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Hi I am Baby Sammy and my mommy, my wife but when in diapers I have to call her mommy, has me dressed in one of my super diapers and is watching over me so I do not lie and get all the facts right. My wife and I went on vacation up to Niagara Falls and on the way we stooped and played at Hershey Park. While there she bought me a cute white T-shirt with pink edging and kind of babyish print on the front so I could where it when we play diaper games. After we got to Niagara Falls in Canada we checked into our room that night, we went to see some of the sights and have dinner then back to the motel to get my diaper on and go to sleep for the night, I always were diapers to bed. Well my wife had turned up the temperature in the room because she was cold and did not turn it down so I slept all night without covers on. The next morning before I got up my wife called room service to have breakfast delivered. She woke me up as the room service was being delivered. There I was in my soggy baby diaper and no covers on. The girl that delivered the food had a big grin on her face when see saw me there in a diaper. My wife told her, don't mind him he just wears it to keep him from wetting the bed. After she left I got mad at my wife told her how embarrassing that was and that I did not want it to be known the I wore diapers. She told me that we are so far from home that no one I knew would find out and that I was to address her as Mommy for we are playing diaper games today. Well when you have a great wife that will diaper you and play baby games with you, you sure don't want to lose her, so I just backed down and said yes mommy. After getting a shower I came out to see that my wife had made me a super diaper out of two boxes of Stayfree Classic Super Long Maxi Extra Thick Pads. I told her I did not want to stay and play baby games all day in the room, she just said we are on vacation and let mommy have some fun too. So I laid down and got powdered and diapered. Mommy then pulled out the girdle to put over it, this holds the diaper up when it get heavy with pee. We went on to play baby games and one of the things she likes to do is have me hold open the front of my diaper and lean back so she can straddle my tummy and pee so that the pee runs down into the diaper. When she is done she tells me that mommy has no toilet paper to dry herself and that I have to lick her clean and dry, which I enjoy doing and I get off with my diaper catching all my cum. She said that we were going out for the day and enjoy the sights, I started to get mad and she said what did MOMMY SAY! I just said yes mommy and went along. She had me put on my light gray sweat pants, I said if they get wet it will show big time mommy, she told me not to worry about it. She then put a bra on that I sometimes were to play as a little baby girl and then she made me wear the new T-shirt she bout me with the pink edging on. When I looked at my self in the mirror you cold perfectly see the out line of the diaper and when the T-shirt would pull tight you could see the outline of the bra. I told that it was going to be too embarrassing to go out like this. She told me to shut up and do as mommy say's. Well we went out sight seeing all morning, I can imaging the sight I was in my mind wadding and seeing the outline of the diaper and bra, and mommy said quit worrying about it. I held my pee all morning because I did not want my diaper to leak. While at lunch I kept moving back an forth in my seat and mommy asked what was wrong, I told her I had to pee real bad and she said go right ahead, but when your in your diaper you know the restroom is off limits. I said I knew mommy but I don't want the diaper to leak and she kept telling me it would not, but I dad not trust it. When we finished lunch we got new cans of soda to drink while we were walking. As we were walking down the street mommy took me into a little ally way. I asked why are we going here mommy? And she said that she had to fix the back of my diaper because it was showing above the sweat pants so she told me to hod up the back of my shirt so she could fix it. When I did she pulled open the back on my diaper and poured the rest of her soda down the back of it, wow did I jump that was cold. Mommy said see I told you it will not leak as she put the back of my shirt down. She then turner me around and told me for being a bad baby and not trusting her diapering skills she then took the rest of my soda and poured it down inside the front of my diaper. My balls shrunk so fast from the cold, they were about the size of my baby pee pee. After that I just started peeing and could not stop, to tell you the truth the warm pee felt so good over the cold. After awhile we ended up back at a store that we were in that morning. She saw a women come out of a long hallway and told me that she had to go to the lady's room, I said OK I will wait her. She told me that she could not leave a baby by himself. So I thought this was going to be a problem, we went down the hall and into the lady's room, it was one with a toilet and sink and baby changing area and mommy locked the door behind her. Mommy then told me to pull my shirt up and put the front part in my bra, and my pants down and hold open my diaper. Then she lifted up her skirt and had no panty's on, she then straddled my tummy and started to pee, and pee, and pee. She was holding it since we were at that store this morning. When she was done she stood up and told me to lick her dry. As I did I garbed a cheek of her ass in each hand and licked as much as I cold go for she left the skirt down over my head and we both were cumming, her on my toung and me in my diaper. As we were both coming down from that great high there was a knock at the door and the voice of an old lady asking it the room was in use. Mommy said yes to give her a minute, we both straightened out our cloths and mommy unlocked the door and we came out. What a look that old lady gave my mommy and me. Later we were going to go to dinner and mommy said that we will have to go back to the hotel to change because my diaper had started to leak in the back around my legs. I told her no, let's just have a nice dinner mommy, I don't care who knows I have a diaper on now. That night when we got back to the room, we had the best love making session ever. You see MOMMY DOES KNOW BEST! A vacation I will never forget. Baby Sammy and Mommy Cindy

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