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Suite Baby Girl

Living in a hotel can be cool. Someone makes up your room every day; the pool is always clean and heated; and room service means never getting stuck with something you don't like! But, what do you do when you live in a big suite with no bathroom? You see, my Mom owns the hotel, but she's been in Paris for a couple years taking care of a newer hotel she bought. I wanted to stay here so I didn't have to leave my friends, so she let me move into a small hotel room. The staff looks out for me, and everything was pretty cool until the hotel started getting busy. Mom decided she couldn't let me 'take up' a hundred and fifty dollar a night room, so she had one of the large meeting rooms converted into a deluxe bedroom for me. I've got big windows overlooking the city, cable tv with movies and games, and even internet access. But no bathroom. Just as I was wondering where the nearest restroom is there was a knock at the door.

"Room Service." A soft voice sweetly sang. I hadn't ordered any room service, but figured I had just left some of my things in my old room. I opened the door, and saw it was Ms Sweeny, the oldest of the maids, and one of the few staff members that treated me nice and didn't think of me as a spoiled brat. I smiled, but the smile quickly vanished as I watched her wheel in a cart loaded with bags of disposable diapers. Immediately she began unloading them into my closet, except for one bag which she opened and stacked the diapers in my dresser.

"Listen sweety..." Ms. Sweeny began, approaching with one of the diapers...

"Your momma says you're going to have to wear these since there's no toilet in here. And apparently it's my job to put them on you. I don't mind helping you now, but I don't want any difficulty out of you. I've got a busy schedule around here, so I haven't much time for games. Understand?"

"Yes, but I don't want to wear diapers!" I complained.

"I know sweety, but you're going to have to. I've arranged for you to have access to the showers and bathroom in the pool area at night after the guests are locked out, but you're going to need to wear diapers the rest of the time. Now take your skirt and panties off so we can get this over with." She put me in a diaper, and I've been wearing them ever since. I shower at night in the pool bath house, but quickly tired of making he trip down there to use the potty at night, so I just use my diapers all the time. Ms. Sweeny got a big raise from my mom that included an apartment right next to the hotel so she can change my diapers before bed, as well as during her day shift hours. On the weekend, I report to her place to save her the walk over. For the most part none of the guests ever find out, except on occasion when I play tennis on one of the hotel's courts. Tennis skirts just don't cover anything!

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