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The day‌ in the life of a incontinent high school student

Chapter 1 - The dream and the first day of school

"Honey, it's time to wake up." Came a voice in Mauna's dream. She wasn't sure what it was, but there was a strentch in this long, dark, black room. She heard the voice again: "Get up, I have to change you before I go into work." She realized who it was this time.

"Five more minutes..." She moaned, trying to take in the smell so it wasn't so bad.

"No, it's time to get you changed, it will only take a few seconds. Besides, I don't want my big girl to get a rash on her first day in High School, now do I?" Mauna sighed as she lifted the blanket off of her and woke from the partial dream. She looked around, the light was bright and her mom was standing in front of her dressed up for work, with an Abena diaper in her left hand and rash cream in the other. As she continued to scan her room, she noticed wipes next to her bedside table and plastic pants on top of them. Her mom began to expertly untape the diaper, lifting it into the air and folding it up. Apparently the smell didn't bother her, maybe it's a mother thing, she didn't know. As she began to wipe her 15 year old daughter's behind, Mauna became less aware of her surroundings. She began to drift asleep as her mom lifted her legs as the final layer of plastic pants were applied. She remembered before completely falling asleep that her mom told her to be awake by 6:30, because school starts at 7:37. In her dream, she noticed one thing immediately: she was in a very messy diaper. She was surrounded by beds in each corner, one of which had a man in it. He was asleep and turned away from her, but she could tell he was a shaggy man, with very long hair and a smell aura that would scare a tiger off of him; but maybe that was her. As she continued to scan the area, she began noticing how small the room was, and that the only way in or out was through metal bars. She walked forward out of both curiosity and fear. Putting her hand forward, she reached for the shaggy man on the bed; and on touch, he turned around viciously. In one instant, she was surrounded with intimidation and fear. The man had dark black eyes, completely filling them like a diolated pupil. He had a full beard, one that went past his chest, and his breath was that of dung and a matter unknown to both her, and her diaper. As she began filling the diaper in her dream yet again, the man said something in an ancient language, one unknown to her: "Du'ra ducta monare. Du'ra ducta monare." As he continued to speak in the same pattern, a loud "BANG" was heard, but she couldn't shake herself and figure out what it was. In the next few seconds, another "BANG" was heard, this time she realized what it was: her alarm clock.

"Mura Poota Mauna, Mura Poota Mauna."


Those were the last words that came from his mouth before she was awoken by another loud "BANG". Boy was she glad to be awake, but as she rose she smelt the exact thing she did in her dream, and something in between her legs squished as she sat up: herself. She looked at the clock: "Damn, it's 9:29." She thought, jumping out of bed. She might of not had time to change her diaper and wash up, but she could at least make the smell be neutralized for the next five hours, or so she hoped. As she poured purfume all over herself, she also through some baby powder down her smelly diaper and also another plastic pant around them. She knew that her diaper would be too thick for jeans, and she didn't have any long skirts around the house, but she had one that would at least cover the diaper and leave her room to walk to school.

"Oh, walking.." she thought, that would be a challenge. She put on a very cute tweety bird shirt, and brought her purse with a Abena Diaper and wipes along with her: at least she could get a change at school. Late on her first day back at a public school ever since her tragic car accident that left her both Urinary and Fecaly incontient at the age of eight. On the way walking the 4 miles to school, she got many stares and honks as she neared the campus, and she couldn't help but think that her diaper was definantly going to be showing at school. The minute she got onto campus, security came up to her.

"Excuse me, can I help you?" The security guard asked.

"I believe you can, I'm a new student here at Juan Seguin High and I'm running late. What should I do?"

"Well follow me, first we need to get you your ID so you're an official student at the school: we'll do that by heading up to the library.." He paused and sniffed, "Is there something wrong?"

"Not at all, please, keep going."

"Okay, as i was saying, after that we'll get you down to your assistant principals office which, wait, what's your last name?"

"Zahori," she said, "Mauna Zahori."

"Okay Mauna, your AP is Dr.Evans, please, follow me." She already knew this day would be hell, and if they keep her this busy she might not be able to get to the restroom to change her diaper. Then she thought about the privacy at where she was...How would she change a diaper this dirty in a public restroom? She knew she was in trouble. As the security guard walked her down to the library, they came to an elevator. She didn't think there was an elevator, as the school isn't that big.

"Uh, can we please use the stairs?" She asked, afraid the smell of her diaper could be too much for the unsuspecting man.

"Don't worry! I let all new students use the elevator for the first day they're here." She gulped and bit her lip hard as she entered onto the platform and the door shut behind her. Luckily the man's nose was stuffed up, as he even sneezed a few times and sniffed, to no apparent notice of the emulating smell coming from the thing under her skirt. The door opened and she rushed off of the elevator, just to run into the janitor, trip, and fall down the green circle patterned flight of stairs right across from the elevator door. Luckily, she landed on her butt, damaging nothing physical except for her pride, and the preperation she made for the smell of her diaper: Now she knew she was in for it. The security guard rushed to help her up, and as he bent over, he noticed the smell.

"Ha, i guess the janitor isn't doing a very good with the bathroom downstairs." The janitor remarked, she fake smiled at him and sat up lifting off from her butt. If it was smell free then, it most defidantly isn't now, for she was almost sure that there would be strings of her poop leaking out of her diaper. Her face was red, which matched her red hair almost perfectly. They walked a few doors down to the Library, and spoke with Mrs.Gorman, the head leading librarian. She began to set everything up, and asked her to sit down on this 2' tall stool, which looked rather small. Yet again, Mauna gulped and prepared herself for the worst. The security guard beside her backed up, as he was sure his nose was acting up again because of the smell traveling to him. Mauna looked as if she would cry as the picture was about to be taken, and Mrs.Gorman snapped the photo.

"This is an interesting picture..." Said Mrs.Gorman, as it printed out on off her computer. She handed it to Mauna, and she was surprised! Even though she was on the verge of tears, she looked beautiful. She was 4'11" with long, red hair and the best looking brown eyes you could ever see. However, when she looked down she saw what she was afraid of: The dark brown spot covered by a yellow plastic pant showing to the camera. This scared her, but as far as she could tell, Mrs.Gorman didn't notice. She walked out and told the Security Guard she could handle herself from here, but he insisted to escort her. As they were walking, wet farts could be heard coming from her behind. Each step she took, another wet fart took place, until all of the sudden she stopped dead in her tracks and began completely pooping herself, yet again. Three in less then six hours, what could she have eaten last night? The security guard heard her farting and filling herself at the stop, but he didn't realize what it was. He just assumed her stomache was acting up, so he asked her to walk with him. How embracing, walking and filling her diaper arms length with her new school's security guard. He dropped her into Dr.Evan's office, and completely left her alone. As she walked to the secretaries desk, the three students sitting in a chair a few feet away from her began to sniff the smell, and acted like they were throwing up. She turned beet red, and tried to play it cool.

"Hi, i'm new here and I was wondering what I should do to get into class now that I'm late." The secretary couldn't help but chuckle, "Arhem, yes, just show me your ID and i'll send you on your way with a student escort."

"Oh, that won't be necessary, I can find my way around easy enough." She said, handing her ID forward.

"Sorry Mauna but it's standard procedure, i'll have sara here go with you." She handed Mauna her tardy pass and sent her off with Sara, who didn't look too excited to be there. As they exited the room, sara began to ask questions.

"Okay, so what is that smell?" Sara asked, getting straight to the point.

"What smell?"

"The one coming from your ass, don't play stupid with me. I've seen people like you before, come in all smelly and sexy, pretending not to hurt anyone. You're not another one of those AB's are you?"

"What? No! What the hell is an AB?"

"Come here, " She said, pointing to the nurses office."I'll show you how we treat people like you 'round these parts." Sara opened the door, and walked into the clean, white room. She saw a plaque on the desk in front of her that read "Treasure Otumbai," and sitting in the chair was an older looking woman, somewhere in between her sixties, looking quite hard at work.

Sara said: "Treasure, we've got another dirty diaper at the school, just transfered in. What do you want me to do with her?"

"I'm busy, Sara, just bring her in the back room with the cott and take care of her, just like I did the last girl that came through these parts." She replied.

Mauna was frightened. She had no idea what was going on, but sara motioned for Mauna to come with her into the back room, so she followed. In this room, the smell of baby powder was overwhelming, as was the smell of urine mixed with rash cream. Sara turned around and looked at mauna.

"Drop your skirt."

"Excuse me? I'll do no such thing."

"Look, i like it as much as you do, but we've had three students transfer here recently with your same issue. We've made preperations for them, and any more people that might need a change at a period of time. We require these students to wear certain things. Drop your skirt so it can get over with, or find a new school." Mauna was in shock: here she was at her new school being asked to drop her skirt and allow a student in her seventeens to change her dirty diaper. It was school, after all, and she begged her mom to go back. Disobeying rules now would be practically suicidal. As she lowered her skirt, Sara's eyes opened wide.

"Whewwy!" she exclaimed, "We've got a wild one in here!" The door was still open, and anyone now in the nurses office could easily hear and see her very messy and very wet diaper from the door.

"I was going to shut the door for privacy, but with that smell i'm gonna have to keep it open. Go sit down right there" she said, motioning over by the brown cot. Mauna did as she was told, and watched Sara as she prepared her hands with gloves, and gathered six things: a long skirt, a cloth diaper, a large plastic pant, baby powder, baby lotion and a box of wipes.

"What are all those for?" Mauna asked.

"For you to wear, silly!" Sara replied quickly, ready to answer them. As Sara neared closer, Mauna began to sweat and close her eyes. She could hear the untapping and gasp of Sara.

"You're quite the messy one, and your pubic hairs aren't even shaved!" Mauna looked up in disgust, why was that a big deal when she was just being changed? Regardless, Sara did quite a good job on eliminating the mess all around her butt. She even had to lift her legs up like her mom does to get rid of the mess down her back. Afterwards, she asked Mauna a question.

"Mauna, did you bring anything to change with?"

"Yes, I brought two pairs of Abenas in my purse so I could change when I got here. Looks like that's a bit irrelevant" She said, looking at the huge cloth diaper.

"No, not really, the cloth diaper is to secure you completely, not protect you by itself." Sara said, digging around in Mauna's purse. She grabbed the two diapers, and after applying baby powder and lotion onto her lower area placed them on. After those came the plastic diaper, with a loud "snap." Then came the plastic pants, again with these came another locking sound, and directly afterwards came the long skirt with the initials "D.W." on them.

Mauna looked confused.

"Who is DW, and what was that sound?" She asked.

"That sound, Mauna, was the sound of locking your diapers into place. It's a precaution the school principal decided to take when making this room. He didn't want Janitors needing to pick up student's dirty diapers, especially High School student's. As far as D.W. is concerned, it stands for you."

"What?" Sara said nothing, but washed her hands and closed the door behind her. Mauna had nothing better to do then to grab her purse and head out the same way, looking at herself in the mirror on the way out.

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