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A Baby's Life

James was approaching his nineteenth birthday. He'd left school the year before, got a good job, learnt to drive and best of all for him, he'd found a girlfriend.

Her name was Donna. She was a man eater! Tall, blonde and attractive, you could tell just by looking at her that she was a goer.

James and Donna had been going out for around six months and by now they'd been getting to know each other well. So well that Donna asked James to move in with her.

She had a whole wing of a house to herself. Her parents gave her anything she wanted and gave her space.

James got on well with Donna's parents and was fed up of living at home so he didn't hesitate to move in.

They were at it like rabbits, all day all night. Little did James know that Donna had set her sights on him because of his looks.

He was short for his age, cute, fit body and baby faced.

Donna decided to take their relationship to another level. Donna asked James if he was into kinky sex or had any fetishes. James said he liked the idea of been handcuffed during sex.

Donna didn't waste any time in buying four pairs of handcuffs. Rather expensive but definitely worth it!

Every time they had sex James would have his hands and feet handcuffed to the headboards. What a feeling being powerless and not being able to move whilst experiencing one of life's best pleasures.

James and Donna gradually bought more sex toys. Things like whips, chains and gags.

It was all part of Donna's plan to desensitize him. In a few days he would experience the extreme side of Donna's personality.

After a hard day at work Donna told James to strip and jump into the bubbly bath she had run for him. She stayed in there with him and washed him from top to toe. She finished the bath by wanking James off before she pulled the plug.

Donna began drying James off with a towel whilst kissing him all over his wet body. She then began talking to James in a baby fashion.

James felt a little embarrassed. Donna told James to wait in the bathroom and dry himself off whilst she prepared a surprise.

James continued drying whilst Donna went into her bedroom.

She opened her large double-door built-in wardrobe and pulled bags of stuff out of it. Donna began emptying the bags on the beds. White towels, plastic pants, dummies, bottles, gags, ropes, disposable adult nappies all fell out. Donna picked up a dummy and walked to the bathroom.

James was perched on the edge of the bath naked. Donna told him to close his eyes, she then put the dummy in his mouth. James was surprised. He asked what she was doing with the dummy still in his mouth. How cute he sounded to Donna. She told him she was taking him to the next level in their relationship.

Donna made James promise he would do exactly what she told him to. He agreed and Donna led James back to the bedroom.

James noticed the baby paraphernalia on the bed, but didn't understand what was going on.

Donna went to the wardrobe and pulled a large changing mat out. She put it on the floor and told James to lie on it. James hesitated. He knew what was going to happen next.

His heart began to thud, he was excited. Donna got one of the towels off the bed and began folding it into a kite shape on the floor. She began shuffling it over to James and told him to lift his legs up.

Donna put the nappy underneath James. He knew what was happening but still asked her what she was doing. Donna told him he was going to be her baby for a while.

James was secretly excited. He'd never experienced anything like this before.

James became erect when Donna pulled the nappy up and began pinning it. She then got some plastic pants and pulled them up James' legs. He was getting more excited.

Donna then told James to get on all fours. He did so, nappy crinkling. What an experience this was for James.

Donna replaced James' dummy with one with a strap on it. Now he couldn't remove his dummy.

She went to the wardrobe and pulled a large duvet out, laying it flat on the floor. She told James to lie on it at the top end.

Donna began tying James' hands behind his back. James was slightly concerned but not too much as he was used to bondage.

Donna then began rolling James up in the duvet tight. He was slightly winded and felt his hands being squashed at every turn. He was now wrapped up feeling warm snug and excited.

Donna then got a bigger rope and slowly wrapped it round the duvet, lifting it up with James inside. She tied the duvet up.

Donna went to the wardrobe yet again and pulled a sleeping bag out. She began putting James inside the sleeping bag, zipping him up. James was already securely fastened but there was more to come.

James was lying on his chest and was slightly tempted to rub against all the padding with his erect penis.

Donna then had a huge black net which she shuffled the sleeping bag into. She pulled it up the bag and tightened it up near James' neck.

James was then blindfolded and pushed into the wardrobe. Donna pushed him into the side of the wardrobe.

Two metal clip hooks; the kind you see on climbing gear had been securely fastened at the top and base of the sleeping bag. There were also two similar hooks at both ends of the wardrobe.

Donna put the sleeping bag hooks into the clips in the wardrobe. James was fastened tight, no way of escaping. Donna put a pillow underneath James' head.

Donna stroked James' head, telling him he was her bad baby boy.

James was sexually excited. Donna shut the wardrobe doors and locked them. James could see nothing, do nothing, and hear nothing.

He was so excited he had no option but to masturbate by rubbing himself.

He climaxed like he'd never before. He was scared, excited, and all trussed up.

Donna left him there until the following morning. In that time James had to wet himself twice. He felt the warm sensation in his crotch. It was a pleasant sensation for him.

James needed a dump but held out. He didn't want to mess himself. He was quite hot in all that padding. Sweating away, there was nothing he could do but lie there.

The following morning Donna came into the wardrobe and bought James out. She began the tiresome task of unfastening everything.

James was relieved when the duvet was unraveled. The air could get to his skin. James started blushing as Donna undid his nappy; he became erect again. This time Donna changed him into a disposable nappy. James liked the sensation of a disposable nappy more.

Donna took his dummy out and bottle fed him. She also fed him solid food in the form of porridge, little did James know Donna had put laxative in the porridge.

Donna asked James if he liked what was happening to him. James said, "Yes," but that he was hot. Donna said it was tough and that he would be kept like this for at least a month. James was eventually wrapped up again and fastened up in the wardrobe.

A few hours later James felt uneasy. His belly grumbling, his bum constantly breaking wind, he knew what he had to do. He took a deep breath and pushed. It leaked out all in one. Within five minutes he had filled his nappy. James grimaced as he felt his warm mess on his skin. He couldn't move, couldn't do anything. He began to smell his own mess.

Donna eventually changed him. He felt humiliated but he was blindfolded at the time so it wasn't that bad really.

Once a week he had a bath, got a blow job, hand job, or made to have sex. James asked to be freed but Donna said no. He began sobbing.

Donna's parents knew nothing. Donna had moved his car, telling her parents he had to go away to work for a few weeks.

After six long hot weeks James' hands were untied for the first time. He was tired, dirty, and hungry.

Donna bathed him and told him to go to bed in their room. Not before he was changed into a nappy though. Donna told him this is how we would be treated from now on. Every day on returning home from work he would be bathed and changed into a nappy at night.

He liked it though and this is how he was treated. He started crawling on all fours around the house when Donna's parents were out. Donna even bought a high chair for him to eat in which she kept hidden in the wardrobe.

For the foreseeable future James was Donna's little baby boy.

To be continued ...

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