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They Love Sex Games

David and Amanda loved sex games and when Julie came to visit Amanda opened up and told her all about the interesting games that she and David play whenever they decide that they want to do something a little different.

Amanda opened the old wardrobe in the spare room and pulled out costume after costume that appeared to be all her favorites. It wasn't until she pulled out a larger than normal baby diaper with pacifier attached along with baby bottle did Julie suddenly realize just how serious Amanda was.

"You mean to tell me that you dress up as a baby, wearing this diaper and David treats you like a baby?"

"Hmm, yeah sounds kind of odd doesn't it? But you have to be there to understand what that feeling is like..."

Julie just looked at her. For some reason her pussy was getting very wet just thinking about being treated that way. To be looked after, pampered, spanked even and all the time being treated like a baby. What happened if that pacifier was replaced with David's cock?

The questions that went through her mind and the thoughts were nothing short of mind-blowing. She began sending thought messages to Amanda hoping that she would be invited to spend a weekend of play with them.

Even though thinking about wearing a diaper bugged her, with it mixed with all those other possibilities she was suddenly quite keen to try it. If one had looked at her she kept her fingers and toes and anything else she could cross hoping that Amanda would utter those words that would take her into her world of fantasy.

"Julie, most have to understand the different life you take on when you dress as a baby. No more do you have control, you are submissive and you have to do as you are told. I like it when I am naughty... David likes to punish me..."


Amanda had really gotten Julie's attention now and if she was able she would have slipped her fingers down inside her panties and played with her dripping pussy... but she couldn't do that in front of a friend...

"Well... Julie when I am naughty, I like to do it on purpose. I like to spill my milk all over his foot, or spit out my juice all over his pants because he will make me lick it up and clean him up as well and I like to be able to wipe my chocolate bar all over him after he has bathed... hmmm cleaning him up and getting spanked at the same time is something I like doing.

But Julie, you have to promise you don't tell or he will spank me in front of you..."

Amanda really sounded like she didn't want Julie to tell David. But at the same time Julie hoped she would be invited to come and play and yearned for that moment to see David spank Amanda for being so naughty. She had made up her mind...

Amanda turned to take out another outfit from her special wardrobe and smiled to herself knowing that the bait had been set. She knew Julie would run to David and oh, the next weekend of playtime would be so sweet.

Julie in the meantime was disappointed that Amanda hadn't invited her, so she couldn't wait to get home and call David at work and talk to him. She thought the best way to make sure she got an invite was to keep dropping hints about how much she knew about their play time and how naughty Amanda can be, just to get attention.

Amanda noticed Julie was itching to leave and was thankful that the phone rang at that time. Excusing herself to go answer the phone, Julie interrupted and told a little white lie about having to leave to attend an appointment she had and would call Amanda a little later in the day.

Amanda quickly answered the phone, found that it was David and asked him to hold on a moment while she saw Julie out the door. Not once did she let on who was on the phone... As soon as Julie drove out the drive and down the road she went back in and picked up the phone...

"Hi, honey... she's just left...."

"Yeah I think she took the bait, expect a phone call from her ok... she's going to tattle on me because I love spilling chocolate all over you on purpose so I can suck on your sweet pacifier... hehe she wants to see you spank me!"

"Hmmm... yes so invite her along ok. I want to see her wear those purple diapers I bought her too. I think she could enjoy a spanking also for being such a tattle tail..."

"Ok... I'll hear from you later. In the meantime I'll set everything up for tonight. Perhaps invite her for tea, while you have her attention. I'm feeling horny and I know she is too..."

Amanda hung up and smiled to herself. For ages they have wanted to introduce Julie to their diaper games.

She made herself a cup of coffee and sat and thought about the night and what they had planned if Julie came to play. The smile on her face was evidence that their plan was all falling into place and she pictured Julie on the phone telling David about how she was so naughty.

Ten minutes slowly slipped by, with Amanda wishing that phone would ring. When it finally did, she jumped straight up to answer it, knowing it was David...

Not many words were spoken during that time, well Amanda didn't say much, but she did listen to David. When he hung up, she rinsed her cup out and walked into the room where the old wardrobe was. She knelt down and from the bottom she pulled out a bag filled with goodies.

Special diapers with Julie's name had been carefully packed away for this special time together. She placed them neatly on the bed along with a baby bottle, a purple pacifier and a baby bottle. Amanda looked down at the items and glowed.

Tonight was the night.

David arrived home to a warm welcome with Amanda dressed in her diaper and plastic pants in case she had an accident before hand and her sweet frilly dress that the lady in the costume store had made her. Her hair was tied back in pink ribbons and she was sucking on her own pacifier.

He went straight to his chair and sat down and called her over to him to sit on his lap. Which, of course she obeyed. She sat there quietly and gooed and gaahhhed as he talked about Julie and how easy it was to convince her to come and play. She was very eager to watch Amanda get a spanking...

Amanda sat on her baby blanket and watched the Rug Ratz on TV while David showered. Right on the dot of 7pm the doorbell rang and Amanda began to madly slurp on her pacifier. She rubbed herself through the diaper and began rocking back and forth in anticipation of what was about to happen.

David invited her in and for the first time she saw Amanda dressed as a baby in her diaper and frilly dress. Seeing her best friend dressed like that turned her on even more and she whispered to David how cute she looked. He led the way through to the dining area where a fairly larger than normal high chair was in place for Amanda. He picked her up and placed her in while he brought out the meals.

Julie sat quietly and talked to Amanda, in baby talk. It was something that happened quite naturally and Amanda new that deep down she wouldn't let Julie finish all her meal without misbehaving.

Amanda sat in her high chair kicking her feet and really having fun showing off in front of Julie. She had a plan and if she pulled it off right they would all be having fun in next to no time at all.

David brought a lovely meal out. Because he had to finish preparing dinner they had decided that seafood and salad was a good choice with plenty of salad dressing and lots of seafood sauce. Already on the plates so that Amanda could really make a mess.

They sat there talking and David asked Julie in front of Amanda what had been said that afternoon. Julie thought that this was going to be fun so she really teased Amanda by telling a few extra fibs.

Well that was enough to set Amanda off. She was whining and whimpering and Julie almost felt sorry for her. But that soon changed when Amanda tipped her plate, lifted it and flung food everywhere. It covered by Julie and David.

David pretended to get angry with Amanda and Julie sat looking on, almost a state of shock. Not only did Amanda dress like a baby, get treated like a baby... but she acted like one too.

"Amanda... you are a naughty, naughty baby... Daddy's going to have to spank your little bottom... look at the mess you made. All your food is all over Aunty Julie, I'll have to find her some clean clothes now...."

Amanda's bottom lip trembled...

David pushed his chair back from the table and asked Julie if she would like to change. He showed her to the back room where the baby change table had been set up, along with her special diaper and other goodies. He never said a word except to say that when she returned he would love it if she would help him punish Amanda for not only throwing her food everywhere but also for telling how she would make a mess on purpose.

He picked Amanda up out of the high chair and carried her into the lounge where he would punish her in front of Julie and Julie could spank her also.

In the meantime they were both wondering how Julie was going. She had been in that back room for quite some time and wondered if she was ok.

Meanwhile Julie stood looking down at the bed. The seafood dressing dripping off her and her heart was racing. The diaper with her name on it sat there on the bed... Her pussy tingled and she took a deep breath and thought... why not.

Quickly she slipped out of her messy clothes and stood naked looking once again down at the diaper. She thought back to when she dressed her nephews and thought she could do this too. Julie lay the diaper out flat and lay down on top of it. She pulled the middle flap up so it was sitting snugly between her legs before pulling the side flaps across and over and made sure they were securely in place.

Julie looked around to see if there was a singlet or a frilly dress like Amanda's there for to wear but there wasn't. So taking a deep breath, she picked up her pacifier and her bottle and walked out into the lounge to where they were waiting for her.

Amanda looked up from where she was sitting on the floor and pointed at Julie. Julie immediately joined her and looked at her dress and grabbed hold and pulled it from Amanda. Now they were both naked on top and their small buds were hard and erect.

Both adult babies were turned on by the moment but it was all a game and, well that was what Julie thought....

David sat in the middle of the lounge and called Amanda to him. She looked right at Julie because she knew it was time for her punishment. With a quivering lip she climbed up onto the lounge next to David...

She played hard to get... because her diaper had to come off. But David removed it quite easily and she found herself lying over his knees with his bulge pressing against her mound and she was naked. Amanda looked right at Julie as the first strike against her bottom happened. She whimpered and squirmed, as the next one came down, slapping against her tender skin.

By the time he had spanked her six times she was squirming a lot more against him and then he stopped and called Julie over to him.

"Julie... come and spank little Amanda... you told me yourself how she was so naughty today!"

Amanda looked directly at Julie as she crawled over to where they were on the lounge and knelt between David's legs. Nervously she rubbed her hand over Amanda's red ass, softly at first before lifting her hand and bringing it down... hard...

As her hand landed against Amanda's tender bottom she rubbed it firmly, her fingers slipping down between her cheeks until she could feel the wetness. Over and over she did this, between each sting from her flat hand.

Amanda was a whimpering mess by the time they had both finished punishing her. It was Julie who received the biggest shock of all.

"Little Julie..." he said...

"It's really not nice to be a tattle tail... I think you need to be punished too!"

David looked quite serious and the shocked but the lustful look on Julie's face was enough to convince him that Julie could be introduced to their long sessions of sex games. But for now, she had to be punished...

Julie thought he was going to spank her bottom too. And even though she was turned on by the spanking that they both gave Amanda, she wasn't too sure about the pain herself... but she was wrong...

"I think Amanda is thirsty from her spanking and her whimpering... I'm going to give her a feed of her favorite drink and I want you to soothe her bottom with your tongue!"

Amanda climbed down off David's lap and swapped places with Julie. They both saw Julie slip her hand down inside her diaper and was rubbing herself furiously.

David pulled his special bottle from his pants and Julie watched as Amanda sucked his big thick teat into her mouth. She sucked and licked and wiggled her cute ass in front of her face. All Julie had to do was soothe her ass with her tongue so she did. She leaned forward and licked, up and down her cheeks. She could feel the hit against her tongue and this horny babe's musky aroma sent shivers down her spine.

Julie moved her tongue until he rested between Amanda's cheeks; she licked her velvety slit for the first time. Up and down, and further down until she tasted her. Amanda pushed back against her while David fed her his thick bottle.

The juices against her tongue tasted sweet like honey... deeper and deeper she delved into the sweet honey pot until Amanda couldn't stand it any more. Julie played with her clit; rubbing it hard inside her diaper while she worked on Amanda's hard button until she came... climaxing and sucking at the same time until David fed her his hot whipped creamy juices.

Julie collapsed down onto the baby blanket and Amanda joined her licking her lips. Together they lay wrapped in each other's arms leaving David to clean up after his two special babies who loved wearing their diapers for him.

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