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Woodland Domination (Gay)

It took us hours to get to the woods, and then another hour for Dan to be satisfied with a spot. The one he finally decided on was perfect. It was right near the lake, but in a well-secluded little spot surrounded by trees, a couple of which had fallen and been stacked in a three-log pyramid which was the perfect height for sitting on to look out at the water and stars.

We unpacked our gear and I was surprised by the amount of stuff Dave had brought. He had several old army duffel bags stuffed to capacity which he quickly put away as soon as his tent was up. My tent was smaller than his, but very comfortable with an air bed mattress on a rolled steel framed cot. When everything was put away Dave came over with a satisfied look on his face.

"Guess it's about time for the fun to start." He said with a smile. I said something like "Guess so." but barely got it out. Dave grabbed me, pulling me out of my tent and ripped my shorts and underwear down. With a hard shove he sent me stumbling over the leaves and I fell on top of the log pyramid. Before I could think to react he was on top of me and I felt him forcing himself into me. I opened my mouth to scream from the pain of his rude entry, but he saw it coming and covered my mouth with one strong hand. He fished around my legs, pulling my stretched and torn briefs off from around my ankles and shoved them into my mouth.

"That'll keep you quiet!" He assured me, and then entered me again. He raped me long and hard, wasting no time being "gentle" choosing instead to thrust as deep and hard as he could for as long as he could. I felt him cum inside me, and his thrusting slowed, but continued as he emptied every last drop of semen inside me. Finally he got off of me and I turned to look up at him, tears in my eyes. His response did little to calm me "Fucking virgins, always crying." He pulled me to my feet by grabbing my t-shirt and yanking me upwards, and led me into his tent. With another shove I fell to the floor and laid there stunned as he rumaged around in his duffel bags.

"There you are." He said to a bag of diapers, which he quickly tore into and pulled a single brief free from the pack. With little show, he unfolded the diaper and laid it between my legs. He ordered me to lift my ass off the ground, and grabbed my balls and pulled to be sure I obeyed quickly. He slid the plastic brief under me and pushed me back down on it. He pulled the diaper up between my legs and placed it over my penis, then reached under it and pushed my dick down between my legs before closing the diaper up with the tape tabs on each side. Dave went back to his bags and fished around, then produced a leather ball gag from one of them.

"Sit up." He told me, then pulled my spit soaked underwear from my mouth and inserted the large rubber ball. He fastened the leather straps tightly around the back of my head, and then told me to get up. I felt unbelievably stupid standing there in an adult diaper, a stretched out t-shirt and rubber ball gag.... but I was about to be dressed in an even more humiliating way. Dave went straight for a smaller duffel bag, clearly knowing it's contents and removed a pink diaper cover with six rows of ruffles on the back, a matching short skirt and short pink top.

"Put 'em on." He said and threw the clothes in my face. I quickly dressed, and he inspected my work, adjusting where the skirt rode my waistline and pulling the diaper cover until he couldn't see any of the white disposable. He reached back into the bag and pulled out a pair of leather bondage cuffs.

"Come with me." He said, and I followed immediately behind him. We didn't go far. He stopped at the closet tree to his tent and told me to stand in front of it. I did as I was told, then waited. Dave went over to our kitchen set-up and took a can of beer out of a flat-top cooler. Then he brought the cooler over and laid in against the tree.

"Sit." I sat on the cooler and Dave grabbed my left hand and bucked one end of the leather restraint to my wrist. then he walked the leather strap around the backside of the tree and shackled my right wrist effectively binding me to the tree. Dave left me tied to the tree all afternoon while he swam in the river, enjoyed a lunch of burgers and beer and took a nap in his tent. As the sky started to turn dark he finally came over to me and offered me a cup of apple juice. I nodded yes that I did want it and he removed my ball gag and held the cup to my lips. The smell told me it wasn't apple juice, but it was too late. Dave grabbed my jaw holding my mouth open and tipped the cup pouring his warm urine into my mouth. It quickly became a drink or drown situation and I struggled to swallow the salty piss, gagging all the way.

"You had a drink, now for some meat." Dave said, and I saw his penis twitch under his swimming trunks. He pushed his shorts down and took his dick in his hand, stroking it to full attention.

"Don't bite, don't move, I'll do all the work." He said in a freighting tone and then rammed his cock into my mouth, the tip of it penetrating my throat. My body jerked in a gag immediately but he held the back of my head, forcing me to keep his dick there for several seconds. He pulled it back for a moment and told me to breath between thrusts, then he immediately rammed his member back in me. I felt my whole body trembling as he gagged me over and over, somehow managing to push himself further down my throat each time. I pulled at my restraints in a panic and kicked my legs which did no good since he was pressed against me. He thrusted hard and fast, taking short breaks every six or seven thrusts for me to take a short breath just before he plugged my airway again. His pubic hairs scratched my upper lip and nose and his balled banged against my chin as he raped my mouth as brutally as he had violated my anus earlier. When I finally felt his man juice sliding down my throat it was a great relief as it meant I'd be able to breath normally again soon. He withdrew his penis, shoved the ball gag back in me, then walked away to the lake to wash my spit and vomit off of him.

"I smell shit." Dave said an hour later, pulling the gag out of my mouth.

"Did you mess your diapers sissy baby?" He teased me. I said "yes sir" hoarsely as he began to untie my wrists.

"I stood up on shaking legs and took a second to steady myself. Dave turned me around and pushed me against the tree. He took my skirt and diaper cover off, then untapped my diaper and slowly removed it, using the relatively clean front of the diaper which was only wet to wipe most of the crap off my backside.

"Take that shirt off, then go clean up in the lake."

Dave instructed and I obeyed without hesitation making the short walk to the lake in the nude and waded out into the water. When I finally felt clean I turned to walk back out of the lake and saw Dave standing in the middle of our campsite waiting for me and holding a large paddle. I didn't know how much more abuse I could take, but I didn't dare make him wait, so I walked straight to him and didn't struggle as he pushed me back down over the logs.

"Do I need to gag you again?" He asked as he adjusted my position over the logs.

"No Sir." I answered my voice too strained to scream.

"Good." He said, and then swung the paddle around hard. I jumped up from the pain, but didn't make a sound. He pushed me back down and swung again and I straightened up from that blow too.

"Stay down" Dave barked before the third lick, and fearing the consequences of disobeying I buried my hands under the bottom of the log pile and held on tight as he beat me with the paddle. He paddled me thirty times, until I was a trembling, blubbering mess, but I knew I had pleased him by not screaming and not getting up again. Dave didn't show it though, as he was dragging me into my tent and ordered me to lay on the air mattress. He left for a moment, then returned with another diaper and more restraints. Within minutes I was diaper and bound to the rolled steel frame of my cot. As Dave zipped up the flap on the tent I knew my night was over even though it couldn't be later than seven o'clock. By morning I was wet and dirty. When Dave finally untied me I was relieved to be able to go clean up in the lake again. So relieved, I didn't even blink when I walked out of the water to see Dave standing naked with a throbbing erecting and a hunger for my already sore ass. Trying to get off easy I dropped to my knees and took his dick in my mouth, but he pushed me off and pointed at the logs. Having completely submitted to him I crawled on hands and knees to the logs and placed myself over them. He wasted no time forcing himself into me again and I yelped softly, but accepted his violation as best I could. When he was done with my ass, he took me straight to his favorite tree and stood me in front of it. He left me standing this time, but still tied me to the tree, this time binding my wrists and ankles. The gag went back into my mouth and then a pillow case was put over my head. I stood there feeling panicky for several minutes having no clue what was coming, but too my surprise I felt a hand cusp my penis and begin stroking it gently. After a days worth of pain the pleasure of a hand job was insane and I came quickly. But Dave didn't stop. He kept stroking my now half-hard penis and pleasure turned to severe discomfort as stroked my worn out dick. I started to moan and that only made him stoke harder as discomfort turned to pain again. And then he stopped. Bound, gagged, blinded and sore in every possible way I stood against the tree. Feeling the rough bark scratching my back and buttocks. I don't know how much time had passed but I felt terribly alone and scared not able to see anything or move more than an inch or two back and fourth. When I finally felt something, it was the cool plastic of another diaper being placed behind me. I felt the soft padding caressing my sore cheeks, and then the warmth of it surrounding my dick and balls. I heard the tape tabs being pulled and then felt the diaper snug my hips as he fastened the tabs to the front of the diaper. The pillowcase came off my head and then I watched Dave remove the gag and my binds. I stumbled and almost fell work out from his abuse, but caught myself and tried to stretch and regain my balance. Dave pointed toward our kitchen set-up and I saw a small table and chair, with a plate of burgers and can of soda.

"Thank you Sir." I said then padded over there, ravenously hungry for real food and drink. While I ate, Dave packed up the tents and other gear and loaded them into the back of his truck. When he came to remove the utensils and coolers from the kitchen area he laid a stack of clothes on the table beside me. A brand new shirt and pair of jeans, socks... and another diaper. I finished my meal then walked over to the lake in just the diaper I was wearing and looked out at the water shimmering in the sun. A beautiful site. I felt the urge to pee, and knowing a fresh diaper was waiting for me I let it go and flooded my diaper.

"Hey Boy, get over here." I heard Dave say and turned to see him laying a blanket on the ground. I headed that way but he moved over to the logs and pushed his pants down. He sat on the logs and leaned backwards as I approached him, and without any instruction I dropped to my knees and took his penis in my mouth. He didn't touch me, or try to force himself deeper, but I did my best to take it all and please him. I drank greedily when he came and then licked his member clean. Dave pulled his pants back up and led me over to the blanket where he laid me down. I watched him retrieve the clothes pile and then he diapered me again and helped me put my new clothes on. We packed up the blanket, table and chair and climbed in his truck for the long trip back to town. Half way home we stopped at a rest stop and he had me suck him off again behind some trees. I felt guilty as we drove back to my normal life; my ass hurt both inside and out, my throat hurt, my arms and legs were sore from bondage and I was scratched and bruised all over. When Dave pulled up outside my house he saw my mood had soured and he said something that made me smile for the first time...

"What are you doing next week?" we both laughed and I climbed out of the truck. I was half way up the walk when he rolled his window down and said "I'm not kidding Boy, be ready to go first thing Saturday morning. I think you know what will happen if you are late!" And then he drove away.

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