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Part 2

(Nurse Nikky takes great delight in seeing me struggle and squirm against my bonds as the enema fills my diaper.)

"You have a big day tomorrow baby," she says as I empty the last of my bowels into my now full diaper. She Connects a feeding tube to the gag and starts the flow. I am helpless and can do nothing but keep swallowing as the liquid flows through the gag and into my mouth.

"You are going for some training with Nanny Beth tomorrow and will spend a few days with her before rejoining us." I took this information on board as I was force fed the liquid which was very sweet tasting. I felt drozy after finishing the feed and drifted off to sleep. Throughout the rest of the day and evening I was force-fed my formula and took many naps - I had no idea how long I was asleep for each time.

Morning came and I was woken by the nurses changing my diaper and again force-feeding me through the tube. Although I was pissed that I had been treated in such a way I was pleased to be out of the wet diaper. Nurse Nikky stood in front of me as I was forced to swallow the formula.

"Nanny Beth will be here to collect you soon, so be a good baby and drink up all of your formula for nursie!" I threw an evil look at Nurse Nikky before she left me to finish the feed.

An hour or so passed before I heard lots of footsteps approaching from the corridor. Eventually I was greeted by three faces, Nurse Nikky, Dr Anderson and another female also dressed in a nurses uniform.

"This is Nanny Beth" announced Dr Anderson.

"She will be training you for a few days and you will be under her complete control." The Brunette sat on the bed next to me and smiled "I will diaper and feed you, put you to sleep and even give you little bed baths. You'll be such a happy little baby won't want for anything. Lets take you home shall we baby." I was very weak due to the formula that I had been forced to drink and it was easy for the three women to transfer me from the bed and re-strap me into the wheelchair beside the bed. Nurse Nikky and Dr Anderson escorted us through the corridors to the doors where a people carrier was parked outside. It was unlocked by Nanny Beth and a ramp was connected to the floor. I was pushed up into the vehicle and the wheelchair was strapped in place. Nurse Nikky and Dr Anderson Waved at me and re-entered the hospital while Nanny Beth closed the door behind her. The people carrier had tinted windows so that nobody could see in. Nanny Beth said that it would be sometime before we arrived at "The Nursery" so I should get some rest. Nanny moved behind me and unstrapped my gag. I heard her open a draw behind me. I pushed the gag from my mouth using my tongue "Let me go im not a baby this is kidnap!" I shouted. Nanny Beth had opened the draw and picked up a pile of paper handkerchiefs and poured some chloroform on them from a waiting bottle. She quickly silenced me by clamping the wad of tissues over my mouth and nose "Mmmmppppphhh!" I cried into her hankie filled palm as I realised what was happening.

"SSSSShhhhhhhh baby, go to sleep for Nanny there's a good boy" she said as I struggled to free myself. I moaned into the tissues as I struggled against my new captor but could do nothing as she made "sssshhhh" noises as the drug took effect. I gave one last moan into the tissues before darkness filled my mind and I fell into unconsciousness. Nanny secured the tissues over my mouth and nose using a leather adapted gag and then drove off.

I had no idea how long I had been asleep as I groggily came too. It was now dark and I was aware of some large metal gates opening for the vehicle I was travelling in, to pass through. Nanny pulled into a garage that also closed once we were inside. Nanny exited the vehicle and opened a door at the rear of the garage before placing the ramp for her to wheel me from the people carrier. I grunted into the tissue filled gag (which was now dry) as nanny pushed me from the vehicle through the garage, into the corridor of the building. We reached a door which was clearly marked "Nursery" as the door opened I was amazed at what greeted my eyes. There was a large cot, highchair, bed with straps and a trolley was clearly visible with bottles, bibs, tissues, and a chemical bottle labelled chloroform. I was wheeled over next to the cot and left while nanny exited the room. She returned holding a bowl and spoon.

"I am going to feed you now baby before your change and bedtime, I expect that you are hungry, so I hope that we wont have any problems with your feed will we?" I had to admit that I was extremely hungry and needed some food. I shook my head. Nanny released my gag before starting to feed me the food. It had been mixed together and tasted like chicken, potatoes and veg. Nanny took great delight in causing the food (on many occasions) to run onto my chin and wiping it with a bib that she had in her hand. Once finished, Nanny placed the bowl onto the side of the trolley.

"Let me go, please Beth" I said. Only to be slapped across the face.

"I am your Nanny and when spoken to you will call me such, DO YOU UNDERSTAND" she said as she gripped my chin. I nodded.

"I'm going to move you to your cot now darling, Its no use struggling as the formula you had earlier has relaxed your muscles and you are still very weak" Nanny Beth said as she released the straps securing me to the wheelchair. She laid me on the cot and secured my wrists to it with the straps that were connected to the frame.

"You will enjoy your time here with me darling but you'll have to learn to be good....and you can start right now by wetting your diaper for Nanny."

"I'm not going to pee in a diaper! I'm not a child!" I said. Nanny laughed at me, saying "Not a child? I think I know better than that." She sat beside me and touched my diaper "Well, well, I understand why you can't pee right now...your little wee wee is too hard don't worry, sweetheart Nanny is here." She released the straps of my diaper and pulled the front of it down exposing my hard member. She picked up two piles of tissues and placed one pile over my erection.

"Looks like a tent sweetie doesn't it" She cooed into my ear before forcing the other pile over my mouth to gag me. Nanny then started to rub me using the tissues "Be a good boy for Nanny and show me how much you love being my baby" she said as she used the tissues to stimulate me.

I moaned into the gag as I realised that I could do nothing to stop this women from doing this to me.

"SSShhhhhhh" she said "just think how nice it'll feel once you've finished" It wasn't long before I spurted into the tissues; Nanny wiped me dry before sealing my diaper once more.

"Now" She said as she stuffed a feeder gag into my mouth and connected a tube.

"Let's give you another feed while you wet for nanny. She started the flow of liquid; I had no choice but to swallow. After about five minutes or so I begun to wriggle as I knew the inevitable would happen. So did my Nanny as she smiled at me "Let it go baby, be a good boy" I had no choice as I wet the diaper. It filled quickly as I finished the last of my feed. Nanny got to work and quickly cleaned, powdered and re-diapered me. Before securing my feet to the cot as she had done with my hands. Nanny went to the trolley and picked up another pile of tissues and dosed them with chloroform "Nanny will change you, wipe up all of your little messes, powder your asshole and dick, and put you in a nice clean diaper every time you fill your diaper. But now it is time for bed time sweetheart." She released the feeder gag and quickly applied the tissues to my mouth and nose giving me no time to air my frustration.

"mmmpppppppphhhhhhhh" was all I could muster against my kidnappers tissues "sssshhhhh sweetie just breathe for Nanny" was the last thing I can recall.

End of Part Two

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