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24/7 365 New AB Life

Chapter 5

It's been a week & 2 days already in this new life & I still haven't adjusted. The week past & I had one other change & everything was good except I was still having trouble playing with my dirty diapers. Today is Sunday & he told me I was up for another surprise at my change. Breakfast was given & then I was fed that spoon full of laxative, everything was going ok until it was messy time. I didn't play enough with my dirty diaper the way daddy wanted me to play.

"Ok that's it I've been patient enough with you for a week, time for you to get what you have been deserving, no more nice daddy now!" He yelled. He grabbed me & chained me to the leash & led me to a door on the other end of the house, that door would take you downstairs. As I crawled down the stairs, I can see there was a lot of bondage stuff & things I've never seen before.

"I told you to take advantage of rubbing yourself b/c that was going to be the ONLY time you'll have to enjoy yourself, maybe not the way you want, but you'll be able to climax, remember how you said the diapers weren't a sexual thing for you? Well now you will learn & love to have sex with your diapers, wet or dirty, ready to start cumming in your dirty diapers?" He grabbed me & took off my plastic pants & the cloth diaper, he grabbed a razor & cut a hole in the middle of the diapers & made sure you can stick something through it. He picked me up & took me to a chair that looked like the hump of a horse, it looked like I was about to get up on a horse except that it had a pretty large dildo on it, I was placed on it & then my feet were chained together under the chair & there was a metal rod in front of the chair which he made me reach forward & he locked my cuffs to it. I was now bound on this thing. It started to hurt & I started to cry, so he made sure that my pacifier was on tight & it was blown to its full capacity.

"Well like I said this is your punishment, & I see you're not used to such a large dick huh? It's only 6 inches long & 2 inches in diameter wide, & when I see your used to this one I'll get you a bigger one, we want the baby to have a big pussy so that way you can take any dick that comes your way." I looked like I was ready to ride a horse, next he told me what the chair was going to do, "I will turn it on & b/c it's your 1st time I'm going to give you a full demonstration of what this chair can do to you. I have set the automatic timer, meaning it will start slow & then take you to the fastest speed, there are 6 different speeds & they are in 30 minutes intervals each speed, so yes you'll be here for at least 3 hours, o & just b/c I want to see you enjoy yourself to the fullest, I added the special feature, which is another hour, so you'll be here for 4 hours, after that you'll probably be sooo sore & so tired your going to learn your lesson. Ready? O wait we cant forget your blindfold. Here we go, enjoy & have fun!!" He blindfold me & I felt the dildo start moving, it was like a warm up, foreplay session, it was really slow, that went on & then I felt it go a lil faster, this one was like a rougher foreplay. The next speed was like if the thing was making love to me, my legs were starting to get tired already. I had cum about 3 times already, & I was ready to cum again. I didn't know I can cum so much. All of a sudden I heard daddy coming, "Is baby having fun? Has the baby cum yet? Well daddy wants to watch the baby fuck this nice dildo, & maybe I might join the fun. Im sure baby is going to cum sooo much she won't want to cum ever again huh?" I was just sitting there thinking to myself no way do I want to have another orgasm; this is it for the rest of my life. But I knew I had a lot more of these. I felt like he was turning me into a slut. I soon felt my paci come off & I felt daddy's prick come to my mouth, "You know what to do with this baby, remember DON'T SWALLOW! Wow baby that pussy looks like its having fun, & every time it slams you down you see all the mess spreading everywhere, I wonder if we have enough mess in there? Maybe next time I'll add some of my shit to your diaper & make sure you're really loaded." I started to suck while the speed was now being changed & I was really being fucked, I thought this can hopefully be the last speed, but I knew I was wrong. It took him a while to cum & when he did once again I was suppose to let it dribble out of my mouth, he helped me put it back in & then I was told to swallow, he stuck his dick back in my mouth & I was back at sucking again. Now I finally realized what he meant when my mouth would be doing a lot of work. All I can think of is the abuse that I am getting in all 3 of my holes. He was soon starting to stuff his dick in me harder & he was getting rough. He would stuff it deep in my throat, but my mouth was so sore that I couldn't feel it that much, after 15 more minutes he came again & he decided that I needed to learn how to suck dick, so he wanted me to do tongue exercise. He started to tell me how to move my tongue around, & what to do when the dick is there & throbbing the back of my throat. That went on for a little while & he finally stopped. He put a large round red ball gag in my mouth & left me there, I still had 2 more speeds to go & the special feature. I was so sore, everywhere; I didn't know I can stay wet for that long. The final feature was now going & the only thing it did was do different speeds w/o warning. It would go at speed 1 & then change to speed 6 & that went on for the hour he promised. To tell you the truth I don't know how many more times I came but I know I couldn't walk, I feel like I just did 2 spinning classes one after the other. The machine turned off & a buzzer went off to let him know it was off, he came in & took me off the chair & made me stand, I couldn't I'd fall.

"Hahahaha, isn't that great? That's the way I'm going to want you, not be able to stand, but for now you got your workout for a couple days." I was made to crawl upstairs into the nursery & to bed. I wasn't going to get a change until night time as a punishment.

Chapter 6

It was now night & daddy was coming in to get me, I was really wet & it was heavy with all that poop. I could swear I was starting a rash, but I guess it was a false alarm. He took me to the bathroom & onto the changing table & took off my diaper & cleaned me, daddy decided it was time to put that lotion on again b/c he saw a couple hairs growing out, so I was there waiting & then put into the tub, cleaned, toweled dry & taken to the nursery. When I got to the nursery I had my catheter inserted & this time my butt plug wasn't the same, it was a different color & it looked bigger.

"Ok baby daddy needs to put in your new butt plug, yes this one is bigger its 5 ½ inches long & 3 ¼ inches wide. I want your hole to get bigger for daddy. I want to use your hole for different things, so every week or so I'll change the size of your plug until I think your hole is the size I'm satisfied with." He stuck the plug in & I cried, that thing felt like it was huge, but like a good girl I had to take it in & get used to it. I was diapered the way I was suppose to be & handed a bottle of milk, once I was finished with that we went downstairs to eat. I was put into the highchair & fed. Once I finished I drank another bottle of milk & daddy put me in bed but not w/o me sucking on him. This was starting to be an everyday thing at night. Either before I went to bed or in the middle of the night when he felt the urge.

"Suck daddy real good tonight so tomorrow he can have a good day at work make us good money & treat you to more baby treats." I sucked, but the thing is that every time he was starting to take longer to cum, I don't know if it was b/c I was sucking so much & he was cumming so much that he took longer.

"I just want to let you know that other then these little problems you're doing very well, you still have a long way to go but your doing well. Tomorrow Sara is coming, you know the housekeeper I told you about, and so I want you on your best behavior. Deal?!" I shook my head yes. Finally he came but this time it was only once & the cum was wiped all over my face & I was locked in & ready to go to sleep. I was already getting used to having a messy face. Next morning daddy came in & got me out of bed, & ready to receive Sara. We were waiting downstairs when the doorbell rang. It was her & another man, I guess her master. She was of medium height; great body looked like she weighed about 120 lbs, dirty blonde hair & really big boobs. How can someone that skinny have big boobs? She was in very good shape too, looked like she works out. She looked like she was no older than 27 or 28.

"Hey Bob, how are you? Ah this must be Sara? Hello missy!" Daddy was letting them in. I was sitting on the floor w/o my chains but all my cuffs & collar on. Bob:"Well is this baby Chrissy? Wow she is a big baby huh? How much does she weigh Jay?" Daddy: "She is weighing 170 lbs, I want to get her to lose at least 45 lbs." Bob: "45? That's all? We can go more than that" Ahh I see what this was, daddy had met a personal trainer who was also a master & they together were going to get me to lose weight & be the small baby daddy wanted. Daddy: Well Bob you know I told you I am ready to follow what ever advice you may have to get her to look like Sara! Which by the way she looks great" Bob: "Sara what do you say?" Sara: "Thank you sir!" Bob: "So what have you done to this baby so far Jay?" Daddy: "Well to tell you the truth, all I have gotten her to do is to start loving her diapers in a sexual way, I just changed the size of her butt plug yesterday, & I have her practicing her dick sucking every night!" Bob: "O really? Is she getting any better? Do you mind if I get a taste of what she has to offer?" Daddy: "Sure! Baby girl, get in position, & don't embarrass me." I started to crawl towards Bob, & he was already unzipping his pants & taking his prick out. Daddy: "Bob, with or w/o hands?" Bob: "Let's see how she's doing w/o hands." I start sucking & playing with his prick the way I've been playing with daddies. I was sucking for a while when I felt someone behind me. Bob: "Good girl Sara, now play with her pussy from outside her diaper & make her suck my dick harder, you know how I like it. Hey Jay, you said that Chrissy has never been with a girl right?" Daddy: "That's correct Bob, that's what she has told me." Bob: "Well let's make her love women so that way she won't be able to live without eating pussy for more than a day" Daddy: "Let's go for it. That way I can soon get me a g/f & a mommy for her & she'll know how to take care of her mother!" With that they had Sara play with me for a little while, when Bob told her to get under me. I was still on all fours sucking on Bob's dick. She got under me & she started playing with my pussy from the outside & little by little she started going inside. Bob started to fuck my mouth harder... BoB: "Does she swallow or mess her face with daddies cum?" Daddy: "No shes not allowed to swallow until told to!" Bob: "Greattttttttttttt... Don't swallow baby!" As he was fucking me harder & finally I felt him cum in my mouth. Whoa he comes a lot more than Daddy, I was told to show the cum. Bob: "Is the baby playing with Master Bob's cum?" I shook my head & opened my mouth. Bob: "Baby Chrissy I want you to lay down & let Sara on top of you & I want you to french kiss her with all of Master Bob's cum. I want you two to kiss until we say stop, & when given the order, both of you swallow the left over cum on your mouths." We did so for a while I was sure getting tired, & finally the cue came & we swallowed. I was then told to clean Sara's mouth. Bob: "Very good Chrissy, how did that feel?? How did you like to kiss another girl? You know what? Lets see how you do eating Sara's pussy, she hasn't gotten none in a couple of day's I'm sure she'll treat you real good!" Sara got so excited that she didn't hesitate to take off her underwear. Soon enough I found my face stuffed in a girl's pussy. I didn't know what to expect so I just sat there & twirled my tongue around, while she had my head in her hands. Finally we were finished & Bob wanted to know what Sara would be doing. So daddy put me on the couch & had me watch my hypnosis tapes & handed me a bottle of milk, which of course was laced with sedatives & diuretic. I had fallen asleep & didn't awake until Sara walked in with another bottle of milk, & I found myself in my crib.

"Hey just wanted to let you know you didn't do a bad job for your 1st time. I hope they give us more sessions like that!" She whispered. She walked out & closed the door.

Chapter 7

It's been a little over a month as a baby & things have really changed. I finally learned how to play with my mess & I started to lose weight. I found out daddy had a gym in the house that had a spinning bike, a treadmill & a weight machine. The only time I ever find myself standing up is when im working out. But other than that like always I'm on all fours crawling in my chains. Sara has been coming over to clean 3 times a week & twice a week we have been getting our session in front of daddy & Master Bob. Daddy said he was going to take my catheter out this week. I haven't gotten on that punishment chair anymore & again I haven't gotten anything in my pussy & I'm starting to need it. Daddy was working a lot & he was making good money. I was cleaning around the house & I was starting to lose my bowel movement, he started to only give me laxative in my bottles twice in 3 days & he doesn't give me the fast acting lax anymore. I'm still having trouble messing in the morning but he said that should take a couple more months.

"Baby Chrissy?? Where are you my love?!" I heard daddy coming in my room as I was playing in my play pen.

"There you are! Well I wanted to tell you that Daddy is going to have a party this weekend, & we're going to have a lot of daddies & masters here this weekend, & some with their baby girls & sissies. We need to make you nice & pretty for this weekend. Ok!?" The week flew us by & it was Saturday morning & daddy had me locked in my room, with my pacifier while he had strangers in the house bringing food & decorating. Mid afternoon Sara came over & she was to get me ready for the party. Master Bob was already with her & they stayed downstairs while I got ready with Sara. Today was a changing day but daddy made an exception about the playing with messy diapers today, but I messed anyway & got to stay in my dirty diapers all morning while they fixed the house. I took a bath & had my hair washed, now it was time to diaper up. Sara called Daddy & he came up to see me & he took the catheter out.

"That's it baby your free to pee on your own, but I better get a good amount of urine in your diaper, if not your right back in the catheter. Sara don't forget her new accessory, please!" he walked out & left. I looked at her like what was it? Since then I had one upgrade in my butt plug, & that one was so large that now is when I was starting to get used to it. She went into my drawers & came back with a huge, but I mean huge butt plug, it must have been like 7 inches long & about 5 inches wide. I really didn't know how that was going to go in.

"He said he wants you having a big hole back there, for what I don't know, but I'm going to tell you this, the sissies that are coming tonight some of them haven't had pussy since they became sissies, so just a warning." She gently started to put the plug in & I whined b/c it hurt so much. And daddy walks in, "What's going on in here?" Sara explained, "This is too big for her, & I can't get it in."

"Let me see that, Ummm... her hole looks like its getting bigger, I don't think it can handle this, but its time for an upgrade & it has to go in if she likes it or not." Daddy played & played & finally it got some of it in, then forcefully he stuffed it in. My butt flew off the changing table & I couldn't put it down, it was way too big & it hurt.

"Ahhh is baby going to complain? Well you know what lets add something else too, since you haven't had any dick in your pussy & you might be getting tight, lets stuff both your holes." Daddy reached over & got a pretty large dildo, probably as large as the punishment chair dildo, came back & stuck it in me.

"Sara please diaper her with only 2 disposables & stuffers in them & then 3 layers of cloth but add a couple more stuffers in that & her plastic pants." Sara did as she was told, & then finished dressing me up. I even got make up on. When I was done, of course my cuffs & chains were all put back on & I was on the floor crawling downstairs. I was given my bottle of milk & then put to watch my hypnosis DVD's. At about 4, daddy said it was time to practice my sucking b/c since I was the new baby of the group I would have to be showing my stuff off tonight. I got on all fours & daddy came at me & I started to suck him off. Sucked him til he was clean from any cum, then it was Master Bob's turn. Like always I had to suck him for at least 15 minutes. Then it was onto Sara. I was starting to get used to being with another girl so it was going pretty well. I ate Sara out until Bob thought she had enough. When I was done, I know not to clean my face until told to do so. So I sat there waiting to be cleaned & Bob thought he would want to be sucked again, so I sucked on him this time for well over 20 minutes before he came, & when he did I once again let the cum dribble out of my mouth & with his dick he wiped the cum all over my face.

"Wow now you look pretty, now you really look like a real baby with stuff all over her face. Hey Jay it's best for her to stay like this, let her know who's in charge, on top of that with all the work she'll be doing tonight why keep cleaning her up. She needs some anti-pimple cream on her face for a little while."

"Yeah I don't see a problem with her staying that way, now she has both girl cum & Master cum on her face, sorry baby girl your make up got ruined." I was given my pacifier & had it put on me & filled up. I was asked to show off my dress & crawl around, it was hard for me to crawl with the 2 dildos in me, specially the new plug, I could hardly move. Daddy saw this & he wanted to try me out walking, so he undid my chains & asked me to walk. Mind you I haven't walked in a over a month. When I got up & couldn't walk, my legs were spread so far apart I could close them b/c of the thickness & the 2 huge monsters in me.

"I want you to stand up straight & close your legs" Daddy said. I tried to, & then master Bob & dad came close to me & forced closed my legs & connected the 2 cuffs to each other, my knees were touching each other, & the pain in my holes were so bad I started crying.

"Hey there is no crying missy, if you want to cry I'll show you real crying." He dropped me to the floor & grabbed my leash & took me down stairs. When I got there he changed the size of the dildo off the punishment chair, took me out of my diapers & took the dildo out of my pussy & then put the dildo next to the other one & compared them for me, the one on the punishment chair was about 7 inches long & 6 inches wide, it was a tad bit bigger than the dildo, but still it was bigger & he was going to put me on it. I was put on the punishment chair & strapped in.

"Your going to take the special feature for the next hour & by the time your finished I'm sure most of the guests will be here, & Bob & I are going to think of your next punishment." I was blindfolded & left there with this monster in me. It was a hell of a punishment, with this thing going the speed it can go & the size it is, I'm sure it really widens me.

Chapter 8

The hour went by & I was finally let go by Sara & another girl. Sara introduced her as baby Karen. Sara put my dildo back on & re-diapered me. I can really feel a difference now. Karen was also another AB, but her situation was different. We weren't allowed to stay there for long so I went back upstairs & met everyone. Daddy then adjusted my ankle cuffs so that I can stand up & walk but my legs were to be remained closed with only a few inches apart. Daddy also put different mittens on me, ones that closed my hands into a fist & closed them shut. I was then taken to the living room where there were about 8 mommies & daddies. I was introduced & had to go give everyone a kiss on the cheek & they all had to touch my diaper which of course was showing from the bottom of my dress. One mommy made the comment that for sure I had more weight to lose, & that she hoped to have her sissy fuck me tonight. Daddy told me that he was expecting a couple more mommies & daddies & to come back in an hour to say hi to everyone else. Sara, Karen & I went to the playroom where the rest of the babies were. We were being babysat by Sara & another girl slave. I was the only one still with my paci & daddy said I couldn't take it off, b/c I was JUST starting my transition & I'm suppose to be an infant & babies my age don't talk yet. We all played together, I got to hear some stories & then I hear Sara calling to go back downstairs. I went back down stairs & I was amused to see how many people were there & how many more babies & slaves got there. Most of the slaves had thick tight collars on & a dog tag hanging from it. I was introduced to the rest & daddy said that I was to enjoy myself tonight, & make sure I treat everyone very nicely, nicely meant which ever way they wanted. I noticed daddy was sitting next to another mommy & they seemed to enjoy each others company. I wondered.

"Hey Jay, I can tell she has both holes stuffed, & she doesn't look comfortable, what you do to her?" asked a daddy.

"Well Mike she's being trained to have her pussy big enough to satisfy any daddy or master that wants a piece of her & her ass is getting big so then I can fuck her in that hole & her hole can get wider so its easier for her to mess, soon enough she wont be able to hold her mess, she'll be shitty all the time she wont be able to control it." Mike added, "Nice going, you think you may be able to fit 2 dicks in that ass anytime soon?" Daddy responded, "We can try! Chrissy go see Daddy Mike." I walked over to him & he grabbed my diaper & squeezed. He made me sit so he can see if I budge if the monsters go any higher, & he succeeded. He grabbed the diaper & pulled it up like as if giving me a wechy.

"Nice! How does it feel baby girl? You feel stuffed?" I shook my head yes.

"Good, but I'm sure your going to learn what it feels like to be really stuffed & maybe have 2 dicks in there along with another dick in your pussy. Double penetration! Trust me my slave is a little whore, & she has learned how to love it & I'm sure you will too. It's going to be your ONLY way of release isn't that correct daddy Jay?"

"Yep! She knows she's here to live as a baby but also a slave too." Daddy responded. I was then taken back to the playroom & continued to play with everyone else. All the babies ranged from young to older, between 20 until close to 50. The 50 year old had been wearing diapers for over 30 years as a secret until his wife came home & found him wearing & as a punishment made him wear 24/7 & now it became a lifestyle for them. Sara had become a slave at age 18 b/c she enjoyed the fetish, and over the years she's gone from one owner to another. Baby Karen was about my age, & she had been in the lifestyle since she was 16, she met a really great guy who had a thing for the diapers & so he got her to try one on & then from there they began their life, her boyfriend/daddy also wears once in a while, but shes "the" baby of the house. It was interesting to hear all the different stories of how all of them came about. I felt like I had the worse of it. A little while later daddy came in & told all of us to go downstairs. As we all slowly strolled in I noticed that the middle of the living room was cleared & all the mommies, daddies & master's were naked. I didn't know what to expect next. As I sat next to daddy & he got naked a mommy started to explain that it was show & tell time. Each adult would choose a baby or slave to satisfy them for 20 minutes, & so I went with Daddy Eric, he was a sissy's dad. We were all put in place & told to start, & so we did. When that finished we rotated again & it started for another 20 minutes. When round 3 came around it changed it was time for the new babies to show what they got. Unfortunately I was the only new baby, so all eyes were on me. I had to go with each & everyone of them for 5 minutes each, this was so they can each rate how I was doing & take it back to daddy & tell him what I need improvement on. So I started, either suck on a dick or eat a mommy out. There were about 25 of them, damn I was going to be at this for about 2 hours, but that was the test, to see how long I can last, & how good I was. It was pretty much a rotation on mommy then daddy, then mommy & like that. Things looked like they went smooth, then I was told that it was time to test my pussy & asshole. But that I would be using the babies. The boy babies would fuck me with their own dicks & the girls would have a strap on with a fairly big dick. I was getting really tired but this was the point & I couldn't let daddy down. Sara took my diapers off & then my plugs & she started, the babies each had 3 minutes, everything went well for about 3 babies & then baby Mickey said something & his mommy told me to stop & go to her. I didn't know what that was all about. I walked to her & she strapped on the dildo, "Baby come to mommy & sit on her, I want you to fuck mommy." So I crawled to her & did what I was told for what felt to be like 5 minutes. I was then sent to the next baby & then the next, at the end I had 6 babies/slave say something to their mommies/daddies & I had to fuck either the strap on or a daddy's dick. When we were finished all the adults went to another room & then came back in 10 minutes. Daddy called me & I went with him, he then explained to me that I needed an improvement in different areas, that when the babies doubted then I would go to their mommy/daddy & they would approve or not approve. Now those 6 mommy & daddies were going to teach me a lesson, & make me a better fuck. One of them was a master & he looked mean, & he said "Look little Chrissy, all we want is for you to be better at what you will be, we are going to throw a lot at you & we apologize but your going to accept anything that comes your way understood? If not you wont be allowed to join these parties anymore & if you cant join us neither can Daddy Jay & I'm sure daddy wont like that right?" I shook my head & they grabbed me & took me to my nursery. There I was laid down & little by little they started to play with me & me on them. I was then fucked by all 6 of them. All my holes were put to the test & I even learned what double penetration meant, I had a mommy & daddy together in my asshole, a daddy in my pussy & 2 more daddy's stuffing there prick in my mouth all at the same time. All I can do was sit there & learn the things they were doing to me. At the end they all came in my mouth, & I was to swallow all their cums at the same time. By now it was close to 230AM & I was not used to staying up this late, so daddy came in & took me to my room. I was re-plugged & re-diapered & put in my crib with a huge bottle of milk to clean out the taste of cum in my mouth. I was soon asleep.

Chapter 9

I was almost 3 months into my transition when daddy decided that he wanted me to start all over. I was doing well its just that he didn't get to enjoy me that much & thinks I need to start all over again, this time he was finally working at home & I was finally done with my bowels, my urine needed a little more training. It was Friday & he wanted us to start Sunday night. When Sunday came around he spent the whole day out, I was being babysat by Sara & baby David. Baby David was Mommy Janet's baby. Janet was that lady daddy was spending time with at the last party, & I & David thought something was going on with them both but we weren't sure. David was only 22 & his mommy was 26, just like daddy Jay. David had been an abdl for about 8 years & decided he wanted a mommy & found Janet. They have been in a mommy/ baby relationship for about 2 years. But Janet was looking for a b/f & we think that daddy was it. In the early afternoon they both walked in & sat us down. They explained that they have been interested in each other since they 1st started talking online & that they have been seeing each other since Daddy & I moved to here. Things were finally getting serious & they thought that we each needed a sibling. David was only 3 in his transition & was going to remain the big brother in the relationship. Janet also said that she always wanted a baby but wasn't able to have & she yearned a little girl. Then daddy interrupted & added "That's why we want you to start over. Mommy Janet will also work from home, since she owns her own web design company, so we will be able to give you full attention, but you will start from the beginning, meaning we're going to start you off as an infant who was just born & each month move you up a couple weeks or months depending on how your doing. Once a year passes we hope to have you at 6-8 months old, & then move you up, when you finally become 5 yrs old, which will hopefully be in about 5-8 yrs we will train you how to be a big girl & hopefully learn how to use pull ups, but that's the highest you will go. You will also unlearn how to talk, you're going to spend so much time w/o talking that you may forget how to talk or your speech will be different. You will be without walking also, so your muscles are going to get weak & you're little by little going to have to learn how to walk all over again. But that will be a while. This is something we have decided of you & you may or may not like it, but remember you have no say in what happens, you're a baby & babies don't know what's best for them. Understood?" I was in shock, I couldn't believe it. I just looked at them & stood there in shock.

"Understood Missy?" Daddy asked again.

"uh huh!" I slowly shook my head yes.

"O by the way, there will not be any sex or pleasure for you until your old enough, babies don't have sex. The only thing u will have will be the butt plug & the dildo in you so you don't tighten up. The dildo will probably never come out & the plug will be out only during the day, when messing is expected of you." Mommy Janet added. They then turned to David, "And you mister, your going to remain at the age of 3 & grow little by little. You also will not be allowed to have any sexual encounters, so you will have a dildo pacifier in your mouth at all times. You will have to look after your new little baby sister & be the little boy your suppose to be, ok!?" David nodded with acceptance. They wanted us to enjoy sex & anything else that came along with it one last time for the rest of the afternoon. It was now 3 PM & we had until 7 to play. They unlocked my chains & my mittens, & David was taken out of his locking pants, & we were put in the playpen in the living room & told to enjoy ourselves. I felt a little weird because we have never been together sexually. I just kinda sat there & he came & started kissing me & then touching me all over, I started getting horny & played with his dick through the outside of his diaper & then he stuck his hand in mine. Well you can pretty much imagine what happen for the next 4 hours; we sucked on each other non-stop & didn't stop fucking the whole time. At 7 mommy & daddy came & got us both & took us to the bathroom to take baths. We got into the tub & were left alone for a little while & we continued our "playing", until daddy came in & got really mad at us.

"What the fuck is this? Haven't you guys had enough?! David do u need a butt plug in your bottom? Little girl do I need to put you in the punishment chair?" We both looked at him & apologized. After our baths we went to our rooms, I got plugged & then diapered as usual & put into an onesie then crawled downstairs to eat my final puree dinner & a bottle, which of course was laced with sedatives. At 9 I was finally put in the crib but this time it was different they tied me into the fetal position, & I couldn't move. My pacifier was given to me & like always blown up, my blanket over me & the door closed behind daddy. As I was falling asleep I heard mommy & daddy talking & then laughing & then I heard them having sex.

Chapter 10

It's been 6 months since my new transition, & I have gotten used to it. I have lost a total of 30 lbs. I pretty much spend most of my time & days in the crib sleeping, eating or messing. They have been treating me like a brand new baby. Eating every 2-3 hours, with all the sedatives I get in each bottle I am always sleeping or the laxative they put in the bottle I am messing non stop. I get taken out of the crib to be put in the playpen, but my feet are taped together so my knees are sticking out & bent. I am sure I can barely walk. I've learned how to mess while sleeping & I only get changed once a day & still I have on about 2 diapers & stuffers. I get treated like a total baby, & I have to respond like a baby, I am made to cry when I need something. I was told I am only 3 months at this time & know I have a long time to go. The dildo has stayed in my pussy at all times & the plug is the large one that is put in me only at nite after my bath. David has come to talk to me but I'm not allowed to talk to him. Just listen! They have had a couple more parties & all the babies come to see me & play with me. Sometimes they even play with the dildo through my diaper so I can climax even if it's for a quick second. Mommy & daddy seem like they couldn't be happier, though we always hear them having sex. Mommy seems like shes happy with me, they treat me really well & sometimes I'm glad I don't get that crazy abuse anymore. I just wonder what will truly happen with me w/in the next yr. Who knows?!

Chapter 11

Can you believe it's been 18 months since I started this life & this is where I am at? I finally am at age one, but not much has changed except that I don't sleep much. I have lost all my bowel movement but they still feed me lax about 3 times a day to make sure I keep messing. David is at age 6 & they told him he can finally be sexual again, & that this weekend at another party that their having he'll be allowed to enjoy him self. At age 1 I am made to crawl at all times, even though I get tired quickly b/c my legs & arms are weak & I can't go too far. The pacifier hasn't come out of my mouth unless I'm eating or drinking my bottle, so I haven't spoken a word in a year and a half. Mommy & daddy decided to get married & they are planning a wedding here at the house, with me as the flower girl & David as the ring boy. They are inviting all their master, mommies & Daddy friends to the wedding & one of the master's is a notarizer & said he would marry them. Daddy recently also typed a letter to my family back in Miami letting them know that I am ok & that I was doing well, & that I decided to stay with this life. That I also found a new guy & that we were happy with each other. I was finally happy in this new life, there were days that I got sick of the diapers & the game but daddy Jay wasn't. This was something he wanted for a long time so he made sure that I played along no matter what. What else could I do I was bound most of the time & not able to talk. I also learned how to love the diapers more than anything, like daddy said all I was going to want is to be diapered & its true I cant see myself any other way. David also loves this life & I'm sure were all going to live very happy. THE END!!!

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