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24/7 365 New AB Life

Jay & I had been speaking for quite sometime online. He was mostly a DL but always said that if he could find the right baby girl he'd give it up & become a permanent daddy. So it was finally time to do this. I had finally decided to leave my husband & live out my baby dream. We decided that tomorrow would be the day. I finished writing my letter to my husband explaining I couldn't be with him anymore & that I found a job out of state & to not come looking for me, that I'd write.

Friday came & it was time, I packed just my clothes, which I would only need once in a while, since I had a new wardrobe waiting for me at Jay's. Hubby went to work & I got everything I needed, left the note out, kissed my dog good bye & walked out to the bus stop. I got to the rail & headed to my destination, where Jay would be waiting. After a 20 minute ride on the train I was finally there & there was Jay waiting, he gave me this look, like to ask if I was diapered so I shook my head no. I got in & we were on our way. We had discussed moving out of the city because Miami felt like it was a small world everyone knew everyone & you would no matter what run into someone. So we decided to move north. Jay had closed on the house that day & the other house would be ready tomorrow. So we decided to stay at a hotel & start our life there.

Jay & I only knew each other online, never had any feelings for each other; we had spoken & became very good friends over the months & decided to just start this. I was the baby & he was daddy & we were going to adjust to each other if I liked it or not. What else can I do? I was stuck; he was going to take care of me, in every way. Emotionally, physically, financially the whole works. So I was now his, in every way. We had never been with each other sexually & I was still uncomfortable with the situation, because I had only been with 2 guys in my whole life, he would be the 3rd. on our way up there we talked about what we wanted & what the rules were going to be. Though I at 1st was going to be his girlfriend, I had rules to follow. I was a little overweight & he wanted me to lose weight. I was to start a strict diet & exercise everyday for at least an hour & a half. My life was pretty simple, I didn't have to work, all I had to do is maintain some of the house clean, act like a baby pretty much about 24/7 & satisfy my new daddy. I was then given my rules: 1. No talking at all, only once in a while & that will be baby talk, & when out in public you have to speak like a baby but in a funny way, no one will know us so all they will know is that you have a speech problem. 2. You will wear diapers 24/7, no exceptions, and you're not allowed to change yourself. 3. The diapers will be used for its intended purposes, yes both pee & poop. Because we are just starting off and we don't have too much money you will wear your diapers for at least 3 days at a time, so we don't waste them. 4. You will wear very thick diapers around the house & you're only allowed to wear the clothes I put out for you. At home your diaper has to be visible at all times, when we go out and it's the day you get changed you will have a decent thick diaper on & wear baggy clothes, & then back to the very thick diapers once home. 5. You will start taking some pills that make your poop softer & doesn't smell as much. 6. At home there will be absolutely no walking, unless we have guests, & to get you used to not walking I have bought some little things that we will use as soon as we're home. I have bought a special walker & that will be your only means of walking around the house. 7. You will only be allowed to eat baby food, puree food, or your bottle, & when eating out, outside food will be a privilege, & after a while it may be too much for your tummy so you're only allowed to eat what I say will be ok to eat. He then went on to explain a little more about how my life was going to change & that this is what he wanted & that I had to go forward with it or he would send me home on Monday morning, with nothing except a diaper on & whatever I was wearing. He also told me to be prepared to expect little surprises along the way & that these surprises would be things expected of me or I' d get punished or worse, get put out. We soon reached a rest stop & he decided that I needed to get into my 1st diapering in my new life with him. We went into a family bathroom & he proceed to diaper me in 2 Abri-form plus diapers, the first with a couple slits & a couple stuffers for more absorbance & thickness, then the next diaper. He then surprised me with my 1st pair of plastic pants. He also handed me my new pants- overalls. I was dressed & ready to go. We got back into the car & he handed me my 1st bottle of milk. It tasted funny but as thirsty as I was, I drank. Soon enough I found myself asleep. He had laced my bottle with sedatives & some diuretics. I don't know how long it was by the time I woke up but he was getting back into the car with the keys to the hotel room. It looked like we were at some type of an Inn . I felt groggy but realized I had new mittens on & my mouth was stuffed with an oversized pacifier gag. As I reached for my mouth I realized I couldn't take it off & started to make noises through my gag to figure out what was going on & he saw me " That is the beginning of your new life, I told you there would be no talking & this is where it starts." He took me out of the car & put me in a sweater with a hoody so no one can see me & we walked upstairs to our room. As I walked I noticed I was walking funny & then saw how wet I was. As we walked into the room he told me to lay on the bed & he helped me lay down & as I did I pointed at the diapers & I guess he understood me b/c he responded saying "Yes I know your wet, but remember what I said about the diapers, they need to be very wet & even dirty before I even think of changing you, on top of that you need to mess before I change you b/c your next change wont be too fun & you'll have some of your surprises come your way." With that I was handed another bottle. He removed my paci & reminded me not to talk. He told me from now I had 30 minutes to finish each bottle & while awake I would get a new bottle to drink every hour & an half & that each bottle would be laced with something different. As I started to drink my mind finally started to think & I started to get scared. I didn't know what I got myself into. Was it really going to be that bad until I adjusted? Who knew... we'd have to wait & see.

* Chapter 2 *

Next morning I awoke with another bottle being forced into my mouth. At this time I had about 8 bottles since last night. I was starting to feel pretty full. He told me that I had to get used to it b/c he was trying to get me used to the small amount of food I would be consuming, especially for when I start my diet. He's trying to keep me on the liquids with the different laces for the 1st week to weaken my bladder & my bowels. By this time I was so wet that I didn't know how I hadn't leaked. I was starting to beg for a change but he reminded me that the only time I'd get changed would be if I messed. I started to get embarrassed b/c I didn't know what it would be like to have another guy look at my pussy & clean me up. Just as I thought that my stomach started to make noises. I thought I could hold it but thinking of all the bottles I had & knowing that at least 3 of them were laced with lax, I wouldn't be able to keep it in for long. It was now 10 am & Jay had to go finish signing papers for the house at noon . He started to pack everything & take it to the car when I noticed there was still one huge duffle bag still laying there. He noticed that I saw the bag & told me that, that bag contained a couple surprises for my next change. He warned me to hurry & mess before he left if not I'd be stuck in those dirty diapers until he came back & that wouldn't be until later in the afternoon, when he came back from the signing & dropping things off at the new house & waiting for some deliveries at the house, & get it all ready before I got there. Jay started to get frustrated that I didn't mess & decided to put me on the floor & get me to crawl so I can move my bowels around. As I started to crawl my tummy started to hurt even more, & he saw my discomfort so he came & rubbed my tummy. He wanted me to learn how to mess in 3 different positions, & that we were going to start learning immediately, position #1 was on all fours. He put me in position & started to rub my tummy & told me to push, so I did, & with his hand on my diaper I let out some, & with his cue I was suppose to mess & then stop. So when he felt that I had messed enough in that position he told me to get in fetal position which would be position #2 & my "most used" position in my transition. So I got into place & he told me to let go, & so I did. I pushed everything I had & after a couple minutes asked if I had anything else, I answered by shrugging my shoulders b/c I still had the paci in my mouth. He then took the paci out of my mouth & warned "I want you to respond like a lil girl would respond to her daddy. Every time you get the chance to talk to me you have to say the word daddy somewhere in your sentence, understood?!?" I answered "yes daddy!"

"So once again does baby think she needs to go anymore?" he asked again.

"I nono daddy" I answered. So he thought to wait another 10 minutes before changing me. Daddy then told me "just for fun I want to see you really messy, so I want you to get on all fours & crawl around & like a real baby, loose your balance & fall on your butt & get that mess all over you!" I guess I gave him some sort of a weird look that he didn't like & he got angry. He walked over to his bag & pulled out a thick collar & a leash. He put it on me & made me crawl & follow him around like a dog, all of a sudden BOOM!

He turned around w/o warning & pushed me back & I fell on my bottom. I started to get up & he pushed me back down "Where do you think you're going little girl?" he yelled. He grabbed my hands & put them on my diaper "start rubbing! NOW! Get that mess all over you!" I started to cry so he stuffed my paci gag back in & then started to blow up the gag so the paci can get bigger & you couldn't hear anything from me. My hands were forced to rub all the mess around my bottom. After a couple of minutes he made me stop & put me on the bed & my hands were put into cuffs & tied to each side of the bed. He went to his bag & came back with a blindfold & put it on me. I was now blind & couldn't see what was going to happen next. I heard him going through the bag & setting them on the bed, then I heard him put on some latex gloves. He started to take off my diapers & wipe me clean. I then heard lub being put on the gloves & a rumbling of something. He then started to play with my pussy & he almost got me to climax when he said "babies don't have orgasms w/o permission & only when daddy has his climax. Now stay still I don't want to hurt you." He started poking something inside my pee hole & that's when I realized that he inserted a catheter in me. I heard scissors & he snipped a good piece of it & then got more lub & I felt pressure on my bottom, 1st he put in one finger, then a second & he started playing down there, & when he was satisfied he added another finger, & all of a sudden pulled out. Then added more lub & inserted 2 fingers again & then said "I think we're ready, ready? Relax & take it in." Little by little I felt something round, bigger than a suppository being inserted to my butt, it kept going in & then PLOP, I felt it settle in my ass. When I squeezed it felt stuck there & I could pop it out. He then powdered, baby oil me & started to diaper me with one diaper, & I felt him make the slits, then another with slits & finally stuffers & the last diaper taped tightly on me & finally plastic pants. But these plastic pants were tighter than the other ones, like if it was a size smaller. He put my legs together, and locked me into leg cuffs, bent my legs & I felt the leash from my collar being attached to the cuffs on my leg. He undid my right cuff & turned me to my left side & cuffed my right arm to another part on my left cuff. I was now in a fetal position he then exchanged my pacifier to one that had holes in it & there was a small hole at the end so he can add a tube through it. I heard him going through the bag & taking something plastic out of the bag, he laid it on the night stand & I felt him attach it to the pacifier & clicked on something in the bag & all of a sudden I feel milk being sent into my pacifier. I was now going to get my directions, "I just diapered you with 3 diapers & about 8 stuffers, & as you can see you cant close your legs correctly even though they are forced closed, when you get up you may not be able to walk correctly, 1st b/c of the thickness & 2 b/c I have just inserted a catheter in you & a 4 ½ inch long, 2 ½ inch in diameter butt plug in your hole. So until you get used to it you will be walking very funny. I have also made you drink a bag full of milked filled with a large dose of sedative & diuretic. This bag make take about an hour to empty & you should be asleep in an hour an 1/2 . I am now going to put headphones on you & you're going to start listening to 3, 1 hour CD's of hypnosis. With the amount of sedatives I gave you, you should be out until tonight, & by then you should be in your new bed at the new house. So enjoy & see you later little girl! Behave!!" With that the headphones were put on me & I was left there. I was able to get through the 1st CD which was hypnosis of how to lose your bladder & bowel movements permanently. The 2nd CD was on baby transition, how to talk like a baby, walk like a baby, use my diapers as needed & even how to make my tummy smaller to eat as much as a baby. Soon I was asleep & didn't get to hear the last CD, but im sure my subconscious did.

* Chapter 3 *

"Baby Chrissy wake up! Come on baby, wake up!" Daddy was there over me holding a bottle for me to drink. I shook my head & pointed to my tummy as to say I was full. He said "Imma give you one more chance to take this bottle from me if not you're going to pay for it!" I started to cry begging not to drink it. Jay had enough; he left & came back with another bag of liquid. I already had the paci with the holes in it on, so al he did was attach the tube & let go, "I told you not to complain with me, you won't win! Now drink this & then we're going to play." I started to look around & realized I wasn't at the hotel any longer; I was in my room in my crib that had bars all around me & a metal door on top that looked like it was locked. The room was pink with precious moments wall paper going around the whole room. There was a playpen & a huge changing table & about 3 closets & a huge drawer that was opened & you can see all my new clothes & plastic pants in it. I looked up & saw the bag next to the bed & it was almost done. Soon daddy came in & took out the tube & replaced it with the other paci. Once again he pumped it pretty big & by this time my mouth was pretty sore, & he didn't do anything to make me comfy. He took me out of my crib & wow did I feel full, I felt like if I was 7 months pregnant. He put me down on the floor & made sure that my mittens were still on tight. I noticed that the cuffs on my wrists & my ankles had "D" rings on them, then I thought about the collar on my neck & it felt different, this one was thicker & it was made so you can't move your head around. He put me on the changing table & grabbed my diaper & checked to see how wet I was, "Wow this baby is wet, but you ca hold a lot more! So therefore I'm going to keep you in them for about 3 days. You already cleaned out your bowels & with that butt plug you wont mess for nothing. On top of that you're well powdered & with enough baby oil, you'll do just fine. I want you to be very uncomfortable; we're starting your training very strict so you can realize how man I can get & get you used to your new baby slave state. Now I will explain what I expect of my baby slave girl. As you know when we 1st started talking you said you like bondage & wanted to be forced to be a baby. That for you to get used to the lifestyle you needed to be forced to do things, so it will be & not a nice force, it will be done the way I want. You will be a baby 24/7 & serve me at the same time. I have arranged for a housekeeper to come to the house 3 times a week to clean & do the things you won't be able or allowed to do. Don't worry about her freaking out b/c she wont, she's a slave to a local master & she is used to everything she's going to see in this house. You are to clean everything on the floor & everything in a baby's reach & she will do the rest. She is not allowed to talk to you to avoid her interrupting your training. She is only allowed to take you out of your bed, attach your milk bag to your paci & when done with all your chores, put you back in your crib. Understood?" With that he took me off the table & put me on the floor started to attach short chains at my ankles, then from my ankles to each one of my wrists & then another short chain from my wrists to my collar, which pulled my head forward & I couldn't see straight I had to look down. The chains were soo short all I can do is crawl around I couldn't get up, the most I can do is stand on my knees & my hands would go down by my waist. As I started to get comfortable, he told me to start crawling. It was hard to move around feeling all chained up & also knowing there was 2 different monsters up my holes. I think the butt plug was the one I needed adjusting to. I was made to crawl around & get used to my new "walking". Every so often he's tap me on the butt & make me walk faster or test my chains & made me get up on my knees. He then made me crawl towards him on my knees & told me to put my face on his pants & play with his dick through the pants.

"Does baby want to play?" I looked at him with this face like what next? "if the baby doesn't want to play then why are you in between daddy's legs?" he took my pacifier out of my mouth & opened his fly & told me to take his dick out of his pants with my mouth. He was getting hard so it wasn't much work to take it out, & when he came out I was told to suck on daddies' bottle until my "special" milk came out. I sucked for about 15 minutes before he finally came. When he came I wasn't allowed to swallow it, I was suppose to play with it. And so I did. After a while I was allowed to swallow but daddy wasn't satisfied, I had to suck him again, this time he teased me & started walking around while I was sucking & I had to keep up to him. He walked over to one of the closets & took out some clothes for me, & while I sucked him he was able to change me into a pink onesie & then walked me back to bed, as we reached the bed, he started to cum again & once again I wasn't allowed to swallow, but this time he made me dribble it out of my mouth & with his dick he wiped his cum all over my face & left it there.

"I want you to smell daddy's milk & get used to it, your going to be getting a lot of it, & I want to see how messy my baby can get. It's 1 am & baby needs to get her beauty rest. Goodnight baby!" With that I was locked in my crib, my paci back in my mouth & filled up, lights out & the door locked shut. The next morning I was awaken & made to crawl downstairs. I got to see the house & it seemed big. Everything downstairs looked like a normal house, we got to the kitchen & he put me on the highchair, undid the chains from my collar to my hands & locked me in. as I sat in the chair I could feel all my holes being poked by the plug & the catheter. I saw him bringing my food which was a bunch of stuff puree, along with a bottle of milk & apple juice & a huge green pill. He took out the paci & I was finally able to stretch my mouth but not for long before he stuffed the bottle of milk laced with who knew what in my mouth. I drank that & when I was finished he fed me all that nasty mush, while feeding me he "accidentally" got food on me & my face. When the mush was finished he gave me my apple juice & handed me the green pill.

"This is that pill I told you about that will soften your mess & make it smell less." He then put me back on the floor, attached the chains back together & made me crawl to the living room where he turned on the tv & put in a DVD, & then some wireless headphones on me. He put the pacifier back in my mouth & filled it up & this time a lot.

"I think you had enough time to stretch your mouth, but you won't have a lot of those anymore, I want your mouth to get sore & hurt so that way you can get used to having big things in your mouth for long periods of time & after a while it may even get harder for you to talk." See he wants me to start from the beginning as an infant and little by little work myself up but the bladder & bowel will be something I will never get trained in again. He wants me diaper dependant so I would have to depend on him always. He said he was going to train me to be embarrassed about the diapers in front of anyone else so after time the only person I would trust would be him, & my dependency on him would be greater. He put the headphones on & turned the TV on & I was to sit there & watch a hypnosis video.

*Chapter 4*

It was now Tuesday, Monday was the same as before, but today was different, I was going to get changed. I was pretty soaked, to the point that it was pretty heavy & daddy knew how uncomfortable I was. He came in & took me out of my crib, "Hi baby girl! How are we doing this morning? Well you're going to get changed today but before you do you need to mess for daddy & play with your mess for a little while. We're going to eat & I'm going to feed you a fast-acting laxative to make you mess with an hour. By the way baby girl there's one more small detail slash rule I forgot to mention, as my baby slave your going to learn how to mess at the same time every 3 days. Your going to mess every 3 days at 8am & were going to train your tummy to poop at this time & if your tummy doesn't comply then we'll feed it more lax & if needed an enema which you will have to hold for an hour with the butt plug in. The reason we want you to mess at 8 is so when your finally done you can enjoy your mess for a couple of hours before I go to work & then have you cleaned & re-diapered. But when my company gets going & I can work from home in a couple of weeks, I'll be able to pay more attention to you & keep you messy longer." He dug into my diaper & pull out my plug, whoa did that feel good! But I knew it was only going to last a while til I was messy, cleaned & back in my plug. He gave me breakfast in my highchair which was oatmeal & cereal & then milk which was clean, when I was done he gave me a huge tablespoon of some white milky stuff, "Open wide baby, this is going to make you go poopy for daddy!" Like a bad girl I kept my mouth closed.

"I said OPEN, NOW!" I didn't move, then said "Pwease daddy I'll try to make poopy all by myself!"

"On no you wont, your body isn't used to going to the bathroom at this time, OPEN!" So I complied, yuck did that taste bad. I was let go of the chair & put on the floor & made to crawl, I was to mess on all fours & let daddy know what I was going to mess. Daddy was right in a little while I was pooping & daddy was right there playing with my diaper. I was pooping a lot, & my diaper was getting really, really heavy. I was starting to not even be able to crawl anymore, my legs we chained too close together. When I was finished daddy reminded me of where my hands needed to be. He came over & put my hands on my diaper & made me rub, "You need to get used to playing with your dirty diaper, that's going to be your only way of release, & we want baby to cum all over her mess, & if that doesn't work daddy would have to punish you on a special chair he bought for you just in case this happens, lets just call it the punishment chair." So I started to rub & get all the mess all over me but avoid getting any mess around my pussy. Daddy saw this & got mad & told me to get my mess in my pussy, that babies don't know any better & it doesn't matter I would get cleaned, with that he grabbed a chunk of the mess & pulled it to the front of my diaper & forced my hand on it & made me play with it on my pussy, after about 10 minutes, he told me I can stop. At this time it was 930 & I still had a couple of hours in my messy, very wet, heavy diaper. Time flew by while playing or crawling around when daddy announced that I was going to take a bath. I was given a bottle which I'm sure was filled with sedatives & diuretic & taken to the bathroom. Once there my paci was put back on & I got to take a look at my bathroom. It was big. I had a changing table in it with drawers filled with diapers & plastic pants, & I had the sink with lil girl tooth paste & a little girl's toothbrush, & I had a huge bath tub. I was put on the changing table & tied down to it. The cuffs on my ankles came off & daddy gently took off my diaper & wiped off some of the mess & then started the bubble bath & it had a bunch of toys in it. Once the tub filled he left & came back with a towel & a bottle. He squeezed a good amount of the clear liquid onto the towel & came to put it on me.

"This is a special lotion that will remove all your hair, I only need to use it a couple times & then you won't have or grow anymore hair. It makes the cells in your skin weak & it won't be able to reproduce." He then started rubbing the lotion all over me, my hands, arms, legs, chest, my pussy & my asshole. Once he finished I sat there for about 15 minutes & then was put in the tub, like magic you saw all my hair come off, he cleaned me off & took out the catheter to clean it. He then proceeded to wash my hair & he washed it with horse shampoo & told me that he wants my hair to grow our long & quickly, & horse shampoo makes your hair grow quicker. He finished with my bath & took me out, toweled me dry & took me to the nursery. The catheter was then reinserted & so was the butt plug. Once again I was put into 3 diapers, who knows how many stuffers & this time for extra protection & thickness, a terry cloth diaper pinned real tight & snug, then finally my smaller size plastic pants. At this time I was slowly falling asleep, so daddy put me back in the crib, locked me in, closed the top door, then the door to the room & I was fast asleep.

Thank you for reading. I will take any comments. I do have another part completed & would like to know who would want to read the rest. Email me at


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