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19 Going On 2 Years Old

Part 1

When Billy was 18, he started partying, drinking, and sometimes doing drugs. When his mother found out about his actions, she just grounded him. Then there was this one day where Billy decided to play a prank on his own mother! He was going to put a laxative in her drink so she would be pooping all day. The next day, as he was going to put the laxative in her Coke, she walked in and caught him just in time. She grabbed him yelling "You think this is funny, little man. Well, I am tired of it. I have been wishing that you would go back to being my baby again, and now my wish has come true.".

She then locked him in the room and went out shopping. Earlier in the week, she had been shopping through the internet looking for adult sized diapers, plastic pants, some onesies and sailor suits, and little boy shoes. Obviously, he was going to be a baby boy.

The order was scheduled to come in that day. Billy's mom went out and got baby bibs and bottles, Depend briefs just until the diapers came in, powder, lotions, and baby oil. When she got home she just caught the UPS driver and got her package. There were 4 sailor suits, 6 onesies, 100 cloth diapers, 3 bonnets, 2 big baby bibs and pacifiers, 15 pairs of plastic pants, and 2 pairs of fancy pants for special occasions. There was a crib, changing table, high chair, and playpen arriving next week. She sold all of Billy's furniture and clothes away for 650 dollars.

She burst in to Billy's room were she found him sleeping. She woke him up and started spanking him. After about 10 swats, she stopped and said, "we're going to play a game. If you don't cry the first 10 swats, you will lay until you start crying. if you cry at anytime, you will be treated like a baby. If you cry before the 8th swat of the set, you will be treated like a baby."

Billy made it for two sets without crying. Finally, after the 1st swat of the 3rd set, he burst out crying like a little baby.

" I guess I am going to have a baby again," said his mom.

She took him in the bathroom and proceeded to give the now 19 year old (it was his birthday) a bath filled with strawberry scented bubble bath. As Billy put his hand in front of his crotch, she slapped it out of the way.

" I've seen it many times before," she said,which made him blush.

At that moment she said "babies, especially little babies, don't have hair anywhere, so you wont have any."

She then shaved his whole body (legs, crotch, arms, chest and face) and got him dried and got him out of the tub. She then rubbed a cream on his body that would make all of his hair cells dead so he would never have hair again. When he started walking to his room his mom said, "where are you going baby? Your room is down the hall right next to my room, so I can come in at night time and change your dirty dydees."

She took him into his new room, which had a border on the wall with Disney characters. The one thing that shocked him was that they were in diapers. When his mom put laid him on the bed, he said, " I hope you know I am not wearing that."

She then laid him across her lap and before the first swat, he burst on crying begging to wear as many diapers as he can. She then put lotion on him, powdered and diapered him. She then put plastic pants with little duckies in diapers on him. After he was diapered, she put him in a onesie. When he went for his pants, she said, "oh billy, babies dont wear pants. I want everybody to see what a cute little baby you are in your little diapers, huh pottypants."

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