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A diapered day at the mall.

My girlfriend and I had been private diaper lovers for years. We weren't into infantilism or playing mummy and daddy kind of games, we just liked wearing diapers for the fun of it. Until recently we had never taken our fantasies out of the house, the bravest we had ever gotten was to water the lawn fully diapered, under our clothes, at dusk when no one would see us.

However just lately Mel had said she wanted more and explained how she had been fantasising more and more often about going to a shopping mall fully diapered. I resisted at first, fearing the reactions of the people in our town, people we know. I held her back as long as possible but eventually she decided that it was going to happen. Anyone in a long term relationship realizes that, what the lady of the house say's, goes!

We got out of bed and changed each other's wet diapers from the night before and began making the preparations. I packed a backpack with a few disposable diapers each, our favourite wipes, a change mat and some baby powder. Mel put on her favourite dress, the one which hides her diaper, while giving just the faintest clue as to what's underneath. I however went the discreet way and chose some of my loosest fitting pants. Then I laid the ground rules to Mel. We were to choose a mall that was outside town, even if we had to drive an hour or so to get there. We weren't allowed to tell each other loudly that we needed changing, it had to be quiet. And lastly, that today was to be a bowel movement free day if it could be helped, only wetting was allowed. Mel reluctantly agreed and we headed off.

On the drive to the mall I noticed that Mel was drinking an awful lot of water but it didn't really sink into my head what she was up to. We arrived at our chosen destination and got out of the car. I could see Mel was excited, not too mention horny as hell, as we walked through the car park to the main doors. My heart was beating a mile a minute, but Mel was as cool as a cucumber. As we browsed the store's I only noticed a few people pay more than a fleeting glance at Mel's backside. I was actually starting to enjoy myself!

As my bladder started to feel full, and I thought we were going to get away with this, a large hand slapped me on the back forcing my bladder to let go! As i turned, and my diaper was filling up with warm pee, I saw an old school friend standing there with a huge stupid grin on his face. My face started to go red with embarassment and had to tell myself "he doesn't know you've wet yourself, how could he, just play it cool!".

"Woah there big guy, didn't catch you by surprise did I?" he said.

"Yeah mate just a little, I almost wet myself there for a second!" I joked, giving Mel a little glance. She saw me look and snickered to herself, I don't know how she knows when I've wet, she just always does. As my friend, Dave, sat me down on a nearby bench to talk, I could feel the diaper squelch under my arse. I sat and talked with him for five minutes or more, always aware of the warm wet feeling between my legs, wanting to go get changed. Finally Dave's wife showed up and dragged him away and I was free.

"Let's go find a change room, or a toilet" I said to Mel "And fast!"

We found a baby change room and slipped inside without being seen. I locked the door and went and laid on the change mat that Mel had laid on the bench. As Mel was changing my diaper I couldn't help think how sexy she looked. As she wiped my member clean with a wipe I got as hard as a rock.

"You naughty little boy" she said and began wanking it feverishly. It didn't take long before I came into her hand, and she wiped it off with a baby wipe. As she sprinkled baby powder on and pulled the new diaper on she said to me:

"Now it's my turn, You may have wet once, but I've wet three time's today already and i need a good change"

Unlike myself, Mel likes the full treatment, so I lift her up on the change table and place her legs on my shoulder and lift. I push her dress out of the way and get a good look at the diaper, it is sopping wet and bulging every which way. Gently I put her legs down and undo the tape tabs on the diaper. I lift her legs once more and pull the diaper away and roll it up carefully, by god it feels heavy when I throw it in the bin!. I clean her pussy and bottom with a wipe and give her clit a little rub. Mel moans in ecstacy but pushes my hand away.

" Not yet, big boy. Just wait, I have something special for you."

I pull a new diaper from the bag and put it on. Lifting her off the bench she gives me a little hug and kiss and then straightens her dress.

" You forgot to powder my bottom, I will will make you pay for that mistake" she says and unlocks the door. As we walk out I can't help but wonder what she means.

Half an hour later as we are walking through the large department store, appropriately we are looking in the baby department!, Mel suddenly squats to look at something on a lower shelf. Or at least that's what I thought she was doing. She squats for a long time, and that's when I realize what she's up to.

"Mel, don't you dare, we had a deal!" I hiss at her. She ignores me and continues on her way. That's when the overhead music stops and in the seconds before the store announcer comes on I can clearly hear the muffled sound of her pooping her diaper! It goes on for what seems like an eternity, and then I remember what she said in the change room.

" I will make you pay for that mistake"

It appears she means every word. I hear once last little push go into the diaper and then she gingerly stands up and smiles at me.

"I told you, didn't I. Let's go get changed!"

As she leads me back to the change room, I notice how she is walking a little like a penguin and that's when I think to myself,

"I'm going to punish this bad little girl!"

Once in the change room I lift her up onto the change mat and go through the routine of getting her dress out of the way and undoing the diaper tabs. As I slowly pull the diaper away I realize just how big that poop was, it is everywhere! Mel chuckles as I start to clean the mess up. It take ten minutes and an almost full pack of wipes but I get it done. Now it's time to punish her for her indiscretion!

I lay her over my knee and before she knows what's happened she's been spanked good and hard. Then I put her back on the change table and as she starts to cry, I pull my pants down and rip the diaper off to reveal my throbbing cock. I ram it home in her baby powdered pussy and pump as hard as I can. At first she resists but then begins to really enjoy her punishment.

Just as I can fel her pussy begin to orgasm I pull out leaving her high and dry. She begs for me to finish her off, but I decide to go into the hole that got her in trouble in the first place! I spit on the end of my knob and ram it into her arse as hard as possible. She gasps and begins to buck and tries to pull away. I hold her tight until she settles down and enjoys it. After a couple of minutes I blow a huge wad of cum into her arse and say "Shit that out you bad little thing!"

I use the last of the baby wipes to clean both myself and her and then put her diaper on. I leave mine off, preferring instead to be the dad for once. She slowly gets up and straightne her dress once more. Solemnly she walks out the door and follows me to the car. Not a word is spoken on the way home that day. That night I change her wet diaper a couple more times and repeat the punishment. When she finally poops the next day I find her diaper to be mostly full of my cum. As I clean her up and rediaper I turn to her and say,

"Now wasn't that a fun day out!"

The End

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