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A Day in the Life of a Diaper Boy

Today I woke up at 7 a.m. Perfect, I thought. I had a little time to do what I like to do best.... so I lay back in my bed and parted my legs slightly. I reached my hand down between my legs to feel the mound of cloth I had inside my plastic pants. Sure it was damp... for I had wet the bed the night before! I could feel that I had to use the bathroom very badly only I felt so warm under the sheets. Instead of getting up I urinated in my diapers. Such a warm flood...a glow embraces me as I wet and wet and wet. I spread my legs for by now the piss has started leaking out around my crotch and I can feel the warmth of the stain as it spreads across the mattress.

My hand is covered with pee so naturally I start moving it up and down on my penis. I had to free my erection from the confines of my plastic pants. In no time at all I had spermed off all over my belly.

Time to fall back asleep, but first it's time to move my bowels. A long brown fece pops its head out of my butt and slides out into the wet nest of my diapers. Oooh. Soft. Warm. Now I have a poo poo snake in my pants. I squeeze my butt cheeks and thighs together and extract the heat out of my soft load. Now any fluid that leaks out the leg bands is more brownish than yellow. Time to sleep for a while and dream of handsome men.

Ding a ling a ling, goes my alarm clock. Now it is noon and I must get up and go to work. But oh, I am so dirty for I have lain around in my poo poo all morning, rolling and tossing and smearing. I have another boner, but still manage to squirt out some precious pee before jacking off. Yum, yum. I lick my fingers. I yank off and finger my dirty butt hole till I shoot my wad.

When I arrive home from work, I have to go the bathroom really bad. Again though, why use the toilet? I have other ways to go potty that are much more fun. But it doesn't look like there is time to get all gussied up in my usual baby outfit. I have to go pee NOW! I hold the tip of my dick but still my dam bursts and I have an accident. My piss flows right through the weave of my knit pants and a little spurt rises up in the air. I am wetting my pants! A big wet stain has formed across the front of my slacks so naturally I am humiliated that I can't hold my urine. I am a wet little boy dripping in shame.

Oh well, since I am wet now, I might as well enjoy it and I hug the wet material closer to my body, feeling the chill as the piss begins evaporating. I put my plastic pants on, over my long pants, then I shove some extra pairs of undershorts into my pants to absorb any more piss. After all, you never know when I'll have another pee accident so I want to be ready.

I curl up for a little nap on the floor on a plastic mat. Over my shoulders I pull my "pee pee blanket" This is a special blanket that I seldom wash, instead using it as a urinal over and over. It looks and smells just like a men's room, but it keeps me warm even when I am dry.

Now I sit and watch T.V. or work on my computer and when I feel the urge to use the bathroom I just use the bathroom in my pants. It's like having my cake and eating it too!

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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