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Toy Time

"We need something special for the new catalog Dan. Here are the sketches the client made. What do you think?" Katrina Spate, owner of the First Step modeling agency, was concerned about this new shoot. Her photographer, Dan Knowles, was in the best position to think up what the client might need.

"I've got an idea but I need to run it by you and the models first. It would be rather unusual." He had pondered for hours whether this was just an obsession of his own or a valid idea before he'd decided to broach it to his boss.

"I'd like to use just two models for the new shoot, exclusively."

"Why just two?"

"I'd like to do a twin baby girl image." Katrina's eyebrows lifted, as she immediately knew whom he was talking about. Her agency specialized in adult baby catalogs, photo shoots and specialty photographs. The only two models that were in their employee that she knew looked like twins were also their youngest, Katie and Alicia.

They had been brought into the agency when Dan had spotted Alicia wearing diapers at a school photo shoot. Luckily both girls were over 18 so they had been able to utilize them often in catalog shots. They were both beautiful blondes who looked so alike they could be sisters.

"Katie and Alicia?"

"Yes. They both photograph so well and came to some of our specialty catalog shots. They seem comfortable with the idea." He left off the fact that he'd already played with sweet Katie by diapering her, comforting her and taking care of her. They'd only played once but her continued attention let him know that she was eager for another session. He'd held off while he waited to see if she was just playing along.

"Hmmm. They are quite a pair. I know Katie is comfortable with any shots you've suggested but Alicia seems a little shyer. Do you really think she would like to model more of the products?"

"I'm not sure. Maybe you should talk with her."

"All right. When is she scheduled to be in for work again?" The compared notes and found that Alicia was due in two days later for a regular diaper sale shot.

"I'll schedule an appointment."

Dan headed back to the studio to set up some of the toy shots. He had a hard time containing his excitement. The idea of dressing them identically and setting up all the shots as mirror images. Even though his professional interest was stirred he found himself becoming aroused as well at the idea of getting a hold of Katie again. She had been on his mind a lot lately.

Katrina's assistant called Alicia and arranged for her to come early to the shoot so they could talk. Alicia worried that she had done something wrong at one of the sessions. She loved this job and wasn't ready to give it up. Not only did she make great money but also she enjoyed wearing and displaying her diapers with such abandon. It was fun to be in a place where no one made a big deal out of her diapers.

She entered the office quietly and waited for her appointment. She hadn't told Katie about the call yet. She was afraid that if she were let go her friend would feel guilty because she was still on the roles.

"Miss Morton, please come on in." The boss' assistant warmly welcomed Alicia and led her into Katrina's office. She seated herself on the couch and waited while Katrina finished a call. She spent the time looking around at the pictures and awards on the walls.

"Thank you for coming in a little early Alicia." Katrina's warm voice relaxed Alicia a little. It didn't sound like she was upset.

"I want to discuss a special project that has come up. Dan and I believe you would be perfect for this team effort."

Alicia smiled and settled back in her chair. This was great. They didn't want to fire her.

"I'd love to hear about it."

"Good." Katrina spent a few minutes discussing the clothing company's line of specialty adult wear. It appeared they sold all sorts of outfits and loungewear for adult babies.

"We've been doing these catalogs for several years and we want something fresh for this shoot. We thought we would just use two models for the whole catalog as though the purchaser should have the whole line just for themselves."

Alicia listened carefully. She could hardly believe that she was to be one of only two models at this shoot. Doubts began to creep in quickly.

"Are you sure I'm ready for something like this?"

"Absolutely but don't worry that you'll be the only novice on this. We'd like to make this a "twin" shoot with you and Katie. I wanted to talk with you first to make sure you would be comfortable with the idea. If you aren't interested don't be afraid to tell me. We can always brainstorm another idea."

Alicia wondered that they were only concerned about whether she would be willing to do this. What about Katie?

"Have you already asked Katie?"

"No but I am not so concerned about her. She isn't quite as reserved as you are."

Reserved? Well, she supposed she was shy about showing off wearing only a diaper or other baby wear. It still seemed a little odd to not have to be nervous about anyone catching on. Here people wore diapers all the time and no one thought a thing about it.

"I suppose I am a little more shy but I think I'd like to do this shoot if Katie is willing."

Katrina and she spent a few moments discussing the contract and she headed to the studio. She passed on the news to Dan that she was willing to do the shoot and he told her they'd be talking to Katie tomorrow and would she mind not breaking the news quite yet. She agreed but realized how hard this would be. They always shared everything.

The next day at school she made vague comments about events surrounding their graduation and headed off to class without discussing work at all. Katie seemed preoccupied herself. Alicia would have been surprised to know it was because Dan had called for a "play date".

Katie hurried home after school to change and pack a small bag of clothes she had received from one of their shoots. She drove quickly over to the studio and met Dan in the parking lot. He instructed her to follow him and soon they were at his home. Katie eagerly followed him inside.

She was amazed at the different rooms in his house. The front areas were much like her home but the back rooms were completely new and exciting. One room was set up like a baby's room complete with an adult sized crib and changing table that she had seen at a shoot. There was a large rocker too that looked big enough to hold them both.

Another room was set up like a play area with toys, books, blankets and other large sized baby things. They went in there and sat down on the nearest blanket.

"Did you bring something to change into?"

"Yes I did. Do you mind?" Katie brought out the bag and handed it to him. He helped her up from the blanket and they headed to the baby's room. He helped her slip out of her clothes until she was left standing in only a diaper and a tiny camisole shirt. He reached in to the bag and drew out soft pink pajamas she had packed.

"Let's check your diaper first." He helped her up on the table and pulled off the slightly wet diaper. They both seemed to slow down and enjoy the cleaning and powdering part. He dressed her slowly and carefully and she got down. They settled in the big chair with Katie curled up on his lap in her fresh diaper and pajamas.

"We are doing a special shoot at work. A twins shoot for an entire catalog. We'd like you and Alicia to do it together, mirror images. She's agreed. Are you interested?" He rocked the chair gently back and forth as she thought about it. She wondered why they'd asked Alicia first but then it dawned on her that Dan had known she'd be interested.

"Of course." He appeared to dismiss work issues after that and they settled in to their roles for the evening. Dan fed her, played with her and changed her. She loved sitting in his lap while he stroked her hair and told her stories. By the time midnight rolled around she was sleepy and comfortable and the thought of driving back home was overwhelming.

"Would you mind if I just slept here tonight?"

His eyes lit up and she realized he thought she was making a play for him.

"Just platonically, of course."

She was starting to have sexual feelings for him but didn't want to mess up the special relationship they had going. It was easy to find men to sleep with but she had a feeling it would be pretty hard to find someone who understood her baby desires.

"Of course. Do you need to call anyone?" He didn't like to remind her she still lived at home but he also didn't want some irate father showing up at his door.

"No. My folks are gone and I'm moving out of their place in a few weeks after graduation any way."

He smiled his relief and led her back into the baby's room. They rocked for a long time while he petted and soothed her and soon she was ready for bed. He helped her in to the large crib and tucked her in with a kiss on her forehead.

As he left the room he thanked his lucky stars that he'd found such a willing playmate and began to imagine a day when it didn't end with her in bed alone.

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