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A Baby on Campus

John has to stop at school over night because his parents would allow him to stop at home.

It's like any other day at school for John he and his friends would go into class do work, after classes they would go back to their own separate rooms for the remainder of the day.

One day though one the way back to his room he got stopped by the Steve and the rest of his gang, Steve kept calling John names, while this was happening he had the needs to go to the bathroom for a pee, but Steve didn't let him go, so as John tried to carry on walking Steve pushed him onto the floor, in doing so John flooded his pants and also made a mess on the floor, john didn't know what to do, run or stay, and Steve just busted out laughing at him and the rest of the gang kept saying John Big baby you wet yourself.

A few minutes had past then one of john's tutors walked up and saw the mess john had made, his tutor got john by the hand and told him to walk with him to the nursery to clean him up. John went with his tutor. Little did he relies it wasn't going to be a normal year for him after this event.

Anyway when they got to the nursery John's tutor said that they didn't have any male clothes and said that he would have to wear a party dress which clearly made him look like a 5 year old.

Also the tutor told him that he would have to wear diapers and plastic pants all the way through the year while he was on campus, John didn't like this and tried to run but his tutor kept a good grip on his arm, John's tutor said get these on now or I'll put them on for you, so John put the dress on plus the diaper and plastic pants, and then his tutor said put this bonnet on as well, so john put it on.

His tutor had told him that if he tried wearing anything else while on campus there would be trouble. John's tutor called a meeting with the rest of the school.

While everyone was getting into there places in the hall John was standing at the front with his tutor, once everyone was silent John's tutor said that if you all ever make a mess like John made, this would happen to you. John's tutor stuck a dummy into John's mouth and told john whenever you're not in class you spend your time in the nursery with the other baby girls and boys and if I or any of the other staff catch any where else outside class there would be trouble.

After the meeting in the hall John was taken to the nursery as ordered by his tutor. Once he got there he was given a baby bottle with some warm milk in and he was put into a high chair and strapped in so he couldn't get out. When it was bed time the nursery staff put John into a crib and told him to sleep, even though it was only 6pm

Anyway the next day when John went to class his class mates laughed at him all day and kept calling him names, this would keep happing until one day his English teacher said if any one makes fun of John here they would suffer the same fate once the teacher said that everyone stopped picking on him.

He wore the clothes and diapers etc until he left school, and in which 3 long years.

The End

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