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The AB Camp

I was going back to my room, slightly drunk from all the new years' champagne, but I was conscious enough to slip into my depends, and my baby blue pajamas.

My parents had no idea about my love of diapers, until tonight. My parents opened the door early in the morning, and hugged me, wishing me a happy new years, and then smelled a odor that was coming from under my pajamas, so they slipped down my pants, and saw the depends, filled to capacity with both pee and poop.

My parents asked me "Why are you wearing diapers, Bryan ?" But I was too embarrassed to answer, so they went on dailydiapers, and found the "Looking for info on fetish?" and clicked it. They found all they needed to know.

The next day, my parents came into the room, and told me that they were sending me to camp tomorrow. I wanted to say no way, but they had already paid for it, so I had to go. But the next day, something very strange happened.

When I woke up, I was on a bus. But I was really in a crib! The bus was huge, and many more people were there, in cribs similar to mine. I began to cry, scared that I was put on the wrong bus by accident, when a man who looked like he could bench press the empire state building said "Aww, what's wrong?"

He picked me up out of my crib, and felt the front of my diaper. He said "Wittle guy wet his diapers; I'll get you all clean up!" He carried me to a changing pad. I asked him "W... Where are we going?" He laid me on the pad, and untapped my extremely messy diapers.

He then said "We're going to camp big baby" He began to clean my smelly bottom, and then sprinkled baby powder on my bottom, and crotch. He then slid on a perfect fitting diaper, with baby prints on it (You can actually get these on ) and taped them on tightly. He then took of my somewhat wet shirt, and threw it in the trash.

He slipped a pair of plastic pants on me, and then put me in a baby blue onesie. He carried me back to my crib, and a tall, sexy woman, came to my crib with a cart full of bottles. She took a warm one out, and put it in my hands. I hungrily sucked all the milk into my systems, and then the same woman came over and said "Okay, we're here!"

And she picked me up, and carried me outside the bus. We entered what I thought was paradise, It was a huge room with a play place, jungle gym, and many rooms in which "Daddies and Mommies" Took care of their "Babies" Anyway, the woman said to me, I'm going to be your mommy for the next six months.

I couldn't believe it; this camp was six months long!! HEEEELLLPPP!!!!

To be continued....

After you've finished reading, you might want to return to the DailyDiapers Story Index

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