not just yet.

While they were busying themselves in the kitchen he took one last look around to be sure all was ready. He had his plastic pants, diapers, pacifiers, diaper pins and baby bottles on the bed and ready to go in the second bedroom.

The girls returned to Johnny...s living room and sat down with their drinks. It was then that they noticed the baby bottle and the pacifier on the coffee table.

...You have a baby?... Julissa asked, a bit surprised.

He sat down in between them on the couch.

...No it...s for me. I...m the baby.... As soon as he said that, the girls seemed to tower over him. He really did feel smaller. He liked that feeling.

A brief look of not understanding crossed both of the women...s faces, as they tried to assimilate that thought.

...Look.... Johnny said, written this out for you to read. It...s easier for me to explain in writing, than trying to explain it verbally.... And he handed the women these instructions... <center> Hi Mommies,

I have a fantasy

I am a real baby and you are my baby-sitters.

First I realize this is your first time with my fantasy and I understand that. So relax. In the future, you will know exactly what to do. I accept that because this your first time taking care of me, you may have a few questions during the process. Normally, when I feel like a baby, I don...t want to have adult conversations at all. I don...t like to talk or answer questions. But since this is your first time, I...ll make the exception and explain until you understand.

But, it...s really very simple. It...s just like taking care of a real baby. I am a real baby and you are my baby-sitters. I love it when you talk baby-talk to me. I like to see your breasts, so remove your upper clothes right away. It...s not necessary for you to remove your skirts, only your tops. Babies are not interested in Mommy...s other things, only her nipples. I love it when you tickle my in my special place and get me excited. Always, I love a pacifier or a baby bottle in my mouth, unless one of my mommies is nursing me while the other is powdering me. So again, you are dealing with a real baby. that means diapers immediately in case of accidents, because I will ...let go... freely, and lots of baby powder please. (And again, don...t forget my pacifier.)

I need a baby bottle, baby talk, and lots and lots of smiles and little kisses, a bath, followed by much more baby powder for the baby. Then one mommy nurses me at her breast while the other Mommy sprinkles on lots of powder and plays with my pee pee until the pleasure is just too much and I cum.

So, relax and make yourselves at home.


Baby Johnny

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