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A New Baby in the House

Mike and Sue were devoted to each other. Everyone said how they made the perfect couple, yet their marriage was not as happy and fulfilled as it appeared to outsiders. The problem, although simple in nature, was going to be extremely difficult to resolve. You see, Sue was desperate to have a baby to care for, but a childhood illness had left her unable to have children of her own. The damage to her uterus had meant that, despite seeing all the very best doctors, the conclusion was that she was even unsuitable for aided conception. Sue desperately wanted a baby. Yes, she was devoted to Mike, but there was something missing in her life and that was a baby of her own. They'd asked about adoption, but been told that, even if they were successful, it would be a child, not a baby, they would be offered. Mike did his very best to show his love for Sue to try to compensate for the missing baby in her life. Had Sue but known, a solution would have been available a long time before if Mike hadn't been so shy about his likings.

Sue found out one day purely by accident. She had taken a cup of coffee up to Mike in his office while his was in the bathroom. The computer was displaying the usual screen saver, but she'd brushed against the table and the mouse had moved, revealing what Mike had been looking at. She was surprised to see the address was and the swift glance at the page showed the shop with adult baby pants in all types for sale. She didn't touch the computer and, thankfully, before Mike came back, the screen saver had cut in again.

When Mike was working upstairs, Sue got out her laptop and started her research. She went to DPF and then found Dailydiapers, Babyjunior, Deeker and much, much more. Over the next few days, she researched and read widely. So her husband, Mike, secretly liked to think about being an adult baby? Fine! She could satisfy two desires at the same time then. However, she'd read about problems with revealing one's fetish to a wife and how marriages broke down because of the man's wish to be babied. She guessed that, since Mike had told her none of this, he was too embarrassed to discuss this with her and also too worried that she might react with disgust and loathing. He was wrong. She didn't mind the size of the baby, she just wanted a baby to care for: if that baby was her husband, then so be it. She'd love and care for him every bit as much as a new born.

She researched and planned very carefully. She ordered up plastic pants, rubber pants, cloth nappies (which seemed to be Mike's preference when she'd sneaked a peek at hidden files on his computer - after all, 'nappies' was hardly the most secure of passwords, was it?) as well as a waterproof sheet for the bed and adult baby clothes, pacifiers and all the trimmings for him She stored the packages carefully where Mike would not find them. She also ordered up some custom hypnotic tapes and purchased from a foreign pharmacy some special drugs which she guessed wouldn't be legal in the UK. They would relax him and make him much more susceptible to hypnotic suggestion/ The tapes and drugs were the last to arrive and, once she had those, she started to put her plan into action. She went shopping locally to buy nappy pails, a plastic changing mat, nappy rash cream, baby powder, and nappy liners as well as laxative suppositories and castor oil. The very last was her way of getting her own back at Mike for not telling her. Once she had assembled everything she though she'd need, she encouraged Mike to make love to her that evening. He was very much not adverse to doing that! Afterwards, she brought up drinks to the bedroom, saying she thought he deserved pampering after his hard day's work. He was slightly puzzled by this, but wasn't going to argue as they drank their drinks and then cuddled each other. As desired, soon Mike was drowsy and receptive, so Sue placed the headphones over his eras and started the first hypnosis tape. Over the next few weeks, she succeeded in playing each of the tapes several times. They'd been expensive as she'd wanted custom ones. One day, a parcel she'd forgotten about arrived. It was from an overseas pharmacy with a drug to make her lactate - produce breast milk. With shaking hands, she took the first dose. After a couple of days, her breasts began to feel full and so she decided it was time. She made up the bed with the plastic sheet under it and placed what she felt was the prettiest pink nursery print plastic pants, a thick pile of nappies, pins, changing mat and accessories on the bed.

That night she encouraged Mike to have a drink before bed - a large lager. It was a Friday night so neither of them had to get up for work the next day. She cuddled up to him on the settee, kissing him and trying to get him aroused. That was not hard! After he'd finished his drink, she led him upstairs into the bedroom where he saw the nappies and baby paraphernalia. He stopped, in shock.

"But what's going on?"

"I saw your computer one day with adult baby stuff on it and thought that, if you liked being babied, I'd be very, very happy to baby you, so let's get started!" With that, she started to undress him and then laid him back on the changing mat. She put on a pair of plastic gloves and started to cream him to prevent nappy rash. He had already become stiff and erect, so Sue whispered to him, "It looks like my big baby is already enjoying this!" Mike was speechless at all this and didn't know how to react. This was his dream - to be babied by his wife, but he'd always been too scared to even ask her and now here she was, doing it to him with apparent pleasure. She put the nappies and nappy liner under him and quickly slipped a couple of glycerine suppositories into his bottom as the gloves were still slippery from the baby cream, silencing his complaint by planting a huge kiss on his mouth to silence him. Removing the gloves, she pulled the nappies up around him and pinned them firmly in place. With his co-operation, she pulled the plastic pants up over the thick nappies and made sure they were covering all of the cloth. She then removed her top and pulled him to her so that he would suck on her breast.

"Come on, Mike, you want this and I want to do this too, so enjoy!" Mike started to nurse at her nipple and, to his great surprise, found that he was sucking on his wife's milk. As he did this, she stroked his erection, causing him to nurse harder. When one breast was empty, she encouraged him to suck on the other as she rubbed him to a climax. She felt tingly all over from his nursing at her breasts and the greatest satisfaction she had even known. She'd got her baby! However, she knew from her reading that Mike would feel guilty about this, so she said the key words three times - "Mikey baby". This immediately regressed him to the mental age of a six month old baby. He laid there, eyes only partly focussed as she cuddled him fiercely, putting in all the passion for the real baby she'd never have. She smiled as she could see a wet patch appearing in his nappy as his bladder relaxed. The tapes had been worth every penny!

That night, she laid beside her adult baby with him cuddled up to her. In the morning she nursed him again on both breasts and then decided that she needed to bring him back to reality. Three times she spoke the words "Mike grown up" and Mike became the adult he really was, but with the memories of what he'd been like.

"What happened? What did you do to me?"

"I hypnotised you some time ago so you'd really be a baby for me. I know you've been an adult baby at heart, but you've been too frightened of my reaction to tell me, but don't worry, I'm not repelled or put off at all. In fact, I love you even more, if that's possible! Please, let me have you as a six month old form time to time. Is that all right with you?"

"Wow!" came Mike's response, "That's a lot to take in all at once. Are you sure you're not put off by me being you baby and, anyway, how come you're making milk?" Sue laughed, "I'm taking special tablets, but, once you start nursing regularly, I won't need them anymore. As for being put off, I've got the baby I've always wanted. You're a bit bigger than I expected, but you're mine! Now, how do you want to spend the morning? Baby or adult? remember, You need bathing and changing soon, so what's it to be, and be honest! Which do you really want?" Mike gave it some thought and smiled at her, "If you don't mind, baby, please!" Sue was pleased. This is what she wanted. if she could 'baby' Mike at the weekends and have him nursing and in nappies at night the rest of the week, she'd be satisfied. So she whispered "Mikey baby" three times in his ear as he regressed to a little baby. She put the changing mat on the floor of the bathroom and encouraged him to crawl into there. She had a sudden thought! They'd need a safety gate at the top of the stairs and a cot for him as he could fall out of bed! That would be her next week shopping! She laid him on the mat and stripped off the messy and very wet nappies and plastic pants. Next, she wiped him clean with baby wipes (what else?). Then she helped him into the bath and showered him clean. After drying him, she creamed him again before putting on another thick layer of nappies and a pair of blue nursery print pants. She led him back to the bedroom and got him into bed. She dressed him in a baby gown and placed a pacifier, with a ribbon around his neck so he wouldn't loose it, in his mouth. He sucked on it greedily, replacing his thumb which he'd been sucking earlier. She moved two chairs either side of the bed to stop him from falling out and went down to get some breakfast.

After she'd eaten, she came back with two large bottles of juice for Mike. She was wearing a plastic apron and placed his head on her lap, snuggled against her breasts while she gave him the two bottles of juice. Later that morning, she fed him from her breasts again, the suckling encouraging her to make even more milk for him. She made lunch for them both, then pureed his. She put on her plastic apron again, placed a bib around his neck and proceeded to feed him. like any baby, he was a messy eater! She was in seventh heaven. All her strong maternal instincts were satisfied by meeting Mikey's baby needs. This was what she both wanted and desired.

She kept him as a baby all day until the night time change when she brought him back as an adult. She smiled at him as he laid on the changing mat, "How was your day, Mike? Did you enjoy being a baby as much as I enjoyed looking after you?" He smiled back, "You'll get no complaints from me!"

"Great! I think my 'baby' deserves a reward!" With that, she removed the wet nappy and cleaned him up Then she creamed him thoroughly and he 'came to attention again'. Removing her clothes, she sat astride him and made passionate love with him. They both come to shuddering climaxes together. She, exhausted by her efforts, collapsed across him as he sucked at her breasts and cuddled her to him.

"if this is how life is to be from now on, "Mike thought to himself, "It can't get any better!"

After a while, Sue, finished putting his nappies on him, this time with a really pretty pair of yellow nursery print plastic pants. She went downstairs to mix Mike a special drink - vodka, orange juice and castor oil. She came back and gave it to him , saying, "Drink that straight down for me. It won't taste nice, but you'll do it for me, won't you?" Mike was in no position to argue and did as he was told. He grimaced at the horrible taste of the castor oil, realising what it was, but also not arguing as he guessed that she wanted him to empty himself into his nappy overnight.

Still as an adult, they were cuddling in bed when Sue encouraged Mike to nurse from her again. Against she stroked him through the plastic pants as he nursed, allowing him to climax when he'd finished all her milk.

"Mike, I hypnotised you because you were too embarrassed to discuss your likes with me. That's OK, I do understand, and I suppose it was a bit sneaky of me to do that to you. But I've planted several commands. You can wet and soil yourself uncontrollably and still remain an adult. Can we try that overnight and see how you find it?" Mike agreed, wondering what else she'd planted as hypnotic commands. That night, they laid together with him just in his nappies and plastic pants and her just as she came into the world. They enjoyed each other's bodies as they laid there with both of them enjoying their shared experiences. Part way through, she whispered three times "Wet and dirty nappies" in his ear as he suddenly felt his bladder release uncontrollably. During the night, he went himself without thinking about it and woke several times as the castor oil caused the inevitable eruptions into his nappies. The next morning, Sue asked how that had been. He said that he'd enjoyed that too.

"Weekends, however," Sue said, "are mainly going to be baby times!" as she said the words to convert Mike into a helpless baby again.

During the next week, she got Mike a special crib and a safety gate for the top of the stairs. Every weekday night, she put his nappies on before bed and said a different command to make him just wet himself overnight. Mike was very happy with that, especially as they usually made love after she'd creamed him every night and she nursed him morning and night.

Sue was fulfilled - all her maternal instincts were replete from caring for her baby husband and Mike was happy that he could share his love of being an adult baby with his wife.

There was a strange twist to this. Mike had fallen down the escalator at work when a colleague, in a rush to get home after work, had pushed past him. He'd twisted his knee very badly and torn his anterior cruciate ligament. The consultant had ordered up an MRI scan and decided to operate to do an autograft repair. On the late afternoon that Mike was due to go into hospital, Sue produced a pack of adult all-in-one adult disposable nappy and proceeded, against his objections, by kissing him firmly to silence him, to put it on him. As he tried to object, she kissed him again and said, "Trust me! I have my reasons!" At the hospital, Mike was taken to his bed and Sue asked the nurse if she could talk to her privately. She explained to the nurse, both in the little ward office, that her husband was too embarrassed to tell her that he often wet the bed at night and that she, Sue, had him in nappies at night to keep the bed dry. The nurse smiled and thanked her, saying it was much better to know that to find that Mike was in a wet bed. She would take care of things!

Sue went back to Mike and told him not to worry, she had sorted everything for him and he'd enjoy his stay in hospital! She then whispered "Wet night nappies" three times in his ear.

"But ...!" Mike started to say, when the nurse came and pulled the curtains around. She had brought over a trolley covered with a cloth. On removing the cloth, Mike saw that it had cloth nappies, cream and plastic pants on the trolley. The nurse smiled at Mike, "Don't worry! Your wife has told me of your problem and that's no problem for us! We use cloth nappies on this ward as the disposables aren't so environmentally friendly. We'll keep you in nappies all the time you're here. It will save your having to have a catheter in theatre tomorrow and we don't mind. In fact, we'd rather have you wearing nappies than have to change a wet bed!" Mike was gob-smacked! His wife had really dropped him in it, but he wasn't going to object.

Later that evening, Mike asked one of the nurses as his bladder was very full if he could use the toilet. The nurse laughed, "Mike, you're in nappies while you're here, so use them! Let me know when you've done and we'll change you into dry night time nappies. OK?" Mike was rather embarrassed to be visible in bed and to have to wet his nappies in public. he thought to himself, "I wonder!" he then repeated under his breath three times "Wet day nappies." It worked! his bladder emptied without any effort or thought on his part. Then suddenly he remembered that he didn't know how to turn that off as his wife hadn't used the command on him. He tried "dry day nappies." That did seem to work, so he was gradually learning his wife's subliminal 'switches'. His stay in hospital was great with the lovely nurses taking care of him. They seemed to enjoy changing him into dry nappies. Unfortunately, the plastic pants were semi-transparent and he missed his nursery print plastic pants from home.

A couple of days after the surgery, one of the nurses came to his bed with a kidney dish and a pair of rubber gloves. She pulled the curtains around him and said quietly, "We've noticed that you haven't had a bowel movement since you've been in here and we need to get you 'moving' again before you go home tomorrow. I'm going to give you an enema which should work. If not, we'll try sterner measures!" With that, she pulled down his plastic pants and undid the nappy pins, pulling the front down. With the instruction to open his legs apart a bit, she picked up a Fleet phosphate enema and removed the cap. She smiled at him, "I think you can guess where this is going to go, and I want you to try to hold it for at least 20 minutes if you can." With that, she slipped the pre-lubricated tip into his bottom and squeezed the bottle, expelling all the enema solution into him. Then, to his surprise, she pinned his nappies back up again and pulled his plastic pants up.

"Don't I get a bedpan or something?" Mike asked.

"Of course not, silly! You're in nappies, so you might as well use them! I'll leave the curtains closed and I'll be back with a colleague in half an hour to change you."

He held onto the enema for 15 minutes and couldn't hold on any more. It did work properly and emptied him so that his nappies were rather full. It was nearer an hour before the nurses came back to change him, but he imagined he was back home being babied by his wife.

The next day, his wife came to collect him and brought some nappies and plastic pants from home. When the nurse saw them, she insisted on putting them on Mike herself to go home in. She held them up and admired them, to Mike's embarrassment.

"Don't be embarrassed," the nurse said to hi, "They're much nicer than ours!"

At home, his wife made him well aware that she had missed him in a very passionate way during his nappy change after she'd creamed him. She told him that he could have a few days in bed and that she was just about to make him her baby again. As she said the words which would make him behave like a little baby again, she held him to her breast as he started sucking, he thought to himself how wonderful life was!

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