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Part Three

I awoke in a different room. I was strapped face up to a bench in the middle of what looked like a lounge. I was wearing nothing but a large pair of rubber baby pants.

"Baby's awake!" I heard Nanny Beth cry, as she came into my view. She had changed into a dark blue rubber nurses uniform.

"One of my friends is coming around to meet you and help me with part of your training." Nanny Beth announced. I was not gagged and started to protest.

"I demand that you let me go!" Nanny calmly pushed a bundle of tissues over my mouth and nose and strapped them in place with the leather gag strap.

"You are in no position to demand anything young man! Or should I say BABY!."

The doorbell rang and Nanny left the room. I heard Voices talking in the next room and giggling. Nanny Beth re-entered the room followed by a blond haired early 40s woman dressed in the same type of rubber nurses uniform as Nanny but in white. Nanny introduced her friend as Doreen and me to her as Baby PJ.

Lets get to work shall we Doreen?" Nanny Beth announced. Immediately Doreen pulled my rubber pants down exposing my penis and testicles. I then screamed into my gag moments later when I caught sight of her coming toward me. She was holding a syringe/ Needle and was thrusting it toward my genitals. In no time at all the needle had reached its target and was imbedded in my testicles I felt the contents fill my ball sack as I moaned into the paper hankies imprisoning my voice.

The two women then unstrapped me and dragged me into the next room (my nursery.) I was laid face down over a bench and strapped to it with my bottom raised. Nanny Beth stood in front of me and explained "Mummy Doreen injected you with some steroids which will make baby produce his love seed at an incredible rate. You are going to be given a little lesson by me which will teach you that Nanny can be nasty to baby when she wants to!" Nanny walked out of view.

I heard the swish then CRACK! The whip hit my back "mmmppppppphhhh!" I cried into my gag as the swipes rained down onto my back. Not a word was said by any on the women doing this to me, they seemed quite content to listen to my murmurs and moans from behind the gag and eventually watch the tears of pain run down my face.

Once Nanny had finished Doreen looked into my eyes and spoke in a soft voice "Lets get you cleaned up for your feed shall we, darling." The two women lifted me from the bench and placed me on the cot. Nanny started rubbing cream into my back after strapping my feet to both corners of the cot and putting my wrists into leather cuffs. Doreen opened her handbag and removed a pocket pack of tissues. She took each white paper handkerchief from the packet infolded it and placed them all in a pile on my legs. She then picked them all up and faced me.

"Nanny can you remove babies gag, Mummy wants to blow his nose!" Nanny immediately removed the gag. I thought that this was my chance to ask them to stop.

"Stop! Please let me go, I won't tell anyone if you just let me go." Doreen spoke back to me "You won't tell anyone, because you will be with me and babies don't talk do they honey. If you haven't already guessed I will be your new mummy, I have been looking for the right person for the job and when the hospital phoned me to tell me that you were ideal I was just so happy, now then its time we cleaned your nosey wosey and give you a feed isn't it." Nanny held my back while Doreen clamped the pile of white tissues over my mouth and nose. The familiar feeling of becoming weak was occurring as I took breaths through the tissues. My eyes became blurred and I felt groggy. Doreen removed the tissues from my face and unzipped her uniform to expose her breasts in a white bra. She pulled her breasts out of her bra and pushed her left one towards my lips. Her hand went down my rubber pants and lightly squeezed my balls. She whispered into my ear" suck baby. Suck mummy's breast, I've got lots of milk just for you." I was very lightheaded but was aware that if I didn't do as I was told my balls could be in serious pain. I started to suck the breast which was coaxed towards my lips. The taste immediately hit me, it was sweat and warm, and once I started to suck I wanted more.

"I inject my breast to produce the milk; its addictive isn't it, that effect would be the drug mixing with my milk. I see the other drug is taking effect. Nanny he needs wiping" Doreen said as she removed her hand from my rubber pants. My penis was hard now and I was very wet. Nanny pulled me back causing me to lie down. She walked to the side table and took an handful of tissues and pulled down my pants. As I sucked on my new mummy's breast I was getting very exited as Nanny rubbed my penis and balls with the tissues. It is the last thing I remember before falling asleep.

End of Part Three

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